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Chapter 1436 – Self Explosion

On the battlefield, Lin Ming’s figure flashed and he disappeared from sight. He was like a death reaper that haunted the night, wantonly harvesting life.

His speed was far too fast. From crippling the Black Iron Ghost third brother to taking his spatial ring, this had only taken a fraction of a second. The moment that people saw blood splash out, the Black Iron Ghost third brother’s crippled body was already falling down from the air.

“Third Brother!”

The Black Iron boss roared out. Although the Black Iron Ghost Triad had done all sorts of evils in their lives, they still had a bond between them because they were true blood brothers. Now that they saw their blood brother being wasted in front of their eyes, even the most cold-hearted individual couldn’t remain unresponsive.

“He’s crippled Third Brother!” The Black Iron second brother shouted, his eyes turning red.

“Don’t be impulsive! We are not his match at all!” The Black Iron boss could only remain as calm as he could. At this time, the only one he could save was himself. As he sent a sound transmission to his second brother he fled with all his strength. But at this time, a voice of death quietly echoed in his ears like the whispers of the end. “You are second!”

“f.u.c.k, I’ll fight with you!”

The Black Iron boss was a ruthless individual. Since he clearly knew he wasn’t able to run away, he erupted his astral essence to the limit, protecting all of his vital points as he swept his saber out towards Lin Ming’s waist.

But as his saber was slas.h.i.+ng outwards he felt himself suddenly slow down. All around him, time was distorting at incredible degrees.

Time laws!?

The Black Iron boss was nearly frightened to death. As a saint race martial artist, his attainments in the Laws were nearly nothing at all. A powerful saint martial artist could use their terrifying strength to crush through the Laws and break free from the shackles of time or pierce through the void, but the Black Iron boss was far from accomplis.h.i.+ng this.

Hu – !

Lin Ming appeared behind the Black Iron boss like ghosts and G.o.ds. His left hand grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and his right hand formed a fist that came cras.h.i.+ng down at the Black Iron boss’ spine!

“Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!”

The Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist was originally a body transformation system martial skill. And now that Lin Ming had fully opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and had also seen the threshold of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, this punch could even pulverize the void. If this fist struck someone, especially a place as frail as the spine, even a saint race martial artist wouldn’t be able to withstand it!


With a loud cracking sound, a wild and brutal vibration force spread through the Black Iron boss’ entire spine. A horrifying destructive power began to ravage his bones, marrow, and nerves!

The Black Iron boss cried out in misery, his entire body shook and his head drooped downwards. His entire spine had been ruined by Lin Ming!

Even though saint race martial artists had high regenerative abilities, this sort of wound was nearly the same as crippling them.

Even so, Lin Ming accompanied it with a Pulse Cutting Palm!

He would not allow his opponent any chance to stand back up. After all, a wound to the spine could be cured with good enough medicines. But, a wound created from the Pulse Cutting Palm would require a Great World King to spend a great deal of effort in order to concoct the correct pills to heal it. And, it was impossible for the Black Iron Ghost Triad to obtain such medicines with their abilities.

Rather, it was better to say that before they could find the necessary medicines, they would have already died a horrible death in the City of Discord.


The Black Iron boss’ spatial ring exploded. Lin Ming picked up the skull badge from the wreckage. As for the Black Iron boss himself, he dropped next to his third brother like a pile of rotten meat.

Lin Ming didn’t even pause for half a step. The s.p.a.ce beneath him shrank to an inch and he instantly crossed a hundred miles. In the next moment he had overtaken the last of the Black Iron Ghost Triad.

“Ahhhh! I’ll perish with you!” The Black Iron second brother’s eyes were red with rage. His entire body began to swell up like a balloon. The astral essence within him rumbled like a volcano, ready to explode at any moment!


Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Some martial artists, before they died, could galvanize the entirety of their inner world, their energy, and their blood vitality to explode. This explosive attack was ten times stronger than their all-out strike. Even a martial artist that was an entire boundary higher than them would have to evade such an attack, otherwise it would be easy to be wounded.

However, this sort of martial skill was far too vicious. It was a completely suicidal attack to bring both parties down. Normally, very few martial artists would study such a martial skill. Only those deathsworn martial artist and ruffians would ever think of learning such a move.

“Brat, I may die but I will drag you down with me!” The Black Iron second brother’s face was completely distorted like a deformed monster. This wasn’t because he was angry but because the astral essence within his body was nearing the point of explosion. Blood vitality began gus.h.i.+ng out from all over him, and his muscles, bones, and meridians were already overflowing with chaotic astral essence in a complete mess. His body resembled a large meatball, disgusting and monstrous.

Woos.h.!.+ Woos.h.!.+

The Black Iron second brother’s four limbs stretched out. They suddenly turned soft as they swung towards Lin Ming like tentacles.

During the battle at the Chaotic Blood Continent, there were saint race martial artists that had used similar abilities. As a race who thoroughly cultivated the body transformation technique, they could make their bodies as hard as diamonds or as soft as noodles in order to bind their enemies.

“Blood energy lockdown!”

The Black Iron second brother bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out a large mouthful of blood essence. This was 30-40% of his blood essence. Since he was going all-out with his life on the line, he no longer had the scruples to care about this.

As his blood essence burned, the Black Iron second brother’s entire body erupted with a fog of blood. Then, Lin Ming felt his body slow down. It was like his entire bloodline was being attracted to the Black Iron second brother, wanting to leave his own body!

