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Chapter 458

Translated by BerryBunz


I Don’t Think This is a Misunderstanding


The voice was extremely clear, like the sprinkles of spring water, it was mellow, causing everyone to feel happy upon hearing the voice, it was extremely beautiful.

When the voice came out, two green lights shot down from the sky, and landed directly on Su Yun’s two sides. The two lights were extremely tyrannical as they instantly flung the spirit cultivators who were prepared to take Su Yun down, away. When the imposing aura dissipated, they trembled with their scalp turning numb…

~Another almighty being came?~

Su Yun frowned, he did not move, observing the situation.

Due to the sudden change in the situation, Bai Shan’s face changed, he immediately roared: “Who are you?! How dare you?! Do you not know that I am from the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family? Furthermore, this is the territory of the New Deer City, you actually dare to fly in New Deer City’s sky?! This is a blatant challenge of authority!! Quickly come down, otherwise, I will report this to the officials and watch all of you get exterminated!!!”

It was a rule in the Ultimate Martial World to not fly in the cities. Upon taking flight, it meant disregarding the law, it meant disdain, it meant provocation! The consequences doing so are dire!

“New Deer City? Humph, just a small New Deer City, why be so pretentious! And your Flowing Night Aristocratic Family as well, even if you were to mix New Deer City with your family, you can’t even compare to our Young Miss’ fingernail.”

Another voice came out, following that, a gigantic and luxurious carriage descended from the sky, it headed towards them.

The carriage was extremely large, with seven snow white Single horned Pegasus as steed. Its carriage door was embedded with gems, with a mystical array diagram drawn on both sides of the carriage with resplendent scales. Its bottom was extremely bright, as though there was some formation at work. At the back of the carriage, a small and exquisite flag was erected, with two large words drawn with bright colors on the flag surface.

Huai Rou

“Huai Rou Aristocratic Family?”

Upon seeing the people who newly arrived, everyone’s faces changed.

“What? It’s actually people from the Huai Rou Family!”

“Why would people from the Huai Rou Family come here? See that carriage? It is not simple at all, who can it be inside the carriage?”

“What is going on today? Why are there so many almighty beings here?”

All of the passersby who had recovered from the shock had looks of astonishment, they stared at the carriage blankly. As for Bai Shan, he was even more shocked, who would imagine that when he was dealing with a nobody, it would attract the Huai Rou Family?

Ordinary cultivators might only have a faint idea of the immense power that the Huai Rou Aristocratic Family possessed and would assume that they were powerful. But Bai Shan was different, he had worked for the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family for so many years, and naturally was aware of the well known reputation of the Huai Rou Family.

Many years ago, the Huai Rou Family was like the Nan Gong Aristocratic Family, they were just a small family, but as time went on, the Huai Rou Family produced even more talented geniuses, and with their endless fortuitous encounters, the family grew in strength, far more than what the Nan Gong Family could compete with.

In the past, the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family was also much stronger than the Nan Gong Family, adding that it was an aristocratic family that dealt in trade, they had a deep reserve and strength, where even the New Deer Auction House, Yu Shuang Auction House and the rest had to give face

to the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family. As for comparing them to the Huai Rou Family, it was like a small time magician in the presence of a great warlock, it was simply incomparable!

Bai Shan’s face turned whiter as he watched the carriage slowly descend, his eyes did not even move while his breathing became rapid and beads of perspiration trickled down his face. How could he have known that Su Yun had a relationship with the Huai Rou Family?

In truth, it was not only him, even Su Yun himself was shocked! In fact, he was prepared to use the speed of the Divine Wind Sword Technique to escape, he never thought that people of the Huai Rou Family would actually appear at such a time!


Just then, a creak sounded out, the carriage door opened as a young lady dressed in green walked out. She dragged a red carpet and pulled it out from the carriage, after that, she laid the curtain on the door down, concealing a vague figure that could faintly be seen sitting down behind the curtain, the young lady then stood by the side of the carriage and lowered her head.

Seeing that a person was present behind the curtain, Bai Shan’s mouth was wide open, he anxiously walked over, cupped his fists and bowed: “This lowly one is Bai Shan and am the personal attendant of the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family’s second young noble, Liu Ye Wen, humbly greets Master! I wonder how can I address Master?”

“How dare you, you servant?! You dare to greet my young miss while standing? What is the meaning of this? Are you looking down on my family’s young miss?! Get down on your knees! Now!!” The young lady dressed in green standing by the side scolded him in anger.

Bai Shan was startled, and was at a loss to what to do.

“Xiao Yin, don’t be too arrogant, otherwise people would think that our Huai Rou Family enjoys bullying people.”

Just then, an extremely gentle and natural voice came out from behind the curtain of the carriage. Upon hearing that, Bai Shan immediately turned to look at her.

Her voice came out again.

“My name is Huai Rou Mu Yu. Attendant Bai, I believe that you should have heard of my name.”

“Huai Rou Mu Yu?” Bai Shan’s body trembled as though his spirit had left his body, he stood there in a daze.

Huai Rou Mu Yu! How could he not have heard of that name before? In the entire Flowing Night Aristocratic Family, as long as one spoke of the Huai Rou Family, the name that was heard the most was undoubtedly the absolute and monstrous genius of the Huai Rou Family, the one young lady that led the Huai Rou Family far ahead compared to the other families! This young lady that brought the Huai Rou Aristocratic Family to devour and sweep away all the other trading organisations!

“Huai Rou Mu Yu? I-I didn’t hear it wrongly? The person who is here is Huai Rou Mu Yu?”

