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Translated by BerryBunz

One After Another

Through the fights and killings from the competition, Su Yun's fighting strength had increased by 900 points. His previously 6000 fighting strength, which didn't even provide him with an official fighting strength ranking in the top ten million ranks, finally had an official position: 9,973,434.

One could not imagine the terrifying strength of the first position, or how terrifying the manufacturers of the proof of qualifications were. Such a technique to be able to form a structure in the Ultimate Martial World to determine fighting strength was not something any mystical technique could perform.

But what made Su Yun even more pleased were the cultivation coins. From the competition, with the successive wins, especially with Bai Mu Jian, it allowed Su Yun to swallow an exact sum of twenty million cultivation coins! Although the house had set a limit on the bets, Su Yun had placed bets on himself with the highest cap limit, so by the end of the competition, he already had over twenty eight million cultivation coins.

If one were to absorb so much cultivation coins, who knew how terrifying the increase of cultivation would one obtain?

According to the norm, any cultivators who obtained such a large sum of wealth would choose to open a store and invest the money, providing them an endless supply of cultivation coins, but Su Yun knew that he did not have the mind of a businessman and could not compete against the other businessmen, so he decided to give up on the idea.

The award presentation was not conducted publicly and everyone present were cultivators. Spectators only cared about the winner of each round and did not care about the award presentation.

Su Yun and Lu Zhan Yuan were notified, they were brought to leave the recovery chambers provided by the competition and were led by the members of the competition to an area behind the competition grounds.

At that moment, the New Deer Auction House's President Zhang Hong and the higher ups of the other few organizations stood on a stage as they waited for Su Yun. The prize had already been prepared, the prize money of a million cultivation coins were stored in a spirit card along with a top rate pill that could increase the growth rate of cultivation for 30 years was placed inside a plate.

Su Yun walked in, Zhang Hong immediately stood up and took the plate as he walked towards Su Yun.

"Young friend Su Yun, congratulations to you, congratulations on becoming the champion of our competition! This is the prize reward that belongs to the champion, please accept it." Zhang Hong laughed and said, acting extremely friendly and intimate.

Su Yun did not remain polite, he accepted the prize and kept them in his storage ring, then cupped his fists: "Thank you, President Zhang."

"Hey, what is there to thank, it was the result of your own hard work."

"This junior is talking about the matter with the Yu Shuang Auction House." Su Yun explained: "If not for President Zhang intervening, I am afraid that the Yu Shuang Auction House would not let go of this junior."

"Yu Shuang Auction House? Humph, this is New Deer City! For the matters of reward and punishment, it will be dealt with by our New Deer Auction House's people, isn't the Yu Shuang Auction House overextending too much? To actually dare try and manage such matters? Young friend Su, you need not be so polite to me, this old man was doing what was needed to be done, if I did not intervene, where will I, Zhang Hong, put my face in the future? Others would think that the owner of New Deer City is surnamed Yu!" Zhang Hong snorted.

"Regardless of how it was, Su Yun still needs to thank Master Zhang Hong." Su Yun laughed.

Although he knew that New Deer City and Yu Shuang did not get along well, Zhang Hong still protected him with concern, Su Yun did not evaluate how Zhang Hong was as a person, but he still owed Zhang Hong a favor.

"Young friend Su is too polite." Zhang Hong laughed, stroked his white beard and said: "But, Young friend Su, there is a matter that I am unsure if you are aware about?"

"What matter? I ask President Zhang to clarify it with me."

"It is with regards to the Quick Blade Sect. Young friend Su, this old one sees that you are young, but wield astonishing strength! To miscalculate and kill someone in a competition, the crime cannot be forced onto you, but the Quick Blade Sect does not think so. This old one received some news just now that the Sect Leader of Quick Blade Sect has personally moved out, he is already close to reaching New Deer City to capture you and take revenge for his daughter. If you are to leave New Deer City now, I am afraid you will encounter them. As a lone cultivator, Young friend Su, I am afraid you are not the opponent of the many experts from the Quick Blade Sect."

Hearing that, Su Yun went into deep thought.

"This old one has to be bold to inquire, Young friend Su, what sect are you from?"

At this time, Zhang Hong spoke carefully.

Ultimately, he was still a businessman, and would worm his way to be friends before trying to obtain information.

Su Yun shook his head: "The sect that I am in is just a small sect and will never reach President Zhang's eyes, maybe President Zhang has even heard of it before."

"Oh" Seeing that Su Yun was not disclosing his background, Zhang Hong was disappointed, but he secretly kept it in mind.

~Su Yun ultimately still belongs to a sect, he seems young, but his cultivation is hard to measure… His strength is already so terrifying, I am afraid that his sect isn't simple either. He must have a backer behind him, otherwise, why would he dare to kill Dao Huang and Qin Si? If he did not have a backer, how would he dare to? No matter what, regardless of whether he is in a sect or not, if I can pull him into the New Deer Auction House, even if it is just a collaboration, it can only be beneficial.~

Zhang Hong thought in his mind, then spoke out: "Young friend Su, although this old man isn't any powerful figure, but inside New Deer City, I can be considered as someone who has some influence. In here, even the Sect Leader of Quick Blade Sect has to take me into consideration. This old man really admires Young Friend Su, if you are willing to stay in New Deer City, this old one can shelter you, but if you are to leave, I am afraid that this old man will have my hands tied. But Young Friend Su, if you are willing to join our New Deer Auction House and become one of us, even if you were to leave New Deer City, with this new identity, the Quick Blade Sect will not dare to do anything to you! What about it? Young friend Su, how good is that for you??"

