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Chapter 501 You're Despicable!


As for the two of them, they were a man and a woman. Their appearances were not pretty, and were very ordinary, but their coordination was extremely well-coordinated. There was a connection between the profound skills, and they alternated between them.

The three of them attacked the two women in a triangular formation. They discovered that the men's defenses, the women's defenses, and the men's attacking methods were not that powerful. They could ignore it temporarily, but if they broke through the women, it would be very easy for them to deal with one of them.

It was precisely because the other side was attacking him without caring about anything that the situation became more and more difficult to deal with.

A woman had no chance to attack, but a man had his own defense, so he didn't have any powerful attacking methods.

However, Su Yun secretly discovered that these two people did not show the slightest bit of panic, and instead seemed to be unperturbed.

At this time, the corner of the woman's mouth curled up in a strange arc as she was surrounded by the three of them. Following that, a large amount of tree branches and vines grew out from her body, spreading out in all directions.


The three of them were startled and quickly dodged. However, they didn't have the time to do so. The vines and branches extended out and bound the three of them at an alarming speed.

"d.a.m.n it!"

One of them clenched his teeth and shouted, "Bake her with Three Death Flame!"


The other two responded and the three of them chanted an incantation in unison, acc.u.mulating profound skill and preparing to attack this woman.

"Hahahahaha, three ants, naive, too naive!"

"Ha hha ha, watch me slaughter you later, seal your three souls in my puppet seed and play with them forever, hha hha!" The woman laughed incessantly, not caring about the profound skill of these three.

However, Su Yun found a clue in the dark!

In the blink of an eye, the woman was no longer attacking, but rather, defending!

Her profound skill, profound qi and so on, all changed from offense to defense. The True Divine Spirit Qi began to fill the air!

As for the man on the periphery defense, he had already changed from defense to offense.

The two of them could exchange offensive and defensive skills!

The woman was attracting the firepower, and if the man harvested them, the three of them would die without a doubt.

If he wanted to kill them for their treasures, he couldn't let them finish off their opponents before taking action. That way, it would be much more difficult to deal with them.

Su Yun's expression instantly turned cold.

As he thought of his parents, who still had not found out their whereabouts, and of the death of Long Xianli who died in the Suicide Valley, endless pain and coldness arose in his heart.

profound coin!

magic treasure!

What was most urgently needed right now!

Only by obtaining these things would they be able to obtain everything!

Forget it!


Su Yun moved.

Using the Divine Wind Sword Technique, he pushed his speed to the limit.

A human-shaped figure instantly appeared behind that woman!

The killing intent was like thousands of steel needles, provoking that woman.


The young woman's expression distorted greatly.

Before he could turn his head around, two divine swords that were radiating sharpness came flying over.

The torrential Spirit Lord Qi tore through the air and wrapped around the blade.


At the same time, the three men's 'Three Death Flame' were attacking as well. At almost the same time that the three men had destroyed the 'Three Death Flame', the man who was attacking from the outside had already stored his trump card and was attacking the three men.

Everyone's attacks were synchronized!

The woman's defense was completely destroyed by Su Yun's sneak attack, and she was unable to defend against the 'Three Death Flame' that the three of them used together. In addition to their serious injuries, they were directly burnt to ashes, but at the same time, the heads of the three men were also sent flying. The man on the other side used 'Divine Wind Blade', chopping all the lower part of their heads into pieces.

In less than a breath's time, the four of them had died tragically!

The sudden change shocked the man who was the main attacker.

How could this be?

He came back to his senses and looked at the woman who had been reduced to ashes, his heart trembling violently.

When he looked at Su Yun who flew out of the ashes, the man was already trembling.

He was completely unaware of Su Yun's existence, and at this moment, the other was standing in front of him. He could not feel the slightest bit of the other person's aura, nor could he see through the depth of his cultivation!

"You, you, who are you?"

The man trembled.

"Attack and defense are techniques, flawless. If I'm not wrong, you and that woman who just died are the legendary 'Posionous Ghost Dual', right?"

Su Yun said calmly.

"You know us?"

The man retreated a few meters back as he vigilantly said.

"To rob and kill rogue cultivators and ma.s.sacre cultivators, who doesn't know that the two of you are notorious?"

"The price of the two of you on the Evildoers' Ranking is at least six digits, how could I not know?"

Su Yun said.

The two of them had heard about this outside of Bei Yang region.

"Then who are you?"

The man clenched his teeth.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is you!"

You killed everyone down here, right?

"You are no longer my match after being seriously injured in so many fierce battles. Now, if you want to live, I can give you a way out. If you don't want to live, you can fight against me."

Su Yun said.

"What do you want?"

the man said.

"Hand over all the profound coins you have and I won't kill you."

Su Yun said.

When the man heard this, a trace of unreadable light flashed in the depths of his eyes. He asked in a low voice, "Really?"

"I don't want to waste time."

"That's fine."

He slowly approached Su Yun, and a profound coin card in his hand slowly extended, "Actually, the reason why everyone is doing all this is because of the magic treasures and profound coins on these people. Those who can partic.i.p.ate are all extraordinary people, and since this place can legally kill, there is no power to pursue this."

