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Chapter 882: One Man against One Army

The well-trained Corpse Race cultivators controlled their Demonic Corpses and sent them at Xiao Chen in waves. The sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sage Corpse Race cultivators worked together to surround him.

Such a situation was extremely dangerous. Even if a grandmaster-level Martial Sage were here, he might not be able to deal with it. However, Xiao Chen had his means to come and go as he pleased.

The shock waves from the battle between Xiao Chen and the sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sage Corpse Race cultivators propagated through a large area, preventing the other Corpse Race cultivators from helping out entirely; they could only surround them and watch.

When the sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sages beset Xiao Chen, he did not show any surprise at all; he had expected such a situation to occur.

There was no need to bother with all the Corpse Race cultivators. He simply had to deal with these sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sages. How could the others interfere in such a large battle? The shock waves alone would easily crush them into powder. This was the source of Xiao Chen's confidence.

Wei Hua and w.a.n.g Can stood shoulder to shoulder in the air. As they watched Xiao Chen fight the sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sage Corpse Race cultivators, they were somewhat astonished.

w.a.n.g Can said in surprise, "This Xiao Chen's Movement Technique is really horrifying. Not only does his speed reach an extreme, but he can also move around nimbly with almost perfect control. No matter how fast he is, he can stop at will, or change directions as he pleases. While it looks like he is fighting sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sages at once, in fact, he is just fighting one at a time."

Wei Hua's eyes were very sharp. He noticed the black cloak that Xiao Chen wore after the battle started. He said, "The crux probably lies with that black cloak he is wearing. Although that thing is not a King Grade Secret Treasure, I feel that it was much more practical than several King Grade Secret Treasures.

"However, no matter how good a Secret Treasure it is, Xiao Chen will die for sure. He is unexpectedly so reckless, daring to block our Corpse Race army alone. He actually thinks himself a grandmaster-level Martial Sage." Wei Hua's tone turned cold as he spoke emotionlessly. He quietly stored up energy, preparing to attack at any time and deal Xiao Chen a fatal blow.

As Xiao Chen fought the sixteen Superior Grade Martial Sage Corpse Race cultivators, he quickly familiarized himself with their strength. He looked around and left behind an afterimage. Then he suddenly arrived before the weakest of the sixteen.

Three or four attacks instantly landed on the afterimage, which appeared for only a moment before getting ripped apart. This moment provided Xiao Chen with the opportunity he sought.

Utilizing his Rank 3 Sage Body, he forcefully endured four or five attacks. Then he threw a punch, executing Deities Descending. His body gave off a bright light as his aura soared infinitely. When he punched, there was a saber hum in the air, emitting an unparalleled saber intent.

Strands of saber Qi shot out of Xiao Chen's fist. The person on the receiving end countered with a punch to clash head-on. However, his right sleeve ended up ripped to shreds, splattering flesh and blood. Those sharp saber Qi quickly flensed this person's right arm to the bone.

"Ka ca! Ka ca!" Electric light exploded, and the bones shattered as well. Under Xiao Chen's tenfold combat prowess, this right arm immediately crumbled.

Xiao Chen moved forward and stretched out his hand. As the other party screamed, Xiao Chen grabbed the left wrist. Then, he ruthlessly drove sharp electric energy into this person's body, shaving flesh off layer by layer.

With a gentle push, Xiao Chen spun this Corpse Race cultivator around. The surrounding Superior Grade Martial Sages did not attack in fear of accidentally harming the wrong person. Neither did anyone dare to approach, giving Xiao Chen a lot of room to maneuver.

"Wei Hua! Catch!" Xiao Chen suddenly shouted as a strong wind blew, scattering his hair wildly. Then, he launched this Corpse Race Martial Sage like a cannonball at Wei Hua, who was watching the battle play out.

Wei Hua had been building up energy, preparing for the moment Xiao Chen exposed an opening, to deal a fatal blow. Who could have imagined that Xiao Chen would end up doing this? Wei Hua could neither catch nor not catch.

Finally, Wei Hua clenched his teeth and decided to catch. Otherwise, if he ignored the life and death of this Superior Grade Martial Sage before so many Corpse Race cultivators, he would appear too cold.

Wei Hua's face sank as he stretched his arms out. Then, he securely caught the Corpse Race Martial Sage zooming over. The strong wind that blew made it hard for him to keep his eyes open. This is a strong force, at least one thousand tons of force.


Just as Wei Hua thought that, the body of his fellow Corpse Race cultivator exploded, turning into thousands of electric saber Qi containing a vast and pure saber intent and moving in all directions.

The light was very dazzling, comparable to the brightness of the Night Pearls. Wei Hua, who was in the center of this, could not dodge in time. The shock wave blasted into him so strongly that he vomited blood.

w.a.n.g Can, who was right next to Wei Hua, fared no better. The saber Qi inflicted severe injuries on his body. If not for the Secret Treasure inner vest protecting him, this attack, which caught him unawares, might have killed him.

Xiao Chen laughed loudly and said, "Brother Wei Hua, good catch! You actually managed to catch him. This Xiao really admires you."

He pushed off with one leg and soared into the air. Immediately, four Superior Grade Martial Sages shot up and blocked him, two on each side. The other Superior Grade Martial Sages worked together to prevent him from escaping.

In a flash, the Superior Grade Martial Sages showed great synergy, surrounding Xiao Chen again.

However, this time, Xiao Chen did not intend to allow them to delay him. The Magic Energy in his sea of consciousness surged, draining very quickly.

He glared suddenly, and the Superior Grade Martial Sage in front of him, blocking his way, felt like thousands of sabers pierced him. Holes riddled his body, and he died with an incomplete corpse. This sensation thoroughly scared him silly.

