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Chapter 1432 – The Wheel of Destiny

“Black G.o.d Fort’s second level?” Lin Ming rubbed his chin. “Then, can I also partic.i.p.ate in this trial?”

“Of course, Master. Anyone that enters Black G.o.d Fort has a chance to partic.i.p.ate in the trial. As long as you pa.s.s through all the checkpoints you will obtain a single drawing chance.

“In the drawing there are three things that can be obtained, however, the ones with the greatest chance to be drawn are mission badges. Still, these mission badges will inevitably be rare ones. Within Black G.o.d Fort, there are some mission badges that cannot be purchased with any amount of money. Luck and strength are both essential factors. If you have enough strength or you have luck that defies the heavens, then you can obtain these rare mission badges at a  small price. These types of mission badges are often a hundred times more valuable than those obtained with origin energy runes.”

“Interesting. Let’s go take a look.” Lin Ming felt more and more that Soulwhite’s previous speculations were correct. This Asura Road seemed as if it were a giant game area created by some supreme divine G.o.d. The rules that were governed by the Heavenly Dao Laws actually resembled game rules somewhat.

“Let’s see what this Dugu Li fellow can draw out.”

“Yes, I hope it will at least be a rare blue soul level rune. Although it isn’t ours, it should still be fun to watch!”

“Heh, maybe Dugu Li won’t want it and will be willing to sell it to us!”

Many people started moving towards the second floor. Some rich martial artists even had thoughts of buying any runes.

Between the first and second levels of Black G.o.d Fort was not only a wide staircase but also several transmission arrays. Even if a thousand people were to rush up, it would still be s.p.a.cious.

The second level was several times broader than the first level at over ten miles wide. The reason there was such a scene was clearly because there was a minor dimension located on the second level.

Even with so many people standing here, it didn’t look crowded at all.

At this time, in the center of the second level, there was a giant platform. A tall saint man was standing above this platform, his expression excited and in high spirits. This man was clearly Dugu Li.

Standing beside Dugu Li were four or five guards. These guards all wore white suits of armor and there was the image of a snowflake carved into their chest pieces. They looked das.h.i.+ng and heroic.

Standing in front of these guards, Lin Ming could feel how terrifyingly strong they were.

“These guards are actually peak Divine Lord powerhouses? A peak Divine Lord powerhouse would have an extremely high status in any ordinary Holy Land of the Divine Realm and can even be an Elder of a branch palace, but they can only be considered guards here?”

“These aren’t ordinary guards.” Soulwhite said from beside Lin Ming. “These are the City Lord’s personal guards. Because they wear silver-white armor and their chests have the image of a snowflake, these personal guards are called the Silver Snow Corps. There are a total of 108 guards in their forces and each one of them is an outstanding martial artist. It’s impossible for the average person to hope to join them.”

“The City of Discord’s City Lord?” Lin Ming was startled. In the Asura Road where slaughter was everywhere, anyone that could become the City Lord of such a large city couldn’t be underestimated at all.

“Yes, it is the City Lord. In the City of Discord, there are two groups of people that must not be provoked. The first is the Silver Snow Corps that acts as the City Lord’s personal guard and the other are the Asuras!


This was the first time Lin Ming had heard this term used like this in the Asura Road. Ever since he came here, there were far too many new terms he had learned.

“Yes, those martial artists who can independently complete trial tasks and complete a full set of G.o.d runes will obtain the t.i.tle of Asura. Those that collect a full set of silver runes have the qualifications to become a one-star Asura. Those that collect a full set of gold runes can have the qualifications to become a two-star Asura. Those that obtain a full set of blue soul runes have the qualifications to become a three-star Asura!

“Generally speaking, three-star Asuras are already extremely terrifying. It is normally difficult to see them. Above that, four-star Asuras are an even more mysterious existence. It is impossible to judge those types of characters with any type of common sense! In order to become an Asura, the G.o.d runes obtained have to come from completing certain tasks. Stealing runes and buying runes will not factor into this t.i.tle. t.i.tled Asuras all receive the approval of the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao. Even a one-star Asura can obtain a tremendous increase to their strength. In addition, those that can become a t.i.tled Asura are all extraordinary geniuses in their own right. They can often jump an entire large boundary to fight. Even ordinary Holy Lords will not casually think to provoke a one-star Asura at the Divine Lord realm, much less a two-star Asura. This is why Asuras are the second group of people that cannot be provoked in the City of Discord.

