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Chapter 1295 – Impossible to Unravel

Dragon Fang’s two pupils were chilling to the bone. All moves and all Laws were seen through by him, making one unable to summon any courage to face him.

As s.h.i.+ku saw his finis.h.i.+ng blow, the Sky Mountain Seal, be defeated like that, his complexion turned extremely ugly.

“You are fierce, but my strength is more than just the Earth Laws. By depending on those eyes alone, you cannot defeat me.”

s.h.i.+ku shouted out loud and popping sounds emitted from his entire body. He directly opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and a giant turtle phantom appeared behind him.

This turtle had a ma.s.sive snaking dragon head and its sh.e.l.l was round like a dome. Its four legs were like those of an elephant and its body was larger than a mountain.

“That’s a Dragon Turtle phantom!”

Of the nine sons of the Heavenly Dragon, the Dragon Turtle was one.

“s.h.i.+ku has opened seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the same as me. Moreover, he can summon the phantom of a Dragon Turtle. I fear he obtained a lucky chance related to the Dragon Turtle.” Lin Ming thought.

s.h.i.+ku suddenly laughed, “Ten years ago I explored a divergent mystic realm. Deep within that mystic realm, I found a deeply slumbering Dragon Turtle egg. Using a special technique, I slowly ate up that Dragon Turtle egg. Ignoring the Laws I’ve comprehended, just my bodily strength has reached the highest pinnacle!”

As s.h.i.+ku spoke, the entire audience was shocked. s.h.i.+ku’s luck was too good!

A Dragon Turtle egg was more valuable and precious than the supreme dragon bone that Lin Ming had obtained. Although the bloodline of the Dragon Turtle was inferior to the Azure Dragon, s.h.i.+ku had still obtained a Dragon Turtle egg that was filled with the life vitality of a dragon. Compared to the bone of an Azure Dragon that had been dead for countless years, it was far more precious!

If a Dragon Turtle egg were to appear, even Great World King powerhouses would crazily fight for it.

“So that’s how it is… no wonder s.h.i.+ku was able to open the first seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.” Lin Ming silently thought. Underneath the current rules of the Heavenly Dao, it was impossible to open up the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to such a degree without a lucky chance.

In truth, the advantages the Dragon Turtle egg gave to s.h.i.+ku were far more than helping him open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The Dragon Turtle was originally an earth-attribute G.o.d Beast, and thus it complemented s.h.i.+ku’s Laws, allowing him to instantly leap into the ranks of the top masters.

s.h.i.+ku originally thought that he could rank in the top three of the First Martial Meeting, but now he realized that experts here were like clouds in the sky. Any one of these people he had to face would force him to use his complete strength.

As s.h.i.+ku spoke, he glanced over at Lin Ming, a faintly superior feeling in his eyes.

Lin Ming was startled, but immediately understood his meaning.

When Lin Ming fought he had summoned the phantom of an Azure Dragon, and that scene had naturally fallen into s.h.i.+ku’s eyes. s.h.i.+ku had swallowed the Dragon Turtle egg and this allowed him to faintly feel the intensity of the Azure Dragon bloodline within Lin Ming. He guessed that Lin Ming had obtained something like a dragon bone or dragon blood, and in terms of lucky chances, the Dragon Turtle egg he found naturally surpa.s.sed Lin Ming.

All body transformation martial artists needed lucky chances to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Thus, s.h.i.+ku naturally compared himself with Lin Ming’s lucky chances. Since Lin Ming was inferior in this regard, s.h.i.+ku naturally felt superior by having a greater destiny on him.

Even though his strength couldn’t be compared to Lin Ming’s, his lucky chance was still better than his, thus the reason he glanced at Lin Ming with that expression just now.

“So it’s like that. But… so what?” Dragon Fang calmly asked s.h.i.+ku.

s.h.i.+ku frowned as he saw Dragon Fang’s response, “Humph, stop posturing!”

