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Chapter 455

Translated by BerryBunz


Monarch Temple Bell


Confronting the attack that determined his life, Qin Si obviously would not hold anything back. He had seen how Su Yun had previously fought, regardless if it was against Li Chang Zai or Han Yue Xin, the techniques he had displayed was extremely conservative without any intent of going on the offensive, nor did it wield any powerful destructive ability.

But he was different now.

Not only was his sword fast, it was filled with evil and was extremely strange. No one dared to believe that such a change was possible! It was as though he was going all out, as though he had disregarded his own safety and life and unleashed an attack with the vow to destroy his enemy!

~Could he be hiding his true strength all along?~

Qin Si’s mind came out with his annoyed thought, his expression became even more sinister. In this moment of peril, he no longer hesitated and immediately activated his personal life saving treasure.

“Monarch Temple Bell!!!” He shouted out, then a loud and low bell chime exploded out from within Qin Si’s chest.

Su Yun could not react in time, he was struck by the bell’s sound and was forced backwards, his body trembling incessantly, as though he had collided into something. Qin Si seized the opportunity and sent a palm strike over.

The palm strike came with gales, the destructive Spirit Qi formed a tornado on the palm strike, anyone who took the strike would most likely suffer from severe injuries, if not death.

Although Qin Si was quick, his speed was incomparable to Su Yun’s, when the palm had arrived, Su Yun had turned his body with all of his strength and dodged to the side, at the same time, the fingers on his left hand moved slightly, transferring a bit of Spirit Qi over, controlling the thousand swords which obtained the order and rushed at Qin Si.

The sub swords rushed over, all of their edges extremely sharp, but Qin Si was not afraid at all. He continued to rush towards Su Yun, treating it as though the thousand sub swords around him were just air.


Just as the sub swords came close to his body, a low sounding bell chime exploded out from within his body once more. The bell chime was like a shockwave that spreaded out in all directions, causing all the sub swords to be flung out, all of them incapable of harming him.

“What is that?”

Su Yun frowned as he stood up and started scrutinizing Qin Si.

“This is I, Qin Si’s famed weapon! It is also my Life Saving Treasure, called the ‘Monarch Temple Bell’. It was drawn out with my own lifeforce and can only be used once. Although it is a pity for it to be used here, but Su Yun, if I can’t defeat you today, I, Qin Si, will lose my standing and reputation, thus I do not care even if I have to use it now!”

Qin Si spoke coldly, then rushed forward again.

Su Yun controlled the sub swords to stab towards Qin Si, but Qin Si was like a swaying ancient bell, continuously unleas.h.i.+ng a low resounding bell chimes, the shockwave attacks were continuously being produced from inside his body. Regardless of what came close to him, they would be struck by the shockwave and were incapable of harming him.

Clang clang clang clang~

The flying swords were being struck away.

~This is impossible, ordinary flying swords no longer pose a threat to him, even the Desolator is incapable of attacking him with its invisibility. This ‘Monarch Temple Bell’ of his seems to be an automatic protection and isn’t controllable, it doesn’t capture objects by sight but by sensing them, the Desolator is useless here. In order to break through this treasure, I can only restrict his movements.~

Su Yun took a breath, then, with a leap,

he flew into the air, forming hand seals with his eyes closed at the same time, with his mouth moving extremely quickly, muttering chants. Halos of Spirit Qi pervaded out from his finger tip, however, this Spirit Qi was no longer as sharp or powerful as before, instead, it was gentle like water and calm like a breeze, gradually dissipating out in all directions. A bit of unique Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi flowed around the Snow Jade s.p.a.ce. Although the Snow Jade s.p.a.ce was already extremely cold, this strange cold power seemed to be of a higher quality, clearly distinguishable from its surrounding.

Su Yun’s eyes opened, with a raise of his hand, he shouted out: “Cold Hail Sword Formation!”

With that said, cold light shot forth in four directions and disappeared. Su Yun held onto the Death Sword and rushed at Qin Si. When he was close to Qin Si, he thrusted the Death Sword straight out, but did not aim at Qin Si’s body that was releasing the bell chimes, it was aimed at his arms instead.

His sword moved extremely nimbly, his speed reaching the maximum, it was so fast that Qin Si was unable to react at all. A crack sound was heard, the Death Sword’s tip had struck Qin Si’s hand, while the frigid cold sword blades had struck towards Qin Si’s body.

Seeing that, Su Yun instantly activated the formation which caused a great amount of Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi to spread to Qin Si’s palm, directly transmitting to his body.

The Cold Hail Sword Formation’s ice power started to take effect, Qin Si’s body started to explode like a series firecrackers, ‘dong dong’ sounds erupted incessantly.

Frost spread to Qin Si’s shoulders and wanted to spread further, but were shattered by the bell chime, however, the Cold Hail Sword Formation’s might did not stop there, despite being shattered, it would continue to spread relentlessly, it was extremely tenacious, but it was not enough to just rely on the Cold Hail Sword Formation, Su Yun required a stronger force to suppress Qin Si in order to dissipate the ‘Monarch Temple Bell’ strength and give him an opportunity to strike.

Su Yun was extremely talented, adding the various fortuitous encounters and treasures that he had obtained, the recovery of Spirit Qi in his body was multiple times that of an ordinary cultivator, the amount of Spirit Force inside his body was not something any ordinary first stage Spirit Master cultivator could ever compete with! Although Qin Si’s cultivation was higher than Su Yun’s, his spirit force was not as deep, in terms of a direct clash between Spirit Qi, Su Yun was not inferior at all.

