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Chapter 439: Ending with Consecutive Victories

Xiao Chen’s aura seemed to be set ablaze as a tiger and a dragon spiraled around him. The roars from the two animals continued without stopping. His fist danced around and he sent out hundreds of punches in an instant.


Xiao Yang’s protective Essence could not bear it anymore, and the strong force caused it to shatter.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. He used one fist to knock away the sword light his opponent sent over. Then, he used his other fist to strike his opponent’s chest.

Xiao Yang vomited a mouthful of blood. As the blood flew into the air, his face became ghastly pale.

“d.a.m.n it! State of fear!” Xiao Yang sinisterly said while wiping off the blood on the corner of his mouth.

“Wu! Wu!”

Xiao Yang emitted a strange Qi field that soon encased Xiao Chen within it.

When Xiao Yang felt that Xiao Chen got completely enveloped by his Qi field, a expression appeared on his face.

As long as one entered this Qi field, Xiao Yang had the confidence of defeating even a peak Superior Grade Martial King. Even if Xiao Chen cultivated a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique and had surging Essence, he thought he could easily defeat this Inferior Grade Martial King.

Xiao Chen felt a strange sponge-like energy trying to enter his mind.

However, the ancient bell formed by his Spiritual Sense in his sea of consciousness rang gently and the spongy energy directly shattered.

Xiao Chen did not feel anything, it was completely useless against him.

Indeed, it is as I have guessed. States that affect the emotions involve Mental Energy. Given that Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy was stronger than that of a Martial Monarch’s, Xiao Yang’s state of fear was useless against him.

The drums sounded without rest, grasping the rhythm of the battle. It was as if they felt that the fight had reached its most intense moment.

The drummer seemed to have used all his strength. Every beat of the drum struck deep into the hearts of the crowd.

The crowd’s hearts started to all beat at the same tempo, making them feel extremely anxious.

“Time for you to lose!”

Xiao Yang pushed off the ground and his body shot forward. Sparks danced around his sword and soon turned into a blazing flame.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm. Seeing Xiao Yang rush forward with his full power, he quickly found the weak point of his move.


When Xiao Yang was only three meters away from Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen kicked calmly, and his foot accurately struck his opponent’s wrist.

Xiao Yang’s wrist bone broke and his sword fell. The surging fire-attributed Essence immediately turned into countless sparks and scattered all around the two.

Xiao Chen, however, did not retract his right foot after kicking out—he used the remaining momentum to slide downwards and kicked Xiao Yang’s chin with a hook kick.

Xiao Yang spurted another mouthful of blood. This kick made him flip around and fall.

“Impossible! How can you resist the state of fear? You must have cheated!” Xiao Yang shouted maniacally, while trying to prop his body up on his hands.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. He simply kicked him a hundred meters away, making him land on the ground miserably.

The drums stopped. The end of the match was clear.



Up in the tower, Gao Yangyu had been monitoring the situation very closely. When he saw the result, he raged and violently smacked the wooden table in front of him.

“d.a.m.n it! How did it turn out like this? Normally, he can even defeat peak Superior Grade Martial kings. Now, he can’t even deal with an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial King.”

The old man beside muttered, “The two biggest killing moves of Xiao Yang, The b.u.t.terfly Steps and the state of fear were ineffective against his fellow. It is not strange that he has been defeated.”

“After all, aside from these two points, Xiao Yang’s strength is only equivalent to a regular Superior Grade Martial King.”

Gao Yangyu said, “I don’t care what arrangements you make, but since we cannot make him lose all one hundred matches, we must at least make him lose more than forty matches. Otherwise, I will not be able to give an account to Li Xiuzhu.”

Originally, Gao Yangyu’s intended to send Xiao Yang first so he could severely injure Xiao Chen. After he lost a good portion of his strength, they could have made Xiao Chen lose ten times in a row easily.

However, the situation now became different from what Gao Yangyu expected; Xiao Chen did not get injured at all and he easily defeated Xiao Yang. Thus, his plan to make Xiao Chen lose a hundred times was as good as gone.

The old man clearly felt that Xiao Chen was hard to deal with. When he heard Gao Yangyu’s angry words, he felt an immense pressure arise in his heart.

“City Lord Gao, how about this; let’s not send out any of our people in today’s ten matches. Let him win ten matches today. After the Elders thoroughly a.n.a.lyze his strength, we can send in someone that can counter him. What do you think?” the old man suggested.

Gao Yangyu’s expression was sullen. He thought for a while and said, “We will do as you say then. However, we cannot fall through on the others. Advertise those that should be advertised. No matter what, earning money is the most important.”

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!”

Xiao Chen criss-crossed his arms and formed a strong Qi wall. A tiger and a dragon wrapped around his body, blocking his opponent’s strong strike.

“Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars!”

Xiao Chen used the energy stored up by the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and raised the might of the Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars to its peak. When the fierce punches landed on his opponent, the latter vomited some more blood and collapsed in defeat.


Even though the drums had stopped, the hearts of the crowds remained excited.

“What a great fellow! This is his ninth victory already. After defeating Xiao Yang, he seems to become stronger and stronger—there are no signs of him weakening.”

“He unexpectedly cultivates both his physical body and Essence. He seems to grow stronger with each match. I can’t make out what is his strongest state.”

“Originally, I thought that Xiao Yang has been defeated because he was careless. From the looks of this, his defeat was not undeserved.”

