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T.L I translated this during my travelling ~~~  to various places during the lunar new year! Next chapter will be back to GarbageTruck Translation!

45th Meal: The forgotten western-styled mansion

Happy, happy, meal time.

As I was playing with everyone the whole morning, I did not have the opportunity to procure any seafood.
The arrangement was to have teppanyaki for lunch.

Well~, shall I go and catch some seafood now?
No, it's too late.
We have completed the preparation and all that left is for us to start grilling.

It can't be helped. Let's enjoy grilling with the ingredients that we prepared beforehand.
In order to enjoy the meal with everyone,
I head towards the BBQ grill which is giving off a sizzling sound.

Everyone else had already began grilling.
The delicious looking grilled meat and sound of the sizzling strongly stimulate my appet.i.te.
The smell of the char meat even made my empty stomach trembles.
I could not bear with it, I need to fill my stomach with the grilled meat! (My sense of mission)

I immediately began grilling the sirloin from Butcho rabbit (T.L No idea what that it)
I cooked the meat rare.
As expected, meat free from parasite is best cooked rare.

The surface is slightly char but juicy in the inside.
However, it will be considered a failure if the center is cold.
At one glance, I could tell that the meat is done perfectly rare.
Cooked to the perfect temperature, the [rare] state of meat allows the true potential of the ingredient to be showcased.

While grilling the meat, I took out my special made sauce from [Free s.p.a.ce].
The sauce that I took out is made from orange.
It carries a slight sweetness and sourness from orange.
It matches well with the meat seasoned with salt and pepper.

I sprinkle the salt and pepper onto the sirloin,
And drizzle the fantastic and vibrant looking orange sauce.

U~n, the orange sauce is so pretty!

[Itadakimasu! Chomp!]

I clasp my hand and gave my grat.i.tude.

After giving my thanks to Butcho rabbit which will become part of my blood and flesh,
I took a big bite of the grilled sirloin.
After the crispy texture on the surface of the meat, the juice of the meat and fats spread around my mouth and satisfy my appet.i.te.

Every bite I took is a new discovery for me.



[Bravo! Ooh… Bravo!!]

I gave praise unconsciously.
Well, there isn't any particular problem with it.

Well, after having a taste the sirloin,
I would not care if I did not eat it elegantly.
I pierce the sirloin with a fork and began chewing it,
Such a barbaric way of eating stimulates certain excitement within me.

I don't have to care of the sauce splattering.
The sauce on the meat started dripping into the ocean.
Grilled meat will start deteriorating the moment it leaves the grill.
I must treasure every second of it and not care about my image!
To fully appreciate its taste, elegant is something that I will forsake!

Just look at that wild child!
He grabbed the grilled meat with his bared hand and eat following his instinct.
The juice from the meat overflows from the surface! And the remnant sticks to the side of his mouth!
Chomping and chomping, the way he swallows the food look exactly like a carnivorous beast!
He knows the way to enjoy meat since the way he is born!

The part of the meat that Riot is eating is the shoulder of Butcho rabbit.
That portion is especially tough so it requires you to have strong teeth to be able to eat such a huge piece.

He grabbed that piece with his bare hands.
Even I feel eating wild have a limit.

[Oii… Riot, you, aren't you hand burning?]
[Hmm? Oh, not at all. My skin is thick from all the training. So, this is not a problem… Chomp chomp]

Since that is the case… let me also give it a try.
I reach out my hand towards the grilling meat… and move it away.
Yes, that's right.
It is extremely hot.
He is strange in many ways… that's right.

Although I have not consumed much meat yet, I will start getting sick from eating only all meat.

Hence, I mixed some sliced onion with the Butcho rabbit meat, and stuff within green pepper.
The sauce I used is sauce made from grated daikon.

I grilled it on the surface with the meat being exposed.
The meat would not cook properly if I grilled it any other side.

[Is it done? Umu, its ready!]

