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Second Summon Chapter 68 Royal pressure

"Aahn~! That's good! Let's. .h.i.t each other more!"

"You're grossing me out!"

Billdos and Roa were punching right in front of each other.

It was an ordinary scuffle when seen from the sidelines, but a foolish person will become a lump of meat just by taking even a single step.

"Your fist, is really lovely! Buut… it is a little lacking isn't it?"



Billdos' arm raised a bellow and started to attack Roa.

She was able to ward off or stop the blow until now, but only this time she leapt to the sides and barely dodged it.

"Oh dear me hn~, what a good judgment."

When he finished swinging his fist, the ground ahead bursted open.

That strength was the Fist Pressure(拳圧), in other words a shockwave caused with a fist.

Until now, Billdos' arm did not have enough strength to do an attack without coming in contact.

If Roa received it head-on like before, a serious injury would be inevitable.

"My intuition is on the good side you know!"

Roa who somehow dodged it, released relentlessly a kick to Billdos' defenseless body.


However, the one who received the damage was her.


"My magic is . My ability is as you can see, is an ability where my body features and const.i.tution can be freely changed you know!"

"Ugh… so a Unique one huh?"

Billdos' body became hard as though it was steel.

Its strength was so high that it retained composure even if it received a kick from Roa who had confidence in her power.

"On top of that, I can do something like this too!"

"Oh no――――――――"


Roa's feet was seized by his arms.

Billdos' arm muscles bulged greatly and she was flung away just like that.

"No way…"

Roa could not hide her surprise towards that overwhelming might.

She was flying at great speed and ended up plunging into a nearby forest.

She smashed several trees, was thrown onto a tree slightly thicker than the surrounding trees and finally stopped.

"Kahah… it… f.u.c.kin' hurts"

The air in her lungs squeezed out, Roa gasped in anguish at short intervals.

By the time she finally calmed down, Billdos stood already before her eyes.

"Oh my, it's amazing that you aren't hurt after receiving that. Could you be doing better than I thought hn?"

In reality, Billdos was surprised.

First was the fact she lived after receiving this throw.

And then, though she had damage, the fact that she did not have outstanding injuries was an unusual experience for him.

"Of course I do… I am the beastking's daughter――――――――――wait,  I'm gonna quit after all. I quit, I'm done!"

Suddenly Roa shouted while scratching her head

"I'm already tired of being obedient. I was told it's better to put on an innocent face, but I've had it with this. n.o.body is looking and it should be fine if I do it like before."

While saying so, Roa combed up her hair roughly.

Her eyes seemingly becoming sharp, her expression that had innocence was overwritten with a violent looking face.

"You suddenly went rough didn't you hn~. What? Did you get upset hn~?"

"Shut the f.u.c.k up you muscle p.r.i.c.k, I'm gonna smash your b.a.l.l.s."

" …Who~ are… you calling a p.r.i.c.k!?"

Once again applying , Billdos released a fist.

Calmly seeing through that directly heading towards her face, Roa seized his thick arm with her slender arms.

"Eat this!"

She twisted in order to have his arm go downwards and flung him up with a knee from below.


"Go to h.e.l.l!"

Together with words at point-blank range, an upper kick was released after lightly jumping up with her pivot leg.

That kick neatly settled it on Billdos' head, splendidly breaking even the neck.

"My hand…I mean, foot struck home, f.u.c.kin’ idiot." (T.N. I don't know how to properly translate this. What she said was 手応え……いや、足応えありだボケ, with 手応えあり literally meaning "feeling a response in your hands", or in other words "it's effective", but she changes hand to her feet)

It goes without saying that the neckbone is an essential part for a human body.

That being broken means that however much muscle one possesses, the person will reach death as long as no urgent medical treatment is given――――――――is what was supposed to be.

"Aahn~… it was a totally numbing kick hn~."

" … hey what the h.e.l.l."

Roa cursed while landing.

Billdos, despite his neck broken, moved and talked.

"To think that I, who is supposed to have the perfect body, would have his neck broken right… I was surprised really――――――――――humph!"

Billdos moved his hand to his head and forcibly returned his neck to his original position by moving it as is.

When it seems like it made a cracking sound, his neck started to move like his neck never had a fracture.

"Hah, you a monster or something?"

"Geez! That's rude isn't it!? From my perspective, you who would die from a broken neck is more of a monster. If the neck and the like returned to its original place then it would immediately stick to it wouldn't it?"

While saying so, Billdos touched his elbow bone.

Together with the rumbling sound of the bone again, his elbow began to move the same as before.

" … just kidding, well no matter how you think of it, I… no, we are more of a monster I guess. Our visceras increased, our bones multiplied… Someone like me would instantly get well even if you break my bones, you know? So~mehow it became unpleasant."

Said Billdos just slightly sorrowfully, while opening and closing his hands.

"Who cares, ya great big f.u.c.k. Doesn't matter what circ.u.mstances you have, it doesn't change the fact you tried to put your f.u.c.kin’ hands on Desas and Setsu."

