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Chapter 241: Professional Cheng

Lou Zhisheng and Qi Fang often complained about Guo Min taking advantage of the original factory going bankrupt and making a huge profit out of it. They despised him for using his relatives to manage the factory for that group of people were completely inept. But the couple was still grateful that Guo Min trusted Lou Zhisheng enough to let him develop in the field technology.

This allowed Lou Zhisheng to finally have a stable job with a fairly decent income after several years of wandering. Thus, the Lou family got out of a bad spot and into relative comfort.

"Well, where's his home?" he asked as the idea struck him.

Lou Zhisheng and Qi Fang would go to Guo Min's house for the festivities, but they always felt they should not bring their child along. This also suited Lou Cheng, seeing as he could stay comfortably at home instead of going to a stranger's house. So he had no idea where Guo's house was.

Xing Chengwu said, "It's too troublesome to talk over the phone. I'll text you later. Lou, be very careful. Your safety comes first!"

"Yes, Uncle Xing." After hanging up the phone, Lou Cheng thought for a moment before giving Yan Zheke a call.

He had no experience in security. Of course, he had to consult Ms. Know-It-All, Coach Yan!

The cheerful ringtone rang for a few seconds before the call was answered. Lou Cheng opened his mouth to ask his questions, but what came out was his unconscious concern. "Ke, have the police come to your home?"

"Yes." Yan Zheke's eyebrows knitted and she pressed her lips together. She kept her voice low. "Foolish Cheng, you really like being a worrywart. With Aunt Liu here, it makes no difference whether the police's around... "

Speaking of which, she asked,

"How do you know this?"

Then she said,

"Did Uncle Xing tell you?"

"Did he want you to help? How can he ask you for help? You're still a student. How can he do this?!"

Listening to the sharpness in her voice, Lou Cheng was surprised to see her keenness, but also keenly felt a gripping fear. "Relax. Four policemen are good at shooting. As long as I'm not killed with one shot, I'm still safe. Did you think I can't even take a hit from a Professional Seventh Pin?"

With her voice m.u.f.fled, Yan Zheke said, "Of course I believe in your strength. The difference between Seventh Pin and Eighth Pin isn't as big as the one between Eighth Pin and Ninth Pin. But it's still very dangerous! Run as soon as there's danger, okay? No, you can't run around. It's even more dangerous to show your back to the enemy... "

In the professional ranks, there was a gap between Ninth Pin and Eighth Pin. There was also a gap between Sixth Pin and Fifth Pin. But the gap in between Fourth Pin and Third Pin was called a gantry!

Listening as the girl rambled on, Lou Cheng's heart warmed. He smiled and said, "Silly Ke, I'm experienced. If he dares use continuous outbreaks to kill me, then I'll take the opportunity to kill him no matter the expense!"

He vowed that he would take care of himself for her sake.

"Okay then... " Yan Zheke sighed. "You're a fighter. These situations are inevitable... Cheng, wait. I'll help ask what you need to pay attention to as a security detail. You don't have any experience!"

"Wise Coach Yan, I called to ask for this." Lou Cheng complimented her with a smile.

"Hmm, at least you're smart enough to ask me." Yan Zheke bit her lips. "I have an uncle who does this. I'll text you later. Don't go over so soon, okay?"

"Yes! All under Coach Yan's command!" Lou Cheng then hung up the phone.

At this time, Chief Xing's text arrived. The message contained Guo Min's address and Niu Zhen's phone number. That was the contact person from the police team.

Lou Cheng took a few breaths, adjusting his mood. Then he put on his martial arts clothes and shoes, deciding to leave like that.

It was the most suitable clo

thes for fighting. Better safe than sorry!

Before leaving, he remembered his master and made a quick phone call. He had some concerns as it was the first time he encountered such a thing.

