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Chapter 1485 – G.o.d Beast Tomb

The heaven and earth origin energy here was too thin. It would be difficult for Lin Ming or Xiao Moxian to cultivate, unless they used a prodigious amount of nine sun jades.

“Let’s continue forwards. Maybe we’ll find something ahead.”

Lin Ming said. He could faintly feel that deep within the Valley of the Red Dragon, there was some terrifying power transmitting outwards, as if it were some demonic magic.

The dark gray rocks were endless. As Lin Ming continued forwards there were less and less skeletons, instead, the faint existence of that powerful demonic force was growing increasingly strong.

It was not until Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian turned another corner that they were startled by what they saw.

Up in front of them was a ma.s.sive cliff. It was unknown how deep this cliff went, but beneath the cliff was an endless wasteland covered with glistening ghostly green bones. It resembled a giant graveyard!

These bones were thousands of feet long or even 10,000 feet long. They were mostly buried beneath the ground, and what was showing was only a tiny part, the tip of the glacier. The bones beneath were far larger. Some were bigger than mountains, piercing through the void and exuding an incomparably terrifying aura.

It had to be known that these bones were only a small part of the entire skeleton. If these broken bones were gathered together to form the complete skeleton then it was hard to imagine how large they were. They might even be a thousand miles long.

“These are… G.o.d Beast bones!”

Lin Ming immediately thought. Only a G.o.d Beast could possess such a ma.s.sive body.

This boundless grave had G.o.d Beasts buried within it, and there was definitely more than one. G.o.d Beasts were an extremely rare existence in the Divine Realm, and yet so many of them were buried here.

Seeing these G.o.d Beast bones, Xiao Moxian happily clapped her hands, “G.o.d Beasts! There are so many G.o.d Beasts, heavens!”

Xiao Moxian was a half G.o.d Beast herself. She certainly wouldn’t be wrong about the aura of a G.o.d Beast. “If these G.o.d Beast bones were all fresh then their value would be inestimable! Unfortunately, they have experienced far too long a time and all their blood marrow and origin energy has been sucked away…”

Xiao Moxian excitedly flew down to the G.o.d Beast bones, wanting to take a look through them to see if there were any newer ones. In truth, even if a hundred million years had pa.s.sed and the origin energy and blood marrow of these G.o.d Beast bones had been sucked dry, they were still immensely valuable. Not only could they be used to refine all sorts of magic tools, but just absorbing their aura alone would be beneficial to the body.

“These G.o.d Beasts all died a long time ago…”

Xiao Moxian judged once she probed her surroundings. These G.o.d Beast bones didn’t have the least bit of blood left within them. Moreover, in this endless deep grave there seemed to be some terrifying demonic power that caused her to feel restless.

“What’s deeper past this grave?”

Xiao Moxian immediately thought. She couldn’t help but want to explore further in.

And at this time, a faint voice suddenly pa.s.sed into Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s ears. “Do not walk further in… otherwise… you will not return…”

As soon as Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian heard this voice they shook. There was someone there!


Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian raised their guard, immediately probing their surroundings with their sense. However, they couldn’t discover anyone alive near them.

The voice didn’t come again. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian looked at each other and were able to see the shock in the other’s eyes. There was actually someone living in Tragic Death Valley.

“Senior! Junior Lin Ming comes from another universe to adventure through the Asura Road. I was forced by someone into Tragic Death Valley. I humbly ask who Senior is…”

Lin Ming guessed that this other person must have also strayed into Tragic Death Valley. Although Lin Ming didn’t know what dangers existed here, he knew without a doubt that it wasn’t easy to survive here for a long time, because the origin energy of the spirit artifacts and magic tools had long been sucked dry. As for this person, they had managed to live for such a long time, and listening to their tone, they might have even gone into the depths of this G.o.d Beast Tomb. If this were true, then this person must be some extraordinary character.

The voice was silent for a moment before saying, “Divine Mist.”

These two simple words had no t.i.tle so it was hard for Lin Ming to estimate this other person’s cultivation. But at this time, from Lin Ming’s Extreme Violet Ring, Soulwhite cried out, “Empyrean Divine Mist! A legendary character of the Asura Road! To think it is actually him!”


