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Chapter 1473 – Ghostly Steps

As Xiao Moxian rushed into the entrance without using any true essence at all, the other martial artists nearly gasped in shock!

The reason that the dragon clan girl didn’t use true essence to pa.s.s through the entrance was that she cultivated dual body and energy as well as her Divine Lord realm cultivation.

But, Xiao Moxian’s cultivation was only at the late Divine Transformation realm. The difference was far too great. Moreover, this black-clothed girl seemed unlikely to be a martial artist who had reached large success of body transformation, yet she still wasn’t using any true essence at all?

In a spark of light, Xiao Moxian had already broken through the entrance. The entrance dazzled with a golden light, overflowing with the chaotic powers of thunder, flame, wind blades, and even s.p.a.ce and time, everything weaving together into a web of death.

Xiao Moxian didn’t even use her Phoenix Trueform as she rushed into this web.


With a light sound, Xiao Moxian’s body was struck by a bolt of thunder.

The watching martial artists’ pupils shrank. Without any time to respond, they saw Xiao Moxian’s figure vanish, leaving nothing behind but an afterimage.

This terrifying speed didn’t surprise Lin Ming and Monster Prince Duyu, however, the other martial artists felt their eyes widen in astonishment even as disbelief colored their faces. It was hard to imagine that this terrifyingly fast Xiao Moxian was only a Divine Transformation realm martial artist.

In the web of chaotic energies, Xiao Moxian erratically drifted about, leaving behind a series of afterimages in her wake. She was like an enchanting spirit of the night, dancing through the skies and leaving a trail of ethereal smoke, freely travelling through the web of energies that was nearly impossible to avoid. When people thought that Xiao Moxian had nowhere left to dodge and she was about to be struck, she used an inconceivably fast movement technique to pa.s.s through gaps within the barrage of energies. Finally, those attacks of chaotic energies only struck her afterimages!

“How terrifying!”

“How is she doing that!?”

Just looking at that dense web of attacks, no one believed that someone could simply use a movement technique to dodge everything and pa.s.s through the entrance to the inner ridge. This was simply incredible!

Among the many martial artists watching, there were some who saw how Xiao Moxian was dodging. For instance, Fatty Zhou and the dragon clan youth.

“Although the chaotic energies at the entrance look crowded, the truth is that energy attacks come in waves and there is a brief gap between these waves that lasts for less than an instant. That black-clothed girl can see through these gaps and pa.s.s through them!”

The dragon clan youth slowly said. But, this explanation was even more shocking.

Although this approach seemed simple it was nearly impossible to accomplish. It needed an incomparably horrifying level of observation and calculating ability. Every moment, one had to include countless variables to figure out where to dodge. Just a single mistake would mean one would be struck by the chaotic energies!


Xiao Moxian pa.s.sed through the inner ridge entrance and steadily landed down without using any true essence, as she had said before. Moreover, the chaotic energies hadn’t even touched her clothing!

As the dragon clan girl saw Xiao Moxian land, her complexion became ugly. Compared to Xiao Moxian’s light and sprightly movements, her using her bodily defensive capabilities and high grade spirit artifact vestment to withstand the barrage of chaotic energies seemed clumsy and oafish.

Moreover, she had to admit that she was inferior to Xiao Moxian in movement techniques.

As Xiao Moxian looked at the dragon clan girl’s complexion, she smirked. This was exactly the effect she wanted.

“Is that girl really at the Divine Transformation realm?”

“In terms of movements I am not even capable of a tenth of what she can do!”

“Perhaps she has some particular talent in terms of movement, but what she did just now needs not only power, but also talent in observation and instantly calculating the situation. Her perception must be terrifying!”

Many martial artists didn’t know that Xiao Moxian was the descendant of a true G.o.d Beast. If they knew, they would be so surprised that their chins would hit the floor. After all, she was a proud beauty that even the heavens would be jealous of.