“And that Dugu Li who is on stage right now is a one-star Asura! He is extremely famous in the City of Discord. Those three Black Iron Ghosts seem to be bossy and brutal, but even they grovel in front of Dugu Li. This is the suppression brought by strength.”

“I understand.” Lin Ming nodded. Dugu Li’s cultivation was a bit lower than the three Black Iron Ghosts’, but in terms of overall combat strength, Dugu Li’s talent allowed him to easily best the three of them together.

Not just that, but because Dugu Li had the t.i.tle of a one-star Asura, he had the support of the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao. If he were to fight the Black Iron Ghost Triad he would simply roll right over them.

With such a difference in strength, it was no wonder no one dared to provoke these people.

At this time, Dugu Li finally started to begin his drawing. This was the reason that many people had rushed to the second level.

The Silver Snow Corps guards began to move a giant metal disc in.

This metal disc was extremely heavy. It was unknown what sort of material it was made from. The surface of the metal disc even had stains and it exuded an extremely ancient atmosphere.

“This disc…” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He could feel that this clumsy and ordinary disc actually contained infinite mysteries. It even far surpa.s.sed the Primordius Gate! This was definitely not something that any ordinary powerhouse could hope to create.

Moreover, since the Silver Snow Corpse was personally moving it, it was clearly unusual.

“Master, have you noticed?” Soulwhite said. “This disc isn’t ordinary at all. It is called the Wheel of Destiny and will reveal just how lucky your destiny is. It is something that has been pa.s.sed down from the most ancient times of the Asura Road and represents the will of the Heavenly Dao. It cannot be destroyed, and even if you deliberately toss it miles away into the sea, it will still return to the world underneath the mystical rules that govern this land. If you try to attack it or destroy it then you will be cursed and punished by the heavens. The consequences of such actions are serious and even your own destiny will fall into ruin. This is why no one ever dares move against the Wheel of Destiny. The reason that this Wheel of Destiny is placed in the City of Discord is to act as the great treasure that stabilizes the destiny of this city. In the end, there is a finite number of cities allowed to exist in the Asura Road. Without a treasure like this to stabilize the city, a city will not obtain the approval of the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao and will be easily destroyed.”

“I understand.” Lin Ming nodded. He also guessed something similar. This metal disc was likely a magic tool personally created by the mysterious divine G.o.d that established this world. Of course, when that divine G.o.d forged this object, they likely did it en Although this object was nothing in the eyes of that mysterious being, to the martial artists of the Asura Road, it was a representative of the Heavenly Dao.

On the platform, Dugu Li took a deep breath and walked in front of the Wheel of Destiny.

The drawing chance he obtained was to spin the Wheel of Destiny.

After spinning the Wheel of Destiny, all sorts of different results could be had.

The most likely possibility was to obtain a G.o.d rune mission badge. These types of mission badges all had extremely rare missions.

The second possibility was to directly obtain a G.o.d rune. If one could directly obtain a G.o.d rune, then the gains were truly great.

Besides the first two possibilities, there was a third. This third possibility was extremely small. Only those people who had a great destiny upon their bodies and would inevitably inherit the fate of the world could pull out such a drawing.

But as for what it was that would be pulled out, no one knew.

But without a doubt, this third possibility was the most valuable one of all. Its value couldn’t be calculated at all.

This Wheel of Destiny was something that would determine one’s own destiny to a certain extent. It would be a lie to say that anyone wouldn’t be nervous upon spinning it.

Even though Dugu Li knew it was extremely unlikely he would pull out that third possibility, as he stepped in front of the Wheel of Destiny, those sorts of odd fantasies still rose up in his mind.

With a deep breath, Dugu Li took out the a.s.sessment token he had from pa.s.sing the game and then crushed it in his hands. The rune turned into a stream of light that flowed into the Wheel of Destiny. Then, the Wheel of Destiny began to s.h.i.+ne with a brilliant light as numerous runes s.h.i.+mmered upon it.

Without a doubt, these runes were all blue; they were blue soul level G.o.d runes.

However, amongst these G.o.d runes, some were finished runes and some were badges.

In addition, on some places on the disc, there were areas without any runes at all. There was only a single ancient character that read – Destiny!

If one could draw this option then one would obtain that mysterious third reward possibility.


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