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"Don't concern yourself with this," contrary to Murong Qingxue's anxiousness, Liu Mei appeared to be calmer: "To put it short, this person won't betray us. Moreover, I've told you before, even if this matter gets exposed, we won't be the ones under suspicion."

Murong Qingxue had no idea where did Liu Mei's self-confidence come from. There was no way she could keep cool and take it easy: "In the end, who is it? You have to tell me, otherwise, I won't be able to calm down. This is a serious matter, you know?"

"I understand the gravity of the situation, but I'm not worried," Liu Mei shook her head, smiling: "Since I dared to steal this Rejuvenation pill, then surely I could cover my bases and not implicate us. Xue-er, don't think too much about it. Just live as before and keep doing things you were doing."

"These days, continue going to Nangong family and visit Nangong Ye. As usual. Don't make any changes and I a.s.sure you, no one will suspect you."

Even seeing that Liu Mei looked as if she was making solemn vows to her, Murong Qingxue was still skeptical: "Is what you are saying true? Nothing will happen to us, really? Who is that person, that is worthy of your trust so much?"

"Xue-er, I won't cause trouble to you," Liu Mei patted her daughter's shoulder and continued to coax her: "Do you really think I don't understand how serious this situation is? Didn't I say that before? Even if this matter comes to light, someone else will be a scapegoat. You can be 120% sure of that."

Even with Liu Mei's persuasion, Murong Qingxue couldn't find inner peace. But since Liu Mei didn't want to say, she had no way to force it out of her. Now all she could do was to follow Liu Mei's advice and do as she said: act as usual, without any changes.

On the other hand, after Murong Qingyan heard of this matter, she merely showed a faint smile, not voicing any opinions.

She didn't have any feelings towards Murong family. Whatever was stolen from Murong family, it had no relation to her. To put it bluntly, even if the whole Murong estate was robbed bare, she wouldn't care. The things Murong family had, were useless to her anyway.

However, she was very curious, who had such big guts to steal from Murong treasury!

At this point in time, Murong Qingyan absolutely didn't expect that in the end, this matter would implicate her thoroughly. Ever so often, some things that you couldn't care less about, would bring you the most trouble.

One of these days, Murong Qingyan just finished her lunch and was about to enter her s.p.a.ce, yet before she could do so, she saw the door to her room being rudely opened. Or to be precise, it was actually kicked open.

Looking up, Murong Qingyan's expression instantly sank: "Housekeeper Lin's att.i.tude is really big this time, ah!"

Indeed, the person who barged into Murong Qingyan's room was the housekeeper of Murong family, Lin Guangxiong. Back then, because of his daughter Lin Weiwei, the two of them became enemies. However, afterward she won the champions.h.i.+p at the Clan a.s.sembly and even though it didn't lead to improvement in her status in the family, no one in the Murong family dared to act impudently in front of her anymore.

"Eldest miss, Head of the Family requests your presence."

If it was before, Lin Guangxiong would have to consider how to confront Murong Qingyan, now he was following the order issued personally by Murong Xiong, so, naturally, he didn't have many scruples about his conduct.

Not good.


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