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In succession, Guan Xin Mu received 12 pots of hyacinth with the different color for each. The beautiful purple thousand red spread over Guan Xin Mu's lattice room. Colleagues all are laughing that every time they pa.s.sed it was really fragrant. Regarding Fei Jun's this kind of action, Guan Xin Mu was very happy. Every time she went home, she didn't mention this thing, she just silently smiled. Smiled because of his personality, Fei Jun frowned when looked at her strange smile, he was unable of make head or tail of it. She thought since he didn't want to point it out bluntly, she would also accompany him to restrain herself.

"Fei Jun this man is like this, I would see and watch how long will you endure to not say it!" Guan Xin Mu laughed and said it to He Qi.

He Qi sho was laying down on the sickbed, put down her book, and smiled: "Xin Mu, now you are really happy right."


"Although you always ridicule Uncle Fei, but actually in your heart, you really like him."

"A!" Guan Xin Mu realized her face flushed.

He Qi blinked her eyes, and used her finger to poke at Guan Xin Mu's cheeks: "Look, you are blus.h.i.+ng."

"Go Go Go, what is happy not happy, like or not like." Guan Xin Mu awkwardly said, in short, Fei Jun was very shameless very sinister!

Sometimes when you like a person you insisted on denying, like a kindergarten kids, He Qi couldn't help but laugh, her laughter was a bit gloomy. Guan Xin Mu noticed that she was not really happy, with a soft voice: "I heard with Zhan Shuo said that recently you always have a nightmare."

"Yes, I sleep unwell. I always tossed and turned restlessly on the bed, there was nonstop dream, when I woke up I was sweating abnormally." He Qi said, "Zhan Shuo helped me to invite Chinese acupuncture doctor. But I just been treated for two days, so the effects not yet appeared."

"Is it because you are too stressed? You may pressured yourself too much. Qi Qi, just forget the past, you are good now right? Zhan Shuo loves you even more, I accompany you, all things will become better." Guan Xin Mu advised.

"Em." He Qi nodded.

Guan Xin Mu accompany He Qi until she was asleep, when she went out the room, she saw Zhan Shuo came forward with a plastic bag on his hand. They both stood in the end of the corridor to chat. Zhan Shuo's looked exhausted, his voice was very hoa.r.s.e. He said that since He Qi lost their child, she had became estranged with him. Sometimes when he wanted to stroke her face, she will timely avoided it. She said that it was nothing, sometimes laughed. But inside his heart, he understood that she is changing. Toward him, she didn't feel trust, there was barrier between them.

"Qi Qi recently every night will have a nightmare. The nurse told me, she personally heard that He Qi yelled the word "child"." Zhan Shuo's face full of worry, " I thought her nightmare is related to her miscarriage. I've asked Doctor Sun, he said the miscarriage and accident had given Qi Qi mental trauma. She has some anxious and depressed orientation, he advised to consult to the psychiatric. That day I talked to Qi Qi, she didn't utter a word, just coldly stared at me."

Guan Xin Mu was on edge, her heart was feeling anxious, and said: "If He Qi really had mental problem, it cannot be neglected."

"Now I don't have a courage to mention it. I'm afraid it will provoke her mood, afraid that she will be emotional that she said that she doesn't want me anymore." Zhan Shuo sighed, and used his hand to arrange his hair.

"You should seriously talk to her, opened a conversation. Tell her that you love her, that you will be on her side, will not leave her behind so she will feel at ease," Guan Xin Mu said.

"I know, but she did't give me any chance. In front other, she will treat me like in the past. But when her parents go home, and just me and her. She will ignored me and said she wanted to sleep and moreover she put on her earphone to listen to music. She simply didn't give me any chance to talk to her." Zhan Shuo sighed, "I don't know what to do, moreover…."


Zhan Shuo's face stretched tautly, his mood clearly appeared to be unhappy: "There is an intern with family name Dai, always come to visit her."

"You said the doctor is Xiao Dai?" Guan Xin Mu remembered it, every time she came to visit she would run into tall and skinny, fair and clear skin young doctor that measure He Qi's blood pressure. There was a time, when she was outside, she heard Xiao Dai was so enthusiastic and cheerful in telling jokes to He Qi.

