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Just when Ling Ran was worrying about Yang Xue grasping the opportunity when she was pregnant and unable to be 'doted upon', she heard the suggestion which Long Xiang brought up. It could be said to be the perfect plan and she agreed without hesitation. The way she saw it, Ling Chen was no more than a maid in the Ling residence and it was a common practice for aristocratic families like theirs to give out their maids. Why was there a need to make a big deal out of things? Furthermore, if Ling Chen could be favored by the emperor in the palace, Ling Chen's status would be greatly elevated and it was definitely a wonderful opportunity. Even if her position were to be threatened in future because of Ling Chen, Ling Chen was still a maid sent out from their Ling Family. It would definitely be an easy thing for her to take care of Ling Chen! At the present moment, this was definitely a good move to deal with Yang Xue in the palace. Ling Ran thought that the moment she suggested this plan, everyone would agree without any hesitation. However, she never expected to stir up a hornet's nest by making such a suggestion!

She never dreamt of the fact that Ling Chen was Ling Tian's concubine! Furthermore, Ling Chen had saved her life!

To think that her husband was no more than a lecher who l.u.s.ted after his own nephew's concubine! She actually greatly supported something like this in her ignorance and fell out with Ling Tian because of this matter! Now, Long Xiang's despicable actions from his l.u.s.t and her own ungrateful actions were giving her a bad reputation that would be hard to refute!

If this matter were to be spread out, how big of a scandal would it be? How could Ling Ran accept such a scandal? Her originally frail body could no longer take the embarra.s.sment and anger and she fainted on the spot.

Everyone grew anxious and quickly placed her on the bed. Chu Ting'er then jabbed her several times just below her nose and Ling Ran gradually regained her consciousness. The moment she woke up, she burst out wailing, crying with all her strength as she had never felt such embarra.s.sment before in her life.

Princess JiaoYue's heart turned sour as the sorrows in her heart also burst forth. Princess JiaoYue then began whimpering and dived into Ling Ran's bosom, crying her heart out with Ling Ran.

While this mother and daughter pair cried together, the reasons they were crying were completely different. Being someone from an aristocratic family and a consort in the palace, how could Ling Ran survive without scheming? As she cried, she began to organize her thoughts about the whole affair. While the child in her womb had the chance to become the crown prince, if she didn't have the support of the Ling Family or if the Ling Family were to weaken, this would certainly be impossible! Furthermore, she was also a member of the Ling Family and her fate was entangled with the family!

While she was in the wrong today, the matter only resulted from a combination of many freak factors. First was Long Xiang's l.u.s.t. While he should not have l.u.s.ted after his own nephew's wife, her own lack of observance was also to be blamed. She had made a rash decision before she was certain of the situation. It was a combination of all these things which caused the rage of the Ling Family. While this incident was extremely detrimental to the reputation of the imperial family, there were only a few people who were aware of it! As long as she could pacify her family members, it would surely be easy for her to suppress this incident! None of them would want the matter to be publicized since this matter concerned the faces of both parties.

As for Long Xiang's l.u.s.tful thoughts, they must definitely be dispelled! If not, judging from Ling Tian's reaction today, it would be no surprise for him to fly into an outrage for Ling Chen! Especially the fact that Ling Tian was extremely likely to be the disciple of Beyond Heavens, how could a meager emperor be compared to such a status? If Ling Ran knew that Ling Chen was Ling Tian's concubine, she would have immediately rejected Long Xiang's suggestions!

However, it was far too late for regret. Long Xiang's l.u.s.t had already caused a huge rift between him and Ling Tian! To repair their relations.h.i.+p, a large price and effort would have to be paid! Furthermore, her own daughter was already no more than a chess piece in Ling Tian's heart. Now that Long Xiang had already betrothed Princess JiaoYue to Ling Tian, this matter could no longer be changed! This would definitely affect the happiness of her own daughter! If she were to cause her daughter's misery because of this incident, how would she be able to live with herself? While the imperial family was heartless, Ling Ran only had a single daughter. If she were to personally ruin Princess JiaoYue's lifetime happiness, she would definitely regret it for life!

Ling Ran was certain that she had to suppress this matter quickly and pacify Ling Tian's anger! While Ling Tian went overboard with his words and it could definitely be considered treason, Ling Ran had to place herself in Ling Tian's shoes. How could any man in the world accept their wife being s.n.a.t.c.hed? Even if Long Xiang was the emperor, there was no reason for him to do whatever he pleased! At this point, Ling Ran couldn't help but curse Long Xiang in her heart!

