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Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 49: Hubby, Mwah Mwah~

“Little Jiang, what’s wrong?” Wei Han hurriedly asked when he saw Jiang Chengrui’s face turned pale.

“My…my sister suddenly had stomach bleeding and she’s already at the hospital now.”

“There’s still me here. Little Jiang, you hurry up and go see.”

Jiang Chengrui nodded and rushed to the hospital where his sister Jiang Chengrui was staying.

Early next morning, Wei Han finished his work s.h.i.+ft and rushed over with some well-simmered porridge. When he arrived, Jiang Chengrui was guarding his sleeping sister. In order not to disturb her rest, they both left the ward first.

“Little Jiang, what did the doctor say? Is your sister alright?” Wei Han asked.

“The doctor said that my sister should have stomach bleeding caused by stomach ulcers coupled with her recent fatigue. So they started with some traditional Chinese medicine with hemostatic properties and reminded us to pay attention to my sister’s eating habits and eat more liquid or semi-liquid food.”

“Eh, so it’s like this. Then we really have to pay attention.” Wei Han nodded after listening. “I don’t see your sister going to work for the time being. First, let’s get her body well again.”

“Yeah, I also think so. Anyway, the doctor also made my sister stay in the hospital for a period of time. They’ll give her a full-body examination, and depending on the circ.u.mstances, also look at the specific conditions of my sister’s body.”

“Yeah, that’s good. Some time ago, you always ran home twice every three days. Was it because of your sister’s matter?”

Jiang Chengrui reluctantly sighed, “Ai, my sister was feeling unwell before, and she vomited blood two or three times. The doctor said that she was tired and told her to stay up late less and rest more. She seemed to listen on the surface, but she didn’t reduce her workload. She’s always been working hard, and although she’d been promoted to department manager, but her body’s…”

The Jiang family had no parents and it was indeed quite difficult for Jiang Chenghui, who wanted to raise her two younger brothers and let them attend school. Jiang Chengrui used to work while studying in school. Now that he had a job, the burden on the family was also a bit less, but with how special the police occupation was, he was also rarely home.

“I also know your family situation, but your sister is really risking her life too much. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution. You should persuade her more when you have the time.”

Jiang Chengrui nodded and suddenly lowered his voice, muttering an aside, “She rarely listens to me. Maybe she doesn’t want to see me at all.”

Wei Han didn’t really hear clearly. “Ah? Little Jiang, what are you muttering about?”

Jiang Chengrui patted his disappointed face and once again, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. “No…it’s nothing.”

“In short, your sister should be fine for the time being. You should also eat something and raise up your spirit. Right, what about Little Yi? Didn’t you say before that he stayed overnight in the hospital?” Wei Han looked around and felt that it was a bit strange not to see the naughty little devil.

“I let Pei Yuyang send him home early this morning.”

“Oh, I was wondering why that Foolish Man-Sheep wasn’t here. Usually when there’s something the matter with you, he’s not far away; every time, he’s the first one to come, haha,” seeing Jiang Chengrui smiling somewhat reluctantly, Wei Han teased.

Jiang Chengrui was slightly embarra.s.sed. “Let’s not bring up that pervert.”

In a moment, Jiang Chenghui awoke and Jiang Chengrui quickly took care of her again. At this time, he was sitting at the bedside and personally fed his sister the rice porridge that Wei Han had specially brought over.

Jiang Chenghui tasted two mouthfuls and gave Wei Han a profound, long look. “Mr. Wei’s craft is very good.”

Her tone was light, but this was obviously praise. Wei Han was a little flattered, not expecting to be praised by the iceberg sister. He immediately scratched his head and hehe laughed, “Thank…thank you, but this is really nothing.”

Jiang Chengrui also couldn’t help but look distracted. Previously, Wei Han had some things he needed to find him for and came to his home several times. Jiang Chenghui had a cold expression and expressed an att.i.tude of not welcoming outsiders. But now, it had eased a little.

He suddenly remembered that when their parents were still there, his cheerful sister was also a foodie. His heart delighted, and he smiled and said, “Sis, I also followed Silly Han to learn to make a few dishes, and I can make them for you to eat. If you like this rice porridge, I will go learn to make it immediately.”

“No need,” Jiang Chenghui coldly spat out two words, making the radiance in Jiang Chengrui’s eyes suddenly diminish, and he discreetly hung his head down.

The more Wei Han looked from the side, the more wrong he felt. Before, he’d always thought that Jiang Chenghui was very strict with this brother, but now he found that it was a kind of indescribable indifference.

“Curlie, I’m back. Little Yi is already obediently resting at home,” the laughing voice drifted in. Soon, Pei Yuyang came in carrying a pile of fruits and milk tonics.

