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Xi Zhaoyue decided that once she understood this world's principles, she would look into these 'energy boards' and experiment some with them.

After she took a stroll throughout the entire villa, she came to a very satisfying conclusion: she was the only one living there.

Just like any self-respecting refining enthusiast (alright, madman) that she was in her previous life, she spent almost all of her days refining ores and creating artifacts, and as a result, she rarely came into contact with other people which led her to develop a somewhat antisocial disposition. A somewhat antisocial disposition that was known all throughout the Cultivation society. The lack of people around her since her childhood resulted in Qin Zhaoyue indulging her 'best friend’ in everything and also resulted in the fact that she could have never imagined that this 'best friend’ of hers would…

Xi Zhaoyue shook her head, whatever happened in the past, she should neither lament over it any longer nor concern herself with it. She would be the one to suffer a loss if she let a heart demon¹ take root in her heart, so she had to get a grip on her emotions and start practicing cultivation as soon as possible.

Speaking of cultivation… Xi Zhaoyue knitted her brows. On her way from the hospital to the villa, she hadn't sensed even a speck of lingli². So it was extremely possible, that in this world lingli didn't exist in the first place.

If the lingli really didn't exist here and she still insisted on cultivating, there would be only one way to do so. Through the souls of deceased. Now, she found herself worrying whether the people here after their death left their ghosts behind.

There was actually a very easy method to verify this: as long as someone died (and it would have been for best if that someone died just a moment ago), that person's soul could be seen leaving the body and dissipating soon after.

Oh! How about she went out to kill someone to verify it?

Xi Zhaoyue had to reject this idea right away. First, she didn't have any cultivation base at the moment, second, this new body of hers was too weak and feeble, and third, now she was in the interstellar civilization. According to the interstellar laws of the Empire, voluntary manslaughter was severely punished here.

… Gululu…

While Xi Zhaoyue was lost in thought, her stomach rumbled, surprising her greatly.

How many years had it been since she last felt hungry?

In the cultivation world, this problem could have been easily solved with Gudan³, but here…

Xi Zhaoyue swept her eyes around, ultimately stopping her sight on that thing called 'robot' and tried asking: "Hey, robot, my belly is hungry, could you prepare something to eat for me?"

"Madame, this robot has a name," the robot expressed his slight disgruntlement.

Xi Zhaoyue's mouth twitched abruptly: "Then, may I ask what are you called?"

"This one is called February," although the face of February was square and expressionless, Xi Zhaoyue felt some adorable haughtiness exuding from him. What Xi Zhaoyue didn’t know was that majority of the ordinary robots here didn’t have names, only serial numbers, so February was indeed proud of having a name and considered himself quite a unique, extraordinary robot.

"Alright, February, can you get me something to eat?"

"Of course! Asking Madame to wait a moment."

Xi Zhaoyue sat at the table, looking at the test tube-like things. From the memory of the original owner, she recalled that these things were called ‘nutrient solutions' and could provide a person with a required daily energy. Although it wasn’t as convenient as gudan, in her opinion, it was still much better than cooking.

However, the taste of these nutrient solutions varied greatly and was all kinds of strange. For the most part, only people of the low strata of society and special groups like soldiers or mercenaries would drink them. But those who belonged to the upper cla.s.s wouldn’t use it for daily meals, usually.

Therefore, February preparing them for her, was it according to Qia Moqi's instructions?

It seemed that the rumor was right. Qia Moqi was very dissatisfied with his partner.

Without a backer and a bunch of tigers staring at her, coveting her Sentinel partner and wis.h.i.+ng her death… her situation seemed bleak.


Heart demon – in cultivation novels is an ever-looming internal threat to cultivators, who suffered some psychological trauma or obsession, that would lead to the block in their cultivation. And would need a very long, and a very tiresome work-through to get rid of it. Or they would be unable to advance(at best), go crazy, or die (usually, after going crazy; at worst) Lingli – energy that cultivators use to… cultivate in the world she came from. Gudan pill – the one that tides the hunger over in cultivation novels.


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