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Chapter 16.1

Mother-In-Law’s Worries

Mother-In-Law leaked: Good Daughter-In-Law, I’m frustrated. I’m not s.e.xually happy and I want to seduce my husband — your Father-In-Law!

A dark and stormy night is the perfect time for thugs to commit crimes.

This stray alley beside the road is usually not used often, especially at night. Thus, this place can be considered to be a great hidden place to do evil things.

I accidently discovered that this path was a shortcut to our home, so I use it often. I didn’t expect that anyone would come here tonight, nevertheless people I was semi-familiar with.

There are no streetlights on this path, making it very dark. However, using the silver moonlight and close to perfect 20/20 vision, I was able to roughly make out their “interaction”.

I could only see He Yi embrace that young married woman tightly, his lips slightly parted. I didn’t know what he said, but that young married woman struggled a little bit in protest. He Yi clenched his teeth, held her head, and kissed her forcefully. Gradually there was no more struggling, only sobbing and the emotional kiss between lovers.

I leaned against the wall and peeped at them vulgarly. After witnessing He Yi’s “true colors”, I applauded from the bottom of my heart. I really couldn’t imagine someone who is usually refined and has a gentle appearance could also have an overbearing and pa.s.sionate side.

Returning back to the topic, I don’t think I’ve seen that old woman’s son. The young married woman’s husband.

I firmly clutched onto Han Lei, who had originally wanted to leave, to force him to “follow my bad example” of peeping. Han Lei, who originally had no interest, actually evoked an indescribable smile after seeing He Yi’s handsome moonlit face.

Well, I admit that Han Lei’s smile was more eye catching than those two who were embracing and  kissing. Upon seeing Han Lei’s smile, I was put into a trance. In that moment, he dragged me away from the “taboo land” without me even realizing it.

Until I heard him say, “Aiyaya, so Darling likes this type. Although I don’t have any interest in this, I will do my best. Forget it. I can’t leave you anyway. If you really had that kind of interest, I can take you to a good place to see it!”

My eyebrows and mouth twitched. In the end, who was the one that was interested? Would a person who has no interest would know this kind of “nice place”?

I have no idea what to do lately. I’m confused as to the unspeakable relations.h.i.+p between He Yi and the young married woman next door, the true ident.i.ty of the woman’s husband, and Han Lei’s so-called “nice place”…

But Han Lei said it’s not that we can’t meddle in other people’s business, but we have to have the correct timing in order to meddle. It was very clear that the time was not yet ripe.

Hence when I left the house and saw the married woman from next door, I restrained myself from inquiring about her situation. When I saw He Yi in the company, I also restrained myself from questioning him, enduring the entire day.

Thus, every time I saw He Yi working so earnestly, I itched to rush up to him and clutch his collar and say: youngster, being a mistress is immoral! Mistresses are considered cannon fodder! Of course, if you make the smart choice of telling me everything, I will choose to cover you guys!

Of course, this was only a pa.s.sing thought.

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