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Chapter 1146 – Mysterious Land

“This is where you sensed the violet sun stone embryo was? Are you sure?” Lin Ming asked Fishy, a bit incredulously.

Fishy nodded, “It’s here. I’ve seen it many times before.”

“But… here is…” Lin Ming pointed towards the ma.s.sive towering city that floated high in the skies. That was clearly Immemorial Imperial City!

Lin Ming originally imagined that the violet sun stone embryo would be hidden in some distant and desolate mountain range, or perhaps in some inaccessible valley where no one lived. Even if Fishy said it was near Immemorial Imperial City, that ‘near’ should be at least thousands of miles away. If so, then perhaps it might not have been discovered even after all this time. But he never imagined that the place Fishy would indicate was Immemorial Imperial City!

“You’re saying that the violet sun stone embryo is in Immemorial Imperial City?” Lin Ming asked, stunned.

“It’s underneath the ground.” Fishy’s round face flushed red as she spoke with certainty.

“Underground… this is…” Lin Ming found it hard to believe. Was there a violet sun stone mine beneath Immemorial Imperial City? When the city was first being built, wouldn’t the numerous supreme elders have discovered it already? This was simply too unbelievable.

“Lin Ming, I also think it is unbelievable, but I know that Fishy isn’t lying to you. Take a look. Even if there isn’t a violet sun stone embryo underneath Immemorial Imperial City, there is still something suspicious happening here. I just wonder if the many powerhouses living in the city know of the situation underground.”

“Alright.” Lin Ming chose a mountainous region several hundred miles away from Immemorial Imperial City and began to drill his way into the earth. If he cut an angle towards Immemorial Imperial City then others wouldn’t notice him.

Normally, unless a martial artist cultivated the Earth laws, it wasn’t easy for them to dig into the earth. Pa.s.sing underground consumed a great deal of energy, an amount tens of thousands of times greater than flying through the air. Moreover, this energy would be more rapidly consumed the deeper one went.

Thus, even a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse would find it impossible to drill over 1000-2000 miles underground. And if there was some sort of collapse, the ma.s.sive pressure would crush them half-dead. Wanting to emerge from that sort of situation would consume an even greater amount of energy.

Although Lin Ming didn’t cultivate in the Earth laws, he had the grandmist s.p.a.ce that was able to annihilate all Laws. The power of earth and stone belonged to the five elements, thus it was naturally decomposed by the Grandmist Laws and destroyed. With this, when Lin Ming displayed the grandmist s.p.a.ce and drilled into the earth, all of the soil and rock parted before him as it rapidly melted away. Like this, he was able to able move underground unimpeded.

Lin Ming had dragon marrow blood in his body and his true essence had reached the peak of thickness for his level. He immediately pa.s.sed through several hundred miles and still continued onwards!

During this, the soil texture around Lin Ming changed several times. Many layers of soil were similar to the rocks of the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and were able to isolate divine sense. Like this, even a Holy Lord or World King couldn’t see through these layers.

He continued forwards. 900 miles down, the temperature had become extremely high and the pressure had become terrifying. This was a horrendous environment; he had to use up a great deal of energy just to stay here.

“The rock is becoming more and more hard.”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Normally, depths underground were measured in units of 10 feet. If it were measured in miles instead, then that would truly be terrifying. Everything was completely dark and the soil was placing intense pressure on every inch underground. Even the heat was becoming increasingly intense, as if he were traveling through half-melted metal. Every time he moved forwards he would have to consume more and more strength.

“Mm? This is vast sky stone that is used by large sects to build palaces. It is heavier than gold and extremely hard. Even if it is placed in an environment that is several dozen times hotter than magma, it still won’t soften.”

Lin Ming frowned. He estimated that he was already a thousand and several hundred miles underneath the ground. Just what sort of concept was this distance? If a mortal rapidly marched, they could cross a hundred miles in a day, and these thousand some miles were equal to a mortal walking for over a dozen days. However, this was not the flat earth, but underground!

How could a little mortal girl like Fishy see so deep underground?

Yet Lin Ming didn’t suspect Fishy’s words at all. This trust was purely intuitive.

2000 miles!

Lin Ming pa.s.sed through the pure vast sky stone for a thousand miles. This thousand miles was extremely consuming of Lin Ming’s true essence. Even if he had the grandmist s.p.a.ce that was able to melt away the vast sky stone, it was still extremely strenuous and difficult on his body! This thousand miles used up at least five times the energy of the first thousand miles!

“I’ve absorbed 72 dragon bone relics, dragon marrow blood, and I’ve even withstood the nine levels of heavenly tribulation. My endurance has reached an unprecedented level, but even I’m using up most of my energy pa.s.sing this far down. This place is truly not something that the average person could reach.”

Lin Ming swallowed down some pills and pulled out several violet sun stones, absorbing their energy. He continued forwards once again. Downwards was also pure vast sky stone. The temperature had already risen past a hundred times the temperature of magma. This was nearly the same as Fire Spirit Star’s 18 of Flame.

Whether it was a large celestial body or a main continent of a Divine Realm’s great world, the deeper one went, the hotter it would be. Luckily, Lin Ming had a thorough understanding of the Fire Laws so this level of heat wasn’t anything to him at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to take a single step forwards here.

