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Chapter 243: Entering the Home

"Him? " Huang Qun's eyes widened.

This was a relations.h.i.+p that was unattainable!

Zhao Zhijun was still frowning, "Yup, I think I saw correctly. To be invited to such family feast, they must have a closer than the normal relations.h.i.+p! "

Lou Zhisheng knows how to plant spies? 

"Just hear what you just said. He was having a meal with a family of detectives. It doesn't mean that they're close. Didn't we also have such a meal? What if he was a schoolmate of Jingjing? " Huang Quan continued to guess.

"Hmm, true. " Zhao Zhijun stepped into the elevator and groaned. "But the more I think about it, the more I think that Lou Zhisheng's son looked very smart. He doesn't seem to be the same as the others. Tomorrow when we get to work, I'll go and check up on him. "

At night, on the way home, the mysterious expert whom Boss Guo thought no one could capture, was listening to obediently.

Qi Fang nagged, "Just see you. Only a couple of days and you're not coming home to sleep, not coming home for dinner... "

After listening for a good five minutes, Lou Cheng finally found the opportunity to interrupt. "Mum, it's like this. I asked our Martial Arts Club's coach to be my master right? He has a friend in Xiushan, who has been taking care of me. So, if someone senior invites me to a meal, I have to go, no? "

Since Geezer s.h.i.+ had officially acknowledged him as a disciple, he only sort of mentioned the matter to his parents. He left out the details of his master's abilities, only saying that he was a rather powerful person.

"Is that the truth? " Qi Fang's face was filled with suspicion.

"Why would I lie to you? If not I could give you the number and you can call and check. " Lou Cheng answered earnestly, while grumbling under his breath. If his mum wanted to the number, he would just tell her to its zero zero one - call the police and look for Director Xing!

"Ok Ok, Cheng is now a big boy. It's only normal he has his own relations. Why do you ask so much? " Lou Zhisheng finally spoke to stop his wife from questioning any further.

Qi Fang shot him a venomous stare and said, "I am only asking and showing some concern for my son, is there anything wrong with that? Do I need you to teach me? Just look at yourself, you are not even concerned, you don't ask anything! All you know is to eat and to play chess! "

Seeing that the arrow was now turned towards his dad, Lou Cheng just raised his hands and gave a helpless look, before sneaking back to his room.

In the next two days, he went to Ningshui County to visit his grandparents for two days in the countryside. In the meantime, he boasted to Yan Zheke about the various fruit trees. When he got to work on Monday and started to coach Wu Ting, Zhang Qiufan and the other students, he promised the students that they would have some actual fight time on Wednesday.

Tuesday morning, the day before the Empress Dowager returns from her work trip, and since Zhan Xuming had been struck dead at the side of the mountains, Lou Cheng had been waiting for the chance to train with his girlfriend.

They were in a secret place in the back of the park of the lake. As usual, they were serious and focused. Time to time their eyes would meet and the atmosphere would be filled with warmth and honey like sweetness.

In such situations, Lou Cheng would always think about the beautiful future. The more he trained, the more he would get the hang of things and slowly, the force entered his body.

In front of Yan Zheke, he did not try to perform "Keep". All he had in mind was how he could make use of the Jin Dan to surprise the girl from time to time. Else, he would feel guilty, like he was lying and boasting to her.

Soon, it was almost eight. Yan Zheke retracted her stance. Tired, she panted and smiled at Lou Cheng with her dimples showing. "Cheng, what should we have for breakfast? "

She asked

enthusiastically, filled with expectations.

Lou Cheng had already made plans. He smiled gently and said, "Let's go to the wonton noodle shop that you mentioned before? "

"Sure, let your older sister bring you there! " Yan Zheke said with a laugh.

Lou Cheng grabbed the opportunity to ask, "Ke, your parents are all not around. There's no one at home right?"

"No, my mum doesn't really like strangers in our home. The auntie who cooks and clean our place usually only comes at 11 or so, and then goes off before dinner. " Yan Zheke looked up and then asked again, "Why do you ask? "

What naughty thoughts do you have! 