"Go. You ought to experience such things." Geezer s.h.i.+ yawned, apparently unconcerned. "A real fighter can't rely on the Challenge Tournament to grow. It's impossible to understand some scenes and results unless you thoroughly experience them. That's true for my generation and for Warrior Sage Dragon King generation. Your generation is no exception."

Somewhat relieved, Lou Cheng joked, "Master, aren't you afraid that something will happen to me?"

"I'm not your father. There's no need for me to worry endlessly! This isn't a high-ranked Dan Stage or physically invulnerable fighter. It's just a Seventh Pin who had escaped for a long time. And four gunmen will accompany you. If you still end up getting killed, I don't have an apprentice like you!" Geezer s.h.i.+ laughed at him. "You won't be able to defeat him, but as your teacher, I believe you can still survive. That's all. I need to seize the time to drink."

His daughter and daughter-in-law were returning soon!

Seize the time to drink... Drink... Lou Cheng felt that his importance was beneath that of a jar of wine.

He pushed his bedroom door open and went into the living room. He told Lou Zhisheng who was watching TV. "Dad, Qin Rui invited me to spar. I'm not coming home tonight."

He was unable to speak about this kind of thing directly. He could not say that he was going to work as a security detail for his dad's boss. That would frighten his dad!

"You're still practicing this late at night?" Lou Zhisheng asked, getting up with the remote control in hand.

"The provincial youth game is at the end of the month." Lou Cheng randomly found an excuse.

Lou Zhisheng pondered and said, "Cheng, I heard that some of the fighters are more, well, more self-indulgent. They become gangsters based on their little knowledge of kung fu. You have to keep a distance from them."

"Dad, relax. I won't even look at them at all," Lou Cheng answered with a smile.

In his head, he thought that what he was about to do was far more dangerous than those gangsters...

Lou Zhisheng was not Qi Fang, so he did not nag much. After giving his son advice, he merely watched Lou Cheng open the door and leave.

In the taxi to Guo Min's house, Lou Cheng received a text from Yan Zheke. She sent him a list of a pile of security precautions and lessons, before ending with the words. "Cheng, you must be very confident and calm. You've to look powerful and professional. In that kind of environment, everyone will be more perceptible. When you can confidently make a decision and firmly implement it, they'll subconsciously listen to you. This will save you a lot of trouble... "

"Got it!" Lou Cheng replied.

Guo's mansion.

Four police officers had arrived; two men and two women. With Guo Min and his two children, coupled with his bodyguard and servants, the party made a total of nine.

Guo Min was originally a warrior. He began as a miner and then started a successful business. But traces of his previous hards.h.i.+p were all gone. He was now fair and fat, like a stereotypical rich man.

He still looked anxious despite having a lot of bodyguards of Professional Ninth Pin with him. He could not help asking the officer Niu Zhen who stood in the front, "Captain Niu, Chief Xing mentioned that there would be a master. When will he come?"

As a former warrior, he knew better than his wife Wan Rongli and daughter Guo Huairou how terrifying a Seventh Pin was.

Niu Zhen was transferred from the army, so he still had the military habit of standing straight. He answered, "Mr. Guo, Chief Xing sent me a text saying the master will arrive very soon."

"That's good. That's good," Guo Min said repeatedly.

"Dad, it's all your fault. I already said the whole family should go to Gaofen for vacation yesterday," Guo Huairou chimed in, complaining.

Guo Huairou was 27 years old. She had a good shape and ordinary looks that she made up for with cosmetics. After her college graduation, she helped her father run his business. She wanted to turn their family business into a proper corporation and was so busy that she neglected any talks of marriage. Last year, her parents gave birth to a late child. They gave her a younger brother, making her angry and helpless.

Guo Min flattened his hair and sighed, "I didn't expect Zhan Xuming will come to Xiushan."

Just as his voice faded, the doorbell rang.

Everyone became silent and was so scared that their heart speeded up. Guo Min was the first to recover. "Captain Niu, is it the master?"