At 2500 miles deep, the vast sky stone began to soften and finally melt into magma!

Vast sky stone was originally as white as the purest jade without any impurities at all. The magma it melted into was also white, like thick and creamy milk.

Of course, although this crystal clear milky magma seemed cool and harmless, the truth was that it was incomparably hot. Even a saint artifact would melt if soaked in it.

At this depth, the pressure had reached an incredible degree. The burning hot milky white liquid swished around in all directions. Although this was liquid, underneath the ma.s.sive pressure it was very thick. To move in this magma that was thicker than mercury, the amount of energy one needed to expend was tremendous.

“The environment here is…” Lin Ming took a deep breath. A layer of vast sky stone 1500 miles thick floated above a creamy milk-colored sea of magma. He never imagined that such a scene would appear below Immemorial Imperial City.

Mo Eversnow said, “The vast sky stone magma here can also isolate divine sense. Even my own sense cannot penetrate over 100 feet from before being swallowed up by the magma. Even if a true World King level powerhouse were to come here, they also wouldn’t be able to sense anything over 200 feet outwards. Moreover, even if they used energy to create light, it wouldn’t pierce through this vast sky stone magma. That is simply the same as being blind.”

Here, Lin Ming was blind even with his eyes wide open. If it wasn’t for Fishy guiding him, he would have no idea where to go. If Lin Ming wanted to find treasure here himself then that would simply be a joke. A violet sun stone embryo was only the height of a person. If this stone were buried at the bottom of a vast and boundless sea of magma that couldn’t be seen through with divine sense or the eyes, then if he had to find what he wanted by tracing everything with his hands, he could search until the world collapsed and he still wouldn’t find it!

“There… continue ahead…”

Lin Ming’s consciousness was linked with the Extreme Violet Ring, so he could communicate with Fishy at all times. He didn’t know how far her eyesight extended. To her, violet sun stones were probably like a lighthouse beacon in the absolute dark. She didn’t need to use divine sense nor did she need her eyes; she only needed to follow the natural instincts of her mind to identify which direction to go in. This was an ability that shouldn’t be possible, even for a martial artist.

Lin Ming didn’t think too much. He continued onwards according to the direction of Fishy.

And the direction that Fishy pointed out was extremely strange. It wasn’t a strange line but a curve. After continuing onwards for a while, Lin Ming suddenly felt as if he had pa.s.sed through some barrier. The environment around him suddenly changed and the temperature also dramatically fell. Even the layer of vast sky stone magma disappeared. He had arrived deep underground but in a completely different time-s.p.a.ce.

“Mm… was that just now… a transmission array?”

“It was a s.p.a.ce node.” Mo Eversnow suddenly said. A s.p.a.ce node was similar to a transmission array in that both were entrances that touched upon a different s.p.a.ce. It was only that transmission arrays were man-made and required violet sun stones to activate, whereas s.p.a.ce nodes formed naturally and didn’t need energy to continue on in perpetuity.

“A s.p.a.ce node… I see, no wonder the route here was so twisty. There was a s.p.a.ce node here all along.” Lin Ming took a deep breath. He never imagined that a s.p.a.ce node would be hidden deep under Immemorial Imperial City. This s.p.a.ce node was extremely small and buried nearly 5000 miles underground. Just what sort of concept was 5000 miles? An ordinary planet was around 10,000 miles in diameter. That meant that this 5000 mile underground depth was the same as the midpoint of a common planet!

This depth, added along with this vast and boundless area, in a place where divine sense was useless and so was eyesight, and moreover where the s.p.a.ce Laws were distorted around the s.p.a.ce node, wanting to find this s.p.a.ce node that was hidden with s.p.a.ce-time distortions was nearly impossible. If it weren’t for Fishy’s special homing beacon ability, finding this would have been nothing but a dream.

Besides, who would be so bored that they would spend so much energy to dig 5000 miles underground? It was likely that not even the numerous supreme elders at Immemorial Imperial City knew that there was such a tiny hidden s.p.a.ce node deep under their city.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that if Lin Ming left and came back down, even if his memory was extremely accurate, wanting to find this s.p.a.ce node in this sense-isolating sea of magma was impossible.

“Just what place is this…” Lin Ming whispered, surprised. There was a s.p.a.ce node hidden underneath Immemorial Imperial City… could this just be a coincidence, or was there some secret hidden here?

“What rich heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations. There must be an energy source nearby. And also… mm? The s.p.a.ce Laws are distorted here, and this distortion isn’t naturally produced. It comes from an array formation!”

Mo Eversnow’s achievements in the s.p.a.ce Laws and Time Laws cast off Lin Ming by countless miles. This was why she could sense the energy fluctuations created by a spatial array formation here.

“Spatial array formation? Was that one created by someone?” Lin Ming was incredulous. If there was an array formation here, that was proof that all of this was laid down by someone else!

Before he could think for too long, Mo Eversnow said, “Senses can be used here again.”

As Lin Ming heard Mo Eversnow’s words, he attempted to investigate with his senses again. Although it was a tad suppressed, he could make out a 10 mile scope around him.

And after finding out just what was around him, he was left dumbfounded.

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