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Chapter 1509 - Blue Throne Bai Qi

"This boy wants to lure us into a trap!"

Naqi's vision was gloomy as he stopped his steps.

"Imperial Prince Your Highness, perhaps the Spider Brothers fear death and are intentionally exaggerating the dangers." Naqi's follower said with a true essence sound transmission.

Naqi pondered for a moment. Then, he said, "That Lin Ming is a lunatic. He really might be thinking to fight us to the death in that danger zone. If he dies, he thinks he can drag us down with him. I don't know what he relying on, but what I can confirm is that he has a very deep understanding of G.o.d Burying Ridge and he also understands how to use the terrain to avoid disaster. For him to find this danger zone here shouldn't be by accident!"

Although Naqi dreamt of killing Lin Ming, he still hadn't lost his calm.

Mister Zhou said, "Your Highness is right. As long as we remain cautious we shouldn't have any problems. Let me take the others ahead first and Your Highness can remain outside. We contacted Ash Murder a while ago and he should catch up to us any time now."

Naqi hesitated for a moment, then, he looked towards Mister Zhou and said, "Mm, Old Zhou, remember to be careful. This Lin Ming has a tough life. Luckily, you had the foresight to contact Mister Ash Murder ahead of time. As long as he arrives then everything will be fine."

Naqi looked towards Chaos Prison, not planning to enter and show off his strength. Even if the Spider Brothers were exaggerating, he wouldn't recklessly enter a place like that. His strength was below Lin Ming's to begin with, and within such a danger zone, the chance he would perish in there was too great.

"Me and some others will stay out here to wait for Mister Ash Murder. The rest of you enter to chase Lin Ming!"

Naqi ordered. As the Spider Brothers heard this they began to panic. "Chase Lin Ming? Imperial Prince, you are asking us to die!"

"Heh, if you don't want to go in then you can die now. The choice is yours." Naqi icily said. He hadn't put forth such a high service fee for nothing.

The Spider Brothers blanched. They glanced at Mister Zhou, who had currents of astral essence flowing around him, and also glanced at the Chaos Prison which was exuding killing intent all over. As they did, their hearts surged with a deep sense of despair. What the Imperial Prince said was true. With Mister Zhou's strength he could instantly kill the both of them. If they didn't enter Chaos Prison now then they would die. There was simply no alternative for them.

Mister Zhou didn't even give them the chance to hesitate. He reached out his hand and a terrifying strength covered the two Spider Brothers, holding them tight and dragging them along into Chaos Prison!

As soon as they entered Chaos Prison, the environment around them suddenly changed. As they entered that originally pitch black s.p.a.ce tear, they saw that everything became a spiritual land rich with origin energy. Although there were no world treasures here, they could feel a heaven and earth origin energy so thick that it nearly substantialized. In the skies, dense origin energy clouds formed, as if it would rain down droplets of origin energy at any time.

A faint green aura covered the ancient land, as if some divine treasure was hidden here.

Within Chaos Prison, s.p.a.ce and time were jumbled up. Although the entrance was the same, Lin Ming and Mister Zhou had ended up in completely different s.p.a.ces.

Feeling the surrounding aura, Mister Zhou's eyes brightened. He could faintly feel that within this Chaos Prison, there existed some rare treasure!

As he turned around he saw that the entrance had already vanished. He was now trapped in a sealed off s.p.a.ce and time. However, because he had just entered Chaos Prison, the hindrance of s.p.a.ce and time here wasn't too intense so it wasn't yet able to block him.

He sent out a summary of his speculations to Imperial Prince Naqi in a sound transmission.


Imperial Prince Naqi's eyes brightened. There were many treasures in G.o.d Burying Ridge and Chaos Prison was known as a danger zone that even World Kings could die at. It would be normal if there was a shocking lucky chance there!

High risk also meant high rewards.

Imperial Prince Naqi clenched his fists, an excited color flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. If he could kill Lin Ming and obtain the treasures in Chaos Prison, then that would be a great lucky chance!

With such a lucky chance placed in front of him, how could he not be excited?

However, no matter how eager he was, he still didn't lose his calm. His guess was that Lin Ming had a certain understanding into Chaos Prison and the environment within, otherwise there was no way he would have placed himself in such a death zone. If Naqi followed him in without any rea.s.surance, then with his cultivation not only would he not be able to help Mister Zhou but he might even become a burden to him. At that time, not only would he not obtain any treasures but, his life might be taken by Lin Ming.

As Imperial Prince Naqi thought of this, he suppressed the desire for this lucky chance in his heart. An icy light glimmered in his eyes. "Lin Ming, you brought me to this place and even showed me such lucky chances, I must thank you for that. But do not think I am an idiot you can fool around with. Even a lion must use its full force to capture a rabbit. Although your cultivation hasn't yet reached the Divine Lord realm, I will still gather the strongest force possible before killing you with everything I have!"

With two World Kings as well as Ash Murder who was rus.h.i.+ng here, there were many masters hunting down the mere Divine Transformation realm Lin Ming. This could be called an absolute victory!


At this time, in Chaos Prison, Lin Ming had already flown deep into the depths of this land. Here, he could feel a terrifying pressure. This pressure affected not only his body but also his soul. If a martial artist was lacking in cultivation then even flying would be difficult here.

