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“Eeeeeee! You have never sent a letter !?”

A surprised voice echoes in the dining room, gazes around the place turns at once.
Anjou who shouted loudly apologize by bowing repeatedly and returned to her seat, she approached her face and kept talking in a small voice.

The 31st Aluminare squad is currently returning to Jacata for maintenance after finis.h.i.+ng the patrolling duty of the Buffer Zone. It is a real vacation for me who is the co-pilot.

Eventually, as usual, I’m doing some self-directed training and having a conversation with Anjou at the cafeteria in order to kill time. Even if I go out to town, I don’t have anything to do.

“Why don’t you send one? I’m sure your father and your mother are worried about you!”

After that, I eventually didn’t send one letter. I happened to say that I will write a letter soon, so I vaguely asked her to write about me. But then, that’s it.
Well, usually that’s how it goes.

“Yes, When I’m in front of a letter,I don’t know what to write in a letter and I get sleepy when I write a letter. Besides Anjou, you regularly writes a letter, right? I guess you write about me in no small numbers, right? ”
“Well, that’s right … but …”

Anjou blushed. Wait, what are you writing in the letter…

“Then isn’t it fine if you told my parents that I was safe”


It’s just a matter of doing self-directed training again.

“Let’s go to town and buy a letter and I’ll hand it over to my usual merchant together”
“Ehh, troubleso~~~~~”

when I tried to say that it was troublesome, Anjou pulled my cheek.

“What’s up?”

“…… I got issh~!”

And, that’s how I ended up going to town together with Anjou.

Showing our entry pa.s.s, we go through the gate toward the town.
since we’re on vacation, we wear civilian clothes. I’m wearing a jacket with pants and a s.h.i.+rt as I’m used to wear. Anjou wears a cool sky blue skirt on a lovely top with frills. Thanks to frill, it seems that even if it were white, the bra can not be seen through it.

“It’s the first time I went out to town in a while”

“Well, on vacation I’m doing basic self-training and I don’t have anything to buy even if I go out to town.”
“Your salary is out, right? Eldo, you used to like books from long ago,”

Certainly when I was in the village I was often reading the books in the village chief’s house, but that was to learn letters and to know about this world, It wasn’t because I especially liked books.

“I don’t like them that much , I just read them because I had free-time”

“That’s right.”

She seems to have noticed it in mid-sentence. Yes, my hobby is piloting robots. In a sense, it can be said that the current work is me enjoying my favorite hobby.

“Does Anjou have any hobbies? When we were in the village, weren’t you always accompanying me?”

“Oh, right”

If you tell me this directly, the fact I haven’t replied yet I feel like I’m doing something terribly bad … or rather, she’s definitely trying to blame me?

“After Eldo-kun left the village, I was studying just for the Academy, but I was also successively learning how to produce Accessories”

“Oh, you still have it”

When I pulled out the amulet from my chest, Anjou looked happy.
The amulet, which I have been wearing for over three years, occasionally maintaining it, but the engravings are quite worn out. Even the gear has almost disappeared.

“It’s getting much thinner”

“Well then make me another one. In this town, don’t you think you van do something better than this?”
“Like I have That much time!”

Even Anjou has work as a Support Maid. I heard that she is getting a vacation this afternoon, but I usually hear that she is helping cooking, laundering, cleaning the cafeteria  and the dormitory.
In that case, I feel bad for asking her make me one to the point of ruining her occasional vacation.

“It’s fine, the Accessory type system can be done in a few dozens of minutes. That’s right! Let’s go make it now! There are shops where accessories can be built in town too! ”

“Everything is experience, such fine work may unexpectedly be useful for pilots”

Anjou does not understand how to move me well. If I was told such a thing, She would not convince me to go.

“Okay, It’s decided! The shop is this way”

It was a small accessory shop located in a place where one entered from the main street where I was being guided to by Anjou. But it is a surprisingly popular place, there are many customers in the shop. Well, they are all female customers.
I have a bad feeling of sticking out in this place.

“Excuse me! I would like to make an original”

“I understand”

While watching the accessories lined up in the shop, I’m listening to Anjou as she explains things related to this shop.

It’s popular among women who want to confess and ladies,  as rumors spread its popularity is maintained.

Among the lined up accessories there are many that looks cute, there are few for men. It’s probably because men often make original for women, this place probably puts a lot of things to use for themselves.

“Mrs Anjou, I’ve kept you waiting. The room is empty, so please follow me”

guided by the clerk to the back of the shop.

Anjou and I go into a small s.p.a.ce surrounded by cloth according to the clerk’s instructions. One long desk was placed in front of us, and tools were lined up on it.
The clerk moves straight to the back and sits across the long desk.

“Is this your first visit?”