"It was a very skinny, and white skin doctor," Zhan Shuo looked somewhat annoyed, "He always look for Qi Qi. I'm a man, with a glance I could notice what is he thinking. Yet I couldn't stop it, every he made excuse to ask about illness condition, wanted to write course of disease. But it would take a long time, moreover always touched He Qi's body."

"He touched her? He was examining Qi Qi's injury or part doing part of physical examination!" Guan Xin Mu laughed, "Why, are you jealous?"

"Not really jealous, just felt somewhat uncomfortable." Zhan Shuo reluctantly admitted.

"Just looking at that you already felt uncomfortable, but Qi Qi with her own eyes looked at you hugged another girl that is your ex-girlfriend, could she not hurt?" Guan Xin Mu said, "Now, there's no child, it is a big blow for her. If you really want to win over her then you need to communicate with her, open a conversation, be more active. If she avoid you, then you just pursue her even more. Think of some tricks okay?"

Zhan Shuo was silent, slowly nodded his head.

Guan Xin Mu exited the hospital, she raised her head to sky and noticed the color of the sky is really beautiful, it was a blue jeans color. It was really beautiful that in a flash it made her feel the world is so beautiful, didn't have any luxuriant foliage. She naturally slightly smiled, it was not a smile for other people, but a smile for herself.

Her phone rang, it was a call from Pei Jin. She answered it, Pei Jin said that tonight Chu Wei Ran wanted to treat all of them, all the members of the group needed to join, she asked Guan Xin Mu to be there on time.

Hung up the phone, Guan Xin Mu knitted her brow. It was, and there was no self free time. She was really tired, just before she was in a good mood, after hearing this immediately her good mood slumped down. Since their cooperation with Bo Da, every three days it will be a small meal, every five days it will be banquet. Every meal would be fresh seafood, if she kept going on eating it, she will have diarrhea. She remembered what Xu Shuai said, when she was an intern, turned to be true: "Salesman is inevitably linked to liquor and dinner."

The venue of Chu Wei Ran's dinner banquet was same as before a seafood restaurant, when Guan Xin Mu looked at the table full of seafood, king crab, black tiger prawn, snapper, jadeite snails, abalone and alligator meat, she didn't have even a bit appet.i.te. Except her and a pregnant senior, every one was delighted to eat it.

w.a.n.g Li was an intern, she was not a official member of the group, but she also came to be freeloader. Usually she had a big appet.i.te, but in this moment, she only took a small bite and a small bite of asparagus and Indian lettuce. Pei Jun laughed at her and asked if she was on a diet. She feigned in anger coquettishly, "I'm not fat, why should I be on a diet." She said it with a bit of shyness. Her delicate and charming eyes glanced to Chu Wei Ran, her intention was written on her face. Everyone had a tacit mutual understanding, but didn't point it bluntly.

They started to chat, the atmosphere became more and more relaxing. The pregnant senior laughed and asked Chu Wei Ran whether he had a girlfriend, Chu Wei Ran shook his head and denied. The senior immediately complimented: "I know what is this mean, it's lonely on the top."

Chu Wei Ran laughed and shook his head: "What is the top, my EQ was low."

"Low emotional quotient men were the cutest." Pei Jin immediately said.

"Then… Chief Chu, what type of girl do you like?" w.a.n.g Li opened her mouth, her face was already red, her speed of talking was very slow. When she finished her last word, she felt that she was lacking of oxygen.

Chu Wei Ran tenderly smiled: "I never thought about this, moreover to say it, it will not be true. All is depend on destiny."

w.a.n.g Li's face was throughly red like a saute pork liver.

Guan Xin Mu didn't eat a lot, she only lowered her head and sent Fei Jun a message. Today Fei Jun was in his office to handle some matter. She was worried that he was so busy that he forget to take care of hunger. She urged him to surely on time to take his lunch, didn't drink coffee. Fei Jun just replied a word, "Em". She was still chatter on and on endlessly sent him a message, she completely unaware that Chu Wei Ran's lingering and far-reaching sight was fixed on her for a long time.

Exiting the restaurant, Guan Xin Mu felt her head to somewhat dizzy, before she drunk two c.o.c.ktail, now the aftermath effects were appearing. She hurriedly raised her head and took a deep deep breath, yet she didn't aware of the low-level stair below her. When she about to stumble, Chu Wei Ran, who was behind her, extended his hand to support her. Because his hand's strength was somewhat powerful, she unconsciously sticked close to her body, smelled his scent, it was leather with tobacco peppermint scent, and mild alcohol scent. She thanked him, Chu Wei Ran slowly released her. He warned her repeatedly to be careful.