Dragon Fang quietly wiped the edge of the Dragon Fang Blade, coolly saying, “Lucky chances and destiny are indeed a component of one’s talent, but they do not account for everything. If you believe that just because you stumbled across a great lucky chance, that will allow you to become an extreme master of the Divine Realm, then you are sorely mistaken.”

In Dragon Fang’s opinion, those like Lin Ming and Jun Bluemoon that had come from common mortal backgrounds must have come across heaven-shaking lucky chances to stand where they were now. But, they did not reach this boundary through just the quality and quant.i.ty of lucky chances they found. With so many lives in the Divine Realm, there were countless individuals that found lucky chances, but out of all those people, only a few geniuses were able to stand here.

At present, s.h.i.+ku was one such person who had come across a great lucky chance. But, when compared to Lin Ming and Jun Bluemoon, he lacked many things.

“You sure speak a lot of c.r.a.p. Make your move. With my body transformation technique, I simply have no need to rely on my Laws. I want to know just how you’ll see through my weaknesses!”

s.h.i.+ku’s body suddenly bulged out, making him look like an ancient beast as he hurtled towards Dragon Fang!

At that instant, Dragon Fang’s mind was like a lake without ripples. He gently traced the hilt of the Dragon Fang Blade and quietly said, “If you won’t use the Laws, then I will.”

Just as s.h.i.+ku’s staff was about to strike Dragon Fang’s body, time suddenly slowed down! The power of time around s.h.i.+ku was twisted by Dragon Fang!

s.h.i.+ku rapidly responded. Popping sounds burst out from his body as tens of millions of jins of strength erupted. He wanted to use brute force to break free from the shackles of the Time Laws!

Ka ka ka!

s.h.i.+ku’s muscles rose and his blood vessels stuck out as he broke through the power of time. However, at that moment, he felt himself plunging into a vortex of time. There was no past, no future, and even the present had come to a near halt. Dragon Fang’s attainments in the Time Laws had far surpa.s.sed s.h.i.+ku’s imagination.

If it were a normal martial artist with weaker Time Laws, then s.h.i.+ku would have easily broken through it with his strength. However, Dragon Fang was far too strong. Whether it was the intensity of true essence or Laws, he was on a higher level than s.h.i.+ku. It was impossible for s.h.i.+ku to contend with him.


Dragon Fang’s figure flashed as he struck at s.h.i.+ku. The Dragon Fang Blade ripped apart s.h.i.+ku’s protective true essence, leaving behind a thin line of blood on his neck.

s.h.i.+ku stiffened, his entire body going ice cold. In that instant, he felt as if he had died. When Dragon Fang’s sword cut towards him, it was like the coming of the death G.o.d!

And what scared s.h.i.+ku the most was that even if his speed was inferior to Dragon Fang’s, he still had his protective true essence and his body transformation technique to protect his body. But in front of Dragon Fang, all of that had been as fragile as paper. Dragon Fang’s sword silently tore through s.h.i.+ku’s protective true essence along with the surface defense of his body. If that sword had cut forwards three more inches then s.h.i.+ku’s head would have been cut off!

“How… how is this possible…” s.h.i.+ku’s eyes widened, his entire body dripping with a cold sweat. “How can my defense not resist you at all.”

Silence fell over the entire audience. Dragon Fang’s attack was far too sharp. Even though they were so far away, they still felt a cold chill crawl up their backs!

This was Dragon Fang’s true strength?

“What a dangerous attack!” Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Dragon Fang’s attack was far too sharp. Even with Lin Ming’s defensive capabilities, he didn’t believe he had the confidence to withstand such an attack. In other words, if he were to fight Dragon Fang, he couldn’t allow himself to be cut or he would receive a severe wound!

Dragon Fang put away his sword. He lightly glanced at s.h.i.+ku and coldly said, “What cut apart your defense was not my blade, but s.p.a.ce.”

From the start, Dragon Fang’s sword had never touched s.h.i.+ku’s skin. Rather, he used the power of s.p.a.ce to cut apart s.h.i.+ku’s defense.

After reaching Dragon Fang’s boundary, by utilizing the s.p.a.ce Laws he didn’t need to use his sword to kill others. With the power of s.p.a.ce he could kill people from a hundred steps away. s.p.a.ce was invisible and formless; wanting to dodge it was extremely difficult!