The last step was to fill the green pepper with ground Butcho rabbit meat, and top it with more refres.h.i.+ng daikon sauce!

Un, it is delicious.
I immediately stab another one of the grilled green pepper ground meat,
And ate furiously.

Chomp, mogumogu…Gokun. Delicous!
The softness of the ground meat matches well with the green pepper.
Juice oozed from the ground meat.
It counteracts the bitterness of the green pepper so it feels good.
In addition, the daikon sauce is extremely refres.h.i.+ng.
I could eat an unlimited amount.

[Uwa, El-chan is making something again! Ehehe… give me one of that!]

Linda use her fork and stabbed it towards my ground meat with green pepper.
She ate the piping hot meat in a single bite.
While there isn't an issue with her eating,
I am worried about her hatred for eating green pepper.

It seemed Linda did not notice that the vegetable I use is green pepper.
She took big bite after big bite,
And finally lick her lips after eating everything.

[This cuisine is extremely delicious!]

As I expect, she did not notice the existence of green pepper.
I should tell her the truth here and now.

[Linda, the vegetable you are eating is green pepper]

[Eh… this is a lie?]

Not believing what I just said,
Lina observed the vegetable that is holding the ground meat.

[You, you are right! I didn't notice it!]

It seemed that she could eat it normally as long as she did not notice it.
The main reason someone could not eat green pepper is due to its smell and bitter taste.

After the green pepper is filled with juicy ground meat and grilled, the two factors that made Linda hate green pepper were eliminated.
Hence, she did not notice the existence of the green pepper.

She followed up by saying [I could eat if that is the case!], she continued eating big bite after big bite.

My lunch is disappearing…. (Roll white eyes).


[Uwooo! I discovered a weird building~!!]
While everyone was relaxing after meal,
Danan came running over while shouting such words.

[A strange building?]

As Ganzurok enquired what type of building he found, Danan began explaining with a triumphant look on his face.

[It is an extremely huge western styled building…
It looked very old, and there is no sign of anyone living inside.
It seemed that something might appear?]

Danan imitate the action of a ghost by sticking out his tongue.

This is totally a flag.
As I have a bad feeling about it since this started,
I voice out my objection of going to the mansion.

[Alright! Let's go take a look~!]

Riot express strong interest in exploring that strange mansion.
Did he forget that he just went through a horrifying experience with me?

Honestly speaking, I want to avoid such a horrifying experience for the time being.

[Test of courage… Uuuu~, my heart is beating rapidly!]

Although Linda appeared to be afraid she seemed to want to do a test of courage.
On the other hand, Floberto and Quitina rejected the idea of going.

[Wouldn't it be better for us not to approach it? Despite its appearance, there is the possibilities of someone still living there]

[…That's right, and although it hurts for me to say it, my house is also all torn and tattered]

It seemed as though Danan expect such an answer,
Danan then tried provoking them.

[Hehehe, you must be afraid~? There is not helping if you are afraid. It must be embarra.s.sing if something leaks?]

In addition, the target he is provoking appears to be me.
Grrrrrrrr! I heard some sound from within me and a [!?] appears on top of my head.
You are too much! Danan!

Please don't use such a cunning trick all of a sudden!
It takes a lot more to scared me!]

[Since that's the case, let's go exploring]

…What? What is going on?
I did not say I am going, right?

I got tricked by his words,
In the end, everyone started thinking of going. G.o.dd.a.m.n.

[You tricked me, you tricked me! Danan!]

[Fufufu, this is such a horrible way of speaking. I, only question whether they are afraid]

A devilish smile appears on his face.
I must not allow such a devil to go unpunished!
After he fell asleep, I will write the word [Meat] on his forehead as punishment! (Night a.s.sault)

[Let's go then. It shouldn't be a fuss if we come back before dinner]

Riot pumped his fist into the air while saying such statement,
But what we are going to do later is a test of courage,
And not intense battling filled with blood.
Did he misunderstand about the situation?

