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Flash Marriage

Don't know when and how, only knew that my brain was muddled, my entire body aching and powerless.

Suddenly there was a burst of emotional sobbing, then the sound of staggering running, after a couple minutes of that, that sound neared me, and stopped abruptly.

I s.h.i.+fted my sleeping position from on my side to my back, reluctantly opened my eyes, finding things hazy. Once again closing my eyes, I couldn't help but knit my eyebrows due to that annoying headache, f.u.c.k, that wine was so strong! Was that bartender sure that he didn't want to blend a c.o.c.ktail for me?

Just at this moment, a pen seemed to slipped into my hand, opening my eyes again, noticed a doc.u.ment appearing in front of me.

Because I was slightly nearsighted, plus with just waking up, my vision blurred, looked at that doc.u.ment for a long time yet still couldn't see anything.

"This is your parcel, please sign." A woman's pleasant voice slowly drifted over, if attentively listened to those words, could hear a trace of anxiousness.

Ah, right, my friend said that he will mail something to me, seems like he chose express delivery.

Need to be aware that in the early morning, when unconscious will easily make a mistake, and I was just that kind of kid, stupidly signing my signature on top of that unknown doc.u.ment.

Just after that last stroke of my signature, I suddenly woke up, didn't I play a one night stand yesterday? Wasn't I sleeping with a man? Didn't go home? Then why was I signing this express delivery?

Right now, it was too late to attend to my physical discomfort, I struggled a bit, got out of bed, unexpectedly saw an outstandingly beautiful lady.

OMG, don't tell me that I picked a man who has a wife? Furthermore, caught being in bed together? Believe me, I have no interest in being the third party, no interest at all.

But the woman in front of me was a little strange, not angry, violent, freaked out nor scolding, rather holding that doc.u.ment with smiles, that sinister smile was from the heart, a complacent smile, a satisfied smile.

I nervously stuck out my hand to her, opening my mouth and about to say something, seeing her face with a look of satisfaction, floating away with a glorious smile, and politely closing the door behind her.

I maintained sticking my hand up in the air, opened my mouth, turned my head to the side, coming in contact with a pair of questioning yet beautiful eyes.

Very good, it seemed that the male lead also woke up.

He first closed his eyes, frowned and pondered for a moment, suddenly turned over and in a sitting position, bending towards the cabinet near the bedside, picked up a pair of rimless and wore it.

Undeniably, he was the kind of man that can change his character just by putting on his Before he puts it on, he was alluring, insane, wild, pa.s.sionate and wicked; wearing it made him refined, intellectual, calm, indifferent and even….shy. Totally a hybrid of two personalities.

At present, wearing made him a gentleman, when he moved his sight to me, he immediately moved it away, a slight blush appearing on his handsome face, a trace of adorable innocence.

I followed his eyesight when he looked over to me, as the blanket slid down to my waist when I sat up, my perfect naked chest, just like that, generously greeted him.

I calmly pulled the blanket up to my neck, resting under my chin, looked at him thoughtfully, he was also sitting up with his upper body naked, slightly bending down his head, his soft hair covering his, creating a shadow that won’t let anyone see his emotions clearly.

Well, I admit that I made a mistake on not leaving here at the right time, but I really need to figure out the whole story of that unknown doc.u.ment that I signed foolishly just a moment ago.

"Um….." I initiated the conversation, noticed that my voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e, probably that was the cost of the act last night, "A moment ago, there was a woman who made me sign a doc.u.ment, do you know what it is about?"

Hearing that, he quickly turned his head toward me, only that gaze….

"Don't look at me like I am a fool, okay, I admit that I am a fool, but you can't expect a women that just woke up to have a clear mind so soon?"

"Ugh…" He softly sighed.

"Hey! I just want to know the doc.u.ment's content, hurry up and tell me, then let's part with no hard feelings."

"…That was a marriage agreement." After a moment of silence, he resolutely said an affirmative sentence.

His voice was very pleasant to hear, just like the soft and comfortable wind in March, only, why was I hearing such a horrible message.

He said, that was a marriage agreement.

Borrowing his bathroom, I quickly cleansed myself and once again wore yesterday's clothes.

I seriously sat cross-legged on his bed, facing him who also washed up with a serious face.

"So you mean, the beautiful lady is your mom, because you have been reluctant to get married, so to let you get married, she prepared the marriage agreement beforehand, and in order to show your filial piety, you immediately signed the agreement. Then this morning, your mom came to your house and saw this thing >.< happened,="" misunderstood,="" and="" too="" excited,="" duped="" me="" into="" signing="" that="" agreement,="" therefore,="" because="" of="" my="" foolish="" action,="" the="" final="" result="" is="" that,="" we="" flash="">

He silently nodded his head.

I still cannot accept such a ridiculous thing to happen, although I haven't been married before, but was getting married so easy, just sign your signature on a piece of paper.

He seemed to see through my doubts, kindly explained: "Don't doubt, the director of the marriage registration office is my mom's buddy, and they would do whatever it takes to get me married, therefore, I am sure we had flash married."

Okay, let's all believe that there was such a crazy mother on Earth.

Okay, very good, after a one night stand, I got a husband, and I don't even know his name, ident.i.ty and everything else.

From his tone, his mom must have now reached the marriage registration office already, so we are going to be a married couple very soon.

I took a deep breath, faintly said: "How stupid were you to take me back to your home? Aren't there hotels outside?"

He responded with a face full of innocence, "This is my first time!"

Hey, don't say it as if I was a criminal, this was also my first time!

Clearly, he realized that it was my first time too, we both looked toward that dazzling red on the light color blanket.

"Then can you tell me why, um, that, picked me?" I haven't forgotten that previously he would reject all the other women who had hit on him.

"Because you said we were the same type of people!" He was suddenly a little excited, a trace of an accusing tone.

"My definition of the same type of people, actually refers to you and me who only comes to drink beer in the bar……"

Such luck, just because of these words, I earned a husband, seemed like this birthday gift was a worthy deal.

He seemed to expect it, so he calmly said: "So what to do now, you want to marry me or ….."

I rolled my eyeb.a.l.l.s, smiling sweetly, "Marry! Of course, marry!"

Furthermore I hate marrying, but marrying him had a lot of benefits, the most important factor was that I could leave that unbearably oppressive, embarra.s.sing family.

Although this action was very outrageous, risky, however I'm willing to try, because that person was him.

This young and handsome man, what reason was there to miss this rare opportunity? If incompatible, at that time just divorce, like my parents…

This was good baby's rebel period's most crazy action.

My mood was great after I made my decision, however I needed to clarify about an important question first.

I slowly approached him, noticed that there were some distance between us, clearly it wasn't a big bed, I unexpectedly had to crawl some steps to face him, seeing my movements he consciously avoided it.

My mood was great so I didn't pay attention to his small movement, and I sat down within an arm distance beside him. Smiling and extending my hand to him, gently said: "Hi, I am Xia Ying, if no accidents happen, I should be your wife by now, therefore, my darling husband, can you tell me your name?"

He tenaciously stared at my extended right hand, hesitated for quite a while before extending his right hand, unhurriedly said, "Han Lei."

I smiled, very good, turns out that my darling husband's name was Han Lei.

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