“I just specially asked the doctor and he said that Sis Hui must pay attention to her diet, and she must eat more liquid food, like rice soup and glutinous rice. These are all relatively good. Drinking milk also must be moderated, and she can’t touch food that are too sour or too sweet.”

“Mhm, I already know,” Jiang Chengrui immediately welcomed him and took the things from his hands, “Pei Yuyang, thankー”

Jiang Chengrui wanted to thank, but Jiang Chenghui suddenly cut off his words, “Thank you very much, Mr. Pei. But later, please don’t get involved with our family matters.”

Pei Yuyang: “……”

Jiang Chengrui: “……”

“……” Wei Han was also in a daze. He didn’t expect Jiang Chenghui to disregard the situation and coldly say this. For a moment, it made all three of them a bit embarra.s.sed.

Jiang Chenghui’s brows still didn’t crease and her pale, cold face made it difficult for people to get close to. “Thank you for taking of Chengrui when he was at your house before.”

“Sister, you…you even know of this?!” Jiang Chengrui’s eyes widened.

“You think I didn’t know?” Jiang Chenghui said coldly, staring at her younger brother’s eyes more and more sharply, her tone also becoming more and more mocking, “You are with a man all day, doing those…”

Not having the heart to let Jiang Chenghui continue to taunt her younger brother, Pei Yuyang blocked in front of Jiang Chengrui, “Sis Hui, it’s all my fault. Don’t blame him.”

“Sorry, Mr. Pei, we can’t afford to climb up your social ladder. Chengrui doesn’t need a kind of friend like you.”

Pei Yuyang: “……”

“Silly Han, Pei…Pei Yuyang, you should leave first today.”

Jiang Chengrui said dispiritedly, his heart suddenly very heavy. He knew that what his sister had said was already very awful. If they continued to dwell on it, it’s estimated that she would say even more unpleasant things.

Seeing Jiang Chengrui’s desolate expression, Wei Han and Pei Yuyang glanced at each other and could only reluctantly nod their heads and take their leave first.

Jiang Chengrui stayed in the hospital with his sister for two days. But because of his ident.i.ty as a police officer, he had to return to work. On that evening, Pei Yuyang drove near the police station, preparing to pick up Jiang Chengrui and return home.

And Wei Han who was walking behind happened to into their conversation.

Jiang Chengrui refused Pei Yuyang, his face betraying a difficult expression and hesitantly said, “Pei Yuyang, there’s something I…I haven’t told you.”

“What is it?”

Jiang Chengrui clenched his palm and hesitated for a moment before he opened his mouth, “When…when my parents got into a car accident, it was also caused by me. I was a high school student and I was out drinking and playing late with my cla.s.smates. I clearly remember that there was heavy rain that night, and because I kept calling and pus.h.i.+ng them to come pick me up, they…”

Before Jiang Chengrui finished talking, Pei Yuyang hugged him, also reaching out to stroke his back. Feeling relieved, he smiled. “It turns out Curlie used to be so disobedient.”

“I simply hate myself!” Jiang Chengrui yelled, “After that, I also understood that my sister always had an opinion of me, that can also be called…hate.”

Pei Yuyang held the person in his arms even tighter. “Don’t take all the responsibility on yourself.

“Curlie, if I made you choose between your sister and me, who would you choose?”

Among his thoughts, he’d thought of this question, and now their love was now facing such a reality.

Jiang Chengrui was silent for a moment. He didn’t answer upfront, but pushed him away. “Pei Yuyang, I think it’s better if we separate for a while.”

“Curlie, does it have to be like this?”

Jiang Chengrui nodded, his eyes dodging a little. “My sister’s health is poor and I don’t want to upset her for the time being. Also when we meet later, you should call me by my name.”

“…Okay,” Pei Yuyang said this word with difficulty, his voice filled with reluctance.


Saying this, Jiang Chengrui waved and left first.

Once Jiang Chengrui walked away, Wei Han showed himself and weakly said, “I’m sorry. I heard everything you just said.”

Pei Yuyang blanked for a moment and then laughed, “Let you see a joke, right?”

Wei Han shook his head and said, “I couldn’t figure out why Little Jiang’s sister would have such a poor att.i.tude towards him before. Now…ai, I didn’t think that Little Jiang would be hiding this kind of secret in his heart. It’s no wonder that sometimes he would seem depressed. Pei Yuyang, you absolutely can’t give up! Don’t just let it go like this!”

After hearing Wei Han’s encouragement, Pei Yuyang’s mood was much better. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this young master won’t easily give up. No matter what he thinks, anyway, I still consider him as my wife. Archie and I simply couldn’t survive without him.”

