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Chapter 1142 - Shocking the Great Gan Lord Dynasty

"Sky Locking Bow!"

Zhao Feng stood on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head and used the Sky Locking Bow to continuously attack True G.o.d Tian Fa. Since there was still some distance between Zhao Feng and True G.o.d Tian Fa, he had to use the Sky Locking Bow to attack him from afar.

The Sky Locking Bow couldn't deal much damage to True G.o.d Tian Fa since he was rather strong, but every little bit added up. If this continued, the injuries would become more severe, and it would start to affect True G.o.d Tian Fa's speed.

Weng~~ Shu!

Zhao Feng unleashed a surge of soul-fire into the arrow on the Sky Locking Bow. With a Weng~, the arrow shot through the air and pierced through True G.o.d Tian Fa's chest.

"Siii! A soul attack!?" True G.o.d Tian Fa exclaimed. He used some medicine to recover his injuries before continuing to run away.


True G.o.d Tian Fa turned back into a black mist that hid into s.p.a.ce and flashed away. A giant dragon radiating scarlet-black flames followed.

"Chase after him! Let's see where he can run to!" Zhao Feng's expression became cold.

Zhao Feng was using the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon to fly whereas True G.o.d Tian Fa was escaping with his own power while injured. Their situations were completely different.

Through the continent zone, the pursuit extended from Yu Province to the inner continent. Heaven and Earth darkened, and mountains and rivers shattered wherever they went.

Of course, news of this battle had spread across the continent zone long ago, so the forces in the path of where these two were heading had retreated long ago in case they were accidentally killed.

One day, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon flew over the territory of the Dong Family, which was one of the Eight Big Families. In the distance, the upper echelon of the Dong Family looked at Zhao Feng in shock.

"I didn't think that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had really been tamed by Zhao Feng!" The Grand Elder's expression turned to shock. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon represented destruction and oblivion, but now it was a human's steed?

"But who is Zhao Feng chasing after?"

"I've never seen such a person in the continent zone before!"

The upper echelon of the Dong Family obviously couldn't tell who True G.o.d Tian Fa was. However, even if they couldn't recognize him, just the steed beneath Zhao Feng's feet could shock the entire continent zone. In the past, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had managed to escape from the combined forces of the Grand Imperial Hall and Sky Suspension Palace, two four-star powers. DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor had personally fought against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon during the war, but the latter still managed to escape.

It was hard to imagine what kind of methods the Hall of G.o.ds had to capture the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and tame it. No other force in the entire lord dynasty could do the same.

"The Dong Family will show its goodwill to the Hall of G.o.ds after this!" The Grand Elder of the Dong Family made a stunning decision, but no one from the Dong Family said anything.

Apart from this pursuit, the Great Gan Lord Dynasty paid a lot of attention to DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's True G.o.d Lightning Tribulation.

In a barren ground of Gan Province, lightning flashed across the dark skies. The earth shook as surges of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning pressured all the beings within several dozen thousand miles. This was where DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's tribulation was taking place.

Two DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall guarded the northern and western sides, while various other members of the Grand Imperial Hall guarded the eastern and southern sides.

The lightning in the sky started to slowly calm down, and the aura of Destruction faded away.

"From the looks of it, DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor succeeded!"

"Luckily, no accidents happened!"

The two DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall messaged one another.

At the center of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning grounds was DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor. He was scorched black, but he opened his bright eyes.

"Success. After the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, the aura of Ancient Desolate Origin is now in my body!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was extremely excited. He could faintly sense a mysterious destination in the center of the Fan Universe through his soul.

"Although my Sacred Body was heavily injured by the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, it will soon turn into a Divine Body!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor inspected his tattered body and wasn't worried at all. It would be safest to travel to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds when his Sacred Body turned into a Divine Body. At that point, it would be impossible for DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor to remain in the continent zone even if he wanted to.

"There's still some time till my Sacred Body turns into a Divine Body. Soon, I'll take over the Hall of G.o.ds and shock the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was full of smiles. Apart from the fact that his Sacred Body hadn't become a Divine Body yet, all his other aspects had reached the level of a True G.o.d. At this moment, he was the strongest person in the continent zone. Even DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon wouldn't dare to fight against him.

"Zhao Feng, wait for True G.o.d Dragon Emperor's punishment!" True G.o.d Dragon Emperor couldn't help but roar with laughter.

"Hmmm?" Right at this moment, True G.o.d Dragon Emperor suddenly sensed a weird Divine Power aura and another Divine Power aura that shook Heaven and Earth.

The two DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall at the edges acted as if they were facing a great foe.

Whoos.h.!.+ Hu~~

A dark light streaked through the air and disappeared in the sky.

"That's…!?" The expression of True G.o.d Dragon Emperor, who had just undergone the G.o.d Tribulation, changed dramatically. With his current cultivation, he could obviously tell that the person who just flew by was True G.o.d Tian Fa!

"True G.o.d Tian Fan didn't die?" True G.o.d Dragon Emperor acted like he was sitting on needles. The memories of how terrifying True G.o.d Tian Fan was appeared in his mind. Back then, True G.o.d Tian Fa had defeated all the DemiG.o.ds of both lord dynasties. He would never forget this.

Right at this moment, a surge of Destructive aura crushed over as darkness overtook the skies.

"The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon… Zhao Feng!" True G.o.d Dragon Emperor was completely shocked. He was even suspicious that his eyes had turned bad. Zhao Feng was standing on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon instantly flew over the barren lands.