"Let me check first." Niu Zhen turned and walked up to the door. Through the camera and visual screen, he saw a young man wearing a martial arts uniform outside.

Was he not too young? Niu Zhen called Lou Cheng using the phone number Chief Xing provided and opened the door after the confirmation.

When the door opened, he suddenly took a step back. He could feel the strong Qi in Lou Cheng's blood and his sharp temperament.

This was truly a master! He, who came from the army, had met a lot of top fighters. With all his doubts expelled, he extended his hand with a smile. "h.e.l.lo, I'm Niu Zhen. Chief Xing should have mentioned me."

"Yes. Tonight I'll have to trouble you to cooperate with me," replied Lou Cheng courteously.

Wan Rongli then shouted, "Is this who you call the expert? How old is this kid? I want to give your Chief Xing a call!"

Next to her, Guo Huairou nodded enthusiastically. She too thought this master was too young and not dependable enough.

Guo Min may have given up martial arts, but he still possessed a sharp eyesight. He immediately stopped them. "Silence!"

His face was filled with smiles and greeted Lou Cheng, who was in a black-and-white martial arts suit.

"How do I address you, my friend? Tonight I'll have to depend on you to make sure things go well!"

With his power, plus Xie Tong and four policemen with their large caliber pistols, it was just barely enough...

Lou Cheng did not give his name as it will ruin his plans. He nodded, taking it as his response. He then looked around the living room.

"Mr. Guo, since Chief Xing had entrusted me with this, I'll do my best to ensure your safety. I hope you can cooperate with me."

"Good... Good!" Guo Min was surprised for a moment, and then nodded.

Lou Cheng's expression became serious. "Tonight, everyone will sleep in the living room. You can't leave the sight of the officers without permission."

"How can you do that?" Guo Huairou blurted.

In her mind, she thought that the master was here to protect them, not to torture them!

Lou Cheng replied somberly, "Mr. Guo ought to be clear that it's very easy for a Dan stage master to climb a two-story building. Our strength is weak and we definitely can't protect everyone separately lest he broke through our security. If you meet Zhan Xuming on the second floor, and even if we can detect him in time, the time we take to rush there is enough for him to kill you several times."

Guo Huairuo's voice became meeker. "But we still have to take a bath, right?"

"One by one, on the first floor. The ladies will go first, with the two female officers guarding inside. Then the male officers will watch the men. That's to make sure you won't be left alone," Lou Cheng answered calmly. "I suggest not taking a bath. When you go up to get your quilts and other things, don't rush. Send a representative to go under the protection of the officers and bodyguards... "

He gave out instructions one after another, making Guo Min and Guo Huairou trust him as a professional master. Unconsciously, they obeyed the calm and confident Luo Cheng without arguing or being arrogant.

When everything was done, everyone returned to the living room to settle down. Lou Cheng looked at the time and spoke to Niu Zhen, Yang Sha, and the other officers.

"From now on, divided yourselves into two groups. Rotate every two hours so everyone gets enough rest. We're not dealing with an ordinary fugitive, so your physical and mental state are very important. We can't be careless."

"Okay." Niuzhen nodded.

Since Lou Cheng's arrival, he felt like they finally got a backbone and that everything had become orderly.

Even though they were all shooters, they had little confidence facing a professional top Seventh Pin. If they don't have one or two masters who can fight directly, they were afraid they simply cannot defeat him with just four guns.

After listening to Lou Cheng's, everyone looked at him, waiting to hear his responsibilities.

But he sat down in a chair, closed his eyes, and began to sleep.


Sleep... Guo Min and others opened their mouths, suddenly apprehensive.

This professional master did not look very reliable.

After a while, they heard Lou Cheng's steady breathing as if he was in a deep sleep. Inexplicably, their worries and tension dissipated a fair amount. It even felt like they were at peace.

That guy might not care about their lives, but he certainly would not joke around with his own. To dare sleep so openly meant he had absolute confidence and certainty.

