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Chapter 601, A child 

In the main seat, the Devouring Heaven Demon General was like a towering devil mountain, sitting quietly. 

Even sitting, his physique was still two meters tall, like a giant, and his black demon-immortal steel armour was engraved with dark red markings and had spikes at the key areas with dark-coloured mist curling out. It was evidently not an ordinary item. At his waist hung a long blade with evil spirit winding around. The body of the blade was covered with black spider totems, which were like living creatures, and as though would slowly crawl out. It was strange and frightening. 

"An Immortal Step boundary expert!" 

Ye Qingyu's current consciousness power was incomparable. With one glance he immediately figured out the cultivation level of the Devouring Heaven Demon General. 

Next to the Devouring Heaven Demon General stood other Demon Spider Race experts, of which the majority were burly and ferocious, but two were entirely different——It was a pair of white-clad Gongzis identical in looks, and even their action and mannerisms were the same. Their faces were like jade and defined, clad in moonlight-coloured silk robes, almost blending in with the snow. Their long black hair was fluttering on their backs, and each was holding a palm-sized fractured animal bone fan. 

The two men not only wore the same outfits, but were very similar in appearance.

At first glance, it seemed as though one was a reflection of the other. 

"Twins," Hu Bugui exclaimed. 

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, "Twins? What is that?" 

"Twins are extremely rare, if they cultivated martial arts together, they can cultivate some joint attack techniques. It is absolutely frightening," Hu Bugui explained in secret code. "This sort of thing is not produced normally, but through a secret method of cultivation, very scary... I had no idea that the Demon Spider Race had cultivated this kind of thing. Interesting." 

They were cultivated? 

Ye Qingyu looked carefully. 

He noticed that the eyes of the twins were slightly white, and upon careful inspection, there was a miniature spider inside. 

At this time—— 

Boom boom boom! 

The signaling cannon sounded. 

The Devouring Heaven Demon General suddenly rose to his feet.

He was like the G.o.d of death of the Asura h.e.l.l, radiating a frightening arrogance. of black demon qi was bursting forth, melting the falling snow.

He looked down condescendingly, overlooking the public square, taking in everything in sight.

His huge scarlet eyes gleamed with a cold and merciless light. 

"Humph, these lowly ants, or rather, lowly humans that just waste food and resources. The meaning of their existence is only to let me enjoy the pleasure of killing, it is better to kill them all... Unfortunately, the Prince had forbid ma.s.sacre, or I would have wiped out these lowly ants to feed my battle pet!" 

The Devouring Heaven Demon General thought to himself.

For the Devouring Heaven Demon General, The Prince's orders must be obeyed.

So he had to restrain the killing intent inside him and act according to the orders he received.

On the execution platform.  

Chen Zhengliang looked down from a height. 

He turned to bow at the Devouring Heaven Demon General, abasing himself. 

The Devouring Heaven Demon General did not say a word and there was not the slightest emotion on his cold face. He merely waved indifferently and then sat down again.

He stood on the execution platform and yelled, "It is time... Everyone listen to me, the Demon Spider Race is kind and merciful, after coming to Flowing Light City, they had treated the Human Race well, which is the reason why you are still alive. However, there are still people who act recklessly, do not know what is gratefulness, refuse to obey, and dared rebel against the Demon Spider Race army. They are extremely hateful, intolerable... The lowly species that disrupts the order of Flowing Light City deserves to die, Devouring Heaven Demon General will supervise the execution of  those lowly people. It will also let you see the ending of those that dare go against the will of the Demon Spider Race!" 

Below the execution platform. 

Tens of thousands of people were coldly looking at the contemptible scoundrel Chen Zhengliang. 

But no one dared to speak out. 

Some clenched their fists, some gritted their teeth, some cursing crazily in their heart, and some lowered their head to not see this ugly scene. 

The difference in strength was too much, it will be meaningless to revolt. 

The great pressure and fear made many people despair.

