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Chapter 19.2
Life After Marriage 一夜婚后 Chapter 19.2

Thanks to He Yi’s good manners, I once again found myself lazily relaxing until work ended. Afterwards, I went hand in hand to the dinner with Han Lei.

When I arrived at the entrance to the restaurant, I could tell that it was a high cla.s.s restaurant. After all, this restaurant had a higher star rating compared to common restaurants.

The interior design was j.a.panese style. Inside there was a long corridor with bamboo, a pebble road, a fish pond, and fake mountains, creating a very artistic interior. The waiter led us around nooks and corners until we finally stopped in front of a private room in the innermost part of the restaurant. This was clearly a secret private room.

When the waiter respectfully opened the door, the first thing I saw was something out of “A Dream of Red Mansions*” – there were several women surrounding a man. It was like a new edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as there were exactly eight people. (t/n: one of the four great novels in Chinese literature)

The problem was that man…. It’s bad enough that he’s a perv. He’s even worse when it comes to his appearance: partly bald, pea-sized eyes, brandy nose, saggy belly, and pig-like limbs.

I resisted the urge to laugh out loud when I was pulled into the private room by Han Lei.

“Li zong, I am truly sorry that we are late.” Han Lei let go of my hand and walked forward to shake hands with Li zong. They exchanged formalities and then both put on refined masks.

Li zong likewise extended his pig hoof and exchanged formalities with Han Lei. Li zong said, “No, no, I arrived early,” and other such false words. However, his green pea eyes kept eyeing me secretly.

Han Lei also noticed his line of sight and clearly s.h.i.+fted his tall body a little. Right when he blocked his line of sight, he courteously said, “This is our Chief Designer, Miss Xia.”

Upon hearing this, Li zong hurriedly extended his pig hoof and waited to shake my hand. However, Han Lei was blocking him, making him somewhat at a loss at what to do. He then slowly revealed a vulgar and impure smile that only he could understand.

As a courtesy, I nudged Han Lei aside and extended my hand with great difficulty to shake hands with that pig hoof.  

Li zong displayed a bewildering level of strength and pushed Han Lei aside. He came up to me and scorchingly looked at me with his green pea eyes, his thick lips opening and closing.

I looked at his lips and was glad that we were Chinese. I was glad that he didn’t have to kiss the back of my hand as a form of greeting, otherwise I would have to seriously consider whether I should cut off my “sullied” hand.

Li zong held my hand with his meaty pig hoof and didn’t have the slightest thought of releasing it. It seemed as if he wanted to hold it until the world ended, when the seas run dry and the stones turn to powder. Until I couldn’t maintain the smile on my face any longer, Han Lei suddenly put his hand on top of our “tight” handshake and said to Li zong while smiling, “Why don’t we sit?”   

Han Lei, who was full of smiles, emitted a dangerous aura. His eyes and voice were so cold that they even made Li zong feel “cold”. He subconsciously released my hand and had a strange expression on his face when he told us to sit.

Because we were in a j.a.panese-style establishment, we sat on top of tatami cus.h.i.+ons. It was a challenge for me to maintain a refined appearance because I was wearing a skirt.

Taking advantage of the waiter serving the dishes, Han Lei

forcefully rubbed my hand that had just been attacked by Li zong’s pig hoof as if he was trying to disinfect it.

I smiled at him. Although the strength he used was a little painful, I didn’t prevent him from doing so because his touch was much better than that meaty pig hoof.

It seemed that men liked to discuss business over dinner.

Although the table was filled with delicious dishes, the two men immediately switched to a serious expression and began to discuss business.

Ignoring the men, the seven women and I ate our fill. It seemed that while the men were discussing business, the smartest choice for us women was to enjoy the delicacies set before us. From this it can be seen that we are intelligent women.

When I was about eighty percent full, they finished discussing business and toasted to each other with a cup of sake, celebrating their consensus.

After their toast, the strict atmosphere was completely swept away and immediately replaced by a relaxed and a little naughty atmosphere.

The seven beauties began to work after eating their fill, one after another toasting, teasing, and ambiguously touching Li zong. They coaxed Li zong so that he would be happy and pleased with them.

Of course, a man doesn’t need seven women to be serving him, so the remaining women, who all had heavy makeup on, all neared Han Lei with the excuse of toasting a cup to him, but in reality it was to seduce him.

Han Lei thanked all of them one after another and tenderly said, “Sorry, but I like the one that I brought with me. You guys go be busy.”

Although his tone was gentle, his meaning was clear: Don’t bother me, just attend to your master. Hence, the women one after another went to coax Li zong.

I smiled at Han Lei and understood that this guy just wanted me to be his s.h.i.+eld.


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