"You said that you'll show me photos of you when you were young! This is the chance! It's rare to come by! " Lou Cheng grinned and answered her.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes and said, "Humphh, you haven't shown me yours! "

"Mine? I have plenty of chances to do so! My parents' have a regular schedule, not like the Empress Dowager... " Lou Cheng tried his best to tempt the girl.

Yan Zheke puffed her cheeked and gave her boyfriend a side glare.

"Alright then. We'll go to my place after we are done with wonton noodles. "

Actually, she really wants to share with Lou Cheng about her younger times. She wanted to hear him praise how she looked when she was younger!

Lou Cheng was really happy and started to share with her his plan. "So, then, I'll head home to take a shower first, change my clothes... "

"That's so troublesome. " Yan Zheke pursed her lips and started to think. "How about a shower at my place? "

"But I don't have a change of clothes... " Lou Cheng asked excitedly.

Yan Zheke laughed lightly. "Dumb! You can wear my dad's old pyjamas. I'll put your martial arts suit into the was.h.i.+ng machine and it should be dry before noon! "

As for the video cameras at home, after Cheng was gone, she would delete whatever that had been recorded.

"Great plan! " Lou Cheng had no intention to reject. He agreed to the suggestion immediately.

After they finished their discussion, a new idea popped up in his head. Half smiling, he said, " Ke, you have cold rice and eggs at home right? "

"I guess so, it's usually Auntie who would clear stuff in the afternoon... " Yan Zheke was unsure what he was hinting at.

Lou Cheng chuckled and said, "How about this? We don't go and have wonton noodles? I can make you egg fried rice at home! "

"You know how to cook? " Yan Zheke was half surprised, half suspicious.

He better not make any weird tasting food!

"Of course. I only know how to make egg fried rice and cook noodles. Gone through years of training for them! " Lou Cheng flexed his muscles to tease her.

Yan Zheke bit her lips and with glowing eyes she said, "Then we shall have some expectations... "

Hehe, Cheng's egg fried rice made with love! 

They jogged back to the villa area. Lou Cheng check out the security and gates around the area. He observed the walls that surround them. He said seriously, "I'll look for a blind spot of the cameras to get in... "

If he would to enter the gates with Ke, his father-in-law would probably know about him by the evening.

Plus such wall was no challenge to him!

Yan Zheke batted her long eyelashes and looked at him in astonishment, not being able to understand why he would make such a suggestion.

After a couple of seconds, the girl realised and she started to laugh so hard. In the midst of her giggles, she said, "Aiyo, Cheng, you're so funny! My tummy hurts from all these laughter! But, I actually want to see you skip the walls! "

"Is there anything wrong with what I said? " Lou Cheng was baffled by her reaction.

Yan Zheke finally managed to stop laughing and then she gently scolded him,

"Dumb Cheng! "

After she said that, she pulled out a string of keys attached to her door card and pa.s.sed it to Lou Cheng. "Here you go! "

"Then, what about you? " Lou Cheng was still rather lost.

Yan Zheke answered seriously,

"Facial recognition! "

She made Lou Cheng wait on the opposite side of the road while she walked with light footsteps to the security counter. She said shyly, "Could you please help me open the door? I forgot my card. "

The security officer already had a deep impression of this pretty young girl. He knew that she was a resident of the estate, plus, with her beaming smile, any suspicion would have been expelled. He replied, "Sure, no problem! Opening immediately! "

"Thank you! " Yan Zheke smiled sweetly. She turned and made a face at Lou Cheng secretly.

Dumb Cheng! 

After she had entered, she sent him a message as a signal. Then holding on to the card, Lou Cheng walked calmly to the door and with a beep, he pa.s.sed through the gates easily.

The security officer did find him somewhat unfamiliar, but it was rather common for the residents to have relatives or friends to come and stay for a wile, so this was nothing strange.

Following her instructions, after making many turns, he arrived at the doorstep of a villa. The girl was sitting demurely on the swing in the little garden in front of the house. She was smiling at him.

"My dad made this when we first moved in. " Yan Zheke introduced the swing with pride.

Lou Cheng clicked his tongue and said, " Father-in-law knows carpentry? "

"Of course! My dad's amazing! " Yan Zheke was already used to how Lou Cheng would brazenly refer to them as in-laws. So instead of feeling frustrated, there was a tinge of sweetness within her instead.

