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C703: Domain, Xue Wuxia and Qian Qian's Comprehension

Gate of Life and Death, Death Gate Altar.

After hugging, Yue Yang realized that something was wrong. He felt that Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia were different as before.

Originally, because they had been training with the Zhi Zun and Queen Night, although they had made great progress, they had only reached level 5 of Heaven Stage. Now, not only had they reached level 6, there was also an indescribable qualitative change. Could it be that they had already comprehended their own domains? Yue Yang was surprised and delighted. He used his Insight of Heaven to look over and discovered that the body of Princess Qian Qian was exuding an especially holy power.

This kind of sacred power, although for the time being it couldn't be compared to Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

However, with the fusion between her and the Guardian Beast, the White Tiger, the mutual enhancement and mutual promotion, it made Princess Qian Qian's strength soar to a whole new level which surprised Yue Yang.

In the past, Princess Qian Qian was just a young tiger with young teeth. But now, she was a flying tiger with wings. It was perfect to describe her progress like adding wings to a tiger.

The scared power in her body was definite the best power to a.s.sist her in her battles.

What was even more ingenious was that this scared power belonged to the Yin Ability. It was fine for Princess Qian Qian to use it, but at the same time, it also complemented the Yang Ability power in Yue Yang's body … Yue Yang didn't dare to imagine that if he joined forces with Princess Qian Qian now, how powerful could he be? This was definite not as simple as one plus one equals two!

"Tigress, when did you comprehend the power of your domain?" Yue Yang asked in surprise.

"Three days ago." With a little satisfaction, Princess Qian Qian raised her little fist and lightly hit Yue Yang's chest. "We're not idiots. Previously, we kept our level down to train in order to gain more knowledge in the domain. Otherwise, how could your level be higher than us! Zhi Zun had once said that if he were to meditate on the power of the domain in the Gate of Life and Death, he would definite be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Although the Gate of Life and Death is hard to endure, cultivating here is much better than slowly comprehending in ordinary battles. Wuxia and I spent a lot of effort to enter the Gate of Life and study our own domain when entering the Gate of Death. Now, it's your turn to chase after me. Ha, there's finally a training method that allows me to surpa.s.s you!"

"Congratulations, Tigress, you are really something." Yue Yang licked Princess Qian Qian's shoes, then looked at Xue Wuxia whose small face pretended to be calm.

Her expression was pretended to be calm, but the joy in her eyes revealed the pride in her heart.

Be able to become stronger and become a lover's strong support.

All were her greatest hopes.

Now, after a period of painstaking training, after experiencing millions of hards.h.i.+ps, she had finally gotten what she wanted. It was impossible for her to say that she was unhappy.

If it was the Master of Luo Hua City who had achieved the same result as Xue Wuxia, she would immediately throw herself into the other's arms, not caring about others. She would tell him about all the suffering she had suffered during her cultivation and make him cherish her. Otherwise, she would share all her gains with him and let him praise her achievements.

If she succeeded and didn't acted coquettishly towards her lover, then it wouldn't be his lilac.

Princess Qian Qian liked to fight with him on the surface, but she couldn't suppress the pride in her heart even with her achievements. She couldn't help but brag to him. Just a moment ago, she had punched him, and it had brought her a little joy.

But Xue Wuxia was not Princess Qian Qian.

It wasn't the Master of Luo Hua City as well.

Or Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

She was the unique Xue Wuxia. Her heart was filled with countless emotions, and her fingers were gently twirling around each other. On the surface, she was only smiling slightly.

It didn't need much talk between her and him. They could only look at each other or smile, and then they understood each other's intentions. Besides her, for the time being, there was no one who could have such a tacit understanding with him.

Even though Yue Yang already knew that Xue Wuxia had comprehended the power of her domain and had mentally prepared herself, with his Insight of Heaven, he realized that he couldn't see through Xue Wuxia's strength with just a glance. He immediately cried out in shock: "What? What had happened? Did you refine a Divine Equipment? I found an unfathomable power in you …"

The corners of Xue Wuxia's lips curved in a beautiful arc, smiling joyfully in the depths of her eyes.

Princess Qian Qian was a little worried for her, since she hadn't given her answer yet.

She stretched out his hand and patted Yue Yang's shoulder: "Good insight. Although the saint force domain that I've comprehended from the four pearls has exceeded my expectations, it is still worse than her spirit domain."

Yue Yang's heart raced a hundred times. "Spirit domain?"

"Wuxia worked really hard. I never would have thought that she would use an ancient book to fuse with the unparalleled will left behind by as ancient elite at the level of Divine Sovereign 's. Right now, her book has become the 'Book of Truth', a semi-Divine Equipment. Guardian beast Blizzard Lady also reached the level as Blizzard G.o.ddess. It can be expected soon to advance." Queen Night's soft voice rang out, filled with admiration, "Wuxia and Qian Qian's comprehension of domain isn't bad. Right now, Luo Hua is also working hard."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Yue Yang grasped Xue Wuxia's hand. He knew she must have been cultivating extreme arduously for such a success.

"…" Xue Wuxia smiled flawlessly.

She knew that he only cared for her, not complained that she didn't tell him in advance.

She could feel his concern from the bottom of her heart.

Sometimes, words were not necessary for him and her, because their hearts were connected by mutual understanding.

Xue Wuxia gently grasped Yue Yang's big hand with her small white jade hand. Looking at him, the wavy eyes of a lake smiled at him, all the hards.h.i.+ps in cultivation had vanished in that instant, leaving behind two hearts close together, sharing happiness with their loved ones.

Princess Qian Qian was a little angry.