After Xiao Chen defeated Xiao Yang, his aura flourished, and he won the next eight battles. He stirred up the excitement of the crowd.

The emotions of the crowd were heavily influenced by the resounding drums, so they continuously discussed Xiao Chen.

“He might be the first person to obtain ten consecutive victories today. He is much stronger than the first compet.i.tor, Yun Ping.

“Just wait and see, who will go up next.”

After continuously fighting in the wrestling ring, Xiao Chen’s fighting spirit became fully incited. However, his eyes remained calm.

Even though the drums resounded loudly, Xiao Chen’s mental state did not change. He used the exact amount of strength he needed.

One minute later, Xiao Chen’s tenth challenger finally came out. He was a cultivator who specialized in barehanded combat. He was a peak Superior Grade Martial King.

However, his cultivation technique did not seem to be very good. Although his cultivation realm was high, his aura did not seem to be strong— he was probably only cultivating a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique.

Great Martial Techniques but poor Cultivation Technique— this was a very common problem throughout the continent. Even the strong sect and clans only had a few Superior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Techniques.

Peak Earth Ranked Cultivation Techniques were even more spa.r.s.e. As for Heaven Ranked Cultivation Techniques, only a few peak sects had them. They were considered treasures of the sect and were pa.s.sed down from generation to generation.

“I am Bei Mingfeng, please provide me with guidance!”

The final challenger came forward, cupped his hands, and reported his name. After that, the sound of drums started to ring out and the two started fighting.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two fought barehanded, so this fight became very intense. They exchanged countless punches and kicks, and clashed head on with every move they made.

However, Bei Mingfeng’s barehanded techniques were more exquisite. The coordination between his hands and feet was better.

Soon, Xiao Chen had already received several blows from his opponent. However, Xiao Chen only barely managed to land half the number of his opponent’s attacks.

The Great Dragon Tiger Fist was only a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique—it was not at the peak of its cla.s.s. Thus, when running into an expert of barehanded combat, such a result was understandable.

If Xiao Chen did not have the pair of black gloves, which increased his attack speed, he might have been in an even more miserable state.

However, Xiao Chen excelled at physical defense. His Vital Qi and Essence far surpa.s.sed his opponent’s. The strength of one of his punches was equivalent to five or six of his opponent’s.

When Xiao Chen merged his Vital Qi and Essence, he started to increasingly force his opponent back.

After the two exchanged hundreds of move like this, Bei Mingfeng’s complexion started to turn pale, and blood trickled out of the corner of his lips.

Although Xiao Chen was not at ease, it was still something within the boundaries of what he could bear. After the baptism of a Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique, his blood, bones, flesh, and meridians became significantly stronger.

“Let’s stop the fight, I admit defeat.”

After exchanging two hundred more moves, Bei Mingfeng’s complexion became so pale that he seemed completely drained of blood. His Qi and blood were surging; if he continued fighting, he would end up with serious internal injuries.

Xiao Chen withdrew his hands and backed off, not attacking anymore.

“I am not weaker than you, you just have a better Cultivation Technique and a stronger physical body. If we had similar conditions, I would have been able to defeat even ten of you easily.”

Bei Mingfeng felt extremely dissatisfied as he wiped the blood off the corner of his lips.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “A victory is a victory and a defeat is a defeat. There is no need for so many excuses.”

Xiao Chen felt that the other party’s words were hilarious. How can his accomplishments in his physical body be easily described in one sentence?

Before Xiao Chen turned sixteen, he could not even condense a Martial Spirit. All the Spiritual Energy he absorbed infused into his bones and flesh. This had built a very good foundation for his body. However, because of that, he had suffered nearly six years of mockery.

In the underground world of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Xiao Chen had received a palm strike from Song Que that nearly destroyed his Martial Spirit.

After that, Xiao Chen obtained an Earth Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique and stepped through the threshold of cultivating the body. Every time he searched for body tempering Spirit Herbs, he had to face all sorts of dangers.

After he obtained the Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique, he had to endure three kinds of inhumane torment. However, he managed to pull through all the sufferings.

Xiao Chen’s path on the road of cultivating his body had been filled with thorns.

Each and every step had been very arduous. Xiao Chen had relied on his strong willpower to be able endure it to this point.

It was definitely not as simple as his opponent had put it—that was merely complete nonsense.

Bei Mingfeng tossed over a box of Spirit Stones and smiled as though he did not care. He said, “Ha ha! It is as you said, there is no use for the losers to find excuses. However, your good days are coming to an end tomorrow. Take the Spirit Stones, I can’t be bothered to go over.”

Xiao Chen remembered his opponents words and did not say anything else. He picked up the Spirit Stones and walked back to the spectator stands.

Although Xiao Chen suspected that there was someone targeting him, and that Xiao Yang and Bei Mingfeng had been sent out by that person, he knew he would not obtain any answers if he asked the two about it. So, there was no need to say anything else.

The grey-robed old man saw the returning Xiao Chen and handed the remaining 1,500 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to him. He smiled and said, “Little Brother, congratulations. You are the first to obtain ten consecutive victories.”

Xiao Chen received the Spirit Stones and gave his thanks. Then, he moved to the back of the crowd.

“Sou! Sou!”

As Xiao Chen walked back, he could clearly feel countless gazes trying to measure him up. Furthermore, many people used their perceptions to try and figure out his strength.

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