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Then I smiled very proud.

"And guess what else?" I said to Room Nine. "Me and Janitor are bestest friends. And sometimes he calls me the nickname of sis!"

Then Janitor winked at me.

And so I winked back. Except for both my eyes kept on shutting. And so I had to hold one of them open with my fingers.

"I really like that Gus Vallony," I whispered to my bestest friend Lucille.

Only then that dumb girl named Lily heard what I said.

And she started singing, "Junie B.'s got a boyyy friennnd. Junie B.'s got a boyyy friennnd."

And so that's how come I felt very embarra.s.sed.

"Me and my big fat mouth!" I said.

Then Mrs. laughed.

And Janitor laughed.

And everybody else laughed too.

After that, Janitor had to go back to work. And so Mrs. shook his hand.

Then Room Nine clapped and clapped for him.

And Janitor smiled.

And his jingly keys jangled all the way out the door.

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About the AuthorBarbara Park is no stranger to occupational indecision. When she was in kindergarten, she wanted to be a dancer. Or an ice skater. Or a wallpaper hanger.

"No matter how mediocre I was at something, my mother always thought I was great," says Barbara Park. "When I learned to skate backwards, she was ready to sign me up for the Ice Capades."

Barbara Park finally decided to become a writer, and thousands of readers are glad she did. She has received many awards for her hilarious children's books, including seven children's choice awards and four Parents' Choice Parents' Choice awards. She lives in Arizona with her husband, Richard, and their two sons, Steven and David. awards. She lives in Arizona with her husband, Richard, and their two sons, Steven and David.

Text copyright 1993 by Barbara Park.

Ill.u.s.trations copyright 1993 by Denise Brunkus.

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by Random House, Inc., New York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto.

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