A martial artist skilled in the s.p.a.ce Laws was terrifying, but a swordsman skilled in the s.p.a.ce Laws was even more terrifying. This was because s.p.a.ce was sharper than a sword edge!

“Is this Dragon Fang… human?”

‘s.h.i.+ku is absolutely not weak, but compared to Dragon Fang, the disparity is too great!”

n.o.body believed that s.h.i.+ku was weak. He himself was an Empyrean descendant, and although he came from one of the weaker Empyrean palaces, he had a heaven-defying talent and even swallowed a Dragon Turtle egg. Just how many people in the universe would ever have such a lucky chance? And this s.h.i.+ku was actually defeated in such a miserable manner by Dragon Fang!

“He’s too much of a freak! With that strength, he might even be stronger than Lin Ming!”

When Lin Ming fought the Monster Prince they had fought for some time. Although s.h.i.+ku was likely weaker than the Monster Prince, he had been thoroughly defeated without the tiniest ability to resist.

“Dragon Fang might have the strength to compete for the top three rankings… I have nothing to say. Even I can’t say who will be in the top three now.”

At the beginning. Everyone thought that Xiao Moxian, Hang Chi, and Frost Dream were guaranteed to be in the top three rankings. But now, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang each gave more and more formidable performances, as if they were invincible. Like this, with so many variables, it was impossible to unravel what the final rankings of the tournament would be.

“Don’t forget that there is also Jun Bluemoon. Just look at him. From the start until now he’s simply been holding that bunny. Even though there were so many intense fights and those freaks Lin Ming and Dragon Fang both stepped on stage, his expression didn’t change at all. Do you suppose he is weak?”

Jun Bluemoon had defeated an Empyrean descendant within three moves, and that Empyrean descendant hadn’t been a n.o.body either. After being defeated by Jun Bluemoon, that Empyrean descendant had emerged victorious in his next 17 matches, and his results in the second tier were also at the top. There was even a chance that he and Ram Saber would fight to determine who had the qualifications to challenge the first tier. With that, it was unlikely that Hua Xuan would be able to maintain his position.

Such a ruthless person had been pitifully defeated by Jun Bluemoon. From the beginning until now, Jun Bluemoon had maintained a faint and uncaring expression, as if nothing mattered to him at all. Even the provocations of the Monster Prince and his opponents hadn’t affected him in the least. And, what was most strange was that he had always held onto a little bunny, slowly stroking that little bunny’s fur. This was something that normally only little girls would do. Wasn’t this Jun Bluemoon a bit too much like a young girl?

Or was there something special about this bunny?

“This First Martial Meeting has already reached unprecedented levels of intensity.”

“I can’t wait! I really want to see them fight!”

As everyone spoke, Vast Cosmos stepped onto the arena stage once more. He loudly announced, “Fourth match, Jun Bluemoon against White King!”

These words caused the entire audience to bubble over with excitement!

This was another battle of heavyweights. There was no need to mention the accomplishments of White King. He was the most outstanding disciples to appear in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace for the last several hundred thousands of years. One of the great reasons that Empyrean Vast Universe stepped forward to help manage the First Martial Meeting was because of White King.

As the one representing the glory of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, White King’s strength was naturally amazing.

Moreover, the gambling house hadn’t listed the odds for White King. This caused many others to look forwards to seeing just how strong White King was.

“White King, will you be okay?”

Before White King stepped on stage, several of his senior-apprentice brothers spoke to him. Although they were confident in White King, this Jun Bluemoon was far too abnormal. Wanting to defeat him wouldn’t be easy.

“I’m fine.” White King took a deep breath.

“Mm, it’s fine as long as you try your best. This Jun Bluemoon is not easy to deal with. Just the strength he’s exposed so far is no trifling matter.”

“I understand.”

White King slowly picked up his hand strap and shouldered his sword as he stepped onto the arena stage.

In this battle, the pressure on him was not small at all!

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