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Peach Blossom, The G.o.ddess of Entertainment

Before the news disseminated, the crew couldn't do anything but agree to Guo Yang's choice of the new lead male actor even if he didn't explain why he chose Chang as Zhang's replacement.

Previously, most of the crew in the film felt worried because of what happened to Zhang and what will happen to the movie "Yellow Sand Song". They were expecting that Peach's connection will be used to find a popular actor in replacement for Zhang.

They only waited and waited and waited; they patiently waited for the surprise announcement.

The announcement now comes out about the new lead man of the film! Most of the people are then troubled about the "Yellow Sand Song" film.

"Chang Zheng? Who’s that?"

"The stunt man of Zhang Heng!"

"He has no experience in any film nor in television, right?"

"Is the director crazy? Is Guo Yang really sure about that?

Guo Yang received a lot of calls from old friends after he announced about the new leading man. Even some of his closest friends advised him not to be impulsive on making decisions.

“You did not want to find a popular actor, even a professional one! And what does it mean that you replaced Zhang by just a stuntman?" Guo Yang's friend said.

“I can recommend you two people better than him!” He added.

Despite the inquisition of his old friend, Guo Yang remained calm.

By being calm, for them it is implied that Guo Yang wouldn't listen and that he is so stubborn.

"Honestly, I hate it every time that you do not even speak when we give advice to you! Come on, Guo Yang! We're your friends, we're always here to help you." Guo Yang's friend said.

Guo Yang helplessly replied, “Am I so delinquent person?"

The man quickly responded, “Always.”

The man added with a sigh, “Ok ok, I know you. I know your temper is so short and once you make a decision, it will never be changed. I can’t convince you, but there’s one thing you need to remember – if you’re in trouble, I am just here. I am always here as your friend. Don't hesitate to come talk to me. Okay?”

Guo Yang nodded, said a few good words, and then hang up the phone.


Apparently, people on the internet are not as polite as the old friends of Guo Yang who just questioned and apprised him of their worries about Guo Yang's decision.

Guo Yang's blog has risen to a millions of fans in a day, but all of them are cursing him.

Many people taunt the director in the “Yellow Sand Song” official micro-blog, saying that he thinks like a chicken.

But most people who comment also directly target Zhong Qing, disputing that this film will be the worst film and will be the main cause of tormenting her career's debut.

Although, some companies and closest friends of Zhong Qing call to extend their "Congratulations" on the telephone.

Despite the negative comments for her, she still manages to smile.

She doesn't mind her bashers nor the negative comments by other people. Even Zhong Qing, herself, has no confidence about the success of "Yellow Sand Song".

She just wants to show her acting skills to everyone and she's just enjoying it too.

As implied by her comment, she is not blindsided on what's happening. Instead, she's happy.

The response of Zhong Qing to her fans is so simple:


She directly forwarded her response to the filming officer of the news and to Emmett Chang.

"She's stupid, isn't she? How can she still stand up for them even if she's already being criticized by many?" One commentator said.

A lot of fans of Zhong Qing already antic.i.p.ated this drama. They continued to bad-mouth Guo Yang saying that he just compromised her that's why she doesn't want to quit on the film.

Look at those other names included in the issue, when will they be able to speak up?

Of course, compared to Zhong Qing, Guo Yang, and the entire cast, still, the most targeted by the people is Chang.

Chang originally didn't care about the comments on the news. It has already been long – in the midst of time for his heart to exercise out.

But his only concern which has had his attention…

Special attention…

He only set a special attention for Zhong Qing.

He’s calm but couldn't help but smile while reading all the comments and reviews by the people.

People who have been following Chang have found that the mysterious actor finally made his first tweet!

"There is no sense in the argument of the tongue. Just wait and see it directly with your eyes."

Ohh! Full of confidence with a little bit of arrogance!

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