When they about to be dismissed, Pei Jin's husband picked her, the husband of the pregnant senior was also come to pick up. The other two men in their group was planning to go to karaoke. It was Guan Xin Mu, w.a.n.g Li, and another female member. Chu Wei Ran was very gentlemanly suggested to send all of them home.

Chu Wei Ran asked w.a.n.g Li's and another female member's address, he thought to send them off first. w.a.n.g Li kept on fixed her gaze to the back of the Chu Wei Ran's head, Chu Wei Ran noticed it from the rear view mirror, curiously asked: "Ms w.a.n.g, is there something on my head?"

w.a.n.g Li immediately shook her head, and stuttered: "No…. no thing."

Another female colleague sneered, Guan Xin Mu inclined her head to look at w.a.n.g Li then to Chu Wei Ran. In her heart, she thought Chu Wei Ran should notice w.a.n.g Li's intention. Is he had interest toward her? If it is true, then it will be good because their cooperation will run smoothly!

w.a.n.g Li got off the car, without hearing her thanks, Chu Wei Ran drove her car as fast as lightning far away from w.a.n.g Li's gaze. w.a.n.g Li felt depressed, she stayed expressionlessly there for a long time.

It was just Guan Xin Mu and Chu Wei Ran left in the car, but now Guan Xin Mu didn't feel awkward. After courses of interaction, she already noticed Chu Wei Ran was very gentlemanly and also quite strict man so to interact with him was not really hard at all. Moreover he didn't really love to talk, so it save her from hypocritical chat, she could just calmly sit down, lowered her head, and closed her eyes.

Yet who knows after a second, the car was violently stopped. Guan Xin Mu was shocked that her heart was beating madly. She opened her eyes and not yet noticed of what happened, Chu Wei Ran already got off the car. She tried to look, it was a old grandma fell down in front of the car, she was crying bitterly and howling in grief. She understood it was dangerous matter, immediately got off the car and walked to Chu Wei Ran's side. Chu Wei Ran lowered his head and asked that old grandma about her injury. The old grandma exaggeratedly yelled: "It's really hurt! My bone is breaking! You cannot drive like this, you will kill somebody!"

Guan Xin Mu felt somewhat strange. But didn't know what is odd, this old grandma didn't have any blood injury on her body, her eyes was bright. Although she was expressing her hurt, but her eyes completely looked okay, could it be what is called Peng Ci? (Peng Ci is a currently widespread fraud in China involving deliberately cras.h.i.+ng cars then demanding compensation)

Traffic police came, and investigated the condition. The old grandma methodically and thoroughly said: "My eyesight is not good, when it was 20 second before the red lights, I just walked slowly, didn't think that his car will me…."

"We have CCTV, we can look at it to see the whole accident course of events."

"What CCTV! I was. .h.i.t by his car, I fell to the ground, how can it be false!" The old grandma fiercely said, immediately started to howl in grief, "I was almost died! Nowadays all the young people really drive recklessly! You cannot be like this!"

More and more people surrounded them, Chu Wei Ran calmly looked at old grandma's act of crying, slowly smiled and said: "Just like this, I will take you to the hospital to do the check up. If there is any injury, I will take responsibility."

The old grandma mumbled a few words, then nodded.

Because the old grandma looked okay, the traffic police didn't confiscate the car. Chu Wei Ran brought the old grandma and Guan Xin Mu to the nearest hospital. Because it was quite late at night, the hospital couldn't do some check-up like CT or anything. So several doctors alternately gave old grandma ma.s.sage, asked whether she was hurt or not. Every time she would exaggeratedly screamed, a few times Guan Xin Mu saw with her own eyes, even when the doctor hadn't touch it, the old grandma would already wailed like ghost and howled like wolves.

Chu Wei Ran didn't be bashful or angry, he jus stood on one side let the doctor examined it carefully. He turned his body to look at Guan Xin Mu, said: "I'm really sorry that I'm involving you."

"What are you saying?" Guan Xin Mu laughed and shook her head, "You have a trouble, of course I couldn't leave you."

Chu Wei Ran's eyes brighten, then he smiled.

