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s.h.i.+fting Blame Faster than the Blink of an Eye, and Framing Faster than They Can Evade

The slave let out a tragic shriek, as blood burst from his hand as if it was a fountain of blood. He had no idea what just happened to his hand.

It just happened all of a sudden, and the crowd, naturally, had to stop, yet they heard, "Ancestral Master sure possesses mind-blowing power after all those years mastering a profound art. It is amazing for him to still have that much strength in reserve, despite being unconscious."

Ancestral Master Xie was seized by someone at some unknown point in time. He now looked burly at his age. The speaker, however, was even larger. It seemed as though it was easy for him to support Ancestral Master Xie's size. Even if this man didn't know martial arts, his physique was enough to be considered imposing.

The slave's hand was crippled, but he hadn't lost conscious. In spite of that, however, he knew that he could never wield a sabre again in his life. Furious and distraught, he charged at the tall man. When the tall man raised his leg, the weight difference between the two individuals was immediately visible. The tall man managed to boot him flying with his thick and heavy leather boots without any effort.

n.o.body wondered about the strength of the man, and instead, presumed that he was sent flying so easily, due to loss of strength from his severe wound. However, the slave, himself, knew that the kick he took was akin to raging ocean waves cras.h.i.+ng into him, produced by an internal strength akin to wild lightning, which was the same sensation as when his hand exploded. However, he didn't have the chance to mention his experience.

The tall man managed to appear here all of a sudden without anybody detecting his arrival. His expression and tone, however, didn't sound as if he was a man in a pinch, but rather very natural.

When Princess Hongzhuang saw him, she belted, "Brother Ming! You're back!"

The slave with a crippled hand fainted. Another immediately took over the role of commander and yelled, "We're just one man down! Beat them up!" The crowd immediately got fired up again and encroached upon them. They could drown them in another brutal beating as soon as they got an order.

Princess Hongzhuang quickly took on her stance then stood before her grandpa and Ming Feizhen, "Brother Ming, protect my grandpa. I shall cut open a path for us!"

However, Ming Feizhen responded by pulling her aside with a smile, "It's all right, Miss. Let them come."

He then smiled as if he was challenging them, "Try to your heart's content."

Of course, they weren't going to wait for Ming Feizhen to finish before attacking. They roared and rushed over to him.

At the same time they began their advance, sharp blades akin to venomous snakes appeared on top of dozens of resident roofs not too far away in the distance.

*Swift movement!*

*Consecutive sounds!*

It sounded as if it was one sound, but it was actually the sounds of countless arrows flying through the air! Next, painful cries and sounds of bodies dropping to the ground filled the air one after another.

Not one of the twenty-plus men that charged up first were spared. They were all hit with arrows and incapacitated on the ground. Even if they could move, they were scared of being shot with another rain of arrows.

That was when Ming Feizhen extended his hand out and exclaimed, "Men!"

Horse sounds suddenly came from in the distance. Over a hundred elite cavalry were present. Every one of them had bows and arrows on them. Behind them were hundreds of soldiers. On the other side were dozens of constables blocking the alley with their sabres drawn.

That's when the a.s.sailants realised that they were the ones who were surrounded. There were weapons s.h.i.+ning in the darkness on the roofs that were aimed at the six-hundred or so people present. Those who had better vision noticed that the constables armed with blades were all elites. All of them appeared more than able of taking out fifty of them each.

The most shocked people were none other than the three family slaves.

'Ming Feizhen!'

'Ming Feizhen!! How did we f.u.c.king forget about him?!'

'We got high on fighting when we arrived here and totally forgot about him!'

'We were here to give him a beating, but he was never present!!'

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