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Chapter 122: Variable 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Halo laughed about having escaped from Adolphe's attack.

"Thanks," he said and used his lighting flash attack against Adolphe. Adolphe quickly raised his sword to block, but Halo slashed his ribs, and he started bleeding profusely.


Halo got behind Adolphe, who had staggered, and used Rising Dragon, a spinning jump attack that slashed Adolphe's back.

Adolphe's back was bleeding in such a way that it looked like he had grown b.l.o.o.d.y wings. Halo was coming down from the air, and Adolphe blocked Halo's sword with his own.


Adolphe had been attacked twice and couldn't keep his footing. Junhyuk decided to join the fray. When Adolphe saw Junhyuk running toward them, he gritted his teeth. Because of him, Adolphe had lost the chance to kill a hero. He scowled, thinking he could even have gotten one of Halo's items.

Halo and Adolphe were facing each other, and Junhyuk swung his sword at Adolphe's back.


Adolphe turned around, but it was already too late for him. His back was sliced through, and he was debuffed. Halo looked at him and smiled.

"It's over," he said and aimed for Adolphe's neck. Adolphe turned and dodged, but he was focused on Halo, and his back was exposed to Junhyuk, who attack continuously and without hesitation. The debuffs piled up nonstop, stacking three times, and Halo beheaded Adolphe.

His head rolled on the ground, and Junhyuk looked away. Regina's health was also gone, and she started disappearing, killed by Artlan's and Vera's attacks.

They had succeeded in taking the salamander's buff and they would head to the enemy tower and fight against whoever was there. Their target was Bater. They would kill him and destroy the second tower as well.

Sarang cast healing on Halo. While he was being healed, Junhyuk looked around. So far, they had focused on the enemies and the monsters. He had been fighting and didn't have chance to look around. The gems that Jeffrey had shown him popped into his mind, so he was looking for something to take with him.

Vera walked over and asked, "What are you looking for?"

Junhyuk saw a lot of gems strewn around the salamander's territory. Inside each of them, there was a small flame. He picked up one.

"Things from the Dimensional Battlefield are highly valued in South Korea. I want to take some back with me."

Vera laughed happily at Junhyuk. She inspected the gem he picked up and dropped it on the ground.

"These are spirit stones. They are the lowest level gems, but not all lowest level gems are the same."

She looked around, picked up a couple of small gems and gave him one.

"If something like this will help you, you should take some back. What are you looking for?"

"Blue gems. Maybe they are called mana stones?"

"Mana stones?" Vera smiled.

"The right mana stones can be found only at one place in the Dimensional Battlefield. We'll get one later."

"Where are they?"

"The Dragon's Valley."

Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

"We have to kill a dragon first to take some mana stones..."

"That's right. Mana stones from the Dragon's Valley are of high quality."

Junhyuk looked at the spirit stone and asked, "Where do you use these stones?"

"It depends. The lowest level spirit stones give you fire, and you won't run out of it, but you have to make a pact with the spirit inside. It has no attack value."

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