“First, I will roughly explain the general process, first choose a board to be the base. Well basically it is about deciding the color by choosing the wood, but if you wish, you can also prepare metallic items. Next, choose a silver plate to draw letters and pictures. That can turn into a heart shape, a star shape, a jewelry type etc. if you so choose. Once you have finished choosing,  I will hand over a paper with your selection of silver plate, letters and pictures in it to  the in-house magician, he’ll carve in letters and pictures on the silver plate according to the picture and in the end decorate it with jewelry and accessories. And it’s finished. Is there anything you do not understand? ”
“No, we’re fine”

Basically, you just have to draw a picture of what you want and that’s it.  since all though parts are done by a professional, there is no chance of failure. If you can make the original safely, it certainly will be popular.

“Although it’s pricey, the base board, the silver plate and even the carving  totals up to 2,000 chips. After that, as for each of the accessories decorations have their own price , please consult the brochure”

“Is it fine that your boyfriend will be together with you during the production?”

“Yes, please”

when I tried denying the “boyfriend” statement, I got stepped on my foot under the long desk. the heel is simply painful … It’s because I can not train the top of my foot. Let’s buy more defensive shoes from now on.

“Please choose the base board first”

According to the clerk’s instructions, we started making original accessories.

The nearby Anjou seemed to be  drawing something with undivided attention. I wonder I she already decided what she would draw earlier on?

If it was for myself, I’d properly draw magical-like circles [ ○ ] and starts [ ☆ ] creating something like a souvenir for a “Chuunibyou” [For those who don’t know what Chuunibyous are; they’re basically like normal high school kids that desperately want to be special and start acting like super heroes without super powers]on a school trip, but I will hand it over to Anjou so I can’t make something carelessly . I’ll definitely here about it from her 24/7.

As a result of suffering for a few minutes, I ended up drawing a s.h.i.+eld that protects the angel’s wings which are Anjou’s mark . In the Kingdom of Faytale, aluminares are occasionally represented by the mark of a s.h.i.+eld, so it is also a mark with a certain meaning. In this case, Anjou will accept it.

“I finished it”
“I’m also ready!”

We showed our drawings at almost the same time and handed them to the store clerk. When the clerk received it with a smile, he said; please wait a moment and left the room. I guess he’s about to engrave the drawings onto the silver boards.
In the meantime, Anjou was looking at jewelry type accessories.

“This is one cute, this one is also cute. Oh, this one may be something good”
“Will that be put on me?”

I do not want to wear amulets that I’ve been full of heart and star marks.

“Don’t worry, I will make it cool for Eldo-kun”
“Well, I’ll expect in moderation”

The clerk came back in about a few minutes with the a.s.sembled amulets from our chosen parts.

“This is an accessory you made, please check whether there are any scratches”

We each received the accessories we made, checking the front and back, the drawing I drew, and so forth.
Anjou nods satisfactorily, neither mime nor her’s had any scratches, and the picture has also been perfectly engraved. Seeing the texture, did they use a sand blaster-like manufacturing process? I feel that it’s not impossible to do if it is with earth-type magic.

“I have no problem”

“Well, finally, although it’s an optional accessory, would you like a rope?”
“I don’t need one”

Any more, my sensibility will not be able to handle it. So I turned left, destroying my balance as I seem to cruelly feel bad.[Girly stuff Overload]

“I want to add a little bit. Ah, Eldo-kun don’t look”

While I was turning around, Anjou picked this and that and the optional accessory and attached it to the amulet.

“Eldo-kun, you are good now”
“Did you do it?”

Looking back, a satisfied Anjou is smiling. And in those hands was the amulet she just finished. It already has a silver chain ready to be attached at any time.
Anjou was showing it hanging in the air.

“Tada—! What do you think?”

It’s a gear-shaped silver plate on a black base plate. An angelic picture is engraved in there, the angel is loudly playing a flute.[Just a picture with an angel playing]
The additional optional accessories are two blue transparent jewels.

“I tried decorating it with Aquamarine and Rainbow Crystal. What do you think?”


Receiving the amulet, it glides down my neck.

Anjou nodded satisfied, looking at the new amulet s.h.i.+ning on my chest.

“It’s right on the mark, isn’t it?”
“Oh, This one is for you, It may not be as tasteful as yours but…”

I’ll have to endure it for the time being.

Anjou gladly hung it on her neck.

“Does it suit me?”

“It suits you very well”
“Good, thank you!”

Thus said Anjou as she happily look at the amulet hanging below her neck using the hand-mirror handed over by the clerk.


“Yes, thank you”
“Likewise, for showing me something good”

The clerk said so with a smile on his face . It’s as though we showed him a cheap romantic comedy-like interaction. He’s a true professional. If it had been me I’d be beating them.

“Please hold this form and head to the cas.h.i.+er”

When Anjou tried to receive the paper on which the price was written, I s.n.a.t.c.hed it from the side. Indeed, even if she still some money left from her salary, If I let Anjou pay for it here, there is no doubt that various things will be said about me . Hey, maybe I’ll feel the gaze from the store clerk turn cold.