Su Yun had long guessed Zhang Hong's intent, seeing how he had tacitly invited him, it placed Su Yun in a difficult spot. He could only cup his fists and reply: "This junior is extremely grateful for President's caring thoughts, it is just that this junior still has matters to attend to and am unable to stay in New Deer City any longer, or even join New Deer Auction House, I hope that senior will be assured, this junior already has a plan to deal with Quick Blade Sect."

Upon hearing that, the disappointment in Zhang Hong's eyes became more apparent: "Oh, you already have a plan ready? Alright, that is better, this old man can rest easy then"

"Since that is the case, President Zhang, this junior will not stay to chat, I will take my leave now."

Zhang Hong's face became somewhat ugly, but he did not reveal his anger, his lower lip stammered slightly, and he said: "Since that is the case, then this old man will not hold Young Friend Su up any longer, men, come and send Young Friend Su out."

"Yes, President!"

A man dressed in New Deer Auction House robes walked over and extended his hand out respectfully: "Young Noble Su, please."


Su Yun nodded, then turned and walked out.

Although he had obtained much benefits from participating in the competition, he had unintentionally offended many people. New Deer City was a city of troubles, leaving early meant distancing himself from trouble.

The man sent Su Yun to the exit of the competition grounds. Su Yun then covered his head with the hood, seeing the vast crowd on the main road of New Deer City, he immediately lowered his head and headed towards the city gates.

The New Deer City competition had just ended, thus there were countless of spirit cultivators all around with differing strengths, a majority of them had concealed the fighting strength on their proof of qualifications, with an average fighting strength between 2000 to 3000, many more were at 1000, with a few 3000 fighting strength cultivators. 4000 fighting strength cultivators were rarely seen, while cultivators with 5000 fighting strength could become major figures.

Upon thinking about the requirement of 7000 fighting strength to step into Bei Yang, Su Yun started to ponder: There are very few people with fighting strength of 6000 in New Deer City, while Bei Yang requires a cultivator to have a fighting strength of at least 7000, it seems that New Deer City is a lower grade land in the Ultimate Martial World.

For some reason, after leaving the competition grounds, Su Yun felt as though he was being watched, making him uncomfortable. He quickened his pace and continuously cut through the crowd. With the Long Zhen's bracer, he was not afraid of people locating him with Spirit Qi, as long as he concealed his physical body well, he could throw off the other party.

But, just as Su Yun was shuttling through the crowd, a chuckle came up from in front of him.

"Alright, right here!"

Following that, the group of people in front of him suddenly scattered away, the cultivators on the left and right all dodged to the sides, as though they were making space for some demon personifying pestilence.

In the center of the road were a few men, all of them had shocking and tyrannical spirit qi. Judging from their aura, they were all above the realm of fifth stage spirit master cultivation, they were all experts. And in the middle of them, was Bai Shan!!!

"It's you?"

Su Yun squinted his eyes.

"Yes it's me, why? Are you surprised?"

Bai Shan revealed a cold sneer, he sized Su Yun up once, then said coldly: "I never thought that you would have so much balls, it is fine that you disregard the Quick Blade Sect, but now you have offended my family's young noble and even offended the Yu Shuang Auction House! Even the New Deer Auction House that could have protected you got offended by you! Hehe, brat, where exactly are you from? To offend so many people in this short period of time, don't tell me that you are able to withstand the backlash from all of these strong powerhouses?"

"I had no other choice!" Su Yun shook his head. He was truly in a helpless situation, and he had never initiated any provocation towards them. He suddenly thought about something, then asked: "But come to think of it, how did I offend New Deer Auction House?"

"Heh, you rejected President Zhang's offer for recruitment, isn't that offending them? My family's young noble had long negotiated with President Zhang, if you were willing to join New Deer Auction House, then the matter regarding Young miss Han would had been resolved easily, but you actually swaggered your way out! From the looks of it, President Zhang was definitely disappointed, my family's Young Noble no longer needs to care about President Zhang's face! Su Yun, obediently come with me to meet my family young noble, otherwise, don't blame me for destroying your body and bringing your Yin and Yang spirits to meet my family's young noble!"

Bai Shan spoke sinisterly, his eyes were like a pair of venomous snake's eyes staring straight at Su Yun.

"Su Yun had obtained championship for the competition and had certainly offended many great figures! I never thought that one of them would actually openly cause trouble on the main streets of New Deer City, from the looks of it, he isn't any ordinary important figure!"

"That's right, President Zhang is a figure that everyone reveres, but he actually dares to disregard President Zhang, seems like his backing is even stronger than the New Deer Auction House."

"Su Yun is truly unfortunate!"

"He hasn't even met the Quick Blade Sect, hehehehe, seems like forcefully seeking fame isn't a good thing either!"

On the road, the passersby all discussed amongst themselves.

Su Yun looked at Bai Shan, his gaze sweeping through the few people who were walking over, and thought to himself: "Bai Shan's cultivation is the highest amongst them, but compared to Du Wen En from Yu Shuang Auction House, they are still lacking greatly, it should be possible to use Divine Wind Sword Technique's speed and the Seventh tier Imperial Equipment to rush out of the city.

In truth, that was what Su Yun had planned to do, but he had never thought that there would be people who would dare to cause a ruckus in the city, but regardless of anything, he had absolute confidence in terms of speed.

"Comply obediently!"

A spirit cultivator spoke gravely, one hand directly grabbing onto Su Yun's shoulder.

Seeing that, Su Yun's footwork changed, he was about to make his move.

But in that moment of desperation, a loud voice suddenly resonated out from the sky above New Deer City.


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