…This might be the case (Shock).

We discover the building that Danan was talking of.
Speaking of which, all of us are still wearing our swimming suit.


It looked just like how it sounded.
The appearance of the building really gives off a strong impression.

We don't even know how old this building is as weeds are going everywhere.
There used to be a splendid marble statue but was now almost crumbling and various reddish-brown stain could be seen.

I saw this dangerous scene before.
It was during my past life and building similar to this often appears in the video game [Biohazard] (T.L Also known as resident evil. j.a.pan called it biohazard instead)

I believe it to be a coincidence.
Regardless, this building leave such an impression that would make someone say [Uwaa~],
And I think that it is not possible to delay going in by saying the place smell bad.

[Oh~? This building is pretty old!]

The lion beastkin young boy is obviously feeling excited.
Looking at him, his goal is obviously not doing the test of courage.
Since that's the case, it would be fine letting his body experience the horror then.

[Hehe… well then, let's go in. Just who is brave enough to walk at the front~?]

He smiled faintly and glanced at me.
He is obviously looking down at me,
I must give him some punishment.

[If it is fine for me to explode if I got scared, I don't mind walk ahead?]

[I'm sorry]

Danan immediately got on his knee and apologise the moment he heard what I said.
Everyone else also started moving away from me,
Please spare me having to create a deadly explosion.

[Let me walk at the front. I could not bear having El-chan exploding]

[That's go without saying. El-chan just follow behind us]

The vanguard consists of Riot, Quitina and Ganzurock.
The rear is made up by Linda, Floberto, Danan and me.
Since it is considered similar to exploring a dungeon, our formation is as above as we enter the western-styled mansion.

[Well then, I will open the door]

Riot placed his hand on the handle of the front and tattered door, and slowly open it.
A creaking sound unique to old door was produced.

That sound made me jumped in shock unconsciously.
I went into alert mode immediately.

If this was in a video game, I could handle such sound without a problem. However, this is happening in real life.
I reacted just like a small animal being alert to the surrounding.

[El-chan… we, haven't even enter the mansion]

Linda covered her mouth and tried to m.u.f.fer her laughter.
Treating that as a cue, everyone also started laughing.

f.u.kyun, I was so careless!
At this place, my embarra.s.sing actions were shown to everyone!

However, this was the only moment where they could laugh.
Within this building, without a doubt, there are more horrifying things awaiting us.

Wait… there might also be a chance that I would leak, so shouldn't it be time for us to go back? (My suggestion)

My suggestion was turned down instantly, and we slowly made our way into the mansion.

A wide dining room…
In the past, it must be a place with magnificent decoration,
But all that remains are some remnants.
The red carpet that was decayed leave one to imagine how the room looked like in its prime.

[…it's so tattered]

[Uwa…this is worse than expected. Since that's the case, I shouldn't expect any treasures?]

Quitina and Danan both gave their opinions on the abandoned building.
Even during this period of time, I was still in maximum alert and my huge ears was twitching and collecting information on the surroundings.
It is useful collecting information via sound.

I focus all my attention on my big ears, and exclude all the sound made by our footsteps, I could even hear whispering clearly even though they are a distance from us.
This trait is one of my talent.

[Wahah, El-chan ears twitch around are so cute!]

[You seemed to be on alert. Did you find anything?]

Linda and Floberto expressed very different opinions.
I would loss my focus once I am distracted so would be unable to pick up any suspicious sound.

[There are currently no abnormalities]

[I see… However, it would be better if you could relax more]

Floberto adjusted his and survey his surroujding.

However, after looking at the member frolicking in the dining room, his shoulder slumped.

[At the very least, the two of us should do the lookout]

[f.u.kyun, that's a great idea]

We continued exploring the old mansion.
If only it would end normally just like any standard courage of test…

End of chapter 45 ~

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