“Mhm, seems like you’re such a thick-skinned shaking M that as long as you keep being shameless, you can definitely do it.”

Pei Yuyang: “……”

Sometimes, he really couldn’t understand whether Wei Han was praising him or deriding him.

Recently, Wei Han and them had a case on hand related to a criminal gang. They’d arrested several people in S City, but a lot of them had also fled. Having identified several suspicious locations, Sergeant Lu divided Wei Han and them into three or four groups to go to these separate places and track the fugitives.

Because Jiang Chengrui’s situation wasn’t good these days, Sergeant Lu let him stay behind in S City. Wei Han and Shao Yi were a.s.signed to a group and they prepared to go on the field for a few days, though how many days was still uncertain for the time being.

When Qi Zhifan learned of this news, his face immediately sank. “Not allowed.”

Guessing that Qi Zhifan would have this response, Wei Han had already prepared a table of his favorite food and then pasted on a smile, “Relax, I’m just going to the field to explore the situation. There shouldn’t be any danger.”

Qi Zhifan shook his head. “Still not allowed.”

The important point was clearly not this, but that Wei Han would be together with Shao Yi again!

And they wouldn’t be under his own eyes, but actually be out in the field without knowing how long it would take!

“It’s useless even if you don’t allow this. It’s a mission that Leader Lu a.s.signed to me, so I have to complete it anyway,” Wei Han directly made clear his att.i.tude. In this respect, he rarely conceded.

Qi Zhifan rubbed the s.p.a.ce between his brows. He also knew that he couldn’t change this stubborn Wei Han, so he simply said, “Then I’ll take leave and accompany you.”

“Ah? Didn’t you recently receive a troublesome case?” Wei Han said in surprise. He leaned over and kneaded Qi Zhifan’s shoulders and lightly pounded his back. “Good Trouble, don’t be willful. Obediently wait at home for me to come back.”

The Great Qi who was being served was very comfortable, but still a bit worried, “Shao Yi, that guy…”

Wei Han reacted once he heard this, “Oh, turns out you’re jealous again.”

Qi Zhifan: “……”

Could this fool’s reflection arc be a bit longer?

“Heheh, I swear that I only love you alone. I’ll call you as soon as I have the time.”

“Call me everyday.” Qi Zhifan found that he was increasingly unable to resist him, especially every time Wei Han laughed foolishly.

“Uh…I’ll try my best, but every day is a little difficult. You also know that I’m a police officer and the mission is important.”

Qi Zhifan nodded, expressing his understanding. “Yeah, in addition, you have to say something to me every time you call.”

“What is it?”

“Bring your ear closer.”

After hearing this, Wei Han obediently leaned his ear closer. Qi Zhifan hooked his lips into an evil smile and then whispered a few words.

“No! No way!” Wei Han shook his head again and again, his ears reddening a little. “This…I can’t say this.”

“Hmm?” Qi Zhifan brows creased.

Wei Han quivered and immediately nodded. “Say…I’ll say it.”

This day, Wei Han had already left S City ahead of schedule. After Qi Zhifan returned home, Butler Sun approached him and greeted, “Young Master Qi, you’ve returned. Young Master Wei, he…he left you a present.”

Qi Zhifan sized up Butler Sun a little and found that his slightly hanging head was a bit strange.

“What present?”

Butler Sun was asked and his face turned red, his head lowering down even more. “It’s…it’s better if you go see it for yourself.”

“Alright.” Qi Zhifan was a little happy. He didn’t expect that the fool would leave him a surprise.

Looking forward to it, Qi Zhifan rushed to the second floor of the villa’s back court. Then, he pushed Wei Han’s door open and heardー

“Hubby, mwah mwah~”

Qi Zhifan: “……”

There was a birdcage on the windowsill, and the sound came from the green parrot in the cage.

“Trouble, mwah mwah~”

Qi Zhifan: “……”

“Hubby Trouble, mwah mwah~”

“Trouble Hubby, mwah mwah~”

Qi Zhifan: “……”

What the f.u.c.king h.e.l.l was this? It was alarming and not delightful, okay?

And the key was, obviously they’d agreed that Wei Han would call him everyday and say this to him! How come it was now replaced by a green parrot?

Qi Zhifan was annoyed and ground his teeth, immediately calling up Wei Han. However, his phone was turned off. It might be a long time before Wei Han responded…

One night pa.s.sed with the parrot saying these few lines over and over again, making Qi Zhifan have a burst of depression. It seemed like he’d become this green guy’s hubby, but also as if it really felt that he was troublesome.

“d.a.m.n it! You wouldn’t say anything else except for these.”

“d.a.m.n it! You wouldn’t say anything else except for these,” the witty parrot gentleman immediately repeated loudly.

Qi Zhifan: “……”

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