It is a good place to earn money, but compared to money, life is more important. After all, there is no enmity between us. Milord, this is my entire savings, so you can take it.

He said respectfully, and the profound coin card was already in front of Su Yun's eyes.


In that instant, a black array suddenly appeared behind Su Yun.

The formation was silent and formed very quickly. No one could detect it. When it appeared, a large number of sharp black tentacles immediately extended out from the formation and stabbed towards Su Yun's head and chest.


The sound of flesh being penetrated rang out.

He saw the black formation collapse and blood splatter through the air.

His face was filled with shock. He lowered his head to look at his chest, only to see that there were dozens of sharp swords piercing through his chest, and his entire chest was almost broken. He looked at Su Yun, and under his black cloak was a calm face, and his vicious eyes were faintly discernible in the haze.

"How can I believe a man who kills people everywhere he goes?

"The reason I asked you to hand over the profound coins is to lower your vigilance."

Su Yun said indifferently. He stretched out his hand and took the profound coin card in front of him, then gently put it into his spatial ring.

"You're despicable!" The man did his best to say this, but before he could finish speaking, he lost his strength. The flying swords that were stuck in his chest immediately flew out and drilled into the sword sheath, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The man's chest was torn apart and he fell down from the sky. He died immediately after falling to the ground. His soul flew out of his body. Su Yun pulled out the Fire Plunder and casually waved his hand. His soul was shattered.

He dropped down and began to rummage through the bodies.

The Qualification Items were far too far away. Su Yun didn't think he would be able to obtain them. He believed that many people also thought the same way. The reason why everyone came here was only to seek benefits from others.

Whether magic treasures, profound coins or even a qualification plate, Su Yun took them all and didn't count them. It was better to leave this place as soon as possible.

Under these conditions, one more injury was the risk of death.

The treasure with dozens of corpses filled Su Yun's bowl and there were a few s.p.a.ce bag hanging on his body, but that was not enough. It was too early to leave.

In this world of extreme martial arts, magic treasure was profound coin, while profound coin was cultivation. No one would despise having more profound coins on them.

He roughly estimated that the total magic treasures and profound coins he had should be around two and a half million. Although there were some who were poor, the "Posionous Ghost Dual" was a rich man, bringing Su Yun a million in profound profound coins.

He didn't dare to stay any longer. After he had cleaned up the place, he immediately retreated and left this place.

Judging from the terrain, this should be the edge of the "Tame Dragon Land". In the central city of the Sichuan Meridian, the terrain was rugged, and there were large amounts of ferocious beasts lying dormant. Normal people wouldn't dare to enter.

If one did not pa.s.s through the center of the meridian, they would not be able to reach the other side of the meridian, and would not be able to hand over the Qualification Items. Thus, the central region of the meridian was a path that all partic.i.p.ants would have to pa.s.s through.

Of course, this was not Su Yun's only option.

He carefully advanced forward, holding the Tribulation Fire Sword and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in both hands as he moved forward.

However, after taking a few steps, Su Yun's face suddenly tensed up and he immediately stopped. After hesitating for a while, he quickly retreated. He retreated dozens of meters before stopping.

He stared at the dense forest in front of him. After pondering for a moment, he immediately activated his profound qi and dispersed it in the direction of the wind.

Hualala! profound qi gushed out and filled the air. If the other Mystics saw this, they would despise Su Yun for his waste.

But at this time, the profound qi that was flowing in front of him was like sand, as if it was stained by something. A faint screen appeared in Su Yun's line of sight.


Someone had broken out of the formation here!


"You actually saw through my Absorbing Star Array?"

"Amazing, amazing, it seems like you aren't an ordinary person."

At this moment, a mocking voice floated out.

Su Yun looked towards the source of the voice and saw that there was a hole in the large formation. A man with short green hair walked out.

The man was tall and clad in leather armor. There was a scar that ran down the right corner of his mouth, making him look extremely terrifying.

Seeing this person's appearance and characteristics, Su Yun thought of the person he heard others talk about in the teahouse not long ago.

The Array Sealer Lv Xintong!

Su Yun's eyes narrowed as she became alert.

At the same time, all the Spirit Cores in his body began to move restlessly. His entire body was like a furnace that was gradually heating up, becoming hotter and hotter, and drier and drier.

Had he broken through to the next realm?

However, how could he have broken through without a good reason?

Su Yun was shocked, and before he could react, a bright light rushed out of his skull, straight into the clouds, and the grand profound qi majestic profound energy exploded in all directions.


"He broke through?"

Lv Xintong he quickly understood and said through clenched teeth, "I can draw the profound qi from the Absorbing Star Array and transfer it into my body for me to use, but I never would have thought that it would stimulate the Spirit Cores in your body to break through evolution, to help you take a step forward and let you break through!"

"d.a.m.n brat, if you suck me dry today, wouldn't I be taken advantage of by you?"

After saying that, Lv Xintong rushed over when Su Yun's cultivation base had increased to the next level.

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