Under this traction of blood energy, Lin Ming felt like he had fallen into a swamp. His movements slowed down, making it hard for him to move.

This was the Black Iron second brother’s so-called blood energy lockdown. Although it was an attack made by combusting his blood essence, Lin Ming could still easily work his way loose. But, in the brief moment that Lin Ming was doing so, the second brother’s four limbs wrapped themselves around him.

“Now that I’ve got you, you are dead! No matter how strong you are, we are going to die together!”

The Black Iron second brother maniacally laughed. At the moment before his death he had fallen into madness!

Even though Lin Ming was held down by the Black Iron second brother, he still remained as calm as before. He indifferently said, “Your self-explosion trick is useless against me.”

Lin Ming’s ten fingers flashed as he formed hundreds and thousands of seals.

Divine Seal Art – G.o.d Forbidding Seal!

Woosh woosh woos.h.!.+

These G.o.d Forbidding Seals instantly sank into the Black Iron second brother’s inflated body.

The G.o.d Forbidding Seal was the first technique listed in the Divine Seal Art. Every seal was in truth a miniature black hole. Lin Ming had once used the G.o.d Forbidding Seal to break through Frost Dream’s Dreamsoul Immortal Melody and exterminate the spiritual G.o.d of faith energy that she had summoned. At that time, in terms of strength, Frost Dream was no weaker than Lin Ming, and the Laws she displayed had reached an inconceivable degree.

Now, when Lin Ming and the Black Iron second brother were compared to each other, they were on completely different levels in terms of strength and skill.

At that time, Lin Ming had forcefully blocked the spiritual G.o.d of faith energy, so what could this self-explosion skill from the Black Iron second brother hope to do against him?

Chi chi chi!

The G.o.d Forbidding Seals were like a pack of starving beasts as they wildly swallowed up the astral essence and blood vitality within the Black Iron second brother’s body.

Black Hole seals originally had the ability to swallow all power. They could even swallow up the Divine Dream Law’s summoned power of faith, much less something as simple as astral essence and blood vitality.

“W-what?” The Black Iron second brother’s complexion changed. His body actually began to shrink and wither away. The hundreds of G.o.d Forbidding Seals that entered his body were wildly swallowing up all his energy. Currently, the Black Iron second brother’s body was like a giant water bag, and these G.o.d Forbidding Seals were like hundreds of holes that constantly drained him.

“Explode! Explode! Why can’t I explode!?”

The Black Iron second brother’s appearance was fierce and demented. “This is impossible! Once my Saint Demon Disintegration Art starts, not even I can stop it. Just how are you doing this!?”

In just several breaths of time, the Black Iron second brother’s body had shrunk to an even smaller size than his original self. Let alone exploding with energy, his astral essence and blood vitality were at pitifully low levels, making him look like he was in the last waning years of his life.

The Divine Seal Art included the Laws of Sealing and also the Laws of Swallowing. Once everything was swallowed into these miniature black holes it would naturally be thoroughly sealed away!

The astral essence and blood vitality within the Black Iron second brother’s body had all been swallowed up and sealed away. Naturally, he no longer had the strength to explode his body.

“This is it, what a shame…”

Lin Ming forcefully broke through the four limbs binding him. These four broken limbs didn’t leak any blood at all; the blood vitality within them had already been cleanly swallowed by the G.o.d Forbidding Seals.

“I am unwilling…” The Black Iron second brother s.h.i.+vered, his face white. Could there be any situation more miserable than how he was now? He couldn’t escape, and the suicidal self-explosion technique he tried to use had been easily resolved. To him, this was extremely pathetic.

“You’re the third one… Pulse Cutting Palm!”

Lin Ming thrust out his palm. With a light cracking sound, the Black Iron second brother’s bones and meridians shattered as he fell to the floor.

Like this, the Black Iron Ghost Triad had been completely eliminated by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming took the last skull badge. Now that he had obtained three skull badges, in addition to his own, he had four. Still, he was 46 skull badges away from completing the blue soul level trial checkpoint and 96 skull badges away from completing the zenith black level checkpoint.

Although it seemed the number of skull badges for the zenith black level checkpoint was only twice that of the blue soul level checkpoint, Lin Ming knew that the difficulty was more than double, because as more time pa.s.sed, obtaining skull badges would become increasingly hard.

“I should look for the remaining skull badges…”

Lin Ming glanced around. Everyone near the battlefield had already fled away without even half a shadow remaining.

A smart choice, but unfortunately… it was useless!

When Lin Ming had cut down the Black Iron Ghost Triad, he had simultaneously placed a blue soul battle spirit mark on their bodies. In this dimension realm, no matter how far they tried to run, in Lin Ming’s eyes they would be like giant beacons of light in the darkness.

Like this, the true Hunter Game could begin.

However, Lin Ming didn’t immediately hunt down these people. Instead, his figure flashed and he arrived above a field of tall gra.s.s. As he looked down, he icily said, “You’ve been watching for a long time. Come out.”

The winds rustled the high gra.s.s, but there was no sound of movement from within the field.

Lin Ming pointed his Phoenix Blood Spear downwards. On the spear point, the light of thunder and fire sizzled. “Then, we can only fight now.”

“Wait… wait…”

A deep voice echoed out. The tall gra.s.s was separated and a monster martial artist covered head to toe in green hair slowly walked out. He had an extremely ugly complexion right now.

This green-furred monster martial artist was much shorter than ordinary monster race martial artists. Standing in front of Lin Ming, he was an entire head shorter.


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