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MGA: Chapter 451 – Expert Revives

How big was the Sword G.o.d Valley? It was the residence of over ten million disciples and elders. There were countless buildings and groups of gardens.

In the gardens, there were high mountains, flowing water, and even small-scale lakes. That place was like an incomparably huge vast city.

And right now, light that covered the entire Sword G.o.d Valley finished covering it. It had already finished rising into the sky, and it could be imagined how grand of an appearance it was.

“Zi Ling, Senior Zhang, quickly leave!” As Chu Feng quickly fly up into the air, he loudly yelled. He was aware that the Sword G.o.d Formation was not simple.

“This power is even more terrifying than the rumours?”

Such dazzling brilliance, simply even more dazzling than sunlight. Naturally, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi noticed that change.

At that instant, their complexions both changed and on their faces, more or less, fear and uneasiness appeared. They changed their moves and wanted to escape.


However, the speed of the light was really too fast and it didn’t even give Chu Feng and the others a chance to escape. Instantly, they were enveloped by the light that charged into the sky.

“Dammit. So not only does this Sword G.o.d Formation increase the power of the people from the Sword G.o.d Valley, it’s a power that suppresses us.” Zhang Tianyi tightly frowned. His strength was actually suppressed.

“No, it’s not that simple.” Just at that time, Chu Feng already got rid of the head of the Sword G.o.d Valley with Zi Ling and went next to Zhang Tianyi.

“Chu Feng, as expected of a World Spiritist. It seems like you have already seen through what has happened.” Seeing the uneasy expressions on Chu Feng’s and the others’ faces, the old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley smugly laughed loudly.

“Hmph. Don’t bother hiding anything. At the end, it is only a formation. I, Zhang Tianyi, came here today to kill you. This Sword G.o.d Formation was already within my expectations. It is not enough to strike fear in me.” Zhang Tianyi explosively yelled. With blue-coloured flames on his body and while holding the Divine Wood Sword in his hand, he attacked the old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley again.

“Haha, perhaps you could have killed me before, but now, do you still have this strength?” However, the old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley only laughed. He who was even suppressed by Zhang Tianyi before could actually be on par with him right now.

“Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Bring your lives over here!” Just at that time, the head of the Sword G.o.d Valley also caught up and started fierce attacks against Chu Feng and Zi ling.

“You overestimate yourself. Even if my power is suppressed, I can still deal with you.” Zi Ling curled her little mouth, then her purple-coloured aura exploded out of her body as she fought the head of the Sword G.o.d Valley.

But it had to be said that with the envelopment of the Sword G.o.d Formation. Zi Ling’s Divine Body power was also restrained quite a bit. Originally, she had no problem suppressing the head of the Sword G.o.d Valley, but now, she was only equal to him when fighting.

“What a grand beam of light. Is this the Sword G.o.d Formation of the Sword G.o.d Valley?”

“Strong. Too strong. I heard that this was made by the creator of the Sword G.o.d Valley, the ancestor of the Murong family, Murong Feng.”

“I’ve heard of that as well. It’s said that Murong Feng was t.i.tled as the most powerful person in the continent of the Nine Provinces after the Azure Dragon founder. However, he was relatively low-profile and did very few shocking things so that’s why he wasn’t as famous as the Azure Dragon Founder.”

“Yeah. There are rumours that say when Murong Feng was at his peak, he was not inferior to the Azure Dragon Founder. I even heard that back then, he felt that his years were up and in order to maintain the peace of his successors, he exhausted his entire body’s power and created this Sword G.o.d Formation. This formation’s might is peerless and incomparable.”

“Ahh, before, this Sword G.o.d Formation was so G.o.dly spoke of and it caused one to fear when its name was heard. Seeing it today, it is indeed true!”

“Yeah, even the archenemy family of the Sword G.o.d Valley back then could only attack the people from the Sword G.o.d Valley when they left the valley. There was never anyone who dared to attack the Sword G.o.d Valley itself. Even when the Sword G.o.d Valley was at its lowest times, there was still no one who dared to attack it.”

“That’s right that’s right. Thinking back at this old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley, he only went out to visit an old friend, but he was chased around everywhere. How poor of a state was he in? How much face did he lose?”

“But didn’t he fall down a cliff exactly because of this? He had a lucky meeting, got the Divine Wood Sword, as well as countless benefits. Or else, how could he, who was only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm at first, have his current cultivation?”

“Ahh, at first when he brought the Divine Wood Sword back, the Sword G.o.d Valley released word saying that the old ancestor has already pa.s.sed away because his injuries were too severe. They even held a grand burial for him. Who would have known that he was still living in his world.”

“Think carefully. This Sword G.o.d Valley is quite a special thing in the continent of the Nine Provinces. When they’re low-profile, they almost cause people to forget that they’re a peak power, but when they’re high-profile, they are incomparably insane. They do some things that even powers like the Fire G.o.d School and Yuangang School don’t dare to do.”

“Actually, that really isn’t much. These are methods that peak powers usually use. For example, aren’t the Fire G.o.d School, Yuangang School, Free and Unrestrained Valley and Hidden White Sect the same? Although they didn’t announce news about their old ancestors pa.s.sing away, when they don’t appear in many years, they will cause the outside world to guess that they have already died.”

“But when the school faces danger, don’t they all come out and show themselves? These powers are really too eye-catching. More or less, they have to keep some trump cards that others don’t know about, and powerful old ancestors are their most powerful trump cards.”

“A single thrown rock gives birth to a thousand droplets” After the Sword G.o.d Formation was opened, they had actually started to discuss things revolving around the Sword G.o.d Valley’s past.

“Look! The Sword G.o.d Formation’s power seems to have been weakened!” Suddenly, someone yelled out in surprise.

“It’s true! I can see Chu Feng and the others in the sky! What’s happening? Is it possible that the Sword G.o.d Formation is only a thing used to scare people? Why has its power diminished so quickly?” At the same time, everyone cast their gazes to the horizon and felt incomparably astonished.

“Hmph. You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this Sword G.o.d Formation won’t do. It’s useless.”

Indeed, as the light from the Sword G.o.d Formation diminished, the power that restrained Zhang Tianyi and the others also diminished. At that instant, Zhang Tianyi endlessly laughed madly. He pointed the tip of his sword to the old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley and said, “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don’t you like feigning death? Today, I, Zhang Tianyi, will help you out and let you truly die once.”

“Hmph. What an arrogant brat. The disaster has already come, yet you still dare to speak such nonsense. In a while, you will be unable to laugh.” Although Zhang Tianyi’s power started to recover, the old ancestor of the Sword G.o.d Valley was still not afraid. Rather, the corners of his mouth raised to form a sinister and cold smile.

At the same time, Zi Ling’s power also started to recover. She started to madly attack the head of the Sword G.o.d Valley. The valley head who was able to fight on par to Zi Ling had to escape everywhere once again because he was chased around by Zi Ling.

However, as the great battle got more and more intense, Chu Feng did not interfere. He stood straight in the air and closed both of his eyes. He controlled his Spirit power and detailedly felt the changes happening to the Sword G.o.d Formation.

Chu Feng discovered that the horrifying limitless light did not disperse. It was formlessly condensing, and very surely, there was a terrifying existence reviving.

“Zi Ling, Senior Zhang, don’t keep on fighting and quickly back away!”

“This Sword G.o.d Formation isn’t used to raise the cultivation of the people from the Sword G.o.d Valley, nor is it used to restrain our cultivation.”

“It’s used to revive their senior expert. That expert will revive immediately and we must leave right now!” Finally, Chu Feng saw through everything and loudly yelled.

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