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Chapter 1576 – 




Imperial Concubine Moon sat down on a couch and bid a servant to steep a pot of tea before waving for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to also take a seat. Then, she slowly said, “I heard that Sir Lin Ming had a teacher whose cultivation is above the Empyrean realm?”


As Imperial Concubine Moon said this, Lin Ming finally understood what she wanted. No wonder she was willing to see him; it was because she had the idea to connect to his teacher through him.

She needed help from the ‘master’ that Lin Ming had conjured up on a whim, a master that didn’t even exist.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then he said, “What is the matter? Must it need my master to emerge from seclusion? Can it not be me?”

“You?” Imperial Concubine Moon gently shook her head. Her cherry red lips opened as she said, “You are far too weak...”

“How do you know if we are weak or not?” Xiao Moxian mumbled, not feeling very happy at these words.

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Martial World Mw Chapter 1576 (Teaser) summary

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