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Chapter 2097 – Eternal Nightmare

Chu Feng rapidly approached the Magma Emperor. In the blink of an eye, he was already less than three thousand meters away from the Magma Emperor.

Logically, in a normal situation, Chu Feng would be able to kill his opponent using merely his oppressive might when at such a close distance.

After all, people of Chu Feng’s level of cultivation were capable of unleashing their martial power with a single thought. They could call upon the wind and summon the rain, turning a range of ten thousand miles to utter destruction in an instant.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng’s opponent was not an ordinary. Instead, it was the Magma Emperor, who was practically undefeated ten thousand years ago. It was a nightmare in the hearts of countless people ten thousand years ago. Even to this day, it was still the most frightening existence in the eyes of countless individuals from the Holy Land of Martialism.

Thus, Chu Feng’s oppressive might was simply unable to injure the Magma Emperor in the slightest. Even if he were to instantly destroy everything within ten thousand miles, he would still not be able to cause the slightest bit of harm to the Magma Emperor.

Faced with an opponent like that, the only thing Chu Feng could do would be to fight it at close range using martial skills.

“Bang, bang, bang~~~”

When Chu Feng was less than two thousand meters away from the Magma Emperor, the Magma Emperor was shooting out balls of magma nonstop. Not only were those balls of magma extremely large, they were also very powerful. They were simply not comparable to the fireballs it had shot out earlier.

In that sort of situation, even though Chu Feng was holding the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, he was simply unable to approach the Magma Emperor.

In fact, Chu Feng had to use Taboo Martial Skills in order to ward off the Magma Emperor’s attacks.

Although Chu Feng was indeed capable of withstanding the Magma Emperor’s attacks after utilizing his various techniques, he was withstanding them with great difficulty.


…… To be continued.

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