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C704: The first of Divine Equipment, Creator Orb

Half an hour later.

Yue Yang, who was covered in wounds all over, came out very sorrowfully.

Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia stepped forward and asked, "What's going on? Got injured in such a way?"

"The incarnations of the clown, the Lionheart King, the Scarlet Emperor, and the Ancient Devil King are all nothing. Even though they are incarnations of divine power and true might, I am not afraid of them at all. But maybe it's my psychological handicap. Zhi Zun is insidethere, and no matter what, I can't deny it. Unable to hold it any longer, I could only run out to take a breath! Now, I understand how perverted the Prison Emperor is by staying in there for a day!" Yue Yang was depressed. He thought that even if he couldn't catch up to Xue Wuxia, he wouldn't be much worse than Princess Qian Qian. Who didn't know that he would have to leave in less than half an hour.

"Half an hour is already pretty good. My previous trials did not even last a minute. After a few thousand trials, Iwas finally able to figure out the domain." When Princess Qian Qian saw Yue Yang's dejected expression, her heart became softened and comforted him in a hurry.

"Rest for a moment, then take the trial later!" Xue Wuxiaknew that this was normal. Without trial, it was impossible for one to really improve.

Yue Yang mustered his courage and entered the Gate of Death once again.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Yue Yang fled his death in a sorry state.

This time, his left cheek was swollen, and his clothes had been reduced to shreds. If not for the Flame Nirvanic Armor, he would have been a naked beggar. Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia had, of course, encouraged him, using energy to heal him with a combination technique, ma.s.saging his shoulders like a young wife and feeding him with water.

Princess Qian Qian looked at the timer and complimented, "Five minutes more than just now. Keep working. It'll be done in an hour."

However, Xue Wuxia objected: "At least three hours. In fact, as long as you persevere, nothing is impossible!"

She didn't want Yue Yang to stay in the Gate of Death any less than she did.

Even more so, she didn't wish for his domain to be inferior to her own.

Facing the two ladies' fervent hopes, Yue Yang naturally couldn't show any weakness. He stood up and continued to rush into the Gate of Death to cultivate…

Once, twice, thrice.

He couldn't remember how many times he was beaten by Zhi Zun inside there, but he had no choice but to admit it. Every time he stayed inside, he would stay there for at least five minutes more. There was no one hour limit, nor was there three-hour limit. Yue Yang's idea was to persist until he completely negated the existence of Zhi Zunbeing formed by his divine strength and spiritual will.

If he couldn't even pa.s.s such a small threshold, then how could he comprehend a domain?

What Yue Yang needed wasn't as simple as persevering for an hour, nor was it to use it to comprehend a domain as little as it was.

What he needed was something like Zhi Zun with a will that could negate everything, look down on all living things, and achieve the ultimate will!

Perhaps it had already been unleashed a hundred times, but Yue Yang felt that this was his 101st time, allowing the Zhi Zun inside to knock him down to the ground. All of the illusions inside could be denied, including the few hundred Zhi Zun created by them. Even the telepathic thoughts could not affect Yue Yang's Sovereign's Heart. The only person created first could not be denied.

When she raised her right hand, she condensed the black dot of destruction.

Yue Yang had a feeling of death… If he didn't escape, he would definitely die here.

Should he escape as he had before, or should he continue to stay here and deny her existence? If he died, then what about Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian?

What about Si Niang, Bing'er, and Shuang'er? There was also the fact that the secrets of the pitiful guy's motherhad not been undone, that he had not helped Queen Fei Wenli escape the black hole seal, that he had not nurtured Little Wenli and Duoduo, or that he had even disappointed Heavenly Sword G.o.ddess… Was he really going to die here?

Was he an ordinary otaku after all?

Even if he had the fortuitous encounter of meeting the old Daoist, even if he had the help of the Phoenix sisters.

Couldn't he defy the heavens and create his own life? Could it be that everything would be destroyed by this Blackie?

"…" Yue Yang felt that he had entered a state of mind that he had never thought about before. Facing death, the first time he calmly thought was not fear nor remorse, but a new reading of life's past experiences. In this kind of re-reading, he made some reflections and made new discoveries. However, he knew that no matter how much he gained, it would be of no use, because he was about to die. Escape? No, if he can't even face death calmly, even a Zhi Zun who knows it is a fake cannot deny it. If hewas to ascend to the Heaven Realm, he would probably be killed in a single move by the Heaven Realm Great Leader Jiu Xiao and Xu Kong, and only after pa.s.sing the test of death would he be able to have a future. Yue Yang didn't know what to do, but he decided to stay.

"Why don't you run?" Zhi Zun asked, suddenly stopping.

"You can talk?" Yue Yang was shocked. Was this Zhi Zun who hit him real? If she was a real person, how could he have used his willpower to deny!

"Because your situation is a little special. In order to let you experience and face death better, I used this method." Zhi Zun turned and left. "Not only have you pa.s.sed the test of Gate of Death, you have also pa.s.sed the test of the will of the Sovereign. Study it properly. You should have a lot of enlightenment!"

"Faint!" Only then did Yue Yang come back to his senses.

Prior to this, when she had used her transcendent will to suppress Yue Yang's will, it had caused him to have the illusion of death.

