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Chapter 1472 – Inner Ridge

In the bleak and desolate earth, exposed rocks littered the ground, vast and endless.

G.o.d Burying Ridge occupied an area of tens of thousands of miles; it had slightly more surface area than a small planet. Besides mountain ranges, there were also valleys, dry lands and deserts. In short, it was a completely barren world.

The group of 11 people had already penetrated 2000 miles deep into G.o.d Burying Ridge. They had spent more than 10 days to come this far.

Everyone was closely gathered together with Fatty Zhou. Even though Fatty Zhou seemed a bit unreliable when he randomly sprinted out to gather some spirit treasure, the others still didn’t act rashly. They had already learned from the saint youth’s mistakes; there was no treasure here that was more important than their lives.

Of course, there were occasionally some treasures on the road that were obtained by them. In Lin Ming’s eyes, these treasures weren’t tempting at all, but some people were actually moved.

“I found this first!” A black-clothed girl with long hair said.

“I was the one who clearly found it!” A tall girl with a bountiful chest said, standing her ground.

The two women arguing were the young dragon clan girl and Xiao Moxian. They were both fighting over a precious and beautiful gem that contained a pure energy within it. To an ordinary martial artist this would have been a priceless treasure. But people like Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and that dragon clan girl wouldn’t necessarily care about something like this.

The reason they quarreled was because their personalities didn’t mesh at all. Whether it was the young dragon clan girl or Xiao Moxian, they both had arrogant and aggressive characters. After travelling together for over 10 days, they would occasionally come into verbal conflicts with each other. However, because neither party would yield, the result was that the tension between them only intensified.

Lin Ming and the dragon clan youth could only wryly smile about this. However, these occasional arguments were actually a seasoning to this extremely arduous and boring journey.

“Beautiful ladies, I think we should rest here first. Once we pa.s.s through that mountain in front of us, that is when we truly entering G.o.d Burying Ridge. The dangers will be greater than ever, so it’s best if you preserve your strength to deal with them.” Fatty Zhou smiled as he stepped up to mediate their argument.

“G.o.d Burying Ridge’s inner ridge? Are you saying that we’ve only been walking through the outer ridge?” The dragon clan youth asked Fatty Zhou, startled.

“There is no such thing as an outer ridge. We’ve only been walking along the very edge of G.o.d Burying Ridge.”

“We’ve walked for over 10 days and that was only the edge?” Many people were depressed as they heard this. Through all of these days, there had only been a single instance of danger. But for the rest of the time, everyone still maintained full vigilance so that they could immediately react to any possible dangers. This caused all of them to feel mentally exhausted. However, Fatty Zhou just told them all that they had only been meandering along the edges of G.o.d Burying Ridge. They couldn’t help but find this hard to accept.

“How do we define the boundary between G.o.d Burying Ridge’s inner ridge and outer edge?” Lin Ming asked after a brief moment of thought.

“That’s a good question. The way we define the inner ridge and outer edge of G.o.d Burying Ridge is using G.o.d Burying Ridge’s dao field as the divisionary threshold. There are some rumors that say G.o.d Burying Ridge’s dao field is left behind by the Asura Road Master and had already existed for countless billions of years. However, no one really knows how it came to be. But, perhaps because the dao field is too ancient or perhaps because the person who laid down this dao field had intended it to be so, there are actually over a dozen entrances into this dao field. We are currently going to go through one of them. The entrance we’ll be pa.s.sing through is the safest one and could also be called the only possible one for us to go through! All other entrances will cause near immediate death upon entry.”

“Asura Road Master!?”

Fatty Zhou’s words left Lin Ming speechless. As for everyone else, their mouths dropped down in astonishment. In their minds, the Asura Road Master was a legendary existence who likely exceeded every other past or present powerhouse in the universe! Now, Fatty Zhou was actually saying that this G.o.d Burying Ridge dao field was left behind by the Asura Road Master!

“Those are only wild speculations of course. No one can truly say how the G.o.d Burying Ridge came to be. As I said before, the G.o.d Burying Ridge dao field has already formed a self-contained world. Once you pa.s.s through the entrance the dangers will dramatically increase. All of you must be psychologically prepared for anything to happen.”

After listening to Fatty Zhou’s words everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. If the G.o.d Burying Ridge dao field was a.n.a.logous to a poisonous bug pot then they could now be considered as truly entering the poisonous bug pot. They would have to face all sorts of evil beings that had evolved over billions of years!

Among these existences, some could be considered living creatures and some couldn’t be considered anything at all. They could be sentient fields of energy or even acc.u.mulations of corpse energy or ghost energy. These sorts of things had no intellect at all, only an instinct to swallow everything. They would swallow energy and food, continuing to grow until they even swallowed the memories of martial artists. After gathering enough energy and soul wisdom, they would eventually evolve into demons!

In short, the inner ridge of G.o.d Burying Ridge was an extremely bizarre and strange world with countless mysterious species. Even a World King could die within. If one’s cultivation was high they still might not necessarily be able to live, but if one’s destiny was great enough, then even a Divine Lord realm powerhouse could safely enter and exit after finding a G.o.d burying stone.

Only an Empyrean could rely upon their tyrannical power to freely travel through G.o.d Burying Ridge. But, if an Empyrean were to enter to deepest depths of G.o.d Burying Ridge where Tragic Death Valley lay, even they would die in vain, never to emerge again.

Fatty Zhou led everyone a distance until they reached a rift valley.

