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Chapter 19

And so we set up the lab outside the ruins and I’m house-sitting. ……in the end it’s always like this d.a.m.n i—t!
Mh—m, Ketorami-san is super good in wide places, but inside buildings is impossible for him.
Mh—m, but I don’t feel like employing another smaller water dog either.
Mhm, it’s fine. Since it’s a maid’s job, I’ll carry it out.

guard the house

Okay. For now I think I’ll do something with the sugarcane I had left aside.
……but even if I say that, I honestly don’t have confidence in refining sugarcane into white sugar.
Ah well, black sugar is fine too.
as long as its sugar
And so, I will be squeezing the sugarcane.
To squeeze it, I used a bucket that Hariu made for me based on that thing, that bucket used to squeeze mops.
Mh—m, squeezing it is really hard work.
Well, it can’t be helped.
I kept boiling and concentrating the extracted juice, removing the sc.u.m. Once it becomes viscous, stir.
I poured the stirred liquid onto an iron plate. Then once it cools and solidifies, done.
Eerr, was this right?
For now it seems to have crystallised, so it kind of solidified. Into black sugar, I think.
When I ate it, it tasted like black sugar, so it’s probably fine, probably.
……someho—w, I felt like I could do it, so I tried [Cleaning] it.
……I made, pure white sugar.
…….that skill is abit ridiculous
I also confirmed that I can make something like brown sugar by adjusting how much I [Clean]. Ooh, convenient convenient.
For now, I don’t know where sugarcane grew, but if I can get a constant supply of it, then we won’t run out of sugar in the future.

so make more sweets!

Since I have this, I will make a secondary sugar cane extract, or rather, secondary sugar cane squeezed juice from the sugar cane, in other words,
Then once I ferment that, we have rum.
……if, we got, eggs or cream, I’ll use it to make sweets.
Until then……that? I can only soak fruits in it.
As for why, it’s because we are high school students. We’re all underage.
Alcohol is for after you turn twenty. Except when used in cooking.

not that bad in cooking

Okay okay, while I was doing this and that, it’s about time to start preparing dinner.
Today is wild boar stew. Then I’m wrapping it up with porridge.
Since I’m starting from gutting the boar, it’s quite troublesome.
But, since we were thrown into this world, I’ve already [Dissected] a few.
I’ve already gotten used to it, I managed to gut three boars in the same amount of time I took to gut that first deer.
Iya—, fast fast. There’s also the power of skill-sama, as expected of otherworld qualities.
These boars’ teeth are blades and their bones are some unknown metal, so I gathered them separately.
I’ll pa.s.s them to Toriumi later.
But still, even if these bones can be used as a metal, they’re not suited to be used as stock.
Like even if I can extract metal stock, do you really want to eat that?
I’ll soak the skins in alum salt solution at night for tanning use at night as usual.
But I want a skill for this already. I want to be able to tan it in an instant.
Mh—m, could it be, I shouldn’t be soaking it?
Maybe the skill won’t activate if unless I recognise the alum salt solution as a tool? [Dyeing] had that kind of activation condition too. Okay.
I put a bucket of alum salt solution beside the skin and prayed towards it. Get ta—nned.
……okay mysterious light. And the skin was tanned.
I don’t get it, what’s with this world’s skill judgement! Aah, what was all that effort before this.
My skills increased again. [Tanning]. Exactly as it says.
Well, that’s fine, mhm, things got easier now.


And as I was doing that, everyone came back.
“Welcome back, master—s.”
“A—h yes yes, we’re back we’re back.”
They don’t even retort anymore.
ofc not
And so, it’s time for dinner.
And kind of as expected, they found something in the ruin that serves as the staircase down.
Meaning, they went to what would be the first floor of the school.
“I’m not sure, but if we check out a room that seems like it is a key to the school… the’s office, we might be able to find out more about this otherworld transfer.”
“Ah, and, even on the first floor, the corridor is also a river like on the second floor, then it spreads out into a lake, so the’s office is ridiculously far.”
They showed me the map that President drew.
The’s office is in the middle of the south building 1F, so we either have to go across or around the lake.
“At worst, we are thinking of bringing you into the ruins and moving to the other side.”
……in that case, since Ketorami can’t enter the ruins, he’ll be left behind.
……my fighting strength, is going to make an amazing s.h.i.+ft in the minus direction again.
“Well, we don’t have any plans for that right now. We have no plans for that, but we do have a plan on crossing the lake.”
Suzumoto pointed at President’s map(2F) and grinned.
“Since there’s a staircase here, it wouldn’t be strange for there to be 3 more right?”
Meaning, far to the west of here, in the area where monsters are stupidly strong, there’s the north building west staircase. Then much farther to the south, the south building east staircase and even father west from that, there should be the south building west staircase.
Basically, we’ll be aiming for the south of the second floor.

straight to the other side?