Now that Yue Yang realized this, it was no wonder that the Phoenix sisters didn't come out to rescue him. The reason was because Zhi Zun being had created this feeling with his unparalleled will, forcing Yue Yang to face death and contemplate the test of death. Ordinary the level of Innate didn't need it, but as an Innate Sovereign, he had to see through the life and death barrier. If he couldn't see through the life and death barrier, then he wouldn't be able to have the most firm Sovereign's Heart, nor could he form the Sovereign's Will.

In the future, without the Sovereign's Will, ruling power that he controlled would also be greatly affected.

Although he hadn't become a Divine Sovereign yet.

However, Zhi Zun, she had already paved a path for Yue Yang to step into the path of a Divine Sovereign … Comprehending a domain was the first step. Having the Sovereign's Heart and the utmost willpower was the second step. Grasping the ruling power was the third step.

Yue Yang touched the slightly swollen wounds on his face and his heart suddenly became clear.

Why did Zhi Zun wait in the Gate of Death? So she had been waiting for him!

The things she did for herself had never been explained, but the painstaking efforts she had made in silence had never been carefully experienced.

"I will work hard. If I couldn't perceive the main domain, I won't go out!" Yue Yang looked in the direction the Zhi Zun had disappeared in, althought she had already left and could no longer hear his voice, Yue Yang couldn't help crying out. He felt that he was an idiot. In fact, he should have already shown this painstaking effort on the Heavenly Sword G.o.ddess's body. Why was he still unable to understand Zhi Zun's?

One day pa.s.sed.

Yue Yang did not come out.

Two days, three days. Yue Yang had been in the inner world of the Gate of Death for three days, but he still hadn't come out.

Both Snow Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian were worried, not because they had no confidence in him, but because he had been in there too long. In their hearts, they wanted to enter the Gate of Death to take a look, but they were afraid that if he were to enter at a crucial moment in his enlightenment, they would disturb his cultivation.

They had been forcefully suppressing their thoughts, forcefully raising their spirits to wait for him.

Every time Midnight Empress came, she would comfort them with a few words of consolation before she left.

On the third day, both she and Zhi Zun came, startling Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian. Could it be that something had happened to him?

"Don't be nervous, he's fine. I only felt that he was about to succeed, so I specially came over to take a look." Do I need three days of study? "What an incredible domain!" The voice of the Midnight Empress was filled with antic.i.p.ation, causing both Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian to feel surprised and delighted upon hearing it.

"That's right. He is coming out." After waiting for a moment longer, Zhi Zun nodded her head and turned around to leave.

She seemed to know about Yue Yang's situation.

Ten seconds after Zhi Zun left.

A strange and mysterious energy slowly seeped out from the Gate of Death, filling the entire Gate of Life and Death.

Even Raging Flame, Drunken Cat Sister, and the others, who were on the altar at the Gate of Life, could sense this energy clearly. They looked over in surprise.

Originally, there was no energy that could pa.s.s through the Gate of Life and Death. Only G.o.d Power and Divine Sense could exist here. Now, the mysterious energy that the Gate of Death overflowed could easily pa.s.s through s.p.a.ce and form an energy field.

Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian ran down the steps of the altar.

Standing at the forefront, waiting for Yue Yang's return.

A man whose entire body was exuding a myriad of golden lights slowly walked out. In his hand, there was a magical, seven-colored orb.

Before leaving the Gate of Death, the jewel was still absorbing the divine power and divine will inside it. Only when Yue Yang took his first step and reached the level of the altar did it gradually stop. Xue Wuxia' sharp eyes discovered that the pearl was Yue Yang's mysterious bead from the zodiac sign. He didn't expect that it could also absorb spiritual will and divine power, just like his spirit of the ancient book. A strange light flashed out from Yu Yang's body. It was the Divine Light of the Four Monument, which was the reward for Yue Yang's victory in the Arena of Death.

At this time, the divine light shot out from Yue Yang's body, entering the sparkling and colorful magical pearl.

Magical light, divine power, and divine will merged together inside the pearl.

It formed a dazzling divine pearl.

Yue Yang cut his finger and dripped his blood on it.

A type of energy that was even more mysterious and vast than the Prison Emperor Divine Sword , or even the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, soared into the sky. With Yue Yang's will, it enveloped the entire Gate of Life and Death.

The Law Energy of the Gate of Life and Death seemed to have retreated three steps back. Even when Raging Flames and Drunken Cat Sister ran over, they didn't have any effect.

Perhaps, for the first time in history.

"So this is how Divine Equipment were born." Midnight Empress of invisibility in the s.p.a.ce domain, her figure became indistinct. Under the cover of Yue Yang's will, her s.p.a.ce domain almost lost the effect of invisibility. Midnight Empress forgot all of this, and mumbled with a bit of excitement, "The progenitor origin orb, the divine light of the origin, merged with multiple divine powers and divine will. With blood as the starting point, it formed a new creator orb. "That's right, this is the Creator Orb. Like the Creation Domain created from the Sovereign's Will,the two were created from a single ent.i.ty!"

"Phew …" Yue Yang didn't hear the voice of the Midnight Empress nor did he see her figure. When his mind broke away from the marvelous state of the divine artifact, his legs unknowingly reached the first step of the altar and left the door of death. Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian could no longer bear it. They threw themselves upon him and hugged him tightly.

The unspeakable joy was only the strongest hug could be reflected .

I can barely express it.

Divine Equipment. Yue Yang finally had his first Divine Equipment, and it was entirely his own.

This was a divine artifact that he had created himself, and it was a Divine Equipment that would accompany him for his entire life!

Creator Orb!

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