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Married Couples Should Face Hards.h.i.+ps Together

Han Lei said, "Honey, we are husband and wife, right?"

After signing the doc.u.ment, the elderly woman went to search for love, Liu Jing was freed, and He Yi was smiling like a fool. Everything was perfect.

The old woman was a good person once she found love. She left the house to Liu Jing, and Liu Jing of course was the one who had to pay the rent. Hence He Yi moved in like it was a matter of course and started living with Liu Jing, becoming our neighbor.

My reward was not small either. I had become friends with two youngsters named Baldy and Afro, err, I meant Qin Yang and Gao Fan Yu.

Qin Hao was still loyal towards Han Lei whether it was for work or private affairs. Furthermore, he was unearthing his untapped potential.

Han Lei, as like before, put on the all-deceiving mask of a gentle person, acting as he pleased: freely and unshackled.

Things developed for the better and formed a peaceful scene, but the Earth was still turning and days pa.s.s by easily.

Han Lei, who had woken up early today, had abnormally taken on the responsibility of preparing today's breakfast. There is a belief that "late wakers will have breakfast". I believe in this wholeheartedly. I didn't refrain myself from enjoying his breakfast filled with love after sleeping as much as I wanted.

It was my favorite: seafood porridge.

When the both of us were half-full, Han Lei suddenly looked at me gravely and said in a serious voice, "Honey, we are husband and wife, right?"

I was confused by his seriousness. I stopped scooping up porridge and seriously said, "Of course."

"So," he continued, “if we’re husband and wife, then we’re supposed to endure hards.h.i.+ps together, right?”

I frowned and looked at him with an expression filled with suspicion and said, "So?"

"So, accompany me to a dinner tonight then!"

…He didn't have a female companion to go to the dinner with, so he even went so far as to say that we had to share hards.h.i.+ps together.

"What if I said that I didn't want to go?"

"Hehe…" Han Lei suddenly laughed, a laugh that was so horrid that it sent chills down my spine. "Don't forget that I am your immediate superior!"


Yes, he was the big boss.

"Then what should I wear?" As this was my first time accompanying him to a dinner, I asked him for advice regarding the attire.

"En…your everyday clothes are fine…" He tilted his head and pondered for a second before he said, "or maybe a skirt would be better…"

Although his mouth was still moving, his voice was very quiet. I barely heard him say that wearing a skirt might be more convenient.

Ultimately, I chose a simple black suit style with an elegant white s.h.i.+rt and a knee length black skirt. It wrapped around my curves and showed off my long and slender legs. It made me look capable and experienced while maintaining my s.e.xiness.

I was quite satisfied with my appearance; however, Han Lei's expression was somewhat strange. There was a trace of an internal struggle in his satisfaction. It was clear that he wanted me to change, but he endured. Ultimately, he acted with all his might as if nothing had happened and pulled me out the door.   

Recently, He Yi loved to smile. Although he normally does smile, his current smile was filled with satisfaction and complacency.

He was originally a handsome youngster full of charm even when he wasn't smiling. Nowadays, he reveals his straight white teeth all day long, intending to share his hard to come by happiness with everyone.

Although his intentions were good, the problem was that the beautiful sisters in the design department weren't aware of the situation.

He couldn't care less how they lived and maintained a smile on his face wherever he went. His smile only widens when he meets me. He can't help it, considering that I am his wifey's benefactor.

He Yi is a good child who knows how to repay kindness. Besides smiling at me and greeting me courteously, he also poured tea and water for me and shared his genius thoughts and ideas with me.  He took the initiative to lighten my workload, allowing my days to pa.s.s by in relaxation and comfort.

When the numerous beautiful sisters saw the harmonious interactions between He Yi and me, they couldn't help but gossip. Ultimately, they had came to the conclusion: Xia Ying and He Yi were having an adulterous affair!

He Yi and I laughed at their fanciful conclusions. In any case, we were innocent. As long as they were happy, just let them guess. As long as He Yi, Qin Hao, and most importantly Han Lei were clear about the matter, that was enough.

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