"What's going on?" True G.o.d Dragon Emperor immediately questioned the other members of the Grand Imperial Hall.

"Reporting to Grand Elder, this happened more than two months ago. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon seems to have been tamed by the Hall of G.o.ds and has become Zhao Feng's steed. No one knows who Zhao Feng is chasing after!" An upper echelon member of the Imperial Sky Net immediately reported to True G.o.d Dragon Emperor.

"…chased after for two months!?" True G.o.d Dragon Emperor's expression froze as waves rampaged through his heart. Zhao Feng had tamed the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and the battle between him and True G.o.d Tian Fa had lasted for more than two months already? True G.o.d Dragon Emperor didn't expect such a big thing to happen while he was breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

"Zhao Feng, the Ancient Soul Hall won't forgive you if you kill me!" True G.o.d Tian Fa's aura was weak and exhausted. Even though he had eaten a lot of medicine, it wasn't enough to recover the damage to his body and soul after being chased by Zhao Feng for an entire two months.

"Die!" Zhao Feng's expression was cold as a triangular piece of metal appeared in his hand.

Ding! Ding!

The triangular piece of metal turned into a black metallic bow. Faint golden light flashed around the green lines of the bow as Zhao Feng pulled back the bowstring and merged his Divine Power into it.

Boom! Hu~~

A black arrow of light summoned a tornado as it shot forward!

"Not good, I can't dodge it!" True G.o.d Tian Fa felt as if this aura had locked onto him. This was an attack from a divine weapon! Although Zhao Feng was only at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm and his Divine Power was impure, True G.o.d Tian Fa was currently heavily injured, and his strength wasn't even at 40%.

"Black Demon Wind s.h.i.+eld!" True G.o.d Tian Fa burned his Divine Power and used a defensive secret technique.


A black demonic s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of True G.o.d Tian Fa.


In the next instant, Zhao Feng's arrow landed on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

True G.o.d Tian Fa's defensive secret technique instantly crumbled. Although True G.o.d Tian Fa had expected this and retreated instantly, he was still hit by the storm of destruction.

"Dammit, I have to give up my body now!" True G.o.d Tian Fa hesitated. He finally managed to cultivate this body to the level of a Sacred King. If he escaped with his soul right now and took over another body, who knew how long it would be before he could recover to his peak?

However, compared to death, True G.o.d Tian Fa would rather choose taking over another body and re-cultivating. True G.o.d Tian Fa would die with great regret if he was killed by a Sacred Lord in such a weak dimension!

Just as True G.o.d Tian Fa was about to escape with his soul and search for a body to take over:

Weng~ Weng~

Multi-colored Sacred Power appeared around True G.o.d Tian Fa. In an instant, Heaven and Earth seemed to tremble as countless elements moved through the air.

"Not good, this is the Myriad Forms Dimension!" True G.o.d Tian Fa's eyes shook as fear appeared in his heart.

All of True G.o.d Tian Fa's actions had already been seen by Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye; he would not be able to escape. At this moment, True G.o.d Tian Fa was trapped by Zhao Wan's Myriad Forms Dimension. Although Zhao Wan was only at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he could become a Sacred King at any time. It wasn't easy to escape from the Origin Dimension of one of the descendants of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes!

"Now is your death!" Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye saw through everything and locked onto True G.o.d Tian Fa within the Myriad Forms Dimension.

"Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng's left eye flashed with white lightning as a Destructive soul power appeared.

At this moment, more than five thousand G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols within Zhao Feng's Lightning Soul Body were used in the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame. Who knew what kind of power it would have!? Zhao Feng's heart shook, and he was extremely excited.


A ball of blazing G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols instantly landed on True G.o.d Tian Fa's soul and exploded.

As he used the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flames, Zhao Feng also pulled back the bowstring of the black bow.


A black arrow of divine light shot forward.

Zhao Wan retracted his Origin Dimension at the critical moment so that it wouldn't be damaged.


The arrow from the bow-form Ancient G.o.d Seal pierced through True G.o.d Tian Fa's chest while he was still under the bombardment of the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame.

"Zezeze, a Rank Three True G.o.d actually died here!?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon laughed.

True G.o.d Tian Fa was heavily injured after two months of pursuit. Against the combined power of Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique and divine weapon, there was absolutely no chance that True G.o.d Tian Fa was still alive! At this instant, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon felt proud to be Zhao Feng's steed.

The storm faded away, and Zhao Feng stopped using his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye after confirming that True G.o.d Tian Fa was dead.

"Go!" Zhao Feng waved his left arm and used the Misty Spatial World to leave. The members of the Grand Imperial Hall and the Imperial Sky Net instantly sent news of this to DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor the same day the pursuit ended.

"True G.o.d Tian Fa died!?" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's breathing stopped momentarily. His eyes became dazed and his mind went blank.

Although True G.o.d Tian Fa obviously wasn't at his peak state, he was still a powerful True G.o.d from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, but he was killed by a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord!

It was also incredulous that Zhao Feng managed to tame the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon! With Zhao Feng's resources, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's strength would increase dramatically.

DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor had originally been thinking of teaching the Hall of G.o.ds a lesson after breaking through to become a True G.o.d before he entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, but now, DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor didn't dare to even think about it.

"I'll let him live for now. After I enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and find the imperial ancestors, I'll teach him a lesson!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor harrumphed coldly.

Many True G.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall had entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's first mission when he entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds would be to find the imperial ancestors.

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