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Chapter 13.2
Life After Marriage 一夜婚后 Chapter 13.2

During my dazed state, I heard the sound of the front door and then the bedroom door open.

When the bedroom door was opened, a faint scent of alcohol wafted through the air.

Very good… it seems like Han Lei came back and had drank.

His footsteps were very light. After softly opening the cabinet and taking some of his clothes, he lightly went into the bathroom and soon after, the sound of water could be heard.

Unfortunately, even though his movements were very light I was still woken up. Even though it was the wide awake kind, under the suggestion of my subconsciousness and sixth sense, I pretended that I was asleep.

Shortly afterwards the sound of the water stopped.

After the water stopped my little heart throbbed fiercely.

Soon, I felt the other side of the bed sink downwards under Han Lei’s weight.

Because I fell asleep with my back facing him, I couldn’t see his expressions and movements. Soon, I felt him approaching me from his side of the bed. The warm body behind me was neither too close nor too far, giving me a sense of rapture.

It was time to test my acting skills. I closed my eyes, stopped breathing, and imitated the way people usually slept.

Han Lei ignored my state, didn’t speak, or declare his opinions. He only took action.

He first caressed my arm that was exposed to the air and then buried his head into my hair. He then kissed my neck and bare back. His hand slipped into the blanket, found the hem of my nightgown, and extended his hand inside to fondle all the way up to my chest.

Okay, if I was being disturbed like this and I could still nonchalantly pretend to sleep then I must be a G.o.d level actress. Unfortunately, I’m not. Also, if I was played like this and still didn’t feel anything, wasn’t I either dead or a human vegetable? Sorry to say but it just so happens that I was neither of those so I had to “wake up”.

I deliberately turned over and faced Han Lei with a drowsy face and said, “En… Darling, you’re back?”

“Aiyaya, did I wake you up? I am really sorry!” Han Lei said with a tone completely devoid of remorse.

Kao! This guy did that on purpose!

Han Lei turned off the main lamp before coming to bed, only leaving on the dim and ambiguous yellow bedside lamp.Taking advantage of the light, I saw that Han Lei wasn’t wearing his and that his eyes were bright with obvious desire. He had only wrapped a big wide bath towel around his waist, making his entire body seductive and tempting.

He didn’t speak. He only looked at me with a smile, a smile that I didn’t know how to describe, but one that was definitely filled with evil intentions.

Actually, him being like this makes me feel even worse. It’s like being sentenced to death by firing squad, but failing to die. And what he did was like shooting me again. I’d rather he express himself directly.

Just as I was about to take the initiative to describe the truth about what happened today with Lin Zhe, Han Lei suddenly lightly touched my face and sympathetically said, “To be honest, I’m really jealous of that guy, Lin Zhe, but I’m also grateful to him. If not for his stupid and idiotic actions, how could I have you? He must be really regretting it right now, regretful to the point where he’s drawing circles and crying in the corner. Hehe, after thinking about this I can’t help but be complacent; however, I’m also angry at this guy who unexpectedly kissed you without my permission.”

Then, he kissed my lips as if he was disinfecting it, forceful enough to feel a little pain.

Only until he felt that he was satisfied did he slowly leave my lips.

He straddled my body and gave me a look filled with evil and charm and said, “I said it before. I will only love you, therefore everything of yours is mine including your body, heart, and lips! Of course, everything of mine is also yours, so, are you happy?”

Can I say that I’m not?

“Do you still remember? I said that I didn’t like being touched by women, but I allowed you to have this privilege.” As he said this, he pulled my hand to touch his handsome face, neck, chest, abdomen…

I should feel honored, right? This guy must have skins.h.i.+p hunger disease, if he wanted me to touch him then just say it. Building yourself up to be so great as if I was truly honored to have such a pleasure, che!

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