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C702: Gate of Life and Death

The Gate of Life and Death.

On the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower, in the broken path, there is a special sealed unit world called the Gate of Life and Death.

Yue Yang had heard of it from the old man Nangong a long time ago, as well as from Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian. This special sealed s.p.a.ce was said to be a trial point created by the powerful experts of the ancient era from the cell world. According to the rules of the ancient era, only the Tong Tian Tower's martial artists who were able to stay there for an hour were qualified to enter the Heaven Realm. Of course, this was a custom. Because of the great war six thousand years ago, the s.p.a.ce channel to the Heaven Realm had collapsed. The Heaven Realm and Tong Tian Tower had already lost direct contact and gradually faded away.

Practicing inside the Gate of Life and Death had nothing to do with one's level or strength.

More to do with spirit and will.

It was said that one was as strong as the Prison Emperor wouldn't be able to stay there for a full day.

Scarlet Emperor, Black h.e.l.l King and the others had lasted for no more than an hour inside there. Others like Shun Tian, the Black Prince, and Thousand Demons Sect Leader only lasted for up to five minutes in record.

"This is an illusory and real world. If one can't keep his heart, then he won't be able to stay inside for even a minute. The Gate of Life and Death has a saying, taking one step forward is equivalent to surpa.s.sing oneself." Queen Night asked Yue Yang followed her to the Gate of Life and Death in the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower to gain some experience, "Little fellow, although your improvement is not bad and your cultivation speed is very fast, didn't you realize that your domain strength has not achieved the effect of true domain strength yet? Come, after experiencing the Gate of Life and Death, I believe that you will possess a new and true 'domain'."

"True domain?" When Yue Yang heard this, his heart slightly moved.

The Flames of Nirvana, the Wheel of Destruction, the Wheel of Eternity, Star Explosion, Black Hole Swallow…

Yue Yang had many unique domain powers. Some of these domain powers could be completely controlled, while others could not yet display their full power. Some were uncontrollable, pa.s.sive existences. Most importantly, most of the other people's domain strength was in a relatively large area. It was in the shape of a semicircle or a sphere, with some sort of effect within the area.

The power of his domain was different, the forms different.

Furthermore, some of them could change at will, such as the Flames of Nirvana, simply according to Yue Yang's will.

The domain of other people is immutable, or the change is also within a certain limit. Once the master moves out of the range of the domain, the effect of the domain will disappear.

Only Yue Yang's domain was so peculiar. At first, he thought it's because he could not fully master it. Now that he thought about it a bit more, he felt that his domain strength was a bit abnormal. If he didn't completely master it, then that was one of the reasons. A true and complete understanding of it, is believed as one of the reasons as well. If the Flames of Nirvana, the Wheel of Destruction, and the Wheel of Eternity were not Yue Yang's genuine domain power, then what was his domain power?

"Your situation is a little special and you possess many domains but let me put it this way. Right now, the various domains do not belong to you. It is just a by-product of your special physique. Other people do not have this. These make you ignore your own domain. If you haven't already formed the primary domain before completely mastering Sovereign's heart and ruling power, it might have an impact on your future advancement and battles. So, after thinking a bit, I feel that I should remind you first to take your time and focus on comprehending this main domain. With this, the ruling power which you have to control in the future will also have the best foundation for growth." The words of the Night Queen made Yue Yang feel enlightened. It was as if a window in his heart had suddenly opened.

"Thinking about it, it really is like that …" Yue Yang was overjoyed.

"Wuxia and Qian Qian, they have a good harvest in the Gate of Life and Death. Now, Yi Nan and Bing'er are also working hard at cultivating." Queen Night brought Yue Yang to the Gate of Life and Death in the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower, explaining to him all sorts of trials and tribulations regarding the Gate of Life and Death.

The teleportation entrance to the Gate of Life and Death was really a door.

This door was incomparably huge.

The gatepost on one side was dark, and a demon of the trial carried the huge stone rim heavily.

On the other side of the door, there were two cherubs whose eyebrows were lowered, as if they were silently moving forward. The two cherubs easily supported the huge stone door's edge, preventing the stone from pressing onto the shoulders of the female angel wearing a laurel crown.

At the top of the door, a huge dragon poked its head out and opened its mouth to spit dragon breath.

Beneath its mouth, huge words were written in Heaven Realm runes: Gate of Life and Death.

After pa.s.sing through the golden vortex of energy, Yue Yang and his companions, Raging Flames, Drunken Cat, and the others were transported to the top of a stone altar.

The eternal golden portal on the altar was the exit. There were six steps leading down. That vast void was the true gate of life and death.

"Taking one step forward is equivalent to surpa.s.sing oneself." Queen Night's melodious voice rang out as she asked, "Which of you will go first? Remember, it's all an illusion, but if you think it's real, then it's real. "

"I'll go first!"

