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Chapter 1480 – Hunt

In the grand and rolling desert, strong winds cut like knives. The endless yellow sand buried the bones of strange and unusual beasts, looking bleak and desolate.

This place seemed like a death trap, but as Lin Ming saw this scene he actually let out a sigh of relief. They had finally escaped the Paradise Reborn lands that they had fled into.

Lin Ming only had a basic understanding of the dao field traces left behind by the Asura Road Master in the jade pendant. But, by using this little bit of knowledge he was able to emerge from Paradise Reborn. Moreover, by verifying the terrain with the jade pendant map, he obtained an even more profound understanding of the emperor jade.

“I must say… Lin Ming.” Xiao Moxian smirked as she spoke, a playful tone in her voice. She had called Lin Ming by his true name and not Lin Lanjian.

“What?” Lin Ming asked Xiao Moxian.

“Ah… how come you don’t have any reaction at all? Although your ident.i.ty is already obvious, if I suddenly call you by your name shouldn’t you at least be shocked or surprised?”

After suppressing it for such a long time, Xiao Moxian was finally able to tear down Lin Ming’s secret ident.i.ty. She was originally antic.i.p.ating seeing the surprise on his face; that would at least give her a little bit of a sense of accomplishment. However, Lin Ming’s reaction was far too calm.

This was like someone doing their best to correctly guess a riddle, but the riddler themself wasn’t affected at all. This made Xiao Moxian feel a bit unhappy.

“Didn’t you know a long time ago? Moreover… I already knew that you knew.” Lin Ming faintly smiled as he indifferently spoke.

“Well, that was boring.” Xia Moxian spread her arms wide in defeat. “What do you plan on doing next? Not only are you being chased down by a World King but you also have to face the perilous G.o.d Burying Ridge, a land of almost certain death. And, what is worse is that the World King and his group have guides to lead the way while we are like headless flies in this chaos. No matter how you look at it, we’re going to die without a doubt.”

“If you knew you were going to die then why would you follow me?” Lin Ming said, smiling.

“I said that I owe you a life, and since I saw you about to die soon I thought I should lend you a hand, but… you seemed pretty confident so you must have a plan of some kind. Why don’t you tell me?”

Lin Ming shook his head. “I have yet to think of a good plan. Frankly speaking, G.o.d Burying Ridge isn’t too threatening to me. The greatest threat is from that World King powerhouse chasing me down. Now, what I have to do first is to feel out the specifics of G.o.d Burying Ridge’s dao field and verify it with what I know in my heart. If I can familiarize myself with the environment here then I can control the landscape and the advantage. Only then will I have the ability to contend with a World King.”

Lin Ming casually said. But as Xiao Moxian heard this she was secretly surprised.

Without a guide to lead him through G.o.d Burying Ridge, Lin Ming actually said that G.o.d Burying Ridge didn’t pose too great a threat to him. Did he have something he could rely on?

What shocked Xiao Moxian the most was that Lin Ming said he wanted to familiarize himself with G.o.d Burying Ridge’s environment and use this advantage to contend with a World King. This was simply incomprehensible to her. If it weren’t for Lin Ming acknowledging his true ident.i.ty just now, Xiao Moxian might have suspected he was someone else who had inherited the legacy of some G.o.d Burying Ridge guide.

While Xiao Moxian was basking in her amazement, Lin Ming was searching the jade pendant with his sense, looking for a place where he could hide himself and prepare for a guerilla battle.

But at this time, Lin Ming suddenly felt a light sense wash over him, lasting for only the most fleeting moment.

This caused Lin Ming to be startled. Although this sense was incomparably vague, his intuition wasn’t wrong. Someone was using some arcane searching technique to find his location in G.o.d Burying Ridge!

In Heavendevil City there were innumerable martial artists. As long as he used an appearance changing technique there was no search technique that would have any effect on finding him.

But now he was in G.o.d Burying Ridge, a land where there wasn’t anyone within 10,000 miles. As long as someone found him with their searching technique, regardless of whether or not he had changed his appearance, they would still find him. This other party clearly knew what happened to him after he entered G.o.d Burying Ridge and was looking for him.

“We’ve been discovered!”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Without Lin Ming mentioning it, Xiao Moxian had also noticed that faint detection sense sweep over them just now. “If someone dares to recklessly use a searching technique like this in G.o.d Burying Ridge they must really not fear any evil beings they might draw in. It seems your guess was right; we really are being chased down by a World King powerhouse.”

Xiao Moxian couldn’t smile at this time. They were stuck in a danger zone and also being hunted down by a World King!

“Follow me.”

Lin Ming turned towards a direction and used his movement technique, instantly launching forwards.