Lou Cheng looked around and with a hint of worry, he asked, "The security of your estate is so average, the guard was very loose. "

It was so easy for him just to enter the estate!

Did not seem like a rich estate...

"My mum said that too, and always suggested people to hire the security company of my uncle. But you know, many people rather less trouble, and lazy to change. But since the Zhan Xuming incident, I think they'll probably soon take action, and by then, it will be hard for some dumba.s.s just to enter! " Yan Zheke smirked.

Leading her boyfriend, they came to the front door and unlocked the door with her fingerprint. She opened the door and looked for a pair of home slippers for Lou Cheng.

After changing into the home slippers, his heart did a little jump and then he picked up his martial arts shoes.

"Why are you holding on to them? " Yan Zheke asked as she shut the door.

Lou Cheng chuckled and said, "We'll put this in the room. If we were to put this here, if your parents suddenly come home, we'll be found out immediately! "

"Oh, that's true... " Yan Zheke nodded and was enlightened by his words. With an awkward smile, she turned to him and said, "Cheng, you sound experienced. Spill it! Did you go to other girls' home like that! "

"Not me, it's Talker! His experience! " Lou Cheng quickly cleared the air.

"After this, you would considered someone with experience! " She raised her hand and declared the statement seriously.

As they pa.s.sed the living room and reached the stairs, Lou Cheng's eyes took in every detail of Yan Zheke's home. He deeply felt that their families were so different. It would be difficult to say if he did not have an inferior complex. The good thing was that he was at the peak of his skills. He felt that regardless of the difference, he could make up for it, so he did not fall into depression.

After they got to the second level, they enter the girl's room. The first thing that entered his eyes were pink and white color scheme and the variety of dolls in the room. There were big ones, small ones, cute ones and weird looking ones.

Yan Zheke took a quick step forward and rushed towards the side of her bed. She blushed and in breath she grabbed and wrapped the random things like clothes together before stuffing them into a huge closet.

Lou Cheng took in the familiar scent of Yan Zheke in the room. He gave a sneaky smile and said, "I thought it would be neat. "

Of course, this was so much cleaner than his room!

"Pfft, who cleans up everyday! " Yan Zheke tilted her head and looked away.

At this moment, as the door closed, the atmosphere in the girl's room suddenly turned quiet. There was some unspoken romantic feeling in the air.

This was the true secret place without any disturbance.

The long black eyelashes of Yan Zheke fluttered. Like a timid white rabbit, she searched for a couple of on the shelf. She did not dare to look at Lou Cheng in the eye. "I, I'll go shower first! You see the photos first! "

"Sure." He smiled and nodded. Lou Cheng tried his best to hold back his brashness.

After hearing his reply, Yan Zheke turned and looked into his eyes. Back to her clear and gentle eyes, she said,

"Besides my dad, you're the first another male to enter my room. So, I, I am a little uncomfortable... Not that I don't trust you... "

"I get it. " Lou Cheng smiled like a blooming flower.

As long as he managed to enter her room, he had already achieved his goal!

Yan Zheke rummaged her cupboard for her clothes and then entered the bathroom in the room. Lou Cheng took several deep breaths and turned his focus to the He was trying hard not to let his mind run wild.

In this alb.u.m, the girl was about three to seven years old. Her dressing was much more western than those of similar age. Slightly chubby with baby fat, she was beautiful and cute, at the same time, it was obvious that she did not look well. In many photos, she seemed quiet and depressed. At times where her illness did not torture her, she tried so hard to smile as bright as she could and to enjoy the life she had, as positively as possible.

Lou Cheng pulled out his phone. He started to take pictures of several photos that were so cute he could hardly hold back his smile. There was one with her in a princess skirt, another in braids. All with large, bright, and innocent looking eyes...

At this moment, Yan Zheke finished showering and she came out in a short-sleeved pajamas. With some steam and the scent of soap, she said,

"Your turn... "

She spotted the fire in Lou Cheng's eyes. He looked like he was about to pounce on her. She turned to one side and bashfully said in a scolding but light tone, "Go and shower first! You're so dirty! "

First? Lou Cheng's heart did a tiny leap. He nodded vigorously before saying, "Yes! "

Yan Zheke did not realize the wrong choice of words. She continued, "Later, just wrap yourself in a towel first, I'll go search for my dad's old pajamas. He's a little taller than you but I think about the same. "

"Yup yup. " Lou Cheng walked into the bathroom.