In fact, Xiao Moxian wasn’t just talented in movement. She was strong in all aspects, and her movement abilities were only a part of her strength.

Beside Lin Ming, Fatty Zhou traced his chin, secretly dumbfounded. He originally thought that out of all the guests here, the dragon siblings and short black-cloaked youth were already extremely talented, but he never imagined that there would be someone so bizarre. It was no wonder that this Divine Transformation realm girl would be so brave as to enter G.o.d Burying Ridge.

After Xiao Moxian pa.s.sed the entrance, everyone turned to look at Lin Ming and Monster Prince Duyu.

These two people had come together with Xiao Moxian and were also at the Divine Transformation realm. Just how strong were they?

After being looked upon by so many people, Monster Prince Duyu’s complexion was extremely poor. In his innermost heart he didn’t want to go into the inner ridge, but at this time it wouldn’t be safe for him to return alone either. His only choice was to steel his mind and continue forwards.

“What s.h.i.+t luck.” Monster Prince Duyu calmly thought to himself. He revolved his true essence to the limit and directly impacted towards the entrance.

Ka ka ka!

Thunder and flames crashed onto his body. It wasn’t easy for him to withstand such a fierce destructive power. In fact, it was somewhat straining.

When Xiao Moxian was at the middle Divine Transformation realm, her strength already far surpa.s.sed Monster Prince Duyu’s. Now that she had stepped into the late Divine Transformation realm, the difference between her and Monster Prince Duyu increased even more.

Hu – !

Monster Prince Duyu also steadily landed on the floor. From start to finish his performance was satisfactory.

“It looks like these three people are all unrivalled monstrous geniuses, and that black-clothed girl should be the most magnificent of them all. Even so, it’s incredible if just a single one of these monstrous geniuses were to appear, so why would three of them show up together?” Fatty Zhou breathed out a sigh of relief. He could feel that this black-clothed girl’s movements and talent already surpa.s.sed the scope of his understanding.

“This little brother, it seems you’ll be able to easily pa.s.s too…”

Fatty Zhou smiled at Lin Ming. From just the aura emanating from Lin Ming’s body, he could feel that Lin Ming was also a dual body and energy cultivator and his foundation was shockingly solid. It was hard to imagine how strong he was.

Lin Ming nodded. Then, he activated his movement techniques and rushed towards the entrance to the inner ridge.

In terms of speed, Lin Ming had the Gate of Wonder and high attainments in the Thunder Laws, allowing him to surpa.s.s Xiao Moxian in this aspect. In terms of perception, Lin Ming was on par with Xiao Moxian. For him to pa.s.s through the entrance like Xiao Moxian had done wouldn’t be a problem at all.

However, Lin Ming had no need to do that. Using true essence to protect his body was the simplest and easiest method.

The power of thunder and fire wrapped around Lin Ming, creating a barrier around him. This power just happened to counterbalance the chaotic energies – no more, no less, just right.

After several breaths of time, Lin Ming pa.s.sed through the entrance.

“This youth isn’t simple either. But he doesn’t seem to be as amazing as that black-clothed girl.”

Many people secretly speculated. Of course, it was hard to see just how much strength Lin Ming was holding back by him pa.s.sing through the entrance.

“It looks like we can’t regard these three as ordinary late Divine Transformation realm martial artists. Although that young man didn’t have some startling performance when he pa.s.sed through the entrance, his skill in controlling energy was sublime. He didn’t waste a single speck of energy at all. It’s clear that he has high achievements in the Laws.”

As Fatty Zhou thought this he protected his body with true essence and pa.s.sed through the entrance.

Behind him the others began to follow one at a time. Some pa.s.sed through with ease and some didn’t.

“You’re quite skilled. Allow me to introduce myself. I am called Dragon Cloud and this is my little sister Dragon Moon.” As the dragon clan youth arrived beside Lin Ming, he turned towards him and spoke with a smile.

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