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Chapter 2774 - Allowed To Ascend The Mountain

"Actually, even this old man was deceived. I believe that there is only a single person here that wasn't deceived. As for that person, it would be little friend Chu Feng."

After saying those words, that Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder looked to Chu Feng. With an admiring tone, he said, "Little friend Chu Feng, you are truly amazing. It is no wonder you were so confident."

After he finished saying those words, the Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder looked to Han Yu. He said, "Little friend Han Yu, although you've lost this match of chess, you have not lost unjustly."

"Young master Chu Feng, you have truly broadened my knowledge and experience today," Xia Yun'er said to Chu Feng with a smile on her face.

After that, many people began to openly praise Chu Feng.

Faced with the crowd that was overwhelmingly supporting Chu Feng, Han Yu's expression turned ashen and extremely ugly.

"Han Yu, you have indeed lost. You should fulfill your promise now."

Right at that moment, a pleasant sounding voice sounded from the lampstand.

It was Chu Lingxi. The high and above Chu Heavenly Clan's miss Chu Lingxi actually spoke for Chu Feng of her own accord.

After Chu Lingxi spoke, regardless of how unwilling Han Yu was, he did not dare to not acknowledge his loss.

In fact, Han Yu even forced out a smile on his face. He said to Chu Lingxi, "Please rest a.s.sured Lady Lingxi. I, Han Yu, am always a person to accept my losses. Since I have lost, I will naturally honor my promise."

After he finished saying those words, Han Yu took out his golden gla.s.s ball and tossed it toward Chu Feng.

After receiving the gla.s.s ball, Chu Feng started to brim with smiles. He said, "Brother Han Yu, thanks."

While on the surface Chu Feng was expressing his thanks, he was actually ridiculing Han Yu.

"Heh…" Han Yu sneered and did not answer Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because he had managed to sense the ridicule within Chu Feng's words.

"Brother Han Yu, if you don't mind, accept this gla.s.s ball of mine. Although it is only cyan in color, it will still be able to provide you with some clues," Chu Feng took out his cyan gla.s.s ball.

"Humph, are you pitying me? My apologies, but I, Han Yu, do not need it," Han Yu said.

"If that's the case, I will give this gla.s.s ball to someone else then," after he finished saying those words, Chu Feng tossed his gla.s.s ball out in a seemingly random direction.

Once the gla.s.s ball was tossed out, many people immediately soared into the sky to fight over it.

Even though it was only a cyan gla.s.s ball, it was better than a colorless gla.s.s ball.

In the end, that gla.s.s ball was obtained by a disciple from the Immortal Armament Villa.

Holding Chu Feng's cyan gla.s.s ball in hand, that Immortal Armament Villa's disciple said to Chu Feng with a grateful expression, "Brother Chu Feng, thanks."

The reason why he thanked Chu Feng was because he knew that it was not because of his own capabilities that he obtained the gla.s.s ball.

Instead, it was thanks to the direction that Chu Feng tossed the gla.s.s ball in. That direction had been favorable to him.

After obtaining Chu Feng's cyan gla.s.s ball, that Immortal Armament Villa's disciple crushed his own transparent gla.s.s ball.

The reason why he did that was because he knew very well that his transparent gla.s.s ball was no longer useful.









Right at that moment, many rays of light suddenly emerged in the center of the palace hall.

Those pillars of light were emerging from beneath the palace hall, and connected to the ceiling of the palace hall.

The pillars continued to appear. In the end, there were over a hundred such pillars before they finally stopped appearing.

"It's opened. The path to climb the mountain is now open."

"Little friends, with your gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s, you will be able to enter the path to climb the mountain."

"However, it will not be that easy for one to enter Buried Spirit Lake this time. It will depend on your own individual perception as to whether or not you will be able to successfully enter Buried Spirit Lake. Your gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s will be able to provide you with clues," an Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder said.

Hearing those words, many of the people present immediately started to proceed toward the pillars of light. They all wanted to enter the path to climb the mountain sooner. They all wanted to reach Buried Spirit Lake sooner.

As for Han Yu, he was among these people.

Han Yu was very powerful. Furthermore, his speed was much faster than the others. Thus, he became the first person to reach the pillars.


However, when Han Yu came in contact with the pillar, he reacted as if he'd collided with an iron plate.

Not only was a loud sound of metal colliding with metal heard, but he was also knocked dizzy by the collision.

Seeing this scene, the others that had rushed toward the pillars all thought that there was something wrong with them. Thus, they all stopped before the pillars.

As for Han Yu, he grew furious. He pointed to that Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder and shouted angrily, "What is the meaning of this?! Are you toying with us?!"

"How has this old man toyed with you?" The Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder spoke with a confused expression.

"It is simply impossible to pa.s.s through this beam of light. If this isn't toying with people, what is it?" Han Yu asked.

"Impossible to pa.s.s through?" The Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder laughed. Then, he swept his sleeve and pushed a person standing very close to a light pillar toward that light pillar.


When that individual came in contact with the light pillar, the gla.s.s ball in his hand immediately let out a dazzling white light.

That light covered that person completely. After that light disappeared, that person was no longer to be seen.

"Is this what you mean by impossible to pa.s.s through?" That Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder asked.

"I'm unable to pa.s.s through it because I do not have a gla.s.s ball?" Han Yu asked.

"Clever," that Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder said.

Hearing those words, Han Yu's expression changed. The reason for that was because he did not have a gla.s.s ball at that moment as he had given his gla.s.s ball to Chu Feng.

However, Han Yu's expression only turned ugly for a split second. Immediately afterward, his expression returned to normal.

His palm streaked across his Cosmos Sack. Then, a purple gem appeared in his hand.

Seeing the gem, a disciple from the Immortal Armament Villa said, "Purple-light Jade, it's a treasure for forging weapons."

"I am willing to use this gem to exchange for a gla.s.s ball. It does not have to have any color. A transparent gla.s.s ball will do. Is there anyone willing to exchange with me?" Han Yu asked.


"I'm willing."

"I'm willing."

"Young master Han Yu, I am willing."

Once Han Yu said those words, over half of the people present expressed their desire to exchange with Han Yu.

The reason for that was because they were all world spiritists. Thus, they knew very well how precious that gem was.

Seeing that there were this many people willing to exchange with him, Han Yu looked to that Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder. There was a provocative smile on Han Yu's face.

It was as if he was trying to tell that Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's elder, 'Did you think that I would not be able to enter Buried Spirit Lake because I didn't have a gla.s.s ball?'

'I, Han Yu, possess countless means to enter Buried Spirit Lake.'

Seeing Han Yu's provocative expression, the Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's Clan Chief smiled lightly. He said, "Everyone, you are not allowed to make business transactions using your gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s. If anyone dares to do so of their own accord, they will be driven out from the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain."

"What? We cannot use them in business transactions?"

Hearing those words, the people that had raised their hands to express their desire to exchange their gla.s.s b.a.l.l.s with Han Yu immediately retrieved them.

One by one, they all revealed expressions of panic on their faces.

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