The old grandma in a moment said her left leg was hurt, the after a second, her lower backbone was aching, then a moment again said her head was dizzy that it all spun in her vision, she wanted to vomit. In short, various symptoms were all appeared. She intensely requested to stay at the hospital to undergo observation. Chu Wei Ran helped her to do administration.

Guan Xin Mu lightly said: "Her act was too bad. At the start she didn't say she have headache. However when the doctor asked whether she has a headache or not, she immediately said that her head is spinning. Are you sure you want to help her do the administration to be hospitalized?"

"Perhaps she is really injured?" Chu Wei Ran laughed, "It is true or not, we just need to wait until tomorrow to do the test, the result will tell us all."

Guan Xin Mu's phone suddenly rang, it was from Fei Jun. She answered it, Fei Jun asked about her position. She told him about what just happened. Fei Jun fell silent for a moment then asked her to wait for him there, he would come to pick her up.

Hung up the phone, Guan Xin Mu turned her body to see Chu Wei Ran. She felt Chu Wei Ran's expression was suddenly ugly, she was afraid it was because he was too anxious about the old grandma would have some problem. Hence she advised: "Don't be too worried, I feel there will be no problem. Every problem could be solved, there is no problem that can't be solved."

"Em." Chu Wei Ran said.

"My husband said that he will pick me up, so you don't need to worry about me. After the administration process is done, you also go home."

Chu Wei Ran raised his watch, and smiled: "I'll wait until your husband is here."


He suddenly would like to know what her husband look like, is he tall or short, is he fat or skinny, and how is he compared to him. To think it over and over, his heart still felt somewhat unwillingness, why should he be late?

Around twenty minutes, Fei Jun arrived. Because he also just backed from office, he still wore his formal deep grey suit outfit, with necktie, his hair was neat and tidy. The time he saw Guan Xin Mu, he instinctively sighed, then quicken his pace. Guan Xin Mu also immediately called his name : "Fei Jun." by the time she saw him.

Fei Jun? Chu Wei Ran's mind was in shock.

"What happened?" Fei Jun caught a sight of Chu Wei Ran behind Guan Xin Mu, in a flash the atmosphere between them became strict, "Wasn't it a simple meal, how can you be at the hospital?"

Guan Xin Mu hurriedly introduced Chu Wei Ran to Fei Jun.

Chu Wei Ran naturally and unrestrainedly extended his hand: "So it is actually Chief Fei. Indeed it was fate. Previously we had ever been in the same hiking club, do you still remember it?"

Fei Jun's hand pulled Guan Xin Mu's hand, and coldly looked at her. He looked at Chu Wei Ran coldly too, then said: "I don't remember it."

"An eminent person has a short memory." Chu Wei Ran took his hand back, and carelessly laughed.

Fei Jun straightforwardly ignored Chu Wei Ran, he pulled Guan Xin Mu's hand then moved toward the exit. Guan Xin Mu followed he while looked back and expressed her apology to Chu Wei Ran. Her heart thought, Fei Jun, you really impolite!

Fei Jun's grip on Guan Xin Mu's wrist became more and more tight and stronger. Guan Xin Mu felt hurt that she frowned, and yelled: "Hey Hey, you want to strangle me to die!"

Fei Jun stopped his step, turned his body, released her hand, his face looked cold and serene. Guan Xin Mu abled to notice that Fei Jun was somewhat unhappy, or worse.

"Go home." Fei Jun said, he sharply looked at her, turned his body, and walked very fast to leave the hospital.

Guan Xin Mu could only run a little to follow behind him.

At the front of Fei Jun's car, Guan Xin Mu gasped for breath, and questioned: "What are you unhappy about? I didn't get into trouble, I just accompanied my boss to go to hospital! Moreover the victim is an old grandma!"

Fei Jun casted a glance to Guan Xin Mu's white and long legs, his eyes became colder, and said: "Who let you to wear this flowery skirt? Didn't you a.s.sessed yourself before you go out? It's really ugly. Moreover with these thick legs, you also have courage to wear short skirt?"

After he was done, he got in the car, and locked the car. Guan Xin Mu was really angry, got in the car, and closed it hardly.

Obviously he always criticized her to have no aesthetic taste, always wore that somewhat loose. Therefore, she bought this scattered fine flower pattern short skirt, moreover who said that thick legs woman couldn't wear skirt?! She also didn't wear it for him!


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