When this Superior Grade Martial Sage recovered his wits, he could not stop patting down his body and mumbling to himself—a scene that everyone found strange.

"Elder Qiu, be careful!" the others shouted hastily. How could he be distracted at this moment?

The Corpse Race old man with the family name Qiu was dazed. For a moment, he could not distinguish the boundary between life and death. That sense of death just now was simply too realistic.

Xiao Chen kept soaring higher, his speed never decreasing at all; then, he kicked. A saber light flashed, and the head of the old man with the family name Qiu instantly parted from his body. In the end, only one thought remained: This time, I really died.

After this, two new bright purple skulls appeared on Xiao Chen's medallion. He easily obtained twenty thousand additional military merits. He also managed to escape the encirclement around him in an instant. He soared through the sky like a bird; no one could stop him from leaving.

"Ka ca! Ka ca!" Without needing to do anything special, his strong physical body crushed the Monarch Grade Demonic Corpses in his way into powder.

Xiao Chen barged through with boundless ferocity.

After breaking out of the encirclement, he could not even rest for a moment. A figure plummeted from the sky with a torrent of death Qi in his hand. Then, the death Qi formed an underworld river gus.h.i.+ng towards him.

This was w.a.n.g Can. He had waited for Xiao Chen to get exhausted before sending an Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm at him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and activated the Death Throne in his sea of consciousness. After circulating some death Qi, he also sent out an Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm.

However, this Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm had an additional sharpness to it, containing an unparalleled saber intent that made it even sharper and unblockable.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" There were three rapid-fire explosions. Xiao Chen's river of death immediately split w.a.n.g Can's river of death, dispelling it into nothing. Before w.a.n.g Can could react, the underworld river smashed into him.

w.a.n.g Can vomited a mouthful of blood. Shock appeared in his eyes. Surprisingly, Xiao Chen knew Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm as well. Furthermore, Xiao Chen's was stronger than his.

The Death Throne! He subdued the Death Throne! This thought flashed in w.a.n.g Can's mind. Suddenly, he felt something tighten over his wrist; Xiao Chen had grabbed it.

Xiao Chen pulled and used w.a.n.g Can as a s.h.i.+eld to defend his back. The attacks of the Corpse Race all landed on w.a.n.g Can, dealing tremendous pain that made him wish he were dead. w.a.n.g Can kept screaming, "Stop attacking! Stop attacking!"

Seeing Wei Hua blocking the way in front, Xiao Chen laughed loudly and tossed w.a.n.g Can over. He said, "Brother Wei Hua is pretty good at catching. Dare you try catching again?!"

After suffering the first time, how could Wei Hua dare to catch w.a.n.g Can? He quickly dodged. Who could have expected that this time, w.a.n.g Can's body would not explode? Xiao Chen took advantage of this opportunity to flee, completely evading all the attacks and the people blocking him.

"Brother Wei Hua, we will meet again!"

Xiao Chen's laughter resounded in the sky, lingering for a long time.

Wei Hua revealed an extremely displeased expression. Despite having so many people, not only did they fail to stop Xiao Chen, but they even allowed him to kill two Superior Grade Martial Sages. From the start to the end, Xiao Chen had controlled the situation.

The fourteen surviving Superior Grade Martial Sages rushed over and sighed as someone asked in a soft voice, "Young Master, what should we do now? Should we still go to Black Monarch Island?"

The three King Grade wars.h.i.+ps simply could not stop the Dragon's Gate's wars.h.i.+p, allowing it to flee long ago. Xiao Chen had also disappeared without a trace. The plan was in shambles. These people did not know what to do.

Wei Hua thought for a while and still could not understand. How did Xiao Chen appear on Heavenly Wind Island for no reason at all? Where did he get the news from?

No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure it out. Could this really just be a coincidence?"

Wei Hua revealed a sinister gaze as he said, "Go to Azure Monarch Island. Since the plan is already exposed, there is no need to drag things out. Send a message to Xia Feng. Get him to act in concert with us to destroy Azure Monarch Island. That way, we can still break through the third line of defense."

Since Xiao Chen had foiled their plan, Wei Hua chose to go along with the flow. Even if Xiao Chen saved this group of people, the Corpse Race still held the advantage.

The night sky looked like a chessboard filled with many stars.

Xiao Chen traveled very fast. He soon caught up with Jin Lin and the others on the Dragon's Gate's wars.h.i.+p. The elite Martial Sages of Black Monarch Island stood on the deck. They were all panicked and frightened as they remembered that terrifying scene from earlier. All of them had thought that they would not survive.

Now that they left far away, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Brother Xiao Chen is back!"

When the juniors of the Supreme Sky Sect saw Xiao Chen descending, they cried out joyfully.

When Bai Wuxue saw the unharmed Xiao Chen, he revealed a complicated expression on his face. Then he stepped forward with a sullen expression and asked, "Xiao Chen, how did you know that I was bringing a group of people to mount a sneak attack on Heavenly Wind Island today?"

When the people of Black Monarch Island heard Bai Wuxue ask that, they also felt it was strange, so their expressions changed. That's right. This was a secret. How did Xiao Chen find out?

Ximen Bao even asked, "Xiao Chen, did you leak this news to the Corpse Race? Otherwise, how could your timing be so good?"

When Jin Lin heard these people accusing Xiao Chen, he immediately scolded them, "You bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! If our Senior Brother Xiao Chen had not been feeling benevolent and changed his mind before he left, all of you would have been killed, yet you are all accusing and blaming Senior Brother Xiao Chen now?!"

The younger-generation disciples of the Supreme Sky Sect were all filled with righteous indignation. From their expressions, it looked like they wanted to toss this group of people off the wars.h.i.+p.

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