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Chapter 1351 – Forcing Through the Void

The sudden voice startled the Skybreak Sect Elder. He simply didn’t know where this voice was coming from, “Who is it?”

“I am the Great World King of the Demondawn Great World. Immediately stop the revolution of the transmission array!” Tian Mingzi’s voice seemed as if it pa.s.sed through layers and layers of the void, directly entering the spiritual sea of the Skybreak Sect Elder.

“This is… I…”

The Skybreak Sect Elder was dumbfounded. The Demondawn Great World’s Great World King!?

To him, that was an utterly legendary character!

Although he didn’t know whether this was true or false, from just this terrifying pressure alone, it was absolutely a top master. How could he dare to ignore the order of such a master?

The Skybreak Sect Elder immediately stopped the activation of the transmission array.

As Lin Ming saw this, his complexion changed.

The Skybreak Sect Elder glared at Lin Ming, simply not bothering to explain anything to him.

If he told others that he had stopped just because someone ordered him to, that would be a tremendous loss of face. In any case, he simply didn’t care about a junior like Lin Ming.

Lin Ming grimaced. He was aware that Tian Mingzi’s long distance sound transmission had reached this Skybreak Sect Elder!

With Tian Mingzi’s methods, from where he was to here, he might need just 10 breaths of time to cross the void and arrive. It might even be less than that!

In other words, he had less than 10 breaths of time to escape here!

With so little time, Lin Ming wouldn’t waste his time trying to persuade this old man to open the transmission array. And even if he tried, this old man definitely wouldn’t listen to him.

One didn’t need to be a genius to know whether someone would listen to the words of a Great World King or a middle Divine Sea realm boy.


The Phoenix Blood Spear leapt into Lin Ming’s hand. In an instant, Lin Ming opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates and released the Heretical G.o.d Force to the limit.

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical G.o.d Tree began to appear. He only had 10 breaths of time. In 10 breaths of time, he had to defeat this Skybreak Sect Elder and forcefully activate the transmission array.

As for this Skybreak Sect Elder, although his foundation was a mess beyond wobbly, for better or worse he was still a Divine Lord realm master. Lin Ming had to invest his all-out strength in this attack!

The sudden change caused all the nearby martial artists to be surprised. This young man, just what sort of mental illness did he have?

“Brat, what are you doing?”

“s.h.i.+t, you’re crazy, stop scaring us all…”

A Divine Transformation realm martial artist cursed. However, his voice slowly faded away. Was this terrifying aura really something that a Divine Sea realm martial artist could release? And this solid foundation, this deep and vast true essence… this was definitely an unrivalled genius amongst Divine Sea realm martial artists!

Everyone looked at Lin Ming; even the Skybreak Sect Divine Lord Elder was shocked. This brat, could he actually be attacking him and thinking of forcefully opening the transmission array?

A middle Divine Sea boy actually dared to attack him? Was he crazy?


Lin Ming roared, not holding anything back. His spear suddenly thrust forwards. From within his inner world, the black hole seed was shot out directly.

Eternal Darkness!

A black hole dark star of the universe was able to attract all matter and was heavy to an incredible degree. If a sun were struck by a black hole, that sun would be completely destroyed!

Destroying a planet was something an Empyrean could achieve. But as for destroying a sun, that was something only a True Divinity could accomplish. Moreover, that was only a possibility.

Lin Ming’s black hole seed hurtled towards the Skybreak Sect Elder.

“Since you want to die so badly, let me help you along!”

The Skybreak Sect Elder wasn’t an idiot. Tian Mingzi had sent him a long distance sound transmission and ordered him to stop this transmission array, and then this youth had attacked him, wanting to forcefully activate the array. It was clear that Tian Mingzi was coming for this youth, to capture or even kill him.

The Skybreak Sect Elder didn’t know why Lin Ming was being chased by Tian Mingzi, nor did he know how Lin Ming had escaped Tian Mingzi’s grasp and was just a step away from fleeing to the lower realms. But, what he was absolutely clear on was that if he weren’t attending this transmission array today, then this boy really might have run away.

This was a golden opportunity for him to perform a valuable service!

Just what sort of character was Tian Mingzi? Within the entire Demondawn Great World, besides Demondawn Heavenly Palace, he was the sovereign king of this world! A normal Holy Lord of a Holy Land wouldn’t have the chance to see Tian Mingzi. If he could help him with something, then that would definitely be a great benefit to him!

He didn’t think that he would be able to rely on this favor to break through into the Holy Lord realm, but he would at least be able to live for several thousand years longer. How could he refuse such a wonderful thing?

Moreover, Lin Ming was extremely young. Although his aura was powerful and he seemed to be an unrivalled genius, the difference in cultivation was simply too great. To block him was a piece of cake. This was nothing but a giant meat pie that had fallen from the skies.

He wildly laughed, “Hahahaha! A little bead like you actually dares to struggle with the splendor of the sun and moon! Seven Star Battle Revolution!”

Behind the Skybreak Sect Elder, seven stars immediately appeared. These seven stars arranged themselves into the shape of the compa.s.s. With the seven stars s.h.i.+ning, the old man’s aura began to quietly rise, as if he were absorbing power from the starlight of the highest heavens.

A cyan sword leapt into the Skybreak Sect Elder’s hand. All of the starlight completely gathered onto the blade of the sword.

“This sword is called Seven Stars. With a cut of this sword, stars revolve and seasons change!”