If they could, all people would have instantly swarm to Chen Zhengliang and crushed him into pieces of flesh. 

And on the execution platform, Chen Zhengliang was not the slightest aware of this.

"Executioner! Bring those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds up!" he shouted triumphantly. 

Chen Zhengliang's lackeys dragged the several formation chain shackled people in the first prisoner cart onto the platform. 

The one in front was a white-haired old man. 

The old man seemed to be eighty or ninety years old. His head was powerlessly drooping and his blood-stained face was buried in his grey hair. 

His chest was pierced with two sharp iron hooks into his shoulder blades, blood trickling out, staining the old man's white clothes with tracts of blood. His grey hair, dishevelled and tangled like straw, were dyed blood red, and forming dark red scabs. 

The old man groaned, hobbled, and whenever he slowed down a little, the human traitors dragged the iron hook at the other end of the chain, forcibly pulling the elderly forward faster. 

Every time the chain vibrated, the old man swayed feebly. 

The scene was extremely cruel.  

"That's Old Zheng!" 

"Heavens, it's Old Zheng! He's so old already, but the Demon Race will not let him off and used such cruel means to torture him!" 

"Old Zheng is well-respected and admired by the people of Flowing Light City, they will behead Old Zheng first to show their strength!"

"The kindest man of Flowing Light City, he had done many good deeds in his life, don't tell me he is going to die in the hands of the Demon Race today? Are the heavens watching this, those who kill and burn wear belts of gold with no consequences. Heavens, have you been blinded, is there still justice in this world?" 

The crowd was becoming restless, whispering to each other. 

Ye Qingyu heard all the dialogue. 

On the execution platform. 

Chen Zhengliang's mouth twisted in a malicious sneer. 

Seeing that ten people were taken onto the execution platform, like a dog, he bowed his head respectfully and with a smile on his face came to where Devouring Heaven Demon General was sitting, "General, how should the ten prisoners be punished, please make a decision." 

Devouring Heaven Demon General's face was devoid of expression, his gaze s.h.i.+fting about until eventually falling on the guillotine. 

Chen Zhengliang understood straightaway, nodded his head, and bowed.

"Old thing, General has granted you with the beheading punishment. Haha, bring him over!"

Numerous lackeys quickly brought the old man over to the huge blunt guillotine.

There was another commotion in the crowd. 

Chen Zhengliang grinned evilly, seemingly not anxious to immediately execute, strolling over to the huge guillotine. 

The old man raised his head, there was not a trace of colour on his aged face, and evidently had suffered great pain. Huge beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead, but on his wrinkled face there was only anger, and not a trace of fear. 

Chen Zhengliang noticed the old man's calm face, smiling coldly. 

"Old man, haha, you must not be aware of the power of this guillotine." 

As he was speaking, he came closer to the guillotine, flicked the edge of the blade with his finger, and unexpectedly there was not the slightest sound! 

Chen Zhengliang then struck the guillotine, then turned his head to look at the old man. "This is a blade made from a thousand years of water essence, it weighs more than a million pounds, the blunt blade is strengthened with a special formation. Even if you were placed under the guillotine and struck a million times it will not break your layer of skin, only the bones and flesh of your neck will be crushed! The formation energy will ensure that you will not die within ten days. Slowly enjoy the pain of your flesh and blood vessels breaking into pieces!" 

 The old man slowly lifted his head, looked him in the eye, and spat a mouthful of blood mingled with saliva at his face. "You immoral and despicable people, as part of the Human Race, you abandoned your ident.i.ty, obeyed the orders of demons, and harmed your own people. You really are lower than the lowest!"

Chen Zhengliang, as though he was praised, gently wiped away the saliva and smiled, "Old thing, a wise man submits to circ.u.mstances. We have been fortunate enough to serve the Demon Spider Race, that is a blessing that you will not be able to have in several lifetimes!" 

"Peh! Shameless, betrayers, utterly heartless!" the old man lashed out. 