She had also comprehended a Saint Force Domain that could be enhanced by the Power of Four Symbols. Why didn't this brat pull her hand? He was always very nice to the Wuxiua Girl!

She reached out and pulled at his other hand, and he didn't pull herself, and the same is true of she pulled him.

Anyway, I can't let him out of my hands!

"With the experience of success, everyone will catch up in the future. The Gate of Death will not be mentioned for the time being. At the very least, we will have to pa.s.s the Gate of Life's trial." Midnight Empress first let Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia, and Princess Qian Qian enjoy a moment of peace and happiness. She went to fetch the Master of Luo Hua City who had reached the limit of patience while cultivating at the door of death. The Master of Luo Hua City's body was drenched in sweat. Seeing Yue Yang here, she happily threw herself into Yue Yang's arms and pa.s.sionately kissed him, completely ignoring the fact that everyone was watching from the side.

"Why are you here?" The overjoyed expression of the Master of Luo Hua City suddenly darkened, "I haven't been able to comprehend the domain yet. If only you were able to come over later, that would be great."

"It's fine. Maybe you have comprehended the Domain Power, but I haven't succeeded yet!" Yue Yang gently kissed her smooth forehead and said, "Go back to the Grimoire World and rest. Wu Hen was here, so don't be too tired. Urging for success is actually an obstacle in your cultivation."

"Alright then, I will be lazy today!" The Master of Luo Hua City stuck out her pink tongue, and under Little Wenli's guidance, he entered Yue Yang's Grimoire World.

After her's love affair was over, she began to train.

Midnight Empress, told Yue Yang the key to the cultivation of the Death Clan, while Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian used their own experiences to supplement that.

Their experiences might not be useful to Yue Yang, but at the very least, Yue Yang didn't need to repeat himself when they were training in the wrong direction. This was also the main reason why martial pract.i.tioners who had good teachers and good friends could improve faster and faster than lonely martial pract.i.tioners.

Midnight Empress reminded, "What you need to pay particular attention to is the fact that the Gate of Death is the true rules testing site left behind by an ancient expert." Inside is a special world. If we call the Gate of Life outside the world, then it is the inner world. In the inner world of the Gate of Death, everything that existed was the exact opposite of the Gate of Life. Everything that existed was real!

"Real existence?" When Yue Yang heard this, his heart slightly moved. He seemed to have some sort of inspiration, but he was unable to successfully capture it.

"I don't know how many telepathic thoughts there are in there, but the remaining G.o.d Power will turn into flaws in their hearts, turning their phantoms into real existences. They must use their minds to deny these real things." As long as his will exceeds the telepathic thoughts inside, then he will be able to obtain their approval. " Midnight Empress explained.

"Is it total negation?" "Just like the Gate of Life?" After Yue Yang heard this, he thought for a moment and then asked.

"Absolutely." The answer for the Midnight Empress was this.

"I used my will to guard this one thought, and only focused on augmentation." Princess Qian Qian's method was to release the Prison Emperor Divine Sword of the Underworld Emperor and then use her usual state of training to guard her sword.

"On the contrary, my method is to directly fuse with the other party and turn him into my book, treating him as if he were reading a book and maintaining the same level of the ethereal realm as usual, or a higher level of the ethereal realm." Xue Wuxia also stated his method.

"I understand a little now …" Yue Yang nodded. Before stepping into the door of death, he suddenly turned around and asked: "What is the domain of a Zhi Zun?"

"She is the person with a history of staying in the door of death for the longest time. No one has ever been able to use the door of death for long-term cultivation, but she could use it for closed door cultivation. The longest is one month. So, what she comprehended was the world's unique and unparalleled 'Sovereign Realm', and it was a type of unparalleled domain power. After finis.h.i.+ng her words, Yue Yang almost dropped his chin in fright.

G.o.d! Even the Prison Emperor could only stay for a single day. How could she stay in there for a whole month?

Although this had nothing to do with strength, it proved that her will was already able to resist the interference of the divine will left behind by an ancient elite …

Yue Yang looked at Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian with a questioning gaze. Of course, the two of them understood what he wanted to ask. Princess Qian Qian replied that it was an hour. Xue Wuxia's flawless answer was three hours. She was even better than Princess Qian Qian, and unexpectedly received the approval of an ancient female powerhouse to leave behind her will and G.o.d Power. She became one with the ancient books, becoming the G.o.d Domain and the Truth Book of the SemiG.o.d Equipment.

"I will work hard!" Yue Yang did not ask for Midnight Empress. He knew that she must have spent more than one day, maybe two or three. Otherwise, her s.p.a.ce domain would not have been so overpowered.

"How long can you last the first time you've entered the door of death?" Midnight Empress was also curious. The standard of an ordinary person was not good enough for Yue Yang.

"Five minutes." Princess Qian Qian guessed it would take a little longer, just five minutes on purpose.

"More than ten minutes." Xue Wuxia felt that Yue Yang could definitely carry it for more than ten minutes.

Unexpectedly, Yue Yang ran back in less than a minute.

The three women were stunned.

Without waiting for them to ask, Yue Yang quickly asked, "Is that Zhi Zun sitting cross-legged in the world of the Death Gate real or fake?"

Princess Qian Qian wiped her forehead with a sweat. "One of them is real, but it might become a few hundred more. You don't need to worry about the Zhi Zun, just hold your thought!"

Yue Yang shook his head: "I'll wait a bit before I start training. With Zhi Zun in there, I'm too nervous to concentrate." Before he could finish, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia fell to the floor, speechless for him.

However, before Yue Yang could react, Zhi Zun instantly appeared.

She grabbed his arm and threw it casually at the Gate of Death: "Is that okay now?"

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