At this time several hundred miles away, Imperial Prince Naqi and his group of people were surrounded by a mob of ghosts, engaged in a fierce battle!

With the Spider Brothers to guide them and also force fields to hide them, Naqi and his group could have easily ventured deep into G.o.d Burying Ridge and obtained all sorts of treasures.

However, as soon as they entered the inner ridge, Mister Zhou and the others had used all sorts of searching techniques like the Heaven Spying Art, making them s.h.i.+ne like a lighthouse at night, This caused all of the surrounding evil beings to come hurtling towards them.

“How troublesome!”

Naqi frowned as his halberd smashed through a corpse devil. With two World King level powerhouses present, there was no threat from these evil beings. Even so, this undoubtedly hindered their speed.

At this time from beside Naqi, Tian Mingzi suddenly said, “We should divide our group into two.”


Naqi looked towards Tian Mingzi.

“It is far too inefficient to search for them as we are now. If we split up it will be much quicker.”

In their group they had two World Kings and their searching techniques overlapped to a great extent. If they could divide their group in half it would indeed be much faster.

Naqi and Mister Zhou looked at each other, and then Mister Zhou said, “Alright.”

With Tian Mingzi’s Great World King cultivation he simply didn’t need a guide to walk through G.o.d Burying Ridge.

A Great World King was only inferior to an Empyrean. Unless he ventured into the few absolute death zones in G.o.d Burying Ridge, there was nothing here that was a threat to him.

Of course, the premise for all this was that they didn’t enter Tragic Death Valley. Tragic Death Valley was a place where even Empyreans would die!

Tian Mingzi nodded. He launched his movement technique and readied himself to fly away.

“But… I hope that I can leave a tracking rune on your body. This is also for your own safety. How about it?”

Just as Tian Mingzi was about to leave, Mister Zhou stopped him with some words. A tracking rune appeared on his fingertip. This was one of the Asura Road’s G.o.d runes and symbolized the Laws of the Asura Road. Once this rune marked his body then it was impossible for even someone of Tian Mingzi’s cultivation level to remove.

Tian Mingzi frowned. He didn’t like to be followed, but after a moment’s hesitation he nodded his head in a.s.sent.

Mister Zhou flicked his fingers and the rune shot into Tian Mingzi’s body.

Then, Tian Mingzi didn’t delay any further. He turned and flew away!

Looking at Tian Mingzi’s vanis.h.i.+ng back, Imperial Prince Naqi said, “If that fellow suddenly proposed to divide into two groups, he must have some other reason to do so.”

Naqi was someone who believed everyone was plotting something, and Tian Mingzi was someone who was particularly good at scheming. If he suddenly wanted to split up the group, he was definitely trying something.

“He might have discovered something. Perhaps he wishes to explore a lucky chance by himself, or perhaps he found Lin Ming and is in a hurry to kill him so he can plunder the secrets from his body for himself!”

As Mister Zhou spoke these words, Naqi wrinkled his eyebrows. “Yet you still let him leave. Even a tracking mark is useless; it will only take an instant to kill Lin Ming with the difference in their cultivation. At that time, all the secrets on Lin Ming’s body will be taken by him.”

Mister Zhou said, “Imperial Prince Your Highness, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Lin Ming has a great destiny on his body, and even if all of us join together and attack him now, killing him won’t be easy. Even Tian Mingzi only guarantees our chances to be higher. If Tian Mingzi can really kill Lin Ming then even if he takes all of Lin Ming’s secrets for himself we will also have gained.”

“I suppose.”

Naqi would certainly be happy if he didn’t need to pay any price to kill Lin Ming. Of course, this was based on the fact that he simply didn’t know what secret Lin Ming had on him. If he knew about the existence of the Magic Cube, then perhaps even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would personally tear apart G.o.d Burying Ridge; he might even engage in all-out war with the soul race for that reason alone.

Mister Zhou’s guess was correct. Whether it was in strength or sensing ability, Tian Mingzi surpa.s.sed Mister Zhou. Even Mister Zhou’s Heaven Spying Art was unable to compare with Tian Mingzi.

A moment ago Tian Mingzi had already found Lin Ming’s location. A man and a woman travelling alone; that was undoubtedly Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

The reason he proposed to divide the group into two was because he wanted to have sole possession of Lin Ming’s secrets.

“Lin Ming… the end of your days has come. Everything that you have will be mine!” Tian Mingzi’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered with an ominous light. He had waited for this day for far too long!

He desperately wished to kill Lin Ming! As Tian Mingzi’s sense pa.s.sed over Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, it was even clearer than it was a moment ago.

Lin Ming’s mind chilled and he stopped where he was. “There is no need to continue running. The enemy has arrived, and he is much faster than we are…”

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