Lin Ming silently revolved the Asura Sutra, using the Laws within to resist the pressure. He immediately felt much more relaxed.

The Asura Sutra was the inheritance of the Asura Road Master. In a sense, it could be called the Heavenly Dao Laws of the Asura Road itself. Lin Ming had only studied the general outline and first volume of the Asura Sutra. Although he couldn't be said to possess the ability to control the Asura Road's Heavenly Dao Laws, he at least understood how to follow them.

With the support of the Asura Sutra, the pressure on Lin Ming became less and less intense. Gradually, he managed to acclimate himself to this pressure and return to his normal flying speed.

This Chaos Prison was flooded with deep killing intent everywhere. But as long as Lin Ming was a bit more careful, he could freely move wherever he wished.

As he pa.s.sed through a s.p.a.ce crack, Lin Ming arrived in a strange hall he had never seen before.

"This place is…"

Lin Ming's vision sharpened. At this time he could see a ma.s.sive black altar in front of him. Around this altar were rows of sculptures. These sculptures were all carvings of martial artists from different races. They held wild and dangerous weapons in their hands and all wore the same patterned armor. Their bodies emitted a dense demonic power.

"It's this demonic power again."

Demonic power flooded all the inheritances of the Asura Road Master. Many of his cultivation methods were dominated by this demonic power, using it as their lead.

Lin Ming counted the sculptures; there were a total of 108 of them.

"108 iron-armored spectral soldiers… they seem to be guarding something."

Lin Ming looked at the altar. He could faintly feel that there was a great power buried within the altar, as if some unrivaled powerhouse had suppressed a dreadful existence there.

Was the one who arranged this altar the Asura Road Master?

Lin Ming thought. He began to probe the altar's array formation. Compared to the G.o.d Beast Tomb's great array formation, this one was far inferior. Even if the Asura Road Master had arranged this, he should have done so casually. But even if he did so casually, it should still contain a horrifying power!

Lin Ming slowly advanced forwards. The ground was covered with lines and these lines were the same as G.o.d Burying Ridge. They were divided into paths of life and paths of death. If he stepped onto a path of death, he would activate a disastrous sequence of events.

Lin Ming made his way onto the altar. As he looked around, he could see dao patterns inscribed all over the altar floor. These dao patterns came from the same origin as the Asura Sutra. As Lin Ming looked around, he spotted several ancient words. What was written was - "Asura Road Master's third generation disciple: Blue Throne Bai Qi."

Blue Throne Bai Qi?

Lin Ming was startled. So the one who left behind these ancient words was the disciple of the Asura Road Master.

Blue Throne Bai Qi. Blue Throne should have been his t.i.tle, and Bai Qi was his name. Throne might be the t.i.tle of a position in the influence that the Asura Road Master established in the past, similar to an Elder, or it could be something else altogether.

This was another character who had existed billions of years ago. Now, he was likely dead.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming's mind stirred. He carefully looked over the dao patterns on the altar. These dao patterns, in addition to the essential protective measures, also possessed soothing and calming properties.

After a martial artist died, if their body and soul were intact, if they were too powerful, and if they were also sealed in an enclosed s.p.a.ce, then the force field of their body would not dissipate for an extremely long time. After tens of thousands of years, it was possible for this force field to evolve into ghosts and evil spirits. It was even possible for the martial artist's corpse to rise up, gaining a certain sentience of its own.

But, if there were calming dao patterns carved onto the tomb, then this situation wouldn't occur.

If so, then this altar was in fact a grave!

Lin Ming suddenly became aware. If he wasn't wrong, then this was the grave of the Asura Road Master's disciple, Blue Throne Bai Qi!

It was even possible that each of the seven great death zones of the G.o.d Burying Ridge had a disciple of the Asura Road Master buried within it.

When these disciples of the Asura Road Master were nearing the end of their lifespan, they must have chosen to be interred in graves surrounding Tragic Death Valley, creating a seven star formation to stabilize and protect the potential of Tragic Death Valley with it in the center.

Perhaps this was their way of expressing their respect towards their master, or perhaps they were protecting something.

"G.o.d Burying Ridge, G.o.d Burying Ridge… so that's how it is. I thought that this G.o.d Burying Ridge meant that even G.o.ds would be buried if they entered, but in truth I was mistaken. The original meaning of G.o.d Burying Ridge was that divine G.o.ds were buried here, and these divine G.o.ds were the disciples of the Asura Road Master."

Lin Ming didn't know what boundary the disciples of the Asura Road Master had reached. If he were to think they were True Divinities, that simply seemed far too exaggerated. After all, there was an extremely small number of True Divinities even within the entire 33 Layered Heavens.

However, calling them Empyreans was the bare minimum. They might have even been extreme Empyreans.

As Lin Ming was thinking, his mind stirred. He had already sent out his sense and had felt that some people were approaching.

"The ones hunting me down have finally arrived. They aren't too slow, but I wonder just who came." Lin Ming licked his lips, his eyes blazing with a brilliant fighting spirit!

He had waited for this battle for a long time!

During the nine years within Tragic Death Valley, Lin Ming had spent most of that time in seclusion and hadn't fought a single battle. Now that he finally left Tragic Death Valley, he felt his blood boil over at the thought of the powerful opponents he had to face, as if he had suppressed the raging strength within himself for far too long and needed to erupt!

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