I'm gonna beat you to death――――――――――Roa kicked the ground and leaped.

"*Chuckle*… that is fine. Not like I thought of having you give sympathy to us!"

Billdos too prepared to go meet her.


His body suddenly bursted into flames.

His surroundings became high temperature at once and the pool of water under his feet began to evaporate.

"M~e~, whose body is smeared with flames! Can you come near me I wonder!?"

Those flames were strong; it burns if one came near and it's unknown how one will end up if one touched it.


"Shut up!"

Roa plunged in with the same momentum and beat the stomach of the burning Billdos.

He who was sent flying all the way back from that could not understand for a moment what happened to him.

"If it's that level of flames, then I won't flinch ya know."

… It wasn't that she did not bear any burns.

Her whole body had a slight degree of burn and particularly the burns on her right hand that hit him were terrible.

However Roa was not agitated.

"I am the daughter of the beast king ya know. Getting this level of injury isn't enough to make me get nervous ya know."

"Hn~… not bad."

Billdos stood up and erased the flames put on his body.

"Then how about this? "

He grandly sucked up breath and breathed out a violet smoke from his mouth.

The trees that touched that smoke could be seen to wither in the blink of an eye.

"This poison has a lethal rate of 100%! Even you'll be out if you're touched. Now then, what will you do!?"

"… "

Even if the poison was soon drawing near, Roa was calm.

From her state with her body strength drawn out and a natural stance was taken, she strongly stepped with her foot.


Just before the poison smoke touched her, all of the fumes around Roa was suddenly blown off and vanished.


"Say you… know about ?"

Roa got out of her stepping posture and asked while taking a relaxed stance again.

"That is the power that's handed down to us Leos, apparently a mysterious power that's different from magic power. Because it can't be used by anyone other than Leos, research didn't get anywhere, so we don't know anything except simple theory."

In the past――――――This was an extension to the sense of intimidation.

In the past――――――Like magic, it can pa.s.s through things.

"I myself don't know it well, so I can't do anything difficult. But if I make it simple…it 'll look like it lets me hold a ma.s.s of coercion."

Roa puts her hand towards Billdos.



Billdos' body was suddenly blown away by an unseen something.

Although he corrected his posture in midair, his mind was somewhat in disorder.

(This attack… if she fires it continuously I won't be able to endure hn~)

Only one, only the sense of crisis towards this attack strongly remained, and the moment Billdos had his feet on the ground, he rushed out.

The act of dodging an unseen attack is difficult, even for him.


Billdos moved at a speed several times the usual and instantly took Roa's back.

Immediately invoking and hurled a fist towards her.

"I can read ya ya know! !"

"What did you say!? Guh――――――――"

However, just before his fist hit, Billdos was blown off together with a sense of a wall being pushed to his body.

" works in any direction. I don't have any blind spots, wherever I’m attacked from"

"… what a bother."

Billdos stood up.

Due to a wall-like something was struck to his whole body, his whole body began to feel pain.

(A complete defense and invisible attack… Should that not be foul play? For now I should earn some time, time to think――――――――――)

"Ya look like ye're thinking about something, but I won't let ya. The next attack will be the end of ya"

Roa converged her senses onto her fist.

Seeing that hand, Billdos thought――――――――――this is bad.

"Gh! "

Billdos felt a premonition that was unpleasant enough for chills to run down his spine and invoked his trump card.

"! I don't know what you're about to do, but the current me is invincible! Whatever you do, it's the end if you touch me!"

His body dyed black.

This magic probably had the simplest explanation among his techniques.

At any rate, anything that touches his body dies is the only explanation one can give.

It is the most plain technique among the black robes, but its fiendishness does not have a different proportion to it.

Whatever comes the moment it touches him it dies.

That goes the same for magic and even weapons.

The moment it touches Billdos, whichever magic and whichever weapon, it will disappear from that place.

(Avoiding it would probably be intense isn't it. I will catch and kill the attack with my body like this and in the opening afterwards, thrust out and touch her! That would be the end… now, come!)

" … I'm not sure, but… looks like you're not gonna avoid it I guess."

Roa drew her fist.

Billdos, whose body's motor skill fell due to , never had the intention to avoid it from the beginning.

… that was, the turning point of victory and defeat.


The fist that left behind sound was released.

The fist that took in reached Billdos, in spite of having some distance.

And then, it opened a large hole in his chest.

"… Oh my?"

Blood overflowed from Billdos' mouth.

The center of the blackened body a large hole was opened gaping wide.

While a large volume of blood spilled out, he fell on the ground.

His heart and lungs blown away, Billdos lost his life in an instant.

Even his regeneration abilities was not strong enough to repair an essential body part.

" … My bad. isn't even magic power, not to mention unidentifiable. It looked like you tried to do something, but doing something about an existence you don't know about is impossible to anybody."

Her voice could no longer reach Billdos.

Even so, Roa had something she wanted to convey.

"If only you avoided it… it could have been your win."

Roa murmured so, while grasping her arm that was shedding drips of blood.

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