This rift valley extended deep underground. The further one walked, the deeper they went. This rift valley was only a hundred some feet wide and the walls were cliffs that extended tens of thousands of feet high. It was difficult for even monkeys to climb.

The ground of the rift valley was slippery, glowing all over with moss and giant mushrooms. It was an eerie and terrifying feeling.

At this time, Lin Ming saw a dazzling brilliance appear in front of him, as if a paradise was hidden at the end of this rift valley.

Faintly, Lin Ming could hear the sounds of birds and even the fragrance of spirit gra.s.s.

After walking several more steps, Lin Ming confirmed his guess. Through a crevice in the rift valley’s cliffs, there was a world of auspicious and beautiful lights.

From a bleak and desolate world to suddenly this fantastical and wondrous scene, this immediate change was shocking.

“Don’t be fooled by what you see. What you see might not be the truth. After entering the inner ridge, use your vision as little as possible and use your divine sense as much as you can. Anything you see can be a threat to you, even things that aren’t actively attacking you. Do not try to into anything lest you draw a disaster upon yourself. As for things you cannot see even with your sense, treat them as illusions that do not exist.”

As Fatty Zhou spoke, he led everyone through the entrance to this paradise. The entrance was overflowing with origin energy, but as Lin Ming approached, he could actually feel a faint killing intent. The origin energy here didn’t seem auspicious at all. Rather, Lin Ming could faintly feel that the light of the entrance was so dense that it condensed into a storm of lightning and fire, able to burn anything that pa.s.sed into ashes.

“This is the entrance, but there is no easy way to enter. You can only rely on your own true essence to protect your entire body and forcefully pa.s.s through. An ordinary middle Divine Lord martial artist will be charred to ash. Can you enter?”

Fatty Zhou looked over at Lin Ming and the others.

Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Monster Prince Duyu had the lowest cultivations out of everyone here. They were naturally the ones Fatty Zhou was questioning.

“Let me warn you ahead of time. When I said that a Divine Transformation realm martial artist entering G.o.d Burying Ridge is seeking death, this is the reason. Moreover, there is also you fellows…”

Fatty Zhou’s eyes swept over the dragon clan girl and the black-caped youth standing not too far away. The two of them were at the early Divine Lord realm.

As the dragon clan girl saw the doubt in Fatty Zhou’s eyes, her eyes flashed with disdain. “A middle Divine Lord cultivation isn’t anything at all. In fact, it is extremely simple, because of my race I don’t even need to use astral essence or true essence. With the intensity of my body alone I can resist it.”

As the dragon clan girl spoke she looked at Xiao Moxian, a thoughtful look in her eyes. “But as for you, you should be careful not to die.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Xiao Moxian bent over laughing as if she had heard the funniest joke of her life. “I don’t need true essence to enter or exit. Those flames and thunder won’t even touch the hem of my clothes!”

As Xiao Moxian spoke, the other martial artists were startled. This was simply a bit too exaggerated. If Xiao Moxian was an unrivalled genius that could fight a middle Divine Lord with her late Divine Transformation cultivation then they could accept that, but for her to say that she didn’t even need true essence to pa.s.s through the curtain of thunder and flames unscathed was a bit too ridiculous.

They had already seen how fierce G.o.d Burying Ridge could be. Even Fatty Zhou said that an ordinary Divine Lord powerhouse wouldn’t be able to enter, then it must be true; he certainly wasn’t the type to exaggerate.

“The anger of two proud girls really leaves me speechless.” Fatty Zhou forcefully smiled.

“Don’t try to cause trouble, it’s not easy to pa.s.s through. If you think you can show off by not using true essence, you might end up losing your life.” A late Divine Lord martial artist said from the group.

However, the two women clearly didn’t want to listen to him. The dragon clan girl smiled, “Aren’t you afraid that the wind will cut your tongue? Then let me see just how you can pa.s.s this energy attack unscathed without using any true essence at all!”

As the dragon clan girl spoke she was already stepping forwards. She flew straight towards the entrance, not using any true essence at all.

And behind her, the dragon clan youth was only shaking his head, clearly not worried about the safety of his little sister.

As for the others, their eyes were wide. To not use any true essence but instead rely on her powerful mortal body to resist the energy within that s.p.a.ce? Were her defensive capabilities really that strong?

Peng peng peng!

A barrage of energy exploded over the dragon clan girl. Her skin s.h.i.+ned with a cold light. She was indeed using her body to resist this attack!

The clothing she wore was a superior spirit artifact. Even under the barrage of this intense energy, she didn’t seem harmed at all.

“She’s this strong?”

Many people thought that the dragon clan girl was only exaggerating, but, they never expected she would actually use her body alone to resist the impact of energy and pa.s.s through. This level of talent was frightening!

“It’s the defense of dragon scales…” Lin Ming had the blood of an Azure Dragon flowing within him so he could feel that when the dragon clan girl pa.s.sed through the entrance, faint dragon scales appeared over her body. By depending on her dragon scales and high-grade spirit artifact vestment she was able to easily resist this energy. The cold light that s.h.i.+mmered over her skin was reflected from those dragon scales.

Many monster race martial artists would have defensive scales appear over their bodies when they transformed. But, it was difficult to freely manipulate this transformation like this dragon clan girl did, instantly changing her body.

“Those dragon clan siblings aren’t ordinary at all. I wonder which level universe they came from.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Xiao Moxian also moved. Although she only had a late Divine Transformation cultivation, she didn’t seem weaker at all. Without using any true essence, she also rushed through the entrance.

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