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Chapter 16.2

While I was confused, there was another person who was vexed.

“Good Daughter-In-Law, say, am I old, ugly, and not attractive anymore?”

Yes, the one who was vexed was my adorable Mother-In-Law. She was worried about her and Father-In-Law’s s.e.xual life.  

I recalled back to when I received Mother-In-Law’s call after work. I am seldom ever invited by her to eat with her alone. Thus, I discarded Han Lei without a second thought, and after being punished by an aggrieved kiss, I rushed to go have dinner with her.

After dinner, we sat and chatted inside a tea bar. The contents of our discussion was how to seduce Father-In-Law and restore a blissful s.e.x life.


I didn’t like to lie so I truthfully said, “Mother, you’re teasing me. You are still young, beautiful, and attractive!”

I was actually telling the truth. Even though Mother-In-Law had four children and was in her early fifties, she maintained herself well and her figure was still perfect. She looks as if she just ended her thirties and was a mature forty year old woman. And her special charm was without saying, even I was attracted to her. Thus, we privately call her the “unaging freak”.

“But &h.e.l.lip;” Mother-In-Law frowned and played with the teacup. She then poutingly said, “Why won’t your Father-In-Law touch me? It has already been a month!”

“Uh&h.e.l.lip;” There was definitely a reason why. Should I suggest to take Father-In-Law to the hospital for an examination?

Mother-In-Law said after pondering, “Or&h.e.l.lip; This man is having an extramarital affair!”

“Impossible!” I didn’t even think and denied this possibility.

If you saw how Father-In-Law looked towards Mother-In-Law, it was clear that he wasn’t. If you said that he was having an affair, then it was better to just kill him.

“En, that’s what I think so as well. He wouldn’t dare to.” Mother-In-Law also realized that this possibility was the smallest. “Then what is it? “

I quietly said, “Could it be&h.e.l.lip;andropause?”

Upon hearing this, Mother-In-Law suddenly saw the light and clapping her fisted hand into her flat palm in acknowledgment: That’s a possibility!

When our thoughts arrived to this conclusion, we fell silent.

Regarding the problem of andropause, Mother-In-Law had never experienced it and neither had I. Solving this problem made us very confused.

How come I am always confused recently?!

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Life After Marriage Chapter 16.2 summary

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