Su Yun secretly took a deep breath, although he had fervently depleted the Spirit Qi in his body, he had no second thoughts, his fingers moved as he formed seals, causing Spirit Force to dissipate in all directions. Out of the thousand swords, six of the sharpest sub swords followed the Desolator and flew above and aimed at Qin Si, they started revolving at extreme speeds.

Seven swords spun faster and faster as the dense Spirit Force enveloped around them, forming one whole.

Qin Si was not able to see the seven swords, but sensed the terrifying and sharp killing intent.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Si’s face changed, he felt as if he was unable to breathe, he raised his head up to look, only to see an empty sky above him without anything present.

~It must be Su Yun’s trick~

Qin Si secretly thought, he looked at Su Yun and without any more hesitation, he rushed towards Su Yun who was inside the Cold Hail Sword Formation. He forcefully raised his hands that were covered with frost, producing Spirit Qi on them as he struck at Su Yun’s head.

The terrifying Spirit Qi from his palms shattered the frost around him. It had a decaying attribute to its power, as though it was able to disintegrate a mountain into fine powder and it was used towards Su Yun. Anyone could tell that if Su Yun were to be struck, he would definitely die.

Right at that moment, Su Yun was still in his original positions with his eyes closed, he continued to chant and form hand seals, he was extremely focused and did not have any reaction towards Qin Si’s attack, as though he was too immersed with his own technique.

Seeing that, Qin Si secretly thought with joy

~It’s over!~

The gale from his hand descended, but in that moment of life and death, one sharp sword suddenly appeared above Qin Si’s head and stabbed at the top of his head.

Danger arose that quickly!

However, Qin Si ignored it, with the Monarch Temple Bell, he was not afraid of the swords that flew at him.

Then, just when Qin Si swore that he was a step faster than Su Yun, Su Yun suddenly opened his eyes, and a spherical Qi barrier enveloped his entire being, the hand that was forming hand seals had unknowingly held onto a flag.

“Imperial Equipment?” Qin Si was startled, but at that moment, he was already too late, the arrow that had been shot off from the bow could not be retracted, he gathered all his power into his palm and disregarded everything and smashed through!!!

~Imperial Equipment! I am not afraid even if you have an Imperial Equipment, watch how I destroy your Imperial Equipment and completely obliterate you!~

Qin Si’s face completely distorted, his eyes became completely dilated, as though he was using all of the strength he had left.


The terrifying Spirit Qi acc.u.mulated in his palm fiercely smashed onto the Qi barrier and unleashed an intense explosion.


Qin Si roared with all of his might, the palm that had acc.u.mulated the Spirit Qi trembled, his arm twisted, he wanted to forcefully break through the Qi barrier, just that…

This Qi barrier protecting Su Yun did not budge in the slightest, it didn’t even produce a ripple. Behind the Qi barrier, Su Yun just stood in front of Qin Si, and used his cold gaze to watch him quietly.


Qin Si’s heart trembled. He could feel that his own hand was incapable of breaking through Su Yun’s protection

~What tier is this Imperial Equipment? Why am I unable to breakthrough it? I Don’t believe this, my ‘Calamity Violent Palm’ can even break through a thirtieth tier Imperial Equipment, why is Su Yun’s Imperial Equipment unharmed? What tier is his Imperial Equipment at?~

Then, before Qin Si could continue thinking, the sword stabbed him at the top of his head.


The bell chime came out again.

However, a shocking scene occurred. The low and sonorous bell chime that should had repelled the flying sword did not strike the sword away, but instead, simply froze it in its original position.

This sword was exceptionally upright and perfectly straight, aimed straight at Qin Si, but was blocked by the bell chime from Qin Si’s body, the sword tip remained stationary just five inches away from Qin Si’s head. The sword was doing its utmost to move, with its apparent swaying, as though it was not able to support itself.

Seeing that, Qin Si’s face changed. He immediately extended his hand out towards the sword above him.

However, another sword appeared above and stabbed at him ferociously.

These two swords with the same ferocity, how could Qin Si still hesitate? He immediately retracted his technique and caused all of his Spirit Qi to converge onto the ‘Monarch Temple Bell’ that was embedded next to his heart, and using it to its maximum potential, he protected himself.

“I never thought that you still had such techniques! I was too careless!!!”

Qin Si glared at Su Yun coldly, his breathing had become more rapid. The descent of the two swords had increased the pressure on him.

The strength displayed by these two swords far surpa.s.sed that of the ordinary flying swords, making Qin Si feel as if there were two large mountains above him, which were extremely heavy.

Sou sou sou sou sou!!

Suddenly, another five sword sounds surfaced above Qin Si’s head.

Qin Si’s mind was extremely fatigued, he immediately raised his eyes to look, and in that moment, a cold chill shot up from the bottom of his feet to his head

Five more swords!

Five more swords had appeared! And they were all aimed for the top of his head.

Every sword seemed to contain the energy contained within an army of ten thousand cavalry, the unconcealable killing intent surging towards him.

This killing intent, it seemed to come from an immortal!


Qin Si’s chest suddenly twitched, followed by his stomach being ripped apart, blood flowed out and his innards flowed out.

Right at the same time, the protection that he gained from his bell suddenly stopped, the Spirit Qi in his body completely crumbled, as seven fierce swords directly stabbed in unimpeded and stabbed through his head as though his skull was nothing.

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