“I’ll take it over here, no complaints”

Anjou was initially surprised, but quickly smiled saying thank you.

Pen and papers, from small things up to lamps and even fry pans were arranged. It look like a general store that sells anything. that’s why the lineup seemed pretty good.
I was choosing with Anjou which letter to pick , in the letter section.

“what about this?”
“Is this one here no good?”

Anjou chose a letter with blue lines. What I chose is the normal, pure white one.
It is impossible for me to care about various styles. It may be better for me to leave this to Anjou.

“Well, I’ll go with that one, what about an envelope?”

“It’s fine as long it’s easy to understand”

With that, by choosing letters and envelopes without much worries, I bought them.

“Then, you should go back and write a letter!”
“Oh… There was that …”

I was feeling that buying a letter was already enough, but I have to write a letter…

“I wonder what I will write”

“Well, there is nothing to write about”

Like a big meal basket in the dining room, a liver trying in the late night, an illegal invasion to a hanger.

While thinking about what to write, I remembered things in the academy era, I heard the sound of a bell from afar.

“Eh? It’s already such time?”

This bell is installed at the base. Basically it is used to tell you when to wake up, eat, rest up or the closing of the gate.

Something is suspicious. Feeling like that, I properly listened to the chimes of the bell.

After striking twice in succession, one beat after striking again. This is continuous, if I’m not mistake——–n!?

“An emergency call!”

“It’s an ordinance to convene all the members for a state of emergence! I will hurry back”
“I got it!”

I heard that this sound will continue as long the situation is not too bad. Then, that mean that the situation is on going.
Then members of the aluminare team must gather as soon as possible. There is also the possibility of an emergency dispatch.

“Active Wing, quadruple installation. Open! Aero Thruster!”
“Flare Booster, Quadruple Installation. Open!”

We instantly activated the magic and went back to the base at the fastest speed using the top of the roofs.

When Eldo and Co. completing their amulets, two soldier came into the command station of the base.

“E- Emergency messenger!”
“What happened”

Seeing the worn out state of the soldiers, the general commander Sam Solomon could tell the this wasn’t a trivial matter at a glance , he stopped his daily training and sent an a.s.semble order to all subordinates of captain cla.s.s and beyond while approaching the soldiers.

“It’s the large scale march of the Obardo Empire!”

“We’ve managed to confirm but… twelve opposing aluminare, six of them went through the forest road of beta block and are attacking the fortress! This is where two aluminares at the Salsa and Sole fortresses are fighting back but, we do not know how long they can stand! Maybe, they’ve already… ”
“Eei, what was the secret unit doing! Shouldn’t the enemy only have 7 mechas?!”

While irritated by the difference between the  information secretly obtained from spies inside the empire, Maurice spreads the map on the table and quickly stabs the needle.
Meanwhile, the captains of the aluminare team on standby in this fort and the officers of the base gathered.

“It’s a large scale invasion! The number of enemy aircraft is only confirmed to be 12. Salsa and Sole are already in battle. It calls for an emergency convocation to all the armies and the aluminare squads to sortie out as son you are ready. What mechas can we send out right now? ”

“What about the patrol units !?”


Hearing his subordinates information he unintentionally clicked his tongue.
There’s no way there will be nothing going on. The opponent has a force of  12 aluminares. Such troops can’t pa.s.s through the buffer zone undiscovered. Then, at the very least, he thinks that one squad has been crushed before if could share the information.

“If so, the three mechas standing by and when the other two mechas are sorted out will they be sent out. The target is the Salsa fortress.”

“If the people in the buffer zones are going to go, they will be going to Sole. Once if turn into a pincer attack, even if our number is disadvantageous, we will still be able to buy us some time, in the meantime they will annihilate the enemies at Salsa and head towards Sole”
“Roger that!”

However, this was also a bad bet. If Fort Sole had already fallen, the aluminares who destroyed the fortress will be advancing deeper into the country at once. If so, all the towns on their way to Jaccata will be subjected to destruction and looting.

“I will protect the nation to the end! I will not let such cowardly empire trample upon the country under my protection! To all the aluminares get ready to sortie! As for the maintenance, make  the completion of the aluminares the top priority! The communication squad ,call the capital and Fortran request reinforcements and supporting supplies! Speed ​​is the highest priority!As for the Noncombatants half of them will  pack supplies and the other half will distribute emergency foods, I leave the personnel division to my Support Maid! The medical team will prepare to accept an injured people!  As for strategic operations this control room will be our foremost meeting room and I will take total command from here. If you got it, GO!.
“Ha! ”

In accordance with the order, the captains and officers who gathered in the control room moved all at once.

It appeared suddenly, the ma.s.sive invasion of an empire. It may be evidence that the gathered droplets became a river that started to flow.

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