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Chapter 21.2
Life After Marriage 一夜婚后 Chapter 21.2

I couldn’t help but think of Han Lei who was still trying to seduce me before I went out the door as I looked at Han Hui who resembled him. Just at this moment, Han Hui suddenly said with admiration, “I really admire gege (brother) and jiejie’s (sister) affections!”

When I realized that she was staring at the band aid on my neck, I couldn’t help but blush.

“Ahem!” I pretended to be calm and said, “Don’t mention that guy, it will dampen the mood!”

She let out a melodious laughter when she heard what I had just said.

The milk tea came and Han Hui blus.h.i.+ngly said while playing with the cup, “The reason why I arranged to meet with Third Sister-In-Law was because I have a request!”

I didn’t say anything, just smiled and motioned for her to continue speaking.

She looked at me and said blus.h.i.+ngly, “Actually, I’m going out with our school’s new guidance counselor. Don’t look at me so surprised like that, I’m embarra.s.sed. But I know that he is my soulmate. I love him, he loves me. So I decided that I will taste the forbidden fruit with him tonight!”

I stared at the child in front of me. As I was dazing, I admired her frankness, brazenness, determination and effort for love.

It was the same teacher and student relations.h.i.+p. I remembered that that year with Lin Zhe, I only dared to hold hands and kiss, thinking that reaching second base was already amazing. The children these days all of a sudden challenged themselves to reach home base, rus.h.i.+ng forward to advance their relations.h.i.+p.

As expected, when the era advances, people’s thoughts and actions also advance.

I sorted out my mind, looked at her and solemnly said, “Since you have already decided, then I won’t obstruct you either. After all, you are at the age where you are responsible for your actions. I just want to say that you have to protect yourself, remember to use contraception.”

Han Hui smiled sweetly and happily said, “I just knew that Third Sister-In-Law will understand! So I want to ask you, which brand of condoms is good?”

This question was truly difficult for me as Han Lei usually prepared this so I never thought it was necessary to ask him about it either.

I said with difficulty, “This…why don’t we call and ask your Third Brother?”

Of course, I was joking. Thus we went silent.

I couldn’t really call Han Lei and ask, “Honey, which brand of condoms do you usually use?” Han Hui also couldn’t call Han Lei and ask, “Third Brother, which brand of condoms do you usually use?”

I pondered for a while and waved my hand for the waiter to bring the receipt and dragged Han Hui to the nearest supermarket.

Wasn’t it just buying condoms? I even dared to fight so why can’t I even buy condoms?

To be honest, it’s not uncommon for a woman to buy condoms these days. However, one that’s staring fiercely at the rows of condoms was rare, moreover it was two women staring.

The place where the condoms were in the supermarket was very cute, just right next to the women’s menstruation products shelf, exactly seven rows. It truly broadened my horizons.  

I dragged Han Hui confidently to take our picks in front of the shelves. I discovered that the problem was huge as solely just by brand, there was a huge pile. Furthermore there were model types, flavors and capability choices.

I suddenly discovered that choosing a condom also needs to be studied.

Perhaps it was because we were too open, we unexpectedly provoked the women customers’, who were choosing menstruation products, gazes and encirclement. Even to the point of the male customers casting inconceivable glances at us. Han Hui who was embarra.s.sed couldn’t help but pull at the corners of my s.h.i.+rt. Sure enough, children were children, easily embarra.s.sed.

Hence, I did something that everyone thought of but wouldn’t dare to implement it and that was to put every single brand of condoms into the basket, filling it to the brim.

At the checkout, the male cas.h.i.+er twitched the corners of his mouth and silently helped us checked out each and every box. The corners of his eyes secretly glanced at me from time to time, his expression seemed as if to say, “What on earth do these two women want to do? Buying so many condoms all at once. Could it be that they want to fill it up with water and use it as water balloons?”  

I expressionlessly paid and the cas.h.i.+er asked, “Do you want to buy an environmentally friendly bag?”

I calmly shook my head and took out an environmental friendly bag from my purse. It was my habit to carry a bag wherever I go. I calmly looked at the cas.h.i.+er putting each and every box into the bag and I once again calmly pulled Han Hui out of the supermarket.

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