All seemed under his control!

Influenced by Lou Cheng's calmness, everyone no longer panicked secretly. Wan Rongli and Guo Huairou felt sleepy. Curled up on the sofa, they slept lightly.

With similar professional guidance, those in Yan's villa were also gathered in the living room as sleeping together was easier for protection.

Since there were outsiders, Yan Zhe Ke put on a martial arts suit instead of her usual night dress. She sat cross-legged, covered in a blanket. When she lay on the sofa, she was so worried about a fool who was not by her side that she could not sleep.

Logically, she was not afraid of death and she was also under the protection of Liu Xiaolin and four police officers. She should feel same and fall asleep as if nothing was wrong.

But now, she grasped her phone, wanting her phone to ring yet afraid of it at the same time.

A little after two in the morning, everyone in Guo's living room was already asleep or about to fall asleep, except for Niu Zhen, Yang Sha, and Guo Min's bodyguard Xie Tong who were on s.h.i.+ft duty. It was so quiet that one could hear the sound of insects.

At that moment, a deep asleep Lou Cheng felt his heart quickened. He opened his eyes, having felt danger descending on them!

It was from that direction!

He stood up at once, adjusted his body muscles, and instantly was in the most suitable state for fighting. He then looked at the left window of the living room, and spoke in a low voice.

"He came."

He came? Niu Zhen and Yang Sha were shocked and instinctively pulled out their pistols. They jumped aside so they could cross-fire.

He came? The two resting police officers were suddenly awake. Although they were a little slower, they still got off the sofa and occupied one corner, aiming their firearms at the window.

He came? Xie Tong was at a loss at first, then posed cautiously.

He came! Guo Min turned pale. With his hands grasping the blanket, he subconsciously leaned towards Xie Tong.

He came! The noise awakened Wan Rongli, Guo Huairou, and the others. Too afraid to speak, they snuggled close to each other. They clutched their arms and s.h.i.+vered.

That crazy murder really came?

What to do? What to do?

Just as a shadow came near outside the window, it seemed to realize that the originally quiet target had become alive. The atmosphere instantly turned intense.

When he felt some p.r.i.c.king sensations on his body, he knew dangerous firearms were aimed at him. He was shocked and backed a few steps. He decided to confront it quietly.

A wave of power surged. After a few seconds, he realized the security inside was not at all loose. He suddenly understood the other side did not notice him by mistake.

The shadow hesitated for a moment. Realizing there were no chances for him to attack, he decisively and quietly retreated out of this area. At the same time, he whispered one word.


In Guo's living room, Lou Cheng's inexplicable surge of power gradually subsided, no longer under his control. But at the last moment, he noticed the source of malevolence leaving.

Closing his eyes and putting himself in the state of meditation, he tried to imitate a deep sleep so he could relive the sensor characteristics of Jindan. But with the existence of the spirit and thoughts, he could barely relive any, let alone making the long distance induction work in deep sleep.

But no matter what, he was sure the malevolence had left.

Niu Zhen and the others stared at the window. The tension was so thick that if a mouse had jumped out, it would be shot dead at once by intensive fire.

However, they were still unable to find traces of Zhan Xuming.

Under this atmosphere, Lou Cheng casually spoke.

"He's gone."

Gone? Guo Min, Niu Zhen, and the rest shared confused looks, nearly losing the strength to react.

Zhan Xuming had left before even making an appearance?

Was it true?

Following this, an emotion called anger appeared in their minds.

Was this guy f*cking around?

He inexplicably disturbed everyone, making everyone aim at that window and be on alert for a long time. He then said that nothing happened? That the mad murderer had come but left without coming inside the house?

Could it be he made a misjudgment and made an exaggerated reaction?

If not for the fact that Lou Cheng was their backbone tonight, and the situation would be even more dangerous without him, Guo Huairou and the rest really wanted to scold him.

