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Chapter 1308 – Lin Ming VS Jun Bluemoon

In Frost Dream and Dragon Fang’s battle, Dragon Fang had been defeated and Frost Dream had emerged victorious!

“Frost Dream’s abilities are terrifying!”

“Yes, she might even be stronger than that! There are likely many moves she has yet to use.”

“Frost Dream should be able to easily take first place this time. I think that Hang Chi won’t be her match.”

Frost Dream was originally the popular choice to take the champions.h.i.+p in this tournament. The only one who was believed to have the capability of threatening her position was Hang Chi. As for Xiao Moxian, not many people favored her; she was simply too young.

It was only during her battle with Lin Ming that the audience realized just how powerful she was. The true body of a G.o.d Beast was far too ridiculous. Whether it was in defensive abilities or compatibility with Laws, she had reached an inconceivable boundary.

People once thought that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian weren’t much worse than Frost Dream, but now, Fairy Frost Dream had revealed a strength that had left everyone breathless. Dragon Fang wasn’t weak; he hadn’t been far worse than Lin Ming. But now, he had been easily defeated by Frost Dream.

“Dragon Fang wasn’t able to display the Laws of his Three Lives Pupils at the last moment. If he was able to display their true strength, there might have been a small chance he would have been able to see through the divine dream s.p.a.ce.”

Lin Ming silently speculated. It was still unknown whether or not Dragon Fang could see through the divine dream s.p.a.ce. Even if he was able to, he still needed to use his Three Lives Pupils to do that, and Frost Dream clearly wasn’t going to give him that time. This had led to Dragon Fang’s ultimate defeat.

At this time, at an unknown s.p.a.ce countless trillions of miles away from the martial field of the First Martial Meeting…

On a deserted, desolate little planet, an old man hunched over a walking stick quietly watched everything happening on the arena stage. Although his body looked old and decrepit, his eyes seemed omniscient, s.h.i.+mmering, occasionally flas.h.i.+ng with marks of the Great Dao Laws.

This was another state of the Three Lives Pupils. By relying on this state, this old man could clearly see what was happening in any corner of the universe. His sight was even far clearer than that of anyone who was personally there.

“Fairy Frost Dream… I finally understand now…”

The old man slowly said. His eyes seemed to completely see through the mystical fog that surrounded Frost Dream’s face.

“I thought it was strange. Divine Dream, with your detached and aloof temperament, I wondered why you place so much energy on a little baby like Frost Dream, not even hesitating at all to spend your spirit source to increase her strength. Now, I understand…”

Three Lives Old Man heaved a deep sigh, as if he had become even older.

“The young are fearful, truly fearful. You should have already seen that final step ahead of you. You wish to draw upon this great era and take that final step forwards, and Frost Dream is the key for this last step. No wonder Dragon Fang lost so miserably…

“To use the trillion quadrillion lives of the Divine Realm as your game pieces and the 33 Layered Heavens as your chess board, your courage and boldness is more than enough. Is this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting the start of your great game? In just 10 million years you have already reached this level. Perhaps, you may even succeed. As for me, I am already far too old. In my mind, all I hoped for was to find a descendant to inherit my legacy, but as for you, you were always thinking about how to cross the great calamity and allow the world to continue flowing forwards. I am far inferior to you…”

The old man whispered to himself, closing his wrinkled eyes. 10 million years ago, Empyrean Divine Dream was nothing more than a young and naïve girl. But now, she had already reached an unbelievable boundary. She had even touched upon the threshold for that ‘final step’.

In other words, to surpa.s.s the boundary of an Empyrean.

However, even if one surpa.s.sed an Empyrean, that still didn’t mean they would succeed in resisting the great calamity.

This was because 3.6 billion years ago, Empyrean Divine Seal possessed a talent far surpa.s.sing Empyrean Divine Dream and even he had perished in that calamity.

Three Lives Old Man truly hoped that Divine Dream could lead the countless lives in this universe to overcome the great calamity. But, that was simply far too difficult.

As Frost Dream walked off the stage, all of the contestants present felt a tremendous pressure. Frost Dream gave off a halo of invincibility.

And at this time, Vast Cosmos loudly announced, “The second match, Lin Ming against Jun Bluemoon. The two of you please step on stage!”

“Fighting Jun Bluemoon…”

Lin Ming turned to glance at Jun Bluemoon. Jun Bluemoon had been sitting on his stone chair, wiping down his sword. Every wipe was done carefully and with earnest effort. As his long white hair scattered upon the blade, he gave off a very sad and melancholic feeling.

Sword like ice, hair like snow.

Lin Ming stepped onto the arena stage. As for Jun Bluemoon, he vigorously finished the last round of cleaning on his sword and then flew upwards, landing on the arena stage like a light feather.

The two of them looked at each other, fighting spirit flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes.

“Please advise.” Lin Ming respectfully said. At the same time, he took out the Phoenix Blood Spear. A cold light s.h.i.+mmered on the spear point.


Lin Ming suddenly thrust out his spear, the first four level Concepts of the Fire Laws fusing together. Dreadful waves of fire instantly rolled up all around for several miles, creating a giant blooming blue lotus.

And at this time, atop the blue lotus, a sword light flashed like a cold and distant star. At some unknown time, Jun Bluemoon had already drifted upwards from his original position. He grasped that strange sword and slashed out.

This sword strike carried with it an incomparable momentum but at the same time there wasn’t the least bit of killing intent. Instead, it was elegant and refined like a picturesque drawing of spring, making it unpredictable and wonderful.