Now then, we wrapped up the meal with the porridge and its time to sleep.
I took a look outside just in case, and Ketorami was curled up waiting with a face like ‘come on, make it fast’, so I’ll be sleeping with Ketorami-san from now on.
After dusting him with the huge feather duster, I buried myself into his underbelly and slept. Good ni—ght.

i want a cat bed

It’s morning. It’s a little noisy.
Mainly with Ketorami-san’s growling.

E, errr, even when I slo—wly opened my eyes, I can only see his underbelly, so I tried slo—wly moving my head.
After slo—wly taking a look, there’s some people who look like students coming out from the ruins and headed this way.
Ah, by the way, the place where the ruins is is a s light basin and since the chemistry lab was set up on the edge of that basin, there is quite a distance from the ruins to the lab, and it’s also easier to see the ruins from the lab.
Ketorami made a face like ‘You, hide’, so I quickly climbed onto his back and buried myself in the fur on his back.
“Ketorami, could you call Suzumoto and the rest over?”
As expected, we cannot deal with this alone.
When I said that, he gave a 34% effort howl.
But it’s still the howl of a light truck-sized wolf, so the volume is still quite amazing.
Seeming to have noticed, everyone came out from the chemistry lab with their equipment.
Okay. This should work out somehow then. I’ll just stay hidden buried here. Mofu mofu.
so nice…
“Wait, where’s Maito? Wasn’t she sleeping buried in Ketorami?”
Just that I was being treated like I had gone missing, so I stuck out a hand from Ketorami’s back and waved, they noticed.
“Uwah, that’s definitely fluffy. How ni—ce, Maito-san, how ni—ce.”
Fufufu, Hariu is acting jealous, but I’m not yielding this spot. You guys can just sleep wrapped up in your futons on your own!
“Hariu, can you see that?”
There’s a reason Suzumoto asked Hariu.
Currently, I’m guessing it’s about three in the morning. Meaning, it’s still dark.
But since Hariu-kun has the skill [Night Vision], he can see extremely well at night.
There’s also the fact that his eyes were good in the first place.
“There are……err, 17, coming from the front.”
17… extre—mely, familiar number.
“A—h, that’s, probably the people that were in the information room. Uwa—h, don’t wa—nt.”
“We, were left to die after all……I, don’t know what kind of expression to make at times like this.”
“Since you were left to die…..I don’t think you need to show them a smile.”
I see—, if it is the people who were in the information room, then there might be some trouble.

outnumbered too

“What do we do? At this rate we’re going to meet though. As for me, I don’t really want to meet those that tried to leave Toriumi and Kairya to die, but there’s a chance that they have information that we don’t. Toriumi, Kariya, what do you want to do? I leave the choice to you.”
“Nn—……well, I don’t want to meet them, but that probably also means they don’t want to meet us. So if we just meet them here, won’t it be less troublesome later on?”
“I’m fine either way. Yes. I do want to hit the people who pushed us in though. Yes.”
Kariya, how about I take on that role? Ah, no, wrong, how about I entrust that to Ketorami?
“No, wait a bit, you guys, you all seem to be a.s.suming we can somehow meet normally, have a normal conversation and that’s it, but they are people who intentionally leave others to die and there’s a lot of girls that panic at the sight of monsters right? If we let our guard down, won’t they steal our food or the lab?”
With Hagasaki-kun’s opinion, n.o.body could say anything, the atmosphere grew awkward.
Iya—, after all, we want to deny it, but we can’t. If those people from the information room think they are allowed to steal anything from indoor-type people, that would be bad.
We don’t know what they’re thinking after all.
……no, normally, I don’t think that would happen. But, right now it’s a little abnormal. We are trying to survive in a world with swarms of monsters.
Even if something unlaughable happened like their mental states becoming abnormal and they all became even crazier with ma.s.s psychology, it wouldn’t be strange at all.
There’s the precedent of f.u.kuyama after all.
“Ah, and, to be realistic, they’re all combat progressions and there are 17 of them. We have one non-combat profession and there are 9 of us. If we fight, we cannot avoid damage.”
Gu. President dealt the finis.h.i.+ng blow to me.
Gunununu, that’s the thing, if there was something like a fight, on top of losing in numbers, there is a burden on this side.
Mh—m, I want to do something about it, but it just won’t work out.
“Ketorami, if you fought them, how injured would you get?”
I tried asking Ketorami that.
He made a face like ‘Do you think I can be hurt by something like that?’, but there’s the chance of being caught by being frozen by magic or something and then stabbed to death.
He’s saying ‘I won’t mess up like that’, but this guy feels like he is slightly overconfident.
“……okay. Ketorami, if it becomes a fight, run away with Maito. Don’t leave Maito.”
Well, I knew it would become something like that, as expected.
And so I adjusted my position so Ketorami can run at anytime and the others prepared to be able to fight at anytime.
I sang softly and activated [Prayer Song] and [Wish Song]. ……from what I can see, it doesn’t seem like it applied to the people over there, so this skill really seems to have some strange ability to act in accordance with my intentions.


And the time which I’m not sure is long or short slowly pa.s.sed.

the end

Hecate is finally starting to settle into the writing style of this author.
The translations should be slightly more consistent from now on……hopefully.

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