Raging Flames was rather anxious. She took big strides towards the steps ahead of Yue Yang and headed towards the endless Gate of Life and Death.

Let alone a fake one, even if it were true, she believed that her strength at the fifth level of Heaven Stage could withstand any kind of test. This was only the basic standard that a martial artist of Tong Tian Tower had to submit forentering the Heaven Realm. There was no reason that she wouldn't be able to do so.

The secretly vigilant Raging Flames took a step forward, stepping into the mysterious world that had nothing in it but could carry everything.

When her right foot descended and her left leg was still stuck on the stairs, there was a figure in the s.p.a.ce in front of her, flas.h.i.+ng in an unfathomable manner. There was a red-haired middle-aged martial artist of Heaven Stage level 1 who was bathed in blood and ran over. When he saw RagingFlames, he immediately stretched out his hand and cried out, "Daughter, save me …" Raging Flames' eyes instantly became round as her entire body trembled. Her father, it was actual her father!

Two figures flashed behind his father. In front of Raging Flames, they swung their swords and axes, slas.h.i.+ng his father to death.


Raging Flames was in a state of chaos as her anger exploded.

She was unable to watch her respected father being killed. All the words that the Queen Night had said before had completely collapsed at this moment. How could such a realistic scene be false? This was definite his father! It was precisely because of herindecision that her father was killed on the spot by the powerful enemy. Raging Flames' regret and anger exploded with the terrifying power of martial artist in Heaven Stage level 5. With a punch, shecharged towards the two powerful opponents who had killed her father.

The two powerful opponents were sent flying on the spot.

The clown, however, flashed behind Raging Flames.

Without any time to dodge, Raging Flames' back of head was smashed by the clown's fast leg. Just when Raging Flames was suppressing his sneak attack, she reached out to grab the Clown and was about to break his bones, the Lionheart King's fist, which was faster than light, smashed into Raging Flames' face, easily knocking her down.

Captain Raging Flames, who had fallen to the ground in agony, fell on the edge of his father's body.

She wanted to reach out and pick up her father's head from the pool of blood, but the clown stomped down on the head …

"No!" Raging Flame struggled to stand up, erupting with all her might, preparing to perish together with the other party. Even if she died here, he could not allow the clown who desecrated her father's corpse to continue living. Just as she pounced towards the clown, she felt a pain behind her back. The headless corpse had actually landed a slash on her body. This was impossible. How could her father attack him? Furthermore, he was clearly dead. Even his head was decapitated, and the clown stepped on it to shatter it.

"Are you looking for this?" The headless corpse suddenly raised a b.l.o.o.d.y eye-opened head. The mouth of the head spoke strangely.


Raging Flames' mind was on the verge of collapse as she suddenly felt a burst of pulling force.

When she was dragged back to the altar steps by the pulling force, she realized that Yue Yang had reached out to pull her back.

When she retracted her right leg, the clown, the Lionheart King, her father's corpse and the two a.s.sailants all vanished without a trace, as though they had never existed. However, when Raging Flames touched her mouth, she realized that she had been beaten to the point of vomiting blood by the Lionheart King. It was a fact. Even the slash from her father's body had a b.l.o.o.d.y wound on her back.

Her body was actually injured by the illusion!

The only difference was that compared to the illusions just now, the injuries were a bit lighter.

"You have forgotten everything I have said, and mistakenly believe that your mental weakness is a fact, and the illusion becomes true. You must deny all of this in order to pa.s.s through it." Midnight Empress said.

"Yes." At this time, Raging Flames no longer dared to look down on Tong Tian Tower's martial artists' smelting trial.

Especially when she saw the timer in the hand of the Drunken Cat Sister, she felt even more ashamed.

She couldn't hold on for more than a minute while the criteria is to hold on for an hour. Although she had the power of a fifth rank Heaven stage, her mental defenses were too weak. In the face of such a mental weakness, her mind couldn't even withstand a single blow.

Yue Yang smiled at her.

Actually, on the first floor of Tong Tian Tower, there were two other palaces that had similar tests.

The Gemini Palace and the Virgo Palace, these two palaces were not things an ordinary person could live with. The Gemini Palace is the limit of the soul that challenges the self; the Virgo Palace is more terrifying, and even the most secret weakness in the heart can be fully revealed, and pointed to the heart. If Yue Yang didn't have the help of XueWuxia and the others, it would be difficult for him to break out of the most difficult Virgo Palace in history.

The only one who had pa.s.sed through the zodiac sign was Yue Yang. Stepping into this Gate of Life and Death, the feeling he had in his heart was completely different from the feeling Raging Flame had in her heart.

He stepped on air.