Old Madam Ling then stood up slowly and said with a mellow tone, "Ran'er, your imperial family must definitely settle this matter regarding Ling Chen swiftly! You have not been home very frequently over the past few years and there are things which you aren't clear about. But as a mother, I can only give you and the emperor a friendly advice: Tian'er's strength is not something that you can afford to provoke! Even if you are the rulers of Sky Bearing, there will be no such thing as luck! If he really wanted to touch the imperial family, you guys would not have a chance to retaliate at all! If not for his grandfather, father and you, how could a mere Sky Bearing imperial family force Tian'er to conceal himself for so many years?"

Ling Ran's face changed as she replied, "This child will definitely remember mother's words. However, Tian'er's words did indeed go too far. As a subject, how could he slander the ruler? If the emperor were to hear about this, then…"

Old Madam Ling was stunned for a moment before replying, "Ran'er, you have really grown silly from staying in the palace for so many years. Did you not hear me clearly just now? The winner is king and loser a thief! This is something that will never change! If Tian'er had the intention to rebel, the imperial family of Sky Bearing would definitely not have the surname of Long!"

Ling Ran was startled, "This consort witnessed Tian'er growing up and I am certain that I know him well. How come I didn't know that he has such a strong power behind him? Is it actually true that he is the successor of the number one sect, Beyond Heavens?!"

Old Madam Ling then gave out a bitter laugh, "You know Tian'er well?! It has always been Tian'er knowing others well and others not knowing Tian'er well! Don't you think that Tian'er was far too easily seen through in the past? If you are really someone with keen eyesight, you would realize that everyone's understanding of him is different. This is because you would only be able to understand the side that he wants you to see. From young until now, not to mention you, even his parents or me have not fully understood him!"

With Old Madam Ling's experience, she knew that there were many things that she could no longer tell this daughter of hers. Thus, she purposefully avoided Ling Ran's question about Ling Tian being a successor of Beyond Heavens.

As Old Madam Ling talked, she walked towards the exit and sighed, "I have to pay a visit to Tian'er, lest he does something ras.h.!.+ If that happens, it will be too late!"

Old Madam Ling had already disappeared from the room but her words rung in Ling Ran's head like a resonant bell! Tian'er's strength is enough to shake Long Xiang's rule! Tian'er actually has such a powerful backing at such a young age! Ling Ran knew that her mother would not say something that she didn't have the confidence about. Her mother was definitely not trying to scare her. Furthermore, from the strength Ling Tian revealed when expelling the poison in her, she knew that Ling Tian's strength was not something that an ordinary person would possess! It seems that regardless of whether Ling Tian was a successor of Beyond Heavens, it was necessary for the imperial family to adjust their relations.h.i.+p with the Ling Family!

Ling Ran let out a long sigh. While she was still the daughter of the Ling Family, she was already married-out and the wife of someone else. Furthermore, she even had a child in her womb. While Long Xiang could be considered a competent ruler who had his schemes, he still lacked the charisma and boldness that a ruler needed! With Long Xiang already so wary of the Ling Family, Ling Ran was in a dilemma if she should let Long Xiang know about this matter. What kind of a reaction would he have if he were to find out? Would he…

Ling Ran felt a sense of helplessness in her heart…

Old Madam Ling managed to find Ling Tian very easily as Ling Tian never went too far, waiting for her nearby. Ling Tian knew that his grandmother would definitely come and find him. It was time for some words to be spoken. While this was not the best time, it was still a rather suitable one.

"You little brat!" Old Madam Ling slapped Ling Tian's shoulders and scolded laughingly, "You really scared your aunt today. Her body is still weak and she needs to rest well, but you actually went into a tantrum and let out your bloodl.u.s.t. Can't you spare a thought for her child? Her child is after all your cousin."

Ling Tian chuckled before replying with a chilly gaze, "Grandmother, you know me very well. I was not joking with aunt just now. This is something that you should be extremely clear about! Why do you have to be a peacemaker? Since Long Xiang has such thoughts, he deserves to die! I will not let him off so easily for sure."

Old Madam Ling went silent for a moment before finally saying, "You have to handle this matter with care. After all, your aunt's child had just been promised the t.i.tle of crown prince. If he is a boy, then…"

Ling Tian sneered, "With grandmother's wisdom, how could you not be aware of the fact that chaos is imminent? With the strategic geography of Sky Bearing, Sky Bearing would definitely be the target of many empires. Is the position of a meager crown prince really that important? Even if aunt has a son, even if he can be the emperor with the support of our Ling Family, so what?"

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