“Oh my god, Huai Rou Mu Yu is here?!”

Like a pot exploding, the crowd flew into exclamations, they started shouting and speaking loudly, a few of the male cultivators that could not control themselves were already half crazy, if not for the fearful experts protecting the carriage, they would have long rushed forward.

Although Huai Rou Mu Yu’s cultivation was not high, her intellect far surpassed others! Especially her beauty, which was known to all men, if one were to say that Han Yue Xin was an absolute beauty of New Deer City, then Huai Rou Mu Yu could be said to be an angel.

“It’s you, Mu Yu, why’re you here?”

Su Yun revealed a bitter smile as he turned to look at the carriage.

The lady inside the carriage quietly turned and looked at Su Yun, but did not reply. She turned back and questioned Bai Shan: “Attendant Bai, this man called Su Yun is related to my Huai Rou Family, I wonder how has he offended your Flowing Night Family? I would want Attendant Bai to explain it to me. I, Mu Yu, will make the decision, if Su Yun was truly at fault for the matter, although his relation with my Huai Rou Family is not shallow, I will definitely not shield him.”

Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke firmly, but in truth, she believed that Su Yun would definitely not cause any trouble. With her understanding of Liu Wen Ye, she knew that it was most probably Liu Wen Ye himself who started the problem.

As expected, upon saying that, Bai Shan did not know how to reply, but at that moment, many figures could be seen flying from the competition grounds in the center of the New Deer City towards them.

One of them was President Chen Hua Wei of Hua Wei Chamber of Commerce, President Long Yu of General Ring Chain Chamber of Commerce, President Zhang Hong of New Deer Auction House and the Second Young Noble of Flowing Night Aristocratic Family, Liu Ye Wen.

The four of them flew over extremely quickly, they did not dare hesitate, including Liu Ye Wen. Together, they bowed towards the carriage respectfully, their movements were extremely careful and precise.

“Greetings, young miss Huai Rou Mu Yu!”

The four of them called out in unison.

After the competition, Liu Ye Wen had planned to seek Su Yun out to settle the debt, then leave New Deer City… But who knew that someone would anxiously run over to report that Huai Rou Mu Yu had suddenly descended onto New Deer City! This news completely shocked the four of them! Without any delays, they immediately rushed over.

“Please rise, Mu Yu does not have the capability for various seniors and Young Noble Liu Ye Wen for such greetings.” Inside the carriage, Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke out anxiously, the tone of her voice extremely firm and precise.

Upon hearing that, the three Presidents immediately became joyous, to be hailed as seniors by Huai Rou Mu Yu, even if it was for courtesy, made them feel elated since Huai Rou Mu Yu was no ordinary character.

Liu Ye Wen was extremely excited in his heart. In his family, he had heard of the fame of the prestigious daughter of the Huai Rou Family and it was said that she held astonishing talent for business that no one could compare to. Moreover, her looks was said to be able to cause cities to fall, her beauty rare even to the world of the immortals, if he was able to marry her as a dual cultivation companion, he could die without regrets.

Liu Ye Wen had heard of many things, but he had never met her before and there was always an itch in his heart. But after hearing rumors that Huai Rou Mu Yu was engaged to Nan Gong Qing of the Nan Gong Family, he threw away those thoughts. However, not long later, he heard that Huai Rou Mu Yu had firmly rescind the marriage agreement with Nan Gong Qing and was kept in the Huai Rou Family for a few days. When this news was leaked, it gave Liu Ye Wen hope once more! His eyes was filled with passion, he stared at the curtain intently, wanting so badly to be able to see through things, to witness the beauty of the lady behind!!

Behind the curtain, Huai Rou Mu Yu frowned, although Liu Ye Wen’s gaze at her was obscured, she could sense the lewd intent leaking from his eyes.

A bizarre light flashed past her eyes, without a change in expression, she spoke even more gently: “Mu Yu was passing by New Deer City for a certain matter today, and coincidentally chanced upon my Huai Rou Family’s friend Su Yun, who was in trouble and had specially came by to understand the situation. Since seniors and Young Noble Liu are here, then we should be able to clarify the situation now. Attendant Bai, please explain the whole story for everyone to analyze, we shall get to the crux of the matter and find out who is in the wrong, so we can obtain justice for everyone.”


“There is no right or wrong, Miss Huai Rou. I, Liu Ye Wen, had just sent people to investigate. Actually, it is just a mistake, just a mistake!!”

Just then, Liu Ye Wen suddenly revealed a warm smile, and cupped his fists towards Huai Rou Mu Yu and narrated clearly.

“A mistake? Really?”

“Of course.”

Liu Ye Wen smiled.

The impression that Huai Rou Mu Yu gave everyone was extremely well, no one felt that Huai Rou Mu Yu would investigate further. They thought that the matter would be resolved that easily… But everyone, including the four men, had underestimated Huai Rou Mu Yu.

Her killing intent appeared unconsciously.

Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke to Su Yun: “Young Noble Su, do you think this was a mistake?”

This simple sentence caused the smiling Liu Ye Wen to freeze.

If Huai Rou Mu Yu was truly trying to resolve the matter, she would had definitely not spoken such words, however, it seemed as though she had never planned to patch up the problem.

She spoke with honorifics and with a gentle tone, causing people to not be vigilant against her… But that did not mean that she was not angry.

“What do you think?” Su Yun did not understand Huai Rou Mu Yu’s thoughts and casually replied to her with a question.

Unexpectedly, Huai Rou Mu Yu’s reply caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

“I don’t think it is.”

Huai Rou Mu Yu replied almost instantly.


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