Chen Zhengliang burst into maniacal laughter, "Stubborn old thing, you really think you are that venerable and the kindest person in Flowing Light City? Death is near, yet you want to infuriate me? Let me give you a good one!" 

The old man glared at him, and did not say a word, wis.h.i.+ng to die. 

Chen Zhengliang was not eager to carry out the execution, moving closer to the old man he grabbed a handful of the old man's hair and mercilessly pulled. "Old thing, I'll give you a last chance. Today, if you surrender and pay allegiance to the great general, become a servant to the Demon Spider Race, then the great general can let you live." 

"Peh!" The old man's answer was simple and clear. 

Chen Zhengliang still remained calm, with not a shred of anger on his face. Instead, a hint of a taunting expression emerged across his face. 

He was like a cat playing with a mouse. "Haha, really stubborn, but I would like to see how long you can persist! Aren't you a kind man, let's see whether this is true or false. Haha, today as long as you kneel on the ground to say the City Lord of Flowing Light City is a coward, a downright hypocrite, General will let the rest of the hundreds of prisoners go, spare them death. Old thing, do you want them to die together with you, or live?"

When the old man heard these words, his old and scar ridden body shook.

A hint of hesitation flashed to his eyes, his lips trembling and was speechless. 

Chen Zhengliang seemed to be satisfied with the old man's response, "What, old thing, you are the kindest person in Flowing Light City. Today, do you want to save people, or to harm people? Well?" 

As he spoke, he raised one brow and the complacent and mocking expression in his eyes were much more clear.

The old man's struggles were more intense than before as he began to gasp violently. 

Even the pain and wounds of his body did not make him struggle like this, but now... the old man turned his head to look at the other imprisoned heroes who were awaiting death.   

Chen Zhengliang grinned, pointed over to where the old man's eyes were on, his voice like the devil's roar when he said, "You see, in front of the hot pillar is a twelve-year-old child, if you continue to be this stubborn, he will be dragged on the platform and roasted, then his skin will be sliced off for the Demon Spider Race general to enjoy. And he will continue to be grilled, until all the layers of his skin and flesh are roasted." 

The old man clamped lips trembled. 

Each word from Chen Zhengliang was like a knife, stabbing right at his heart! 

He had always believed that he would rather die than surrender. That he would stick to his beliefs and never give in to the demons, but... 

It was more than 100 lives!  

"Grandpa Zheng! I'm not afraid of dying! Don't beg the bad people for mercy. Father once said to me, the Human Race never gives in." 

Not far away, the twelve-year-old boy in front of the hot pillar suddenly shouted with all his strength.

On the young and soft face, there was an unusual calm expression for his age. 

When the old man heard these words, he shot open his eyes and looked at the twelve-year-old child, tears coursing down his cheeks.

This child's father was the most skilful master of the City Lord's residence, he had killed thousands while defending the city walls, but in the end died in battle. The city was breached and the child's mother, in order not to be humiliated by the Demon Race, committed suicide. The child was caught and tortured in all sorts of ways, but at such a young age, he still remained strong and endured to today. 

At this moment, the old man suddenly did not struggle so much. 

The old man knew that he could not give in, and could not surrender in the slightest! 

Even if... even if he had to take these 100 people to die together with him! 

All humans died in the end. 

But death may not be the end. 

The old man slowly stood up, took a long breath and made a decision. 

He turned to look at Chen Zhengliang, his eyes filled with pity, "You animal, did you see? Did you hear that? Haha, even a child is more n.o.ble than you... Even a twelve-year-old child refuses to give in to the demons, how can I let him down? Haha, I'd rather choose death, an animal like you will be punished! Sooner or later, there will be a saint of the Human Race coming. That person will quell the disorder of Clear River Domain, and kill all emon clans. Today, with the blood shed by the heroes of Flowing Light City, you will have to repay hundreds of thousand of times as much tomorrow!" 

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