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Life After Marriage 一夜婚后 Chapter 23.1

Living With The Little Guy

Mother: I know that you like to admire beautiful men so I sent you one for you to play with! Happy? Excited? Love me?

After July pa.s.sed, the sweltering hot August came. The scorching pa.s.sionate Grandpa Sun was diligently on duty up in the sky making everyone hate and love it.  

Mentioning August, I couldn't help but connect it to summer vacation, a distant happy time far from me.

But this year relying on my mother's luck from running away from home, I had the luck to sniff the scent of summer vacation. The reason being was that I had to take care of a little guy who just got off for summer vacation.

First, I need to explain a little about the relations.h.i.+p and feelings between my mother and I.

Everyone should know that when I ascended to high school, my mother left home. But this didn't mean that the relations.h.i.+p between us became cold. In fact, it was the opposite, the further we were apart, the better our feelings were. Don't ask me why because till this day, I don't know the reason why either.

Although we weren't by each other's side, she understands that I like to admire beautiful men just like how I understand that she enjoys being chased by dad, this evil taste.

Our relations.h.i.+p was more like friends or sisters than mother and daughter. There was absolutely no generation gap, blockage of thoughts and uncoordinated communication.

Hence why father came to an incisive conclusion: Xia Ying was a child that was suited to be raised freereined.

On the topic of the "interlinked thoughts" between my mother and I, everyone shouldn't think that we really had just relied on that. Although she was my biological mother and I was her biological daughter, blood thicker than water, but how was this possible? We were miles apart, so no matter how interlinked we were, there's bound to be gaps. Therefore, we relied on modern technology — the computer as well as the phone to communicate and to understand the other party as well as to grasp their movements.

For example, my mother learned of my marriage through email, this shocking news. Through QQ video chat, mom and Han Lei managed to pull off ‘ugly son-in-law paying respects to his mother-in-law’ in a way. Through phone call, I learned of my mother's whereabouts and was a.s.sured of her safety.

After so many years had pa.s.sed, my mother was still unrestrainedly wandering around different countries and cities. The only thing that didn't change was that we would call each other three to four times every month. At least one phone call a week every month. After ensuring that the other party was still alive, we would tease each other and gossip.

Thus, on the first evening of August, my phone timely rang. After letting it ring for three seconds, I answered the call without hesitation and didn't even look at the display caller.

"Ying darling! Did you miss mom? Were you looking forward to mom's call?" The phone transmitted mother's unique style voice full of abnormal vigor.

"Frankly," I said calmly, "during the first year you left, even if we phoned each other every day, I was always looking forward to it. But after so many years, I'm sorry to tell you that I don't look forward to it anymore. Furthermore, I suggest that we should just phone each other once every month."

"What a hateful child!" Mother complained on the phone but her voice completely lacked that kind of meaning. It was more like she was throwing a tantrum.

"This time I'm finding you because it benefits you," Mother said in a pleased tone, "Go to the airport tomorrow to pick up a man named Ouyang Shuai (shuai means handsome). He will live with you guys and you have to take care of him for a month. Hehe, I know that you have a heavy taste. This time's goods will definitely be to your liking!"

Wrongly accused ah wrongly accused! What did she mean I had a heavy taste ah? I just like to admire beautiful men that's all. How come she said it as if I was a perverted person? Furthermore, to let a woman who was already married and has a man, to take care of another man? Unfathomable.

Moreover, a man that needed someone to take care of, he was either crippled, disabled, r.e.t.a.r.ded or what else?

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