Lin Ming was startled. In the Asura Road, not everyone could be could be called legendary. If this person could reign supreme amongst the Empyreans then he was undoubtedly unrivalled even amongst peerless individuals.

“Empyrean Divine Mist, he is a spiritas. He went missing millions of years ago but I never imagined he would actually be here. This is truly stunning.” Soulwhite said.

If what Soulwhite said was true and if ten years within Tragic Death Valley was one year outside, then Empyrean Divine Mist had already lived here for many, many years.

An Empyrean’s lifespan was also only a hundred million years long.

“Even an Empyrean was trapped in here for tens of millions of years. Tragic Death Valley lives up to its reputation.” Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. After a moment of silence, he held his hands together in respect and said, “Senior, may I ask what strangeness is in this Valley of the Red Dragon? It seems as if everyone here besides Senior has died?”

From what Lin Ming knew, there should have been people entering Tragic Death Valley in these last several thousand years. Those that entered Tragic Death Valley during that time should only have experienced tens of thousands of years in here, and yet none of them had been able to survive. The only living being here was Empyrean Divine Mist.

Empyrean Divine Mist sighed. He didn’t directly reply to Lin Ming’s question but said, “You two are both outstanding martial artists, but it is such a pity that you were chased down to this dangerous land…”

Empyrean Divine Mist’s voice clearly had a tone of pity in it. In his opinion, he didn’t have any belief that Lin Ming or Xiao Moxian would be able to live.

“Hey, gramps, can’t you say some lucky words for us? Maybe we have some chance of leaving!” Xiao Moxian didn’t want to hear such words. It seemed as if this Divine Mist was saying they would die here without a doubt.

“Leave?” Divine Mist bitterly sighed. “If I could leave, I would have left long ago. Why would I sit here suffering in boredom for so many years? In these years, I have witnessed countless elites stumbling into this land, and all of them began like you two. They were first frightened, then shocked, and then excited, doing everything they could to find some method to leave. Many of them cultivated in Tragic Death Valley, becoming increasingly strong, however, no matter how confident they were that they could leave, their final fate was to die here and watch as time slowly withered them away. Facing eternal loneliness and despair, all of them were slowly driven mad by their pain and suffering. They became crazy, demented, their thoughts twisting into chaos until they even killed each other…”

As Empyrean Divine Mist spoke, Lin Ming was secretly dumbfounded. He could imagine the despair and desperation of those people who were trapped in Tragic Death Valley, with no other fate but to wait for their impending death even as they suffered in the lonely darkness. Even those with nerves of steel wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

Empyrean Divine Mist continued to say, “The people I mentioned were those who had a cultivation nearing or at the World King realm. Only they have the qualifications to live for a long period of time in Tragic Death Valley. As for the weaker ones, they can only live for several months at most. This is because in Tragic Death Valley there will be occasional eruptions of demonic energy that spill forth like tsunamis. This power will destroy all life, destroy magic tools, pills, and charms. The skeletons that you saw on your way here are those who died beneath the waves of this demonic power.

Lin Ming felt a chill crawl up his spine. No wonder there were more skeletons the closer to the entrance of Tragic Death Valley he was and fewer the deeper he went. It was likely that these people had been forced to the perimeter by the waves of demonic power.

Whether they were Divine Lords or Holy Lords, they had all died.

“What is this demonic power? Does it erupt from deep within the G.o.d Beast Tomb?”


“What is happening within the G.o.d Beast Tomb?”

“I am unsure… In the past when I entered Tragic Death Valley, the G.o.d Beast Tomb was already here. I have stayed here for tens of millions of years and used this time to study the G.o.d Beast Tomb, but all I concluded was that it is a ma.s.sive array formation. Some ancient existence had used the bones of a hundred G.o.d Beasts to form a terrifying array formation, but as for what this array formation does, I have no idea…”

“The bones of a hundred G.o.d Beasts to lay down an array formation?”

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were shocked speechless upon hearing Empyrean Divine Mist say this. This really was a heaven-shaking and earth-sundering ability! If there was someone who arranged this array formation, it was an absolute certainty that it would be the Asura Road Master. Only the Asura Road Master would have the daring and ability to do this. But, the question was, just what was the reason for it?

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