The cyan sword swung out, gathering the power of the seven stars and brightly s.h.i.+ning atop Lin Ming’s black hole seed.

But in that moment, a brutal and crazy vortex of energy appeared around the black hole seed. That power of starlight was twisted to pieces by this strength before being swallowed!

The black hole seed tore through the endless starlight before cras.h.i.+ng into the Skybreak Sect Elder!


The Skybreak Elder was shocked. One of his greatest finis.h.i.+ng moves was broken so easily. How could this be!?

He rapidly drew backwards, a curtain of blazing blue starlight appearing around him. This was clearly his protective technique. However, underneath Lin Ming’s attack, this defense simply had no ability to resist. It was helplessly twisted apart and swallowed up by the black hole seed!

All energy, all matter, nothing could stop the swallowing of the black hole seed.

Ka ka ka!

As the curtain of starlight was twisted apart, the Skybreak Elder put forth his final strength and slashed his sword down on the black hole seed. A powerful backlash rolled upwards, causing the Skybreak Elder to spit out a mouthful of blood and fly backwards!

As the other martial artists in the transmission array saw this, all of their eyes went as wide as goggles, none of them able to speak.

Was this young man really just a Divine Sea realm martial artist?

Some people even suspected that Lin Ming was hiding his cultivation. But as they looked at his attacks and the aura he used, he truly seemed like a middle Divine Sea realm martial artist!

Without enough time to respond, Lin Ming’s figure had already flashed and appeared near the transmission array. He pulled out three nine sun jades from his spatial ring, stimulating their energy to the limit, hastily pouring all of it into the transmission array.

Hu – hu – hu – !

Underneath the ma.s.sive influx of energy, the transmission array wildly revolved, seeming as if it would explode soon!

As the martial artists on the altar saw this, their hearts went cold. In order to speed up the transmission array, this young man had overloaded it past its limits. This was simply a death wis.h.!.+

To descend from the Divine Realm to the lower realms through a transmission array was filled with incomparable dangers. Even in a well-ordered and meticulous transmission array, there was already a chance that an accident would occur, much less with a transmission array that was going haywire like this. Not only would the s.p.a.ce storms be more violent and turbulent, but if the transmission array was destroyed, the person still inside would truly die without a grave!

“He’s insane!”

“Let’s leave. I don’t want to get caught up in this mess and die with him!”

The other martial artists weren’t sure what was happening. They simply didn’t even know why Lin Ming had fought the Skybreak Sect Elder and why he was going so crazy. None of them wanted to mess with this rabid dog.

Then, the seven or eight martial artists all flew down from the transmission array. This was even better for Lin Ming. Like this, he could save more time.

Lin Ming stepped onto the transmission array and a boundless energy erupted. A divine light shot into the sky, piercing through the void. Lin Ming shot upwards, entering the infinitely turbulent s.p.a.ce flows!

Just five breaths of time after Lin Ming escaped into the transmission array, a long black sword stabbed through the void, forming a door in s.p.a.ce. The black-clothed Tian Mingzi appeared, like the arrival of a death reaper.

As Tian Mingzi appeared, all of those martial artists that planned to go to the lower realms were shocked silly. Who was this? Why was his aura so formidable?

Facing Tian Mingzi, they even found it difficult to breathe. The pressure he gave off was simply too great.

Tian Mingzi didn’t bother with these people. He looked towards the transmission array that was still s.h.i.+ning with light, and then his face turned colder than absolute zero.

“You think you can escape me by entering the transmission array?”

Tian Mingzi subconsciously clenched his fists as if he wanted to crush Lin Ming’s bones within them, “If you ran away in such a hurry, then the incarnation that expert gave you must only be able to be used once… if so, then there’s nothing for me to be cautious about.”

Tian Mingzi closed his eyes, his sense sweeping through the runes that were still swirling around the transmission array. These runes were solved by Tian Mingzi, one at a time.

The Skydark Holy Lands’ inheritances in the s.p.a.ce and Time Laws were extremely profound. Just Nether Limitless himself was able to form four spatial mirror image avatars. And as Nether Limitless’s teacher, Tian Mingzi’s comprehension of the s.p.a.ce Laws had reached an unbelievable level.

He thrust out his palms, grasping the void above the transmission array. A deep and vast energy surged out from his body and raced into the turbulent s.p.a.ce flows.

This energy formed a ma.s.sive hand in the turbulent s.p.a.ce flows before coming hurtling forwards!

Tian Mingzi’s actions weren’t conventional by any standard. If he were to forcefully tear apart the void to enter and not open a proper spatial channel through a transmission array, he would inevitably encounter the sweeping strength of the s.p.a.ce storm. This power of s.p.a.ce was something that not even a Great World King could live through.

Rumble rumble rumble.

The crazy and brutal s.p.a.ce storm tore into that black hand, constantly wearing it down and weakening it.

A spatial transmission from the Divine Realm to the lower realms reached unimaginable speeds In just five breaths of time, Lin Ming had already flown out to the far off distance.

“Lin Ming! Tian Mingzi is reaching across the void to attack you!”

Mo Eversnow’s voice boomed in Lin Ming’s mind.


Lin Ming’s mind shook. Tian Mingzi had already reached such a degree? He actually possessed the ability to attack him while he was in a transmission array?

Lin Ming turned around to see a ma.s.sive black hand chasing straight after him from a distant part of the spatial channel. This black hand broke through the barriers of countless s.p.a.ce storms, but its strength was also constantly being weakened.

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