After he was done with his shower, he put on his boxers and wrapped himself in a towel before walking out. At the same time, Yan Zheke walked into the room with a set of pajamas.

Seeing his hairy legs and bare shoulders, plus the towel around his waist, she tried to hold back her laughter. She said,

"Come, laugh for your master! "

Cheng looked like he was just "used" by me!

"Sure. " Lou Cheng gave a sneaky laugh, pounced and grabbed her into a hug.

Yan Zheke raised her arms and turned her face aside,

"Let's, let's eat first! "

First? Lou Cheng kissed her and with the greatest determination, tore himself away from her. He smiled and said,

"Yeap, it's time for you to taste the egg fried rice that has been pa.s.sed down for generations in my family! "

"Always boasting! " Yan Zheke touched where she had just been kissed. She blushed and tried to sound nonchalant.

She took both sets of martial arts suit out of the room. In the meantime, Lou Cheng quickly changed into the pajamas and went down the stairs. He walked to the kitchen and started to rummage the refrigerator for cold rice and eggs.

After the was.h.i.+ng machine started to churn, Yan Zheke walked over and looked at him intently. He was beating the eggs in a very familiar manner with a little glimmer in his eyes.

She did not stay where she was. Instead, she walked over and started to check out how to use the kitchen appliances. Enthusiastically, she said, "Cheng, how about I do a cold dish? I remember there was some ingredients left over from yesterday's dinner. "

You cook, and I'll make something too! 

"You know how to make a cold dish? " Lou Cheng was happy and surprised at the same time.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and nodded,

"No, I don't! "

"But, there are many recipes online right? I'm not stupid, I can just follow them? "

Uh... Lou Cheng braced himself and said, "Then, go ahead and try... "

"Alright! " Yan Zheke whipped out her phone and started to search for recipes. As she looked, she started to frown, "How are we supposed to determine if it's five grams, three grams? "

"Just estimate. " Lou Cheng answered honestly.

"That won't do. Too unreliable... " Yan Zheke's pretty brows remained scrunched up. She started to think and then she suddenly exclaimed happily. "I'm so silly! I can use the measuring tools! "

She turned and left the kitchen. She made her way upstairs.

Tools? Lou Cheng was slightly lost.

What tools? Kitchen measuring tools?

After about a minute, she came down with an object. She rushed to the kitchen. Lou Cheng looked at what she was carrying. It was a lab measuring scale for children!

"I really like chemistry related stuff when I was younger, so my dad bought me this. " Yan Zheke's dimples danced as she smiled sweetly. She carefully wiped the scale, placed a spoon on it and started to measure carefully.

Lou Cheng paused for a bit. Then while he tried to hold back his laughter, he said,

"You take things so 'seriously' ! "

"Of course! " Yan Zheke replied unbashfully.

Not longer after, the fragrance of egg fried rice start to spread in the kitchen. This made the girl's nose twitch a little.

She clapped and said, "I'm also done! Come, try it! "

Why, me? Lou Cheng cursed lightly under his breath. He turned off his fire, plated two portions of the egg fried rice and then picked up the chopsticks to pick a little from her dish.

"... Not bad! " He tried his best to praise her dish.

Although it was kind of average, at least it was edible.

Yan Zheke smiled brightly and proudly brought the Three Kinds of Cold Mixed Vegetables dish to the dining table. Lou Cheng followed her and brought along the egg fried rice and chopsticks.

The girl took a bite of egg fried rice and blissfully she said, "Ay, it's quite tasty... I acknowledge that you're quite an expert with egg fried rice! "

Lou Cheng was about to take a bite before he heard the sound of a fingerprint unlocking the main door!

Yan Zheke's back stiffened and she looked in the direction of the door with fear.

At this moment, a thousand and one thoughts flew past Lou Cheng's mind. Scene after scene just swiped by.

Could it be father-in-law returning from work early today? 

He took a second look at what he was wearing. Then he thought,

"If I said that I was only here to take a shower, have a bite, while waiting for my clothes to dry. Have not done anything naughty...

Uncle Yan, would you believe me? "

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