In this strange sword strike, Lin Ming couldn’t make out any of the Laws contained within. It only felt harmonious and balanced. Whether it was from an offensive angle or the circulation of energy, it was impeccable!

“Power of thunder!”

Seeing Jun Bluemoon’s sword thrust towards him, Lin Ming injected the power of thunder into the Blue Flame Lotus. As fire and thunder crossed together, there was a loud explosion and the entire blue lotus exploded.

Jun Bluemoon’s sword potential was completely broken apart by this rampant energy!

At the same time, Lin Ming waved his spear. This spear carried with it the might of the fifth level Concept of Thunder and Fire, sweeping away all!

Xiu! Xiu!

Two terrifying energies of thunder and fire shot towards Jun Bluemoon, intersecting in front of him. As long as these two types of energies met, they would erupt with an unbelievable explosive force. Unless someone possessed a G.o.d Beast true form like Xiao Moxian that gave them heaven-defying defensive abilities, they would be injured!

Fu – Fu –

Within the raging thunder and flames, Jun Bluemoon was already surrounded!

At this time, an incredible scene occurred.

Jun Bluemoon welcomed Lin Ming’s thunder and flames. The moment that his hands touched these two energies, the two extremely wild and brutal energies suddenly calmed down, flowing along Jun Bluemoon’s hands as if they were being pulled about by some unknown force.

Jun Bluemoon flew backwards, drawing a primal chaos diagram with his hands as he did so.

The two energies circulated in the air, forming a two-colored vortex. These two colors condensed more and more, eventually turning into a yin yang primal chaos diagram. Lin Ming’s power of thunder and fire was actually transformed into a round yin yang primal chaos diagram by Jun Bluemoon!

“This is!”

Lin Ming was shocked.

The audience was also amazed. Just what sort of cultivation method was this?

Jun Bluemoon had fully contained and controlled his opponent’s energies, transforming them into a calm and harmonious primal chaos array diagram!

“What a terrifying Concept!”

Lin Ming looked at Jun Bluemoon, a glint of admiration in his eyes. Jun Bluemoon’s achievements in th Law Concepts were incredible. That casual sword strike just now gave off an immaculate feeling.

And, what was most terrifying was that he could absorb his opponent’s energies and control them with the Yin Yang Laws. It was simply unbelievable.

Jun Bluemoon’s hands slowly came to a stop. The round thunderfire primal chaos diagram floated in the air, slowly spinning. Lin Ming could feel that he had completely lost contact with his energies.

Jun Bluemoon slowly said, “Everything in this world, whether it is energy, matter, or life, contains the dual principles of yin and yang. Negative is yin, positive is yang, and your power of thunder and fire is no exception either. As long as I can control the power of yin and yang within them then they will be controlled by me.”

As Jun Bluemoon spoke, the audience was dumbstruck.

There were such freakish Laws?

Normally, when martial artists fought, their energies would collide and lead to explosions. But, Jun Bluemoon was different.

When Empyrean Vast Universe’s direct disciple White King had fought Jun Bluemoon, Jun Bluemoon had struck out with 63 sword strikes. Every time their sword lights had collided, there was strangely no eruption of energy. Rather, they had transformed into yin yang diagrams. These yin yang diagrams had contained both White King and Jun Bluemoon’s strength.

At the end, Jun Bluemoon had thrust out his 64th strike. When those 64 yin yang diagrams joined together, it became an attack far from what White King could block. The most terrifying aspect of Jun Bluemoon lay in his ability to borrow his opponent’s energy for his own use.

This was the highest boundary of yin and yang. If this principle could be summed up, then it would be called harmony.

Yin and yang in harmony, man and heaven as one.

“Jun Bluemoon’s techniques are too bizarre!”

“Fighting against him, you wouldn’t even know how you lost!”

“If he can borrow your energy, how can you defeat him?”

To the young elites present, the way in which Jun Bluemoon utilized the Laws had already completely surpa.s.sed their scope of understanding.

“I see, so that’s what it is. I think I understand now.” Lin Ming looked at the yin yang diagram in the skies. “Those two energies already belong to you and have become your primal chaos diagram. The more primal chaos diagrams you gather, the stronger your attack will be, right?”

“Yes!” Jun Bluemoon said, slas.h.i.+ng his sword out once more.

This simple and humble sword strike contained the Yin Yang Laws. They harmonized as one, becoming immaculate and impregnable!

Sword after sword, every strike left a primal chaos diagram.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, retreating again and again. He had already opened the Heretical G.o.d Force to the limit, unleas.h.i.+ng all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and even burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

“Jun Bluemoon, do you want to do this until the 64th sword strike?” As Lin Ming spoke, his aura began to climb upwards. In that instant, he was like a 100,000 foot high mountain, irreproachable.

“Your Laws are strong, but they are still suppressed in the face of absolute strength! For perfect yin yang harmony, both sides have to be close in strength to begin with. But, if my attack is far stronger than yours, how will you maintain that delicate balance?”

In that moment, behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical G.o.d Tree slowly appeared. The glory of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation wildly flowed out. The power of thunder and fire was boundless and potent, containing the majesty of the Great Dao!

“Heavenly Dao Judgment!”

The moment that Lin Ming used Heavenly Dao Judgment, everything between the heavens and earth turned into an endless sea of red and purple. Heavenly thunder roared and flames howled. In the skies, Lin Ming had almost formed a world tribulation cloud!

The power of the Heavenly Dao was utterly heartless. This terrifying strength came cras.h.i.+ng down on Jun Bluemoon.

Jun Bluemoon’s Laws were indeed strange and uncanny. Lin Ming had chosen to suppress him with absolute strength!

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