Countless powerful enemies appeared. Before the Purple-Gold Marquis, the later Shun Tian
, the black prince, the Thousand Demons Sect Leader, the Black h.e.l.l King, the Thousand Demons King, the clown, the Lionheart King, the scarlet emperor, and even the Ancient Devil King … No matter what kind of attack they made, Yue Yang turned a blind eye to it. When these people forcibly tore Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang, and the others into shreds and devoured them, Yue Yang also had a smile on his face, completely unmoved by their actions.

Yue Bing and Yue Shuang ran towards Yue Yang, chasing after countless bad guys.

They wailed for their brother to save their lives, just like how flames had seen her father let the enemy hunt them down.

Yue Yang's face finally changed and he stretched out his hand.

Raging Flame cursed. This was an illusion. As long as his heart was moved, he would be like herself just now, trapped in an illusion.

"My sister can't be as weak as you are …" Before Yue Yang could finish his words, Yue Bing and Yue Shuang suddenly became giants. They were as huge as a giant loli. With just a few kicks, they trampled on the bad guys chasing them.

"He can actually control illusions?" Raging Flames was dumbstruck again. Wasn't this fellow's willpower too terrifying?

"I hate you, brother!" Yue Shuang, who had become a giant, suddenly trembled. She stretched her feet and stomped down on Yue Yang. If this stomp landed on Yue Yang, he would at least be severely injured if he didn't die. Raging Flames clenched her fists tightly. She was no fool, the onlookers could see that the illusion regained control of the giant Yue Shuang and continued to attack Yue Yang when his will changed its target.

"Can you step harder?" Phantom, does not exist. " Yue Yang laughed. When that big foot stomped down, his body was completely unharmed, and that huge illusion turned into nothingness.

All the phantasmagoria vanished and a road appeared in the distance.

However, Yue Yang didn't walk up. Instead, he casually walked towards the sky, and randomly walked backwards.

Sometimes, he would even take a few steps back on purpose … When the road disappeared and another black door appeared, Yue Yang didn't even look at it and instead walked towards Raging flames.

The strange thing was, after a dozen steps, another altar appeared.

On top of the altar stood Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian, waving to him.

Raging Flames almost loudly reminded them again to not fall for their trap. However, Yue Yang ran over and hugged them.

"In the Gate of Life and Death, the distance from the Gate of Life to the Gate of Death can be infinitely far, or it can only be a single step. If you can comprehend this mystery like Yue Yang, and walk to the altar opposite of him, then, you can truly be considered to have transcended yourself." The voice of the Midnight Empress rang in the ears of the startled Raging Flames, "In the Gate of Life and Death, the distance from the Gate of Life to the Gate of Death can be infinitely far, or it can only be a single step. Taking one step forward is equivalent to surpa.s.sing oneself, you should slowly experience it! "The Gate of Life is merely the beginning of an expert. To be able to meditate in the Gate of Death, that is the true power …"

"Yes." Raging Flames was sincerely convinced. Tong Tian Tower's martial artists weren't simple at all.

On the surface, she could tell that this Midnight Empress's level was inferior to her.

However, in a real battle, Raging Flames had a feeling that she would be unable to fight back and allow Midnight Empress to easily defeat her.

Raging Flames looked at the eagerly waiting Drunken Cat Sister and breathed in deeply. Closing her eyes, she extended her foot and stomped heavily on the empty s.p.a.ce outside. The clown reappeared, and Flames fought back the sense of mistake in their hearts, desperately telling herself that this was only a mirage, not a real one.

However, the clown grinned viciously.

He flew up with his long legs and kicked Flames, screaming arrogantly, "Idiot, so what if I betrayed you back then?" I killed so many people back then, what can you do to me! Look at your despicable appearance, you wouldn't dare to retaliate even if I were to beat you up. You call yourself a criminal with enmity, you are simply the biggest trash of the Southern Heaven Realm! "Go to h.e.l.l, trash like you don't have the qualifications to live on!"

The clown consecutively kicked a few dozen legs, causing Raging flames, which were struggling to stand firm, to continuously retreat.

Finally, Raging Flames retreated up the steps and the clown disappeared.

Raging Flames stretched out her hand to touch the footprints left by the clown's kick. She spat out a mouthful of blood and muttered to himself, "This is indeed a very abnormal trial. However, I will not admit defeat!"

What made Raging Flames furious was that the Drunken Cat Sister, who looked very weak in her eyes, could actually hold on for three minutes.

She did not vomit blood when he came back. He was just slightly out of breath and a little tired.

It was one thing for that brat Yue Yang to be too abnormal, but how did this woman, who was countless times weaker than him, do it? She couldn't hold on for even a minute, but Drunken Cat Sister could hold on for three minutes? Raging Flames felt like he had fainted. For the first time in his life, he let go of his pride as a Heaven Ranked Warrior and asked the Drunken Cat Sister, "Ah, can you tell me how you did it?"

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