But they had to hold back. So they swallowed their dissatisfaction and returned to their original spots.

Lou Cheng looked calm when he told Niu Zhen, "Give Chief Xing a call and tell him that Zhan Xuming came. Tell him to pay attention to the houses nearby."

"B-But we didn't find anything," Niu Zhen could not help retorting.

Lou Cheng calmly looked at him and said, "If you report truthfully, he'll judge by himself. He doesn't need your help in making a decision."

Niu Zhen thought it was always wise to play safe, so he reported as such to Chief Xing. There was only a brief reply from him, "I see."

They watched as Lou Cheng sat on the ground, sent a few messages, and fell asleep again.

Asleep... Guo Min and others felt numb and even a little despair.

Yan Zheke turned on her side, finding it difficult to sleep. The others thought she was too timid to sleep, so everyone tried to comfort her.

Her cell phone rang and her heart almost stopped beating.

She hurriedly picked up and found the text was from Lou Cheng.

"Zhan Xuming came, but we scared him away. It should be fine now... "

Huh... Yan Zheke breathed a sigh of relief. Happy yet scared at the same time, she asked, "You're not injured, are you? Don't be careless; he may come back!"

"I'm not injured. He noticed our heavy protection and ran away... Please don't worry, I won't be careless. I'll be on alert and I've already informed Uncle Xing. Hey, why aren't you asleep?" Lou Cheng asked.

Yan Zheke said lightly,

"I didn't sleep too well. Whenever there are sounds, I'll wake up."

It was all because of him, this fool.

At five in the morning, Lou Cheng was awakened by his vibrating phone.

Taking a look at the screen, he saw the call was from Chief Xing. Once the call connected, he heard an unveiled happy voice. "Lou, we had a peaceful night. The crisis is over for the time being! The special task force has arrived and we've caught onto Zhan Xuming's tail. He has nowhere to run. You can go home and have a good rest. I'll see you in court this afternoon."

"Okay." Relieved, Lou Cheng instantly relayed the news to Yan Zheke.

Finally able to put her worries at ease, Yan Zheke's eyelids began drooping. She forced herself to reply, "Hmm, Cheng. I'm so sleepy. I'm going to take a nap and exercise in the afternoon."

"I slept well, so I'm going to continue. Good night, Ke Xiaoke. Oh no, it should be good morning!" Lou Cheng replied, smiling.

He then put away the phone, looked around the living room, and gave a slight smile.

"The danger has been dealt with. You're all free to do whatever."

He then opened the door and left.

The silence in the living room stretched. Guo Huairou could not help complaining. "Sir Niu, what kind of master did you get us? He was completely useless!"

"Exactly! He even frightened us and tortured us the whole night. I'll talk to Chief Xing about this!" Wan Rongli chimed in, ma.s.saging her sprained neck.

Guo Min also smiled. "It's fine, it's fine. We don't have enough manpower anyway. I can understand. It's enough we survived this ordeal."

It was inconvenient for Niu Zhen to respond to their complaints. He had not received his next order, so he could only listen to the Guo family rambling with Yang Sha and the others.

After a few minutes, he received an order to open the window in the living room.

"Open the window?" The unexpected order confused Niu Zhen.

When he opened the window, he saw a few unfamiliar men dressed in police uniforms checking something underneath the streetlamp.

"What's wrong?" Niu Zhen asked, puzzled. Guo Min, Guo Huairou, and the others also curiously squeezed into the frame of the window.

The leading policeman outside frowned.

"Zhan Xuming stayed here for at least a minute... "

Yet he did nothing!

Zhan Xuming stayed here for at least a minute? Zhan Xuming was really here! He even stayed for a minute! Niu Zhen's mouth opened little by little. He was stunned to see the faces of everyone were filled with bewilderment and fear as well.

Hiss! After a brief moment, successive sounds of breath inhalation were heard.

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