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Chapter 31.3

Before I could study this position carefully, Han Lei’s * was hovering at my most delicate place, not proceeding onward to bring me pleasure no matter what.

I knelt on top of the bed and couldn’t help but looked up at him and protested. “Hey!”

Immediately, Han Lei wickedly entered, filling me in a flash. It was an ecstatic pleasure.

Han Lei simultaneously moved rhythmically while kissing my back and caressing my chest. It was a pleasure different from the usual, very new and addictive.

Sounds of fragmented pleasurable and satisfied moans were in the air. I couldn’t help but buried my head in the pillow, hoping that these shameful moans could be dissipated within it. My hand couldn’t help but grabbed onto the pillow tightly, hoping that I could share my happiness with it&h.e.l.lip;


They sky outside was seemingly still bright. Just how many more powerful rammings, moans, groans and gasps would be needed before the night came?

When I opened my eyes again, it was already dark outside. Even Grandma Moon went and hooked up with someone, it was pitch-black.

I reached

out and opened the nightstand light. It was really early, really was. It was only 12:30 am, early right?

I turned around to see Han Lei who was leaning against me sleeping soundly. The corners of his mouth were slightly curled, his entire face satisfied.

He must’ve been exhausted, coming back from abroad would’ve been tiring already. And that bout of embarra.s.sing and pa.s.sionate love making from earlier made him exert quite a bit of strength. It would be surprising if he wasn’t exhausted.

After I took a look at his satisfied sleeping face again, I reached out and closed the nightstand light. I nestled into his embrace and after finding a comfortable spot, I entered dreamland. It seemed like the one that was physically exhausted was me.

The next morning, the me that had a good night of sleep was woken up due to hunger. Thus I “abandoned” Han Lei who was still sound asleep on the bed and walked into the kitchen with a sore waist and aching back, planning to make a scrumptious breakfast to replenish strength and energy.

Although I really wanted to

to prepare a scrumptious breakfast but there was only eggs and ham in the fridge. I could only be resigned to make fried eggs with ham to satisfy my hunger. After all, at time you couldn’t expect too much.

Just when I had finished frying a perfect egg, I was suddenly encircled by someone from behind and felt a slightly hot breath puffing on my neck.

I struggled for a bit and protested. “Stop it, I need to replenish my strength!”

Han Lei chuckled and after placing a kiss on my neck, he obediently released me. He walked to the dining table and sat down, compliantly waiting for my loving breakfast.

How was he so confident that I prepared breakfast for him? Although I really did prepare a portion for him.

After eating breakfast and replenis.h.i.+ng my strength, Han Lei once again used the excuse of “reunion” to entice me to make love with him. The problem was that I was also willing to be tempted.

Hence, throughout the day, there were practically traces of our ferocious “trampling” on the kitchen counter, bathroom, sofa, bed&h.e.l.lip;

Truly indulging ah indulging, facepalm.

It was once again

once again another morning, Han Lei who was in great spirits pulled the me that was clearly loved too much to go to work together.

Because I took a week off for no reason at all, when I finally returned to work looking tired and over-moistened (meaning that she got enriched by all the lovemaking), I received ambiguous gazes and was forced to confess by both male and female colleagues,  single or married alike.

You must be joking. Who am I? I’m Xia Ying ah. If I were to simply “surrender” then I would not have any face at all. Moreover, the place that I’m thick-skinned the most was my face. Hence, everyone scattered due to my thick-skinness. They could only sway their hand and YY (imagine) on their own until they’re happy and satisfied.

During lunch break, I coincidentally met Qin Hao on the rooftop.

“Hi! Xiao Hao Hao! Long time no see!” I cheerfully greeted him.

It was rare that Qin Hao didn’t correct and protest my words. He sized me up and down with a serious expression and suspiciously asked, “You wouldn’t be pregnant, right?”

I narrowed my eyes and smiled, eyes and smiled, “Do you think I look like one?”

“En&h.e.l.lip;” His line of sight fixed on my stomach, touched his chin and pretended to nod gravely, “If I just looked at the face, then no. But if I looked at that stomach&h.e.l.lip;”

This guy was saying that I became plump in a roundabout way, right?

“Xiao Hao Hao!” I suddenly smiled sweetly at him. “Don’t you think it would be refres.h.i.+ng to free-fall from the roof?”

“&h.e.l.lip;I was wrong&h.e.l.lip;”

After returning to the apartment complex and exited the elevator, I was surprised to discover that we got a new neighbor.

Since Liu Jing moved here, this floor had more and more people.

The mover uncles were busily carrying a lot of furniture exiting and entering that unit next to the elevator and He Yi and Liu Jing’s place.

As our unit was toward the innermost of the hallway, I had to first pa.s.s through that door where people were bustling about, coming in and out.

Due to curiously, I couldn’t help but took a glance.

En, so messy&h.